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  1. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Toilets....... Judged by some other tracks Somersets toilets are brilliant, you single out the pairs (a BSPA shared event) this is a once a year event a bit like Glastonbury! with the later staging in 2019 I think the size of crowd was underestimated. Not a great subject but toilets have very low priority within speedway, could be why it's mainly males that go, if you have ever taken your wife, girlfriend or daughter one visit to the looes & its an instance fear of ever returning.
  2. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    I don't agree with all this anti Stoneman speel, Nathan scored good points for the Rebels 2019 I see a 5+ average for 2020.
  3. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Nathan will need a N.L. team place so he gets plenty of rides to develop & keep sharpe. With a smaller N.L. in 2020 there will be more riders than team places.
  4. Ghosty

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    My question was do the 2 teams loaning the same rider pay half/ 50% each as this would be fair?
  5. Ghosty

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    ASSETS loan fees etc. If a rider is loaned out to 2 teams (double up/down) do the clubs loaning the rider pay HALF the fee each?
  6. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Harris (Rebels rider of the year) was nicked by Birmingham BEFORE the 2019 season had finished, not good edicate by the Brummies!
  7. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Is that for the Rebels or the Pie-rats?
  8. Ghosty

    Rasmus Jensen

    Is that for the Rebels or the Pie-rats?
  9. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Plenty of signings since the AGM but not for Somerset, with Bjarne Pedersen not signed by anyone yet is he Gary's secret weapon!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ghosty

    Somerset 2020

    Just read all the praise Grizzly Adams has giving Rory Schlein, the Rebels obviously signed a different Rory Schlein to the Wolves one in 2019! So the question is Gary which Rory Schlein have you signed for the Rebels in 2020?
  11. Ghosty


    Totally agree with the first & second comments, but for me we need 3 leagues of different levels. Currently the Championship has to many riders that should ONLY be in the Premiership. Lots of reasons for this but stopping young talent progressing is one.
  12. Ghosty

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Can't see Stoneman going anywhere than Somerset, lots of family support & popular with the crowd & management!
  13. Ghosty


    You must be a blinkered promoter or a deluded fan.........However I think Swindon were one of the less affected teams in 2019 with ONLY 4? of your riders also members of other U.K. teams! but you did have Ellis Perks who was somehow allowed to ride for 3 U.K. teams.
  14. Ghosty


    I hope the AGM have addressed the farcical double-up situation where your very own 1 to 7 are all riding for different U.K. teams the following night! this has gone completely out of control & unless addressed our sport will never have any mainstream credibility.
  15. Ghosty


    Has to be Yellow/ Black quarters easily seen. Will the AGM give us BREAKING NEWS to fix our beloved sport - or more than likely something nearer to BREAKING WIND!.... same old news..

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