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  1. theblueboy

    Swindon 2020

    Allan Wells? Too fast?
  2. theblueboy

    Swindon 2020

    I'd rather have Llandrindrod Wells or Tunbridge Wells than Ricky.
  3. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    Swindon ‘nailed’ it...53-37
  4. I would say 3000 - 3500 would be the shout, maybe a little more. I was on the back straight, which was the busiest I’ve seen this season but went round for the presentations and the home straight was rammed from top to bottom. My sister left Nythe at a similar time and got in on time. I left Park at just on 7 hence why I struggled a bit more.
  5. I understand your point but I can only speak for myself. I have always wanted to see the best product available. Probably like yourself, I’ve followed my club when things haven’t gone so well and I was at both Coventry in 2007 and Wolves in 2009 when we lost in the finals. El Tel, and mine FWIW, has been consistent in his approach and I can assure you having read various comments in the local paper and Star that his standpoint over the years has not changed. The continual weakening of the product does the sport no good. If clubs are not strong enough to compete, unfortunately, it is the survival of the fittest. Dragging clubs down to pander to the weaker clubs who do not have either the fan base or sponsorship means ultimately you will drag the other clubs in to the same position. Sweden is clearly in trouble, so now is the time to change our mindset, and start to build the strength again. Tempt those riders that have given the UK a miss, back again. If each club had the opportunity to get a genuine number 1, get the tv to pay for it. It’s not like it would cost a lot of money, in general terms. There must be something to speedway, otherwise, why would Sky, BT and now Eurosport continue to show it? The crowd on Thursday at Swindon, was huge, I’ve not seen a crowd like that for years( the Coventry 2007 final at Brandon was massive, biggest crowd outside GP and unlikely to be matched and 2009 at home v Wolves was excellent) There were many that didn’t get to the stadium. To put it in to context. At 7.30 I was fully half a mile from the stadium. It had taken me 20 minutes to travel 2 miles. Normally that journey takes 2 minutes. We had to use a bit of nouse (travel down 419 2 miles to turn round and come back) to get in for 7.40. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have got even close. So my point would be, what would the crowd have been like had we had a line ups similar to the 2007 and 2009 finals. I don’t believe the sport will ever get back to 2007 and 2009 levels but you can reverse the trend that for years has seen the quality quietly eroded year on year. It is the perfect time to address speedway in the UK and look to put proper governance and plans in for the future to build the sport rather than look at the cheapest option or keep changing the rules season after season
  6. https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/17979273.terry-russell-will-wait-agm-outcome-deciding-call-time-reign-swindon-robins-chairman/ Sensible comments from TR re how the sport should go forward by keeping the same septet, which to be honest, is what several fans have said for a long time now. By keeping the same line up builds affinity with the supporters and gives other clubs something to aspire to. The club is run professionally and to a budget, which requires prudence and understanding of your support base and sponsors. As a supporter, knowing the club is in good hands and will not be financially compromised, particularly in the current climate, is good to know. It’s no coincidence that since El Tel has come on board Swindon have virtually, for every season, had a proper number 1. There have been exceptions, but generally there has always been a decent number 1 opening the batting. I’m guessing the promoter he refers to wasn’t Matt from Dorset...
  7. theblueboy

    Swindon 2019

    1. He attended the Calne Bike Meet/Wanborough show 2. He goes to local schools. I might be wrong but I was under the impression he lives(d) in London and has a job. Therefore, to undertake theses additional roles takes some doing.
  8. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    What happens when the Pirates start getting beat at home next season and the local bingo hall has a bigger crowd, where will the Pirates go next?
  9. Unfortunately for Ipswich, Swindon have been building momentum over the last 6-8 weeks with several away wins and destroying teams at home. Its never nice to see a team beaten so comfortably in a final, ask Watford fans, but Ipswich were there on merit they just run into a hungry team head and shoulders above everyone else. From a Swindon perspective, a thoroughly enjoyable evening in front of a large crowd, between 3-3500 at a guess, and a league and cup double safely tucked away. Razza was the catalyst obviously but everyone that rode this season played their part not just the final 7 including Lampart, White Knight, Bellego, Nielsen and Shanes. Well done Swindon, deserved champions. Already looking forward to the Charity Shield between the league and cup winners....
  10. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    Start listing your facts... We can then all see who is holier than thou.
  11. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    What has been illustrated is a repeat pattern of p*** poor behaviour that has been detrimental to British speedway. We won’t mention Coventry and Peterborough. Using your examples, shown above, how many instances can you demonstrate of other clubs poor behaviour?
  12. theblueboy

    Poole 2020

    Don’t forget ‘textgate’..
  13. I would like to see for Poole:- J Holder R Wells THJ
  14. Firstly, well done to the Ipswich track staff for getting the meeting on. Incessant rain clearly made it difficult to prepare a surface that the home riders would appreciate and the score line bears that out. Secondly, if you look at the Ipswich team pre and post changes they are clearly a better balanced outfit but most of us, certainly the Swindon fans, knew the Robins, if they qualified, would be difficult to beat purely on the the fact the top 5 was so strong. It’s no shame to be beaten by a better team. Finally, well done the Robins. A professional (from the gating tarts speedway manual) as you could wish to see. The change of Razza for Lampart has given that extra bit in the engine room as it did in 2017 when we sourced Alpen on a ridiculous 4. something average. JD, Razza and Alpen were excellent but Perks for me was the rider of the night and has shown the improvement and desire of a rider on the up and looking to make his mark. Both he and Vissing have stepped up in the last month to make sure a rider having an off night, as Troy did tonight,it is covered. He has a good chance of 3 Championship medals and I hope he makes the most of it and grabs the opportunity. Should be the first name on the 2020 Robins team sheet.

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