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  1. theblueboy

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Forum Cup 3rd Round As expected, with no quality sport to keep the majority of us entertained the third round forum match up between plucky non-leaguers ‘panther’ and Premier League Portuguese Witcher peaked my interest. This is the round where the big guns come in and there was hope, certainly in East Anglia, for an upset as the match was switched late on to a neutral venue due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. ‘panther, or ‘pants’ as they are known locally, were looking for the prized scalp of ‘Witcher. The Premier League outfit have been in belligerent form recently and this was a tough fuxture for the non-leaguers. Although ‘panther are an unknown quantity at this level having got to this stage, it was hoped that, against better opposition, they would use a bit more guile and include the vastly experienced midfielder ‘internet search engine’, who has been a key player for many at this level, however, he was a shock omission from the XI and ‘panther decided to go route one. This poor choice of tactic led to several, rather aimless forays, in to opposition territory with the Witcher defence, calm and assured under pressure. The first 45 saw ‘panther kept to speculative long range efforts which sailed harmlessly into the small gathering of Forum fans hoping for a cup shock. ‘Witcher kept responses short and showed good touches in an even first half. The second half continued in much the same vein, poor decision making by ‘panther making it easy for ‘Witcher. The Premier League team made subtle changes to their line up and deployed ‘totally irrelevant’ in a new sweeper role. This counter acted the one dimensional’ ‘panther. The turning point was the surprise introduction of the left winger, lucifer Sam. It has to be said Sam is all left foot, generally unbalances a team and makes it very easy for the players on the right. However, for once, working in tandem with the right completely wrong footed the ‘panther defence and calmly slid the ball under the advancing keeper. One nil ‘Witcher and the game opened up. Panther, chasing the game, made three changes simultaneously. The Free brothers, press, speech and society who have all been on the scene for a while and could have influenced proceedings late on but there was to be no error from the Premier League outfit and the ‘Witcher defence continued to hold firm. The game was sewn up late on when ‘panther using the ineffective Michael Segalov were caught on the counter by the pacey ‘irrelevant’. Two nil and the shock was avoided. In truth a comfortable victory for ‘Witcher. They will be keeping an eye out on the draw later on and the question on many lips is ‘can anyone stop this juggernaut?’ Final score ‘panther 0 ‘Witcher 2
  2. theblueboy

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    https://www.gov.uk/employment-status/selfemployed-contractor They all are. I wouldn’t think there is one rider who is not self-employed.
  3. theblueboy

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Incorrect. You have shown a number of indicators but the riders make a massive investment in to their bikes etc. It is therefore possible for a rider to make a loss on the season. Riders are free to choose who to ride for e.g how many riders have chosen Polish speedway over British speedway. I’m not saying it’s morally correct but they can prioritise their work to maximise their income. The tool, CEST, should be completed in cases of status, as you say, to determine whether the individual should be classed within self-employment or an employee but it is only an indicator. The issue you refer to that has been delayed until April 2021 is IR35 and relates to Personal Service Companies, not self-employment.
  4. theblueboy

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Is that your end of season average prediction for each of the three riders?
  5. theblueboy

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    It’s a strange one and we show no signs of working it out. Sometimes, you have to change people’s mindset. I think we should be telling Archer he is an opening bowler and let him get on with it. He can bowl his fancy tricks in T20 and ODI. I understand your comments but no opening batsmen is going to say I don’t like facing pace. Batting is a confidence game and is played mainly in the head. As you point out, Warner was Broad’s bunny much the same as Gooch was Alderman’s in 81 and Darryl Cullinan was Shane Warne’s. Every test batsmen has a weakness. Against genuine quicks, your margin for error is a lot less and it’s about getting early wickets and exposing the middle order. My point was that Punter is one of the top runscorers in world cricket, one of the best batsmen of all time and was superb against quick bowling. That over that Flintoff bowled was express pace and a top batsmen was made to look like an absolute novice groping around like a 15 year old on a first date. I agree the batting has lost its focus and some tough decisions need to be made. As you say, the stats and results make uncomfortable reading given our dominance in the test arena not so long ago. West Indies and Pakistan should be comfortable enough at home. Burns, Sibley and Denly are 1, 2 and 3. Root by default is 4. Stokes 5 and Pope is 6 but I think he could move to 3 at some stage in the future once Denly’s time is up. Buttler is unconvincing at 7 and has had plenty of opportunities and is lucky that Bairstow is no better an alternative on current form. Foakes must be in line for a recall, sooner rather than later. I’d like to think England will win from here, but if they didn’t, it wouldn’t exactly be a complete surprise.
  6. theblueboy

