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  1. There are a lot of things not good with GB speedway @ the moment the lack of available riders being the major problem. But please all Birmingham fans be thankful that due to your current owners you still have speedway, unlike Exeter, Somerset, Swindon, Reading, Wimbledon, Arena Essex, Stoke, Workington, Hull, Cradley, Bradford, Halifax, Weymouth, Hackney & others I've missed!
  2. Ghosty

    Ipswich 2022

    You've saved yourself the delivery charge!
  3. U.K. Speedway's biggest problem is the lack of riders. If 3 new/additional teams were applying to join the existing Premier or Championship leagues in 2023 it would not be possible - not enough riders. This is a problem that should be addressed now & the riders should be U.K. based for various reasons mainly cost.
  4. Ghosty

    WOW! It's been 10 years...

    I can echo that 100%. I remember Lee sticking with it early days where many others would have quite. Thoughts are with the family.
  5. Poole have chosen a team where their top 3 could be number ones in most other Championship teams. A big gamble with the pressure put on your other 4 riders to up their game/averages. Your top 3 are unlikely to improve so to be successful it's the other 4 that have to improve!............ No pressure then.
  6. Ghosty

    Plymouth v Oxford 10/05

    Why haven't Plymouth swapped their riding order around? Starke & Bowtell @ 1 & 2 look the weak link. If Starke has to be @ 1 (R/R for Kennett) then 2 needs to be changed.
  7. Ghosty

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    As long as the Gladiators gel as a team they will get the results home & away. BUT PLEASE can someone (Mark Phillips?) stop Gary May swapping the reserves race after race. It gains nothing putting your weakest reserve in the harder races will just demoralise him. This happened @ Somerset, riders then retired & the replacements were worse! If a rider is not performing this team should have enough knowledge & knowhow to encourage those riders under performing. Here's looking forward to the rest of 2022. This was posted a few weeks ago, I should have a job as a fortune teller!
  8. Ghosty

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    I think the final score does flatter Scunny, once the Gladiators knew they couldn't be beaten they seamed to drop their guard. It also appeared that mid meeting "Chairman" Godfrey took control of track grading & lack of watering giving the visiting team the track advantage! All in all yet another enjoyable meeting @ the coliseum, could be an interesting meeting ahead on Friday.
  9. I can't see anything but a big win for the Gladiators @ home on Tuesday. However I see Fridays return match not so easy to predict, with a good choice (& performance) from Eddie Kennett's guest replacement this could be another win for the Gladiators.
  10. Ghosty

    Poole v Oxford 15/4/22

    With the '22 team Poole have expect one sided home meetings, big paydays but this could effect the gate receipts! Matt will not be happy in his Ch√Ęteau.
  11. Agree "ideally" but were will the 21 extra riders come from?
  12. Good luck to everyone involved tonight, congratulations to those that have made this happen - But the most important thing may all the Oxford "fans" go home happy & be keen to come back for more!
  13. Ghosty

    Redcar v Plymouth

    I have no problems with Gary personally & consider him a mate! But issues can be debated surely, tell me has Neil Middleditch or Peter Adams used similar tactics with their successes?
  14. Ghosty

    Glasgow 2022

    I haven't seen the 2022 team suits but they can't be any worse than the previous one's - You just have to add a red/white bobble hat & hey-presto you get Father Christmas!
  15. Ghosty

    Redcar v Plymouth

    By all means select your team riding order to produce the best results. My gripe is constant dropping/swapping riders during the meeting & the effect it can have on the lesser team members.

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