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  1. cee the bee

    Gp In Auckland 2012

    So i take it James is the Welsh National champion then. . In fact is there such a thing, has there ever been such a thing or will there ever be such a thing. Not wishing to be disparaging of anything welsh it forfeits the right
  2. Tell those that began discussing squads then. The line up here is brilliant. Sod the naysayers.
  3. I must admit the squad system is an idea i like, but it has to be the right formula & for the right reasons. Just imagine as an ie Jonsson sharing No1 with Freddie Lindgren or Fisher sharing a second string with Pawlicki, it could work. When riders are known not to be available due to other commitments there will always be a back up in place.
  4. Absolutely Jacques, i hear molly has disowned her for even thinking such
  5. cee the bee

    Cant Remember A Certain Riders Name?

    Wasserman to do. I Muts BEE Bark(er)ing just READING this
  6. cee the bee

    Cant Remember A Certain Riders Name?

    was there a rider named Buckley?
  7. cee the bee

    Cant Remember A Certain Riders Name?

    Owen to a SHORTage of GOODDYs Allott of LEEway is needed for all this Fundin
  8. cee the bee

    Cant Remember A Certain Riders Name?

    It's all too Mucha, whats the Gooderham going on with it.
  9. cee the bee

    Cant Remember A Certain Riders Name?

    Who did 'e ride for I think this threads gonna tip some people over the Hedge, they just can't Hack it any Moore
  10. Nothing Rob, but SS can't help himself. He's just reminded why i stopped coming on here. As i said, the unified booing around the stadium when Kevin Coombes asked where the Poole fans we're said everything that needed to be said. Really topped an enjoyable evening,no quarters being given by most riders & a well deserved winner, all that matters really. C ya
  11. I think you'll find those grapes are being matured in the garden for next years champagne, enjoy it while it lasts.
  12. I Know Rob, but then i guess it would've been a million times better if a certain Dane could even have been bothered. ATB CC

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