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    Here's my guess (assuming they will be sticking to the 40 limit like the NL & Brummies) : 1. Jerran Hart 9.04 2. Dean Felton 5.01 3. ?? 6.06 4. Mark Baseby 6.93 5. Harland Cook 6.15 (not heard anything about him for a year ot=r 2 tho) 6. Rikki Mullins 3.00 7. Aaron Baseby 3.81
  2. Islander15

    National League Averages

    From what I can remember from last year: Firstly once riders get a new average then they are issued every month. There was a cut-off point for meetings last year, I don't think it was 6 & 6, but I don't think it was 3 & 3 either, might have been 4 & 4.
  3. Islander15

    Stoke Potters

    I posted in the U-21 section earlier, but I shall here too seeing as you 2 mentioned it. Anyone able to text from Stoke tomorrow (Sat) please PM me here or on the updates site (the name is minus the 15) Thanks
  4. Islander15

    2011 Under 21s

    Is anyone able to text from Stoke tomorrow (Saturday) for the semi-final. It would be greatly appreciated by all PM me here or on the updates site (btw my updates name doesn't have the 15 in it)
  5. Islander15

    Poland Out Of World Cup, Possibly Gps

    Aren't the Poles supposed to be in the KL qualifier. So if this goes ahead then that'd be GB, Russia, a qualifier (probably the Czechs) & someone else (if it's the second in the quali then Slovenia maybe? or Latvia/Italy). Maybe give the Norwegians a chance with their traiter back on side Hardly looks anywhere near as exciting though, does it?
  6. Islander15

    Fen Tigers New Signings

    Using your link I got to this page here which is for sportsmen and doesn't specify age. But will Heeps 'make a significant contribution to the development of their sport'?
  7. Islander15

    Colts V Scunthorpe 23rd March

    Just to add a bit more spice to the above 'argument' it's officially Sheffield to race tomorrow as BV are at Owlerton in a double-header with IOW later on in the season. Anyway as a fan of neither Scunny or Sheffield I can certainly sympathise with what June & Leoni has said (especially with 6 of the 7 being Saints) but if it financially keeps a NL side running, and develops some quality riders then surely that is the most important?
  8. Islander15

    Nl Fixtures

    They're now on the BSPA site click here
  9. Islander15

    Nl Fixtures

    Some comprehensive work there Mike ^^^ Anyway yet again it seems to me that NL fans have to wait, and wait when PL & EL fans knew several weeks ago. The whole 'we're delaying the AGM because we don't know whether Cov/Boro will be in' excuse can't even be used now, and seeing as the EL fixtures came out a few weeks ago, yet there still seems to be the possibility of them returning, dicredits that excuse when it was used earlier this winter. When it comes out in official channels that Thursday will be the realease date, then Thursday should be the release date! I'm just hoping that they're only one day late *ignores the fact they were supposed to be out weeks ago*
  10. Islander15

    1 From 4

    PICK 1 = The Bee Hives Scott Nicholls ~ Krzysztof Kasprzak ~ Lee Richardson ~ Chris Harris PICK 2 = Englands Glory Simon Stead ~ Tai Woffinden ~ Daniel King ~ Edward Kennett PICK 3 = Back Home Rory Schlein ~ Peter Karlsson ~ Piotr Swiderski ~ Lewis Bridger PICK 4 = GP Stars Fredrik Lindgren ~ Kenneth Bjerre ~ Chris Holder ~ Nicki Pedersen PICK 5 = Last but not least Justin Sedgman ~ Claus Vissing ~ Filip Sitera ~ Ricky Wells PICK 6 = Family Fortunes (combined averages .. Lasse in EL) The Lindgren's ~ The Dryml's ~ The Bjerre's - The King's PICK 7 = Son of a Gun Simon Gustafsson ~ Lukas Dryml ~ Ales Dryml ~ Oliver Allen PICK 8 = In Both Camps (PL average) Charlie Gjedde ~ Kevin Wolbert ~ James Wright ~ Josh Grajczonek PICK 9 = Premier Pole Position Rene Bach ~ Jason Lyons ~ Kevin Doolan ~ Joe Screen PICK 10 = Grand Prix Points (Who will get the most) Gollob & Hampel ~ Sayfutdinov & Laguta ~ Crump & Holder ~ Pedersen & Harris TIE BREAKER = How many Grand Prix points will Fredrik Lindgren score in 2011 ? 79
  11. Islander15

    Team Viking - Spring Tour 2011

    Good luck to Klaus, I must admit that I was sur[rised that no Pl teams picked him up. A rider with EL experience on a relatively low average the same as Lubos Tomicek, but lets hope the tour reminds someone of his undoubted potential. Good luck to the whole team as well. Hopefully they'll be as successful as last year
  12. Islander15

