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  1. Workington 2018 .

    Come on all you Workington Comets, it's time to work together - not having digs at each other. You all want the same thing - a successful speedway team!
  2. It's early doors to judge any of your team especially away @ArenaEssex. If the Panthers can get a bit if momentum going with some good home wins I think your current team should be O.K.
  3. So it's Swimbourne road, not good news for the both groups of Speedway fans - Poole supporters & the anti Poole supporters! A farmer friend has told me there's a HEATWAVE on it's way.............
  4. Glasgow 2018

    O.K. not 7 riders & 1 team manager, so is it 6 riders & 1 team manager? that's still wholesale changes!
  5. For or against team suits

    You are 100% right, toilets should be near the top of to-do list. When arriving referees should check: 1. Track, 2. Toilets, 3. General state of the stadium (litter & easily achievable task). If ANY are bad cancel the meeting, if any are not good - reprimand & get fixed for following meeting. Long time supporters will accept almost any conditions, our life-blood "protential new fans" will expect reasonable facilities & definitely CLEAN TOILETS!
  6. Glasgow 2018

    I have mentioned this before, Glasgow have sacked their whole 2017 team, that now includes the team manager! Does anyone know if this has ever happened in speedway before anywhere else? remembering it's the same owners in charge. The Facennas are obviously very successful outside of speedway, are they trying to buy success like many "well-to-doos" try to do with football, could be a dangerous ploy if success doesn't come their way what will become of the Tigers?
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Nothing personnel, but the common consensus that Jason Doyle just up'ed his game & became world champion is not how I see it. He spent several season held back by a recurring shoulder injury & it was only after major surgery on that shoulder did his experience, riding ability & along with his single minded determination did he get to where he is now - #1.
  8. My own thoughts exactly Najjer! is this a one meeting blip or as you say 2017 take 2.
  9. 2018 Regulations

    2018 amendments: Can the tractor driver be excluded/ disqualified if he/she exceeds the 4 minute time limit? With set race nights & careful fixture planning - baring injuries we should have no need for guest or rider replacement facility or have I been mislead?
  10. Poole 2018

    Does anyone know can Josh speak Polish? this could be a real plus if he does! yes I do know most poles speak reasonable English, however Midlo will have to learn to talk a little slower when communicating with most team members...............
  11. I have paid for hotel, all booked with the original start time & now I won't get any money back! gutted? yes. Is it the right decision to call this meeting off early........... DEFINITELY YES 100% As stated previously I hope riders will support a new date when announced showing their support for fellow riders.
  12. Poole 2018

    Race suits v Race jackets: As with most things we will all find Matt is a thinking a few steps ahead of what's been said currently!
  13. Poole 2018

    Pros & cons with either I think: 1. Nothing worse than having 5 suited & your other riders 2 wearing colours of another teams. 2. Suits not good when both teams look identical. 3. Suits not so good when identifying visiting riders - or even your own! 4. Suits of the same team can look completely different when made by different manufacturers. 5. Riders race numbers are often hard to see on race suits & often in different colours for the same team. 6. With no team suits this could give a riders a fantastic marketing opportunity i.e. Ray Wilson with Bostic - I still remember that after how many years?
  14. Race jacket framing/display

    You need to get a "BOX FRAME" I've just got one @ the cost of around £60 this is a quality item BUT I now have to mount the race jacket myself. For the same supplier to finish the whole job they wanted around £150! I have been @ charity auctions in the past were a mounted football shirt has made very little money - this would/could be a good move to buy one of these to re-use. The framed print @ paradise park was on Mick Hooker's (speedway star) stall.
  15. I think we all know that the Chris Holder (+ others) v King's Lynn track/ Buster Chapman did our beloved sport no favours what so ever. But I thought opinion @ the time was 50% 50% who was @ fault. Fact is the King's Lynn track was dangerous!