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  1. Steve this will never work.. it's all to simple! set pay rates for each league, teams choose the league they can afford to pay the set pay rates, riders choose which league they want to race in. If a teams top rider scores 15 points & a lesser rider scores 5 points the the top rider will earn 3 times the points money of the lesser rider all to simple. You would also expect top riders & popular riders to pick up extra sponsorship both locally & nationally. Why should riders in the same team (excluding reserves races) be on different rates? All riders should be paid on the night by the HOME TEAM......Like I said all to simple so will never happen,,,,,,,, P.S. Happy Snappen..
  2. Fast Forward.....blast from the past! I think he was based Northampton way?
  3. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    BERGE Could be he went out & got every deal he could get, then with everything on the table realised he had more than he could coupe with? easiest solution drop the rebels! Certainly messed up Gazza's master plan big time..........
  4. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    SO COME ON YOU NUMBER CRUNCHERS! who is still available that "fits" with-in the points limit? We could have a fans vote with who's on offer................
  5. Ghosty

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    No, it's to add 200 Charles Wright supporters to the Oaktree gate!
  6. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    I'm sure you will find it was for financial reasons the Rebels dropped from the Premier league. However I think the common view that Wednesday proved a far better choice of race night, only because it avoided the Friday M5 jams. So if you have a way to avoid the Friday traffic jams I'm sure the Hancocks would like to know!
  7. Ghosty

    Thank you to the BSPA

    Or may-be someone keen to stop U.K.s most promising prospect scoring 3 points?
  8. Ghosty

    Thank you to the BSPA

    Obviously a jobsworth of a referee (he wasn't wearing red, white or blue) should have been a warning @ the most. But the consequence is ALL U.K. to change for 2019!!!!!!! a definite knee jerk reaction.
  9. Ghosty

    Gareth Rogers

    I'm sure he's the brother of Birmingham's Manager Laurence Rogers?
  10. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    I don't think I'm missing the point, with the current scenario with fixtures (Prem & Champ) you get 2 things: 1. Riders not having enough meetings with ONE TEAM & therefore having to double up or down. 2. Supporters without their regular weekly speedway fix - loose interest, find other things to do or simply get out of the habit! What I think we can all agree on is Speedway in the U.K. needs a major overhaul...........
  11. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    Yes you're right, not enough fixtures - as things stand - unfortunately promoters still have their heads in the sand, let's have all teams twice in the league, make the league winners league champions. Then have some form of cup competition @ the end of the season. If required shorten the season rather then have big gaps in the fixtures mid season. We desperatly need some forward (& outside of the box) thinking persons on the BSPA (or working for the BSPA) right now would be the ideal time rip up the existing fixtures & start again.
  12. Ghosty

    Rye House 2018

    If there's enough money to come from the bond etc. the BSPA will only pay standard rates not any inflated rates or guarantees riders where on! No winners in this whole scenario............
  13. We now know why Harris keeped quiet when sacked by panthers, keep it zipped & you can go to Foxhall OR NO premier slot for 2019! Looks like Tungate flatly refused to return to Ippo, rider control 1960s style has returned to Speedway GB via Buster "C". That's "C" for control?
  14. Ghosty


    Hope Speedway G.B. have a new person & new system to compile the fixtures, in the last few seasons that have been shambolic!
  15. Anyone looking for a brand new Panthers Race Suit in Chris Harris' size............. This could only happen in G.B. Speedway, still looking for that LOYALTY & CREDIBILITY!

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