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  1. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Decent crowd for the NDL tonight I thought.
  2. Elmo

    Wolves Closure

    Yes the mascot was not wearing a helmet lol They were on 50cc mini bikes.
  3. Elmo

    Wolves Closure

    Still had the mascot suit & head on though lol
  4. Elmo

    Wolves Closure

    There were lots of fun & games from my memory as a 16 year old. Here’s the 2nd half from my programme.
  5. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Absolutely brilliant meeting, credit to both teams
  6. Elmo

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    A slight improvement on the track I was told by someone involved.
  7. Elmo

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    I agree it ain’t great for the spectators but an upgrade isn’t cheap apparently. Just need someone to win the lottery I suppose.
  8. Elmo

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    They are not new, they were just realigned and cleaned and that came direct from the electrician.
  9. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Saturdays are 7pm Midweek is 7:30.
  10. Elmo

    Frank Worthington RIP

    My first Frankie Wortho memory was seeing him score a hat trick against Ipswich at Filbert Street in January 1974. Then after he had moved to Birmingham I spoke to him at Hall Green dogs when they had a blues, villa & West Brom night circa 1980, top man listening to a 13 year old telling him he should of stayed at Leicester.
  11. Elmo

    Football 2020/21

    With Barnes now on the injury list too, I fear for the rest of the season. Another lacklustre performance and no one appears to want to drive the team forwards at the moment, even in defeat I would at least like to see some fortitude.
  12. Elmo

    Football 2020/21

    Gutted for him, probably has been player of the season so far.
  13. Elmo

    Football 2020/21

    Fair play to Leeds, never allowed us to get into the rhythm we had against Everton. The sooner Maddison is relieved of taking the set pieces the better, his delivery has been terrible for the last 2 years.
  14. Elmo

    University Challenge 2020/21

    Yep full house on those too. 21 though I have no idea where I dragged dark matter from.

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