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  1. Any bets as to what heat Matt Ford will leave the Oaktree Arena tonight! Matt has been seen leaving early on Poole's last 2 visits to the Oaktree - so what heat will it be tonight? My own guess would be after heat 13...
  2. Ghosty

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Somerset is one of the best race tracks in the U.K. last night's meeting didn't produce the normal amount of passing. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones "Stoke Potter".
  3. Should be a good meeting as both teams have home "RACE TRACKS" Belle Vue's performance will depend on which Cook & Tungate turn up! both can be awful or brilliant. It will be worth the visit to see Great Britain's future number 1 Dan Bewley.
  4. Agree 100% with you, in my opinion the biggest mistake in today's speedway are the play off's they have done more damage to speedway than anything else. They should be scraped & instead run an end of season K.O.C. one for the top half & one for the bottom half of the leagues. BUT NO wholesale team changes allowed.
  5. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    It does seem ironic that this Poole tread is now on page 666! The way i see things " All's fair in love & war (& speedway) as long as Poole are allowed the make the play off's is Matt Ford the Devil.
  6. Totally agree with what you say, something the BSPA is completely oblivious to. This is where the play-offs fail the teams that don't make the play-offs.
  7. Ghosty

    Plymouth 2018

    While visiting Plymouth on business a couple of weeks ago (a Friday raceday) I called by to have a look & must say how impressed I was with the track & the preparation for that evenings meeting. We are having the hottest & driest summer since 1976 (a year I was involved with track prep myself) credit where credit is due well done Plymouth.
  8. Ghosty

    Ipswich 2018

    Signing for the witches has been a disaster for many a rider in recent years (with the possible exception the Roo boy) don't know why but it's been injury after injury! Drew Kemp does appear to be an exceptional talent, is this not a bit early & is it the right track? interesting what others think.
  9. Glad to see some people are on the same wavelength.
  10. Not fair because: It favors the "better off clubs" one great thing about G.B. speedway is that (in theory) all clubs should start the season "equal". CHOPPING & CHANGING RIDERS mid season is one reason for speedways downfall in the last few years, it's not fair to riders, not fair to sponsors of those riders & not fair to fans of those riders.
  11. Are Poole's changes fair? of course not. Are they good for other clubs/U.K. speedway? NO. Are they with-in the rules? YES. Are they good for Matt Ford & Poole YES of course they are!
  12. Ghosty

    The Aussies At Glasgow

    Surely once we are out of the EU, we revert to treating our commonwealth cousins with the respect they deserve, thousands lost their lives in 2 world wars fighting for our freedom.
  13. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    I'm very confident a good mathematician/accountant could have presented a set of figures showing the Rebels with Bomber within the set points limit! simple business accounting!
  14. Ghosty

    Somerset 2018

    Is that the same Chris Harris that wasn't allowed to sign for the Somerset Rebels? As they say: it's not what you know - but who you know!
  15. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    Is that the same Chris Harris that wasn't allowed to sign for the Somerset Rebels? As they say: it's not what you know - but who you know!

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