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  1. speedway102285


  2. speedway102285

    No Woffinden....

    Woffinden has pulled out of the national championship as he tries to become the first Brit to win three individual world championships. The shock news will be announced this morning but Woffinden has ended fears he will also walk away from the Great Britain squad. He admits: “I have to look after myself. I cannot afford a repeat of what happened to me in 2014 when I became burnt out mentally and physically.” But he will definitely skipper the Lions in this summer’s Monster Energy World Cup, their best chance of being crowned champions since 1989. Great Britiain are seeded direct to the four-nation final as hosts and will look to end the 27-year wait for a gold medal at Belle Vue’s new £7 million National Speedway Stadium. The 25-year-old world No.1 has won the domestic championship three years in a row and had his sights on smashing Scott Nicholls’ record of seven wins. He said: “This has been a very difficult call for me. I’ve worked so hard to get to this position and now I have to capitalise. “It’s not in any way showing disrespect to my national championship, I will always be proud to say I have won the British title in three successive years.” The Scunthorpe-born Woffinden was brought up in Australia and had the chance to represent either country. He added: “I am proud to ride for Great Britain, the country of my birth, and I will give the World Cup my total commitment and effort. I will be there!”
  3. speedway102285

    Isle Of Wight - Latest News?

    Idiotic post
  4. speedway102285

    The Interceptor

    Because it isn't !!
  5. speedway102285

    Coventry V Poole 1/6/15

    your like a needle stuck in the groove jeez give it a rest
  6. speedway102285

    Eastbourne 2015

    Christ sake give it a rest !!
  7. speedway102285

    Speedway In Cornwall

    Hi Truro Robin like you im now living here but from Oxford, It used to be a hotbed with Nanpean and also within reasonable distance, Exeter. As far as Bodmin goes, the National Trust put the spanner in the works there , More recently there was also talk of Fraddon at the Moto Park but that also seems to have gone deathly quiet............
  8. speedway102285

    What The Visa Issues Could Mean For Teams.

    Probably nothing as its a defunct Government dept .........
  9. speedway102285

    What The Visa Issues Could Mean For Teams.

    Total drivel, before "spitting feathers" read up on the facts !!
  10. speedway102285

    The Chase

    Why ??
  11. speedway102285

    Telford Ice Speedway Returns !

    And your point being ???

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