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  1. To keep their average down, It can help with team changes if they are needed. Their is no incentive in heat 15, once the match is won at home. Like someone else said, if the away's team's point was taken off the home teams points, bringing down to 2 points, then you might see a different attitude.
  2. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    The reason that Swindon are alone in Thursday nights is that the original fixed nights for Premiership was going to be Mon & Thur with Sheffield coming up. However, Sheffield would not come up & then there was apparently a long debate as certain Championship sides wanted to preserve their Thursday meetings. A compromise was then made & Thurs became Wed. However it is very difficult for Swindon as both Mon & Wed, there is dog racing at the stadium, afternoons on Mon & evenings on Wed. So a concession was given to Swindon to allow them to continue in the Premiership.
  3. You're right, only r/r for 2nd strings if only one missing, if both missing guest + r/r. Guest if doubling up rider missing.
  4. Poole 2018

    Go away you stupid man.
  5. Poole 2018

    And Poole have never won a meeting against a weakened side, so that means that is you win at NSS, you will be lucky. You forget how many meetings we had to ride with either a weakened or a side with an injured Jason Doyle, who has since admitted that he didn't give his all in those league meetings.
  6. Poole 2018

    How were they lucky? They raced badly in the 1st meeting & made up for it in the 2nd. Your trouble is THAT YOU HATE SWINDON. You didn't enjoy living there & you can't forget that.
  7. Poole 2018

    You're only jealous. We were far away the best side in the league last season. The unbeaten winning streak showed that. Why don't you admit, you keep saying that Gavin is a troll when you are no better. Your problem is that you can't see the bigger picture, all you you see is Poole.
  8. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    He offered them the chance of a practice ride as the normal paraded was cancelled to speed things up, as they were worried about weather that was predicted to come in later. All the riders usually have a practice ride following the parade. It is without doubt, right that the meeting should have been called off Danny King has said that in hindsight, the meeting should never have started but agreed that he was quite happy for the meeting to go ahead at the time.
  9. It didn't make any sense that rule, the gardening has to be done within the 2 min rule so what is the problem.
  10. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    The Clerk of the Course offered the riders the chance to try the track out b4 the meeting. Nobody took up the offer.
  11. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Don't get into arguments with this no mark, just put him on ignore & let him argue with himself. He's just a deluded keyboard warrior! Bye Bye MFF
  12. Poole 2018

    So you still think he's a temporary replacement. Let's wait & see. I get the feeling he will not be back for a while, if at all this season.
  13. Annoyingly the set days for Premiership were set to be Thursdays but were then changed to Wednesday to appease some Championship clubs. Surely, the top league should have precedence in the matter& teams could have moved up to keep their Thursday spot.
  14. I'm sure the original fixture is the the fixture list first published. I don't think you can make it the original fixture just by re-arranging the fixture before the other team re-arranges.
  15. Do Swindon own Zach? He was a Lakeside asset & I must have missed that change.