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  1. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    Rewriting nothing, it’s same old same old BSPL.
  2. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    I think it’s settled now by amending Cooks June GSA. As to why and the fact that it’s taken 10 days to do it hasn’t been disclosed.
  3. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    GSA issue 8 now on BSPL website, Cooks June GSA of 7.82 now been amended back to 7.59.
  4. bigcatdiary

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 17/6/21

    Not altogether surprised the forecast is dreadful
  5. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    A thoroughly enjoyable meeting with some cracking racing on a lovely hot evening. From comments afterwards it’s clear Eurosport we’re well pleased with their first production at the Showground as were Kelvin and Nigel. It was nice to see Pedersen and Bomber step up their performances this week but as others have said it was a very solid looking all round team effort which ensured the Wolves went home with nothing despite the heroics from Becker and Douglas. As for the comments regarding Palin being pulled out of his last ride, that’s exactly what Rob Lyon is their for, to ensure Wolves wasn’t allowed to get anything back from the meeting and it’s clear Lyon knows what he is doing and does it very well. A thoroughly professional all round team performance and up to second in the league table. Not bad for a Dads Army so far.
  6. bigcatdiary

    Motor Insurance

    It will probably mean more customers looking around for a better quote than just staying out of a supposed loyalty. No sympathy whatsoever for insurance companies who have taken advantage for years.
  7. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich 2020

    He was very good anyway, a credible World Final Performer.
  8. bigcatdiary

    Redcar 2020

    What like the IOW did.
  9. bigcatdiary

    Redcar 2020

    Been tried several times over the last few decades and how many of those that tried still remain as Promoters. It takes three years to even get a vote.
  10. bigcatdiary

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    Just one of those occasions
  11. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    Teams PETERBOROUGH: Bjarne Pedersen, Hans Andersen, Michael Palm Toft, Scott Nicholls, Chris Harris, Jordan Palin, Ulrich Ostergaard.WOLVERHAMPTON: Sam Masters, Luke Becker, Nick Morris, Ryan Douglas, Rory Schlein R/R, Broc Nicol, Leon Flint.
  12. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    You know as well as everyone that something’s gone on here as the rest of the Ipswich team are on June GSA. I dare say things will be a little clearer next week when the chance to discuss it with others will reveal the real reason Cooks average of 7.59 stands for June but I suspect it’s all down to rider availability here in the U.K. and the ongoing problem with flying riders in and out due to Covid. These rolling averages are calculated by Alyce at the BSPL office, I could be kind and say it might have been a mistake on the June issue but I doubt it.
  13. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    I would think Glasgow will ensure he is on good equipment this year, and Osty on good gear is very good.
  14. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    What a night A lot of people including a lot on here wrote the Panthers off before a wheel had turned (especially Ipswich fans) and they were made to eat their words after a real team performance in which the Panthers led from start to finish. Not a lot of passing on what is a usual Foxhall showing and I didn’t think the crowd was particularly good either but Panthers had more than enough to beat what was essentially a three man team. It’s early days but the confidence amongst the Dads Army is growing match by match, mention also to Rob Lyon who isn’t slow to change things and makes the right moves when it’s needed. Onwards and upwards.
  15. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    I think their is a good case for separating GSA from team declarations as clearly they cause confusion. The current style of averages and the layout goes back to at least the 80’s, the whole set up needs completely modernising and with riders doubling up and down needs one set of GSA per month showing averages for each league riders are eligible for and cut out the 5% nonsense entirely.

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