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  1. theblueboy

    Poole 2019

    To be fair, given the dust bowl that is Wimborne Road I would have thought most Poole fans have to go on Twitter to see the result....
  2. Some photos from the recent match hammering v Swindon @ 4 Point Road. This picture clearly shows that Poole put as much water as they could on the morning of the drubbing. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimages.takeshape.io%2F1f1d0876-be74-4b33-99c8-6ac93f1d70db%2Fdev%2F053e2774-0ed8-41ef-875b-8672948671e5%2Fdry%20water%20spigot.jpg%3Fauto%3Dcompress%2Cformat%26w%3D1200&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.leonardodicaprio.org%2Fmetropolitan-water-shortages-lessons-learned-the-hard-way&docid=M3vo9xtTRS-E8M&tbnid=HbzrtRL6_4YadM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiZzMDA-ffhAhWk4IUKHRP3Dx8QMwiMASgxMDE..i&w=1200&h=799&safe=active&bih=969&biw=1920&q=water shortage pictures&ved=0ahUKEwiZzMDA-ffhAhWk4IUKHRP3Dx8QMwiMASgxMDE&iact=mrc&uact=8 This picture was taken of a Swindon fan stood on bend 1 just after heat 15. Luckily, he was appropriately attired for the event. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiJ6puf-PfhAhWNmBQKHTiEAKo4ZBAzKBcwF3oECAEQGA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.uihere.com%2Ffree-cliparts%2Fman-with-no-name-spaghetti-western-film-poster-western-1279963&psig=AOvVaw21AF-Ap-O55MyoOqomxWrD&ust=1556717886197215&ictx=3&uact=3 Hopefully Poole have paid the water bill this month. If not, they could always ask Belle Vue to bring their hose with them, which has usually got some water in it. I can also see why Matty boy went with the use of bibs as they must be a lot easier to clean than full kevlars. Aces in shock win 46-44.
  3. Is there a referee that is in overall charge to assess performance and provide feedback? Given the blatant movement at the tapes on several occasions, mainly Ipswich riders, but riders from both sides and Covatti’s embarrassing Drogba moment, it would appear that some referees performances are not up to standard required to run a professional sport.
  4. Your much better off putting that ton in to the ‘Shale for Wimborne Road’ fund rather than giving it to Brum.
  5. Gated, and went. Very tidy and is from the grass track scene. I would say around 300+ that stayed behind.
  6. A development meeting between Reading and Isle of Wight. Chad Wirtzfeld. 15 point max and won one heat by nearly half a track. A rider of some potential. There was another rider, who was not far behind CW but I’m not sure if it was Norris or Sealey.
  7. Is the referee’s box obscured, or does Ronnie Allen need a Specsavers appointment? Some absolute shockers. King 5 lengths clear in one heat but still didn’t help him! Decent effort from top 5. Reserves again below par but Shanes did show some gating ability, which is promising. White Knight looks v. tentative. Harris confounded my earlier comment with some decent gating and passes. Heeps rode a stormer to keep Doyle at bay and he looked a different rider than the one I saw last season. I hope Rosco is watching the second half. There is one to be signed immediately! Not seen a young rider attack the track like that since I saw young Darcy.
  8. Harris is past it. He used to be one of the best riders at Blunsdon, and in fact, beat Charlie Gjedde twice, in the same season, off 15m. No mean feat. However, I doubt he could beat an egg round Swindon now. Danny King has only ever got 1 double figure score, I can recall at Blunsdon, and continually flatters to deceive. For the Orangemen, hopefully The Sash will be played as they enter the arena, Batch and Toby are in great form, add in Doyle, and I think the Robins to sew up the 3 points with 4 to go.
  9. Apologies are acceptable, if it’s a one off or beyond the promotions control. The fact that this is a regular issue is no more than lip service to the paying customer.
  10. Was the bowser a mirage? If there are any changes to be made, would Camel Brzozowski fit. Would Wilson, Keppel and Betty be a more appealing heat leader trio? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson,_Keppel_and_Betty
  11. Have you Poole boys thought about getting Lawrence of Arabia in as a heat leader? Could be a decent point scorer, particularly at home.
  12. A promising start for the new track, which livened up considerably around mid-meeting. Has to go down as a missed opportunity for the away team given the amount of points dropped by the home team and the bending of the rules by including an 8th man in their line up. Is this a new rule introduced in the PSC? Disappointed with Covatti. He clearly dived to get Doyle thrown out in heat 14 after making the mistake of trying to go round him on bend 1, however, Robinson obviously had a dabble on the Pirates in the match betting. Absolute shocker Robbo. 2, 6 and 7 for the Robins were disappointing, although, Dave Leopard showed some signs that he might be ok at home with a few more meetings under his belt. Reserves have started slowly, particularly Zak, and both need to find gating gloves and some speed. Kurtz excellent as always and the Poole reserves had a field day.
  13. https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/employment-income-manual/eim64121 Maybe not...
  14. theblueboy

    Swindon Stadium

    Hopefully, our promotion are a bit more diligent and won’t allow nappies, contaminated rubble and timber underneath the new construction of our track. Perhaps you can give us the name of the Aces track consultant for the NSS so we can cross him off the list and make sure we get someone who knows what they’re doing. Edited for spelling purposes.
  15. theblueboy

    Swindon 2019

    It’s funny, those toilets always remind me of Manchester for some reason...???? Well, if we don’t run next season it will give you a bigger chance to win that league title again...hopefully???

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