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  1. Ghosty

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Phillip Rising! Can you please reintroduce the match reports PLEASE............. I realise this cost time. money & logistics but I feel it's part of the stars DNA.
  2. Ghosty


    I think the biggest problem we (the U.K.) have is not having 7 riders you consider as YOUR TEAM. Your team of 7 can ride for you tonight, then in the next couple of days ALL represent a different U.K. team, the promoters are missing a huge problem. We have lost the bond between the fans & their team. P.S. Then you also have the wholesale team changes from season to season all these actions mean missing fans!
  3. Ghosty

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I see nothing wrong with the Grasstrack section, both sports are closely related/connected. Grasstrack is currently in a sorry state (just like U.K. Speedway) it was always the feeding ground for young Speedway tallent. No reason half a page could not be none professional U.K. Speedway!!!!!!!
  4. To ride in the BEN meeting is not an insurance premium payment, it's a mechanism where riders can participate to help boost the funds of the SRBF. The better the rider the more fans they should attract therefore more revenue on the day. I think we all would like to help people less fortunate than ourselves. The fund is there to help all riders current & former. It's time to move on & look forward to a bigger & better BEN Bonanza in 2020............
  5. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    Can anyone tell me please when is the Pirates press & practice day?
  6. I don't think this forum needs to name "names" but just look @ the facts, this meeting is now the lifeblood of the SRBF anyone who can should support it from fans, promoters & riders should do so. If you saw the wheelchair bound riders along with Ricky Ashworth on Sunday you would see what the event means to them. This event is about looking after our own, a concerted effort should be made to make next years event a bigger success than this years...........
  7. Ghosty

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    Easy to confuse the riders, otherwise yes very professional........but the big whammy 2 guest riders in your team & the whole thing look's a shambles!!!!
  8. I've never been to Leicester (this one) before, I also enjoyed the meeting. All things considered I think the racing was good, my highlight was seeing Ricky Ashworth on the tandem. I think the organisers would have been pleased with the sizable crowd, 3 or 4 times the average lions gate ( I'm told). Congratulations to Scott on his well deserved victory, congratulations to all the riders that took part, just a shame other riders that could have been there were not!...................
  9. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    Where would you place Neil Street in all this, in his time @ Poole & prior to that @ Weymouth Neil could spot tallent a mile off & with the rider willing to do so made novices & average riders into top riders & superstars................
  10. Who are the currently based U.K. riders (draw cards) who are sitting out this meeting that could have quite easily have ridden? This meeting is not by invite only, the riders need to let the organisers know that they are available. Any "Star" name that has not done so should hold their heads in shame! The BEN fund does a great job assisting former riders, some will be @ Leicester in their wheelchairs, it also assist current riders sitting out injuries. It can only do so if WE ALL support it...... P.S. & yes I do my own bit.
  11. Ghosty

    Eastbourne 2019

    I think they may have a shock to what the average speedway fan will buy & is willing to pay, time will tell!.............
  12. Ghosty

    Play off contenders

    Teams all have bigger issues than who will make the play-offs, but the "Promoters" of those teams still have their heads buried in the sand!
  13. Steve this will never work.. it's all to simple! set pay rates for each league, teams choose the league they can afford to pay the set pay rates, riders choose which league they want to race in. If a teams top rider scores 15 points & a lesser rider scores 5 points the the top rider will earn 3 times the points money of the lesser rider all to simple. You would also expect top riders & popular riders to pick up extra sponsorship both locally & nationally. Why should riders in the same team (excluding reserves races) be on different rates? All riders should be paid on the night by the HOME TEAM......Like I said all to simple so will never happen,,,,,,,, P.S. Happy