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  1. Elmo

    Leicester v Witches 02/05

    Only realistic option is Jake Mulford who had a decent meeting for Middlesbrough in the NDL at Leicester
  2. Comfort break? Remember NKI on the bog at Peterborough once lol
  3. I’ve not seen it personally but I think the banking is now a constant gradient instead of flattering out 2/3 of the way up.
  4. Elmo

    Playoff Final

    Now moved to Sunday 22nd. League & Cup double header at Leicester. Might need a sleeping bag lol
  5. What if you have a ticket from the original staging though?
  6. Elmo

    Drugs - Just Say No!

    I’ve waded in too lol They are 2 completely different scenarios but hey ho,
  7. Elmo

    Drugs - Just Say No!

    Yes, they really need to give their head a wobble. You are bang on with what you said.
  8. Elmo

    Ashton Boughen

    Maybe that was down to lots of practice sessions being available at Leicester with it being a single use facility and at that age the more time on track the better?
  9. Taken by my son just now
  10. He sure is, great gater and so fast & smooth when out in front and can pick where he rides. When he works out how to come from the back (which I’m sure he will) he will be a complete package. Pleased to have helped him out with a little bit of sponsorship for the Leicester Cubs this season.
  11. No different to Laguta’s move on Allen down the back straight.
  12. Or £5 with a season ticket? But they did move a fixture earlier this season due to cost for fans, so why do this now? I get moving the 24th as the SWC starts on the 25th (for which I am personally grateful) but to rearrange it so that there are 2 home PL fixtures in a week is a tad baffling.
  13. What? Laguta was nowhere near winning heat 1 & 10 in both original runnings.
  14. Elmo

    Leicester v Belle Vue

    4 hour limit in the shopping centre car park

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