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    I can’t believe the management have instructed their quickest bowler to ‘mix it up’. Surely that’s what your second and third change bowlers are for? I accept there is a marked step up from county cricket to test cricket but he has not come to the attention of selectors for his ‘change ups’. He is rapid and batsmen on the county circuit, have notified Root and the selectors. He should be first up when the ball is at its hardest and the batsmen unset. It’s not unnecessary pressure. Just bowl fast and make the batsmen play. It doesn’t matter if your Steve Smith or Sachin Tendulkar. Batsmen are vulnerable early doors, even on a flat deck. If he hasn’t been able to do 90+ mph then the question should be asked. Wood has been able to do it, so could Flintoff. Again, Archer’s job is not to contain but as an out and out strike bowler. Woakes, Curran, Wood, Stokes and your spinners are your containers. Your assertion about not being intimidated I think is wrong. As with any sport, pace is a killer. Mitchell Johnson was derided for his accuracy but when he got it right England couldn’t play him. Devon Malcolm ripped the Saffers a new one at The Oval. I also was at Canterbury when he broke Steve Waugh’s finger. The West Indies of the 70’s and 80’s seemed to do ok with a pace bowling quartet. Have you seen the over in 2005 where Flintoff has Ponting groping thin air before he nicks one off? I could provide you with more examples if required. We have potential going forward but until they do it regularly at the relevant levels, county cricket, A tour and then test level, they remain just that, potential. As for 1 and 3. England’s batsmen aren’t used to playing county cricket. Part and parcel of central contracts but I don’t think helps them in the long term. Nets aren’t the same as actual match practice and a couple of warm up games before the first test is just masquerading the problem. The three that have played county cricket regularly, Burns, Sibley and Denly currently have the best temperament. Not the best batsmen, the best temperament. I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence. They get off to good starts and generally occupy the crease. All are new(ish) to test cricket in terms of caps and are improving. I didn’t think much of Denly’s selection but he is reliable, just prone to making silly mistakes (like missing a straight one) when we’ll set. The are no such excuses for Root, Stokes and Buttler and they should all know better. Its v.disappointing to see basic mistakes continuing to being made by senior pros and wickets thrown away after the ground work has been done. We have a great opportunity to level the series now, let’s hope they bat the Saffers out the game and use the pitch properly to bowl them out.
  7. theblueboy

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    What Archer has been guilty of is trying to bowl his ODI repertoire in test match cricket. This is a different beast altogether. These batsmen, in theory, are better technically and leave the ball better. There is no pressure to score runs at the same rate and it’s about occupying the crease. Once they get in batsmen will grind an attack down. They aren’t going to throw the bat at Archer’s off cutters and knuckle balls. When you bowl as fast as he can it’s not about line or length. It’s about scaring the sh*t out of the batsmen, getting them to forget their technique and make a mistake so the batsmen gets himself out. Archer should take the new ball each and every time and be bowled in short spells with the order to bowl as fast as he can for 6 or 7 overs. Nothing more, nothing less. As for Broad and Anderson they continue to bowl to a very acceptable level in test cricket. They bowl a good line and length, can still nip it away and until such times as other bowlers demonstrate they have the same skills they should continue to front up England’s attack. Woakes has been a tad unlucky as Curran has emerged and has taken his place. Curran has exceeded expectations and is a very useful lower order bar, like Woakes, but offers left arm variation. The one bowler England have really missed is Wood. Fast and metronomic. A quick Angus Fraser. If he can return that will give us a better balanced bowling attack (depending on the type of wicket) and I’d gladly sacrifice a batsmen to accommodate him. For the future, its up to people e.g. Porter, Sam Cook and Beard at Essex, Stone at Warwickshire and Mahmood at Lancashire to continue taking wickets in the County Championship and show they are ready to challenge. In Stone’s case he needs to demonstrate fitness too. It’s not England’s bowling that is the issue. The batsmen get in, make a start and then make basic mistakes. There is an old adage. Batsmen make runs, bowlers win matches. And that is the plain and simple truth.
  8. theblueboy