    Confirmed Signings For 2011

    I didn't mean to offend I just didn't understand him. Cinekracingteam - Sorry if I offended you and as I now understand you, the fixtures were supposed to be out a week or two ago, but they weren't and it seems that no-one really knows when they will be out. But it shouldn't be too long
  13. Islander15

    Nz Champs 2011

    Well done to Grant & I hope Jase keeps up that form in the PL this year with the Devils. Btw does anyone know if Andrew Bargh was involved and what his score was??
  14. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    The final ride then (assuming Starkey's signing is just a formality) is Rob Smith (here) , on a permanent deal from Rye House. The line-ups page have him on a 3.00 average (here) , yet his 2009 average was 6.22 at the time Rye House last declared their team (here) & speedway info's site has him on 6.00 (here) . Tbh the average doesn't really matter now
  15. Islander15

    Nl Fixtures

    I don't want to take over your thread, but does anyone know when the full fixture list is going to be announced?? btw OSS, IOW have an unnamed opponent on the 19th Apr & the US on the 26th
  16. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    With the 5 already signed plus Starkey that leavess 6.21 and looking at last year's end averages (here) that means the possible following riders (excluding ones who already have a club obviously): Tom Brown 6.20 (he's retired though, hasn't he?), Luke Priest 6.08, Ricky Wallace 6.00 (unlikely), Ricky Scarboro ( ), Dan Halsey 5.56 (surely no seeing as he only stated on here about a week ago asking for a team place, however a snip of an average), Gary Beaton 5.52 ( ) and Richard Franklin 5.39. Priest looks the best of that lot, at Smallbrook last year he got 9+1 from 4 for Mildenhall & 9+1 from 6 for Newport.
  17. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    Thanks Lorna. Just reading the link you gave (here ) it says Resch & Brendan at reserve, so will that mean Tom Hill is number 8, or is there a mistake ?
  18. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    Thanks for your reply Malcolm ^^^ The Islanders have signed 2 more: John Resch & Tom Hill. See here . Hill's a good signing, especially at home, on a low average. But I'm not so sure about Resch. So who's the other 4? Starke, Smethills and Warwick equal 21.70 and with only 24.28 left 1 of them will definitely miss out. I hear that Dan Blake won't be fit for the start of the season, but does anyone know if Hopwood will be?
  19. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    Please tell me theres yet another mistake on the BSPA site. It says Simmo's average is 8.90 (here) yet he ended last year on 8.05 (here) (according to their site, though that was October's average so really it should be slightly different but not 0.85). I checked the average's of the others from last year and Morris. Atkin, White-Williams, Young, Bates and Andrews will all start on last year's average with Lambert's increasing by 0.01 and Herne's 0.51. Even Herne's average seems a massive increase from what, 2 meeting maybe for Bournmeouth during October, yet Hornets rode then, and I don't think they were all injured! Is there something I've missed here, or is it a mistake? If it's a mistake we'll soon know.
  20. Islander15

    Nl Agm Outcomes 25/1/11

    Confirmation that Hackney will replace Rye House Cobras. With the likes of Ben Morley, Shane Hazelden & Marc Owen in the team. Also The National League Riders Championship is to be held at Rye on Sat 3rd Sept @ 7pm. Full article here
  21. Islander15

    Isle Of Wight 2011

    Nick Simmons has now officially signed and will be captain click here
  22. Buxton won't neccessarily lose Branford, as any Aussies with a British passport will still be able to race in the NL regardless of whether they change the rules to stop Aussies/Kiwis riding or not. Hence the reason he, Morris & McBain all started on a 3.00 average for the Hitmen last season. But Morris can't ride NL as hehas a PL team and an PL average over 4.00.
  23. Islander15

    Stoke Potters

    Yeah, and the most ridiculous part of that, Roynon has an EL place (No 8 yes, but he'll still ride) and Wright doesn't even have a PL side! I thought he would have been a nailed-on for Worky, but I read in the speedway star that they've been looking at upto 6 riders for that spot
  24. Islander15

    Stoke Potters

    I don't want to sound against you or anything here, but assuming the rules don't change Andre's average would be too high for him to do both leagues, as you can only ride NL if you're average with a PL team is below 4.00 at the start of the season. Think of Charles Wright at Buxton last year. He could start the season for the Hitmen because he didn't have a PL side, but then when he signed for Redcar he did have a PL team and an average over 4.00 (4.75 as it happened), so he had to be replaced in the Buxton side. So unless he only does NL, he can't ride in that league and to be perfectly honest he's a lot better than that league anyway. Admittedly he wouldn't keep his 12, but should be above 9.5 if not 10. Its his decision at the end of the day, but even if he struggles at the start of the season in the PL (assuming that's what he wants and/or is signed), he would be some force at reserve

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