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  1. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    I expect Garry & Debbie to have a team of "racers" Charles Wright, Greg Allen & Nico Covatti being 3 obvious candidates. I would like to see James Shanes as he's a racer & local. I have said this before riders will want to ride for Somerset as its a great race track, this gives Somerset a huge advantage with team selection. Good luck to the rebels in 2019.........
  2. Ghosty

    AGM November 2018

    So many things in Speedway are simple & easy - then they get made complicated. One of Speedway greatest "simple" things is riders are (should be) paid per point scored, if promoters set sensible, realistic & affordable rates per point for each league & all agree to stick to those rates speedway in the U.K. would be in a much better place! Riders will then know what's on offer wherever they ride & cut their cloth to suit. If the rates are not except-able they need to look elsewhere for employment.
  3. Ghosty

    AGM November 2018

    One thing I think we all agree on is that: British Speedway supporters do not want the product that has been on offer the last few seasons i.e. team A + guest verses team B + guest this is the biggest reason for the drop in crowd numbers. For 2019 riders must be loyal to their U.K. team & promoters loyal to their signed riders - no team changes @ the drop of a hat, fans may then see their team as "US" not just tonight's "7 select". Also I would bring back for 2019 13 heats & a second half, not because it's better or worse than the current 15 heats, it would just be a change!
  4. Ghosty

    AGM November 2018

    Brilliant, I think you have cracked it. One thing I think you have overlooked is that each team to appoint a gardener armed with spade to prepare starting grids. They will be given 2 minutes (timed of course) prior to each heat to do so......... At the end of season there will be the best gardener award, very importantly to keep speedways integrity gardeners will not be allowed to guest for other teams.
  5. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    To purchase any business first you would look over the last 3 years books, see what sort of profit or loss there is. Secondly you would look @ your leased premises, what sort of terms can you keep & what have you to re-negotiate with the landlords. Thirdly you are reliant on enough other clubs that want to run their speedway on the same level as you! If I was buying under the current circumstances I would offer Matt £500 per meeting staged until an agreed figure has been reached, not too different to the deal Matt & Mike Golding did with Merv the swerv.
  6. The choice of Bomber as guest does speedway no credibility, not a good move! How can speedway ever be treated with any respect with the media & others outside our own little world. The people that control our "sport" must look @ the bigger picture.
  7. I am a complete neutral, have been involved in speedway for over 50 years (including riding a bit) only watched the last 5 heats as I had other commitments, but what I saw was Poole + the referee v. Kings Lynn!!!!! speedway digs itself future in it's grave..........
  8. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    A moaned about Somerset track STILL puts it @ number 2 as best in the Premiership, & like most other tracks early season it suffered from the supply of iffy shale & new track staff.
  9. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    Somerset Like Belle Vue will have riders wanting to ride for them in 2019 because they are both superb race tracks, both well run & riders get paid! Gary May has shown he has an eye for spotting potential............. will crowd favorite Charles Wright feature in Gary's plans?
  10. Agree 100%..........
  11. Ghosty

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Easy rectified, take away the riders 2 lowest scoring meetings from their averages for team building purposes! riders throwing 3 or more meetings would be severely hit in the pocket!!!
  12. Ghosty

    Swindon 2019

    What is Shark Osbourne's latest spin?
  13. Ghosty

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    Nothing wrong with Mildenhalls 2018 team, they just struck it very lucky having so much YOUNG up & coming talent in one hit. With the existing rules they will have to say bye bye to several of their gifted team, possibly to the benefit of the opposition!
  14. Any bets as to what heat Matt Ford will leave the Oaktree Arena tonight! Matt has been seen leaving early on Poole's last 2 visits to the Oaktree - so what heat will it be tonight? My own guess would be after heat 13...
  15. Ghosty

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Somerset is one of the best race tracks in the U.K. last night's meeting didn't produce the normal amount of passing. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones "Stoke Potter".

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