    Swindon Robins 2020

    https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/18123469.swindon-robins-chief-alun-rossiter-reflects-remarkable-2019-abbey-stadium-outfit/ Rosco’s view of the 2019 season.
  9. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    I see panto season has finally kicked off down at Pothole Park. I’m guessing as you lads can’t afford to ride with the ‘big boys’ this season would Buttons not be a more appropriate choice at 7?
  10. theblueboy

    General Election 12 December

    I liked Corbyn’s manifesto too. I would have benefitted from a 5% pay rise next year. Luckily, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. The argument regarding Remain has been well and truly dealt with people on here saying it should go to a second referendum because people didn’t understand what they were being asked first time round. Last night says to me that those who voted Brexit knew exactly what they wanted and nothing changed for them. We can now move onwards and upwards setting our own agenda with several countries queuing up to embrace a trade deal with us. We’ll see how the EU reacts now they are going to be under more pressure. I would hope Boris looks at the result and thinks about the deal and makes sure we get what we want rather than give the EU an easy ride. Although I’m delighted with the result you have to question the Labour Party. It failed to understand its own supporters, despite what they were being told on the doorstep. There are aspects of Labour’s manifesto that appeals to me and many Tories but under Corbyn and McDonnell they would have sent this country to the brink of oblivion with their ill judged policies and they got what they deserved, a huge kicking from their own people. However, the thing I enjoyed about last night was Swinson. A truly wretched woman who will do, and say anything, for a shot at the title. She isn't interested in the people as proven how she voted on several matters when the coalition was in power. She’s power hungry and we won’t have that nonsense to put up with anymore. My hope is we conclude Brexit quickly, get the trade deals we want, already financial markets are responding positively, and there is a new dawn for this great country.
  11. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    So Adam Ellis (two times league winner) and Jason Doyle, World Champion, did not improve for leaving Poole? You sure you want to go with that statement fb? You could also add Peter Kildemand. He definitely improved after being signed by you boys.
  12. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    Do you mean Todd Kurtz? If you are talking about the Ginja Ninja I’m sure that in 2012, whilst Jason Doyle was winning the league title at the Four Point Arena, he was riding for Swindon as a second string. 5 years later he was World Champion. PUK was an average Premiership rider until 2013 before he got a permanent WC, aged 31. There may be others but those two examples readily come to mind. Kurtz, isn’t my favourite rider, but there is still time to make that step up. A year away from Pothole Park will build his confidence, like it did with Doyle, and may see him kick on and reach the Promised Land.
  13. theblueboy

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Just for Reading Racer. A _ A _ / E L L I _ (4,5) Clue: League winner 2017 and 2019.
  14. theblueboy

    Swindon Robins 2020

    In average terms possibly, in real terms a huge gulf. As I said, it’s no reflection on Jack Smith (JS) but Anders Rowe (AR) rode as second string for 2 and a bit months at Somerset, doing extremely well for a 17 year old. I cannot remember JS riding to that standard at any time. That suggests to me that despite the relative similarity in averages AR is already ahead of JS and is progressive. Its a big ask but he sounds grounded, clearly has some decent equipment and 4 decent riders to tap into for advice. What’s not to like?

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