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  1. 2018 Celebration of Speedway

    The museum is a great asset for GB speedway, if this was a stand alone facility I don't think it would work! Therefor working with the wildlife park can only be to the benefit of all parties.
  2. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    To answer the question "Is the league stronger in 2018?"well mathematically an average team any year would be 42 point average, with this years points average limit set @ 42.5 I think this year puts teams pretty much the same as last year! However allowing for E/Fs, exclusions & DNF in 2017 on balance then 2018 would be stronger teams overall. Also with the 1 over 8 rule in place more balanced teams in theory. Just may be the BSPA where not so pi__ed after all @ the AGM.
  3. Somerset 2018

    ALL PROMOTERS please take note.... a good track man has to have more knowledge then being able to drive a tractor! Also with fixed race nights the right man (or woman) cannot be in 2 places on the same night!
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    I would be sure that Lemo has seen something special in DD. As an ex rider he would know what to look for & how he should adapt to U.K. tracks. Fact is Belle Vue is a track every rider would love as their home track if circumstances permitted, the aces will be up there in 2018 for certain.
  5. Mildenhall 2018

    Look's like Kevin Jolly or the Easter-egg have been reading my post?
  6. Poole 2018

    I can't see Chris Holder agreeing to return to Wimbourne Road without Matt Ford offering a guarantee of a decent track surface for 2018?
  7. Somerset 2018

    Tracks like programme sales as they are VAT free.
  8. Mildenhall 2018

    I will be looking forward to the Fen Tigers results in 2018, however I would like to see Robert Henry persuaded to stay on-board & oversee/advise the young team @ home meetings & Kevin Jolly likewise for away meetings. This in no way to undermine Phil? Kirk position as the team manager. It would be great & justified for success to come Mildenhalls way in 2018 & hats off to Kevin Jolly in supporting Jon Armstrong's testimonial meeting - how about a 4 team event representing Mildenhall, Ipswitch, Kings Lynn & Peterborough? picking the right date the most important thing.
  9. Race Nights

    How many meetings will be staged in the 2018? can we have a "spring cup" that's 7 home & 7 away, followed by then meet all other reams twice in the league =14 home & 14 away. Careful planing to avoid meeting the same visiting team within 3 weeks! What speedway doesn't need is the stop - start fixtures of the last few years. This would give all teams 21 home & 21 away meetings + play-offs finals etc. Are the powers that be thinking along the same lines?
  10. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I can't agree that "good tracks produce boring speedway" if you went to any meeting @ Somerset during the 2017 season & likewise Belle Vue (from what I did see) you would have seen brilliant speedway. It's not good when riders crash - only due track POOR conditions! this is costly on machinery & even worst riders injuries.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Has Buster stated anywhere that the once very good Kings Lynn track will be back to its original high standards for the 2018 season?
  12. Somerset 2018

    Isn't Pam Ayres from Bristol? Poems every week then!
  13. 2017 Profit & Loss

    Any business that's main income comes in the form of cash WILL be tempted to make no or very little profit.....nudge, nudge, wink, wink.............?
  14. Has no one any views on the either way?
  15. Yet again we have weakened teams for 2018 defended by the need to cut cost. BUT unlike other sports or businesses riders are paid (or should be) per point scored. There are only 90 points to be scored/ paid for per meeting (yes & some bonus points if paid) so it should make no difference how strong our top league is ONLY what "promoters" pay per point. A strong league SHOULD attract more punters = higher gate receipts. So with everything considered, agreed points money should be offered to all potential riders for 2018 then all those that agree put in a hat & shared out evenly over all teams. P.S. YES I DO KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN - TO EASY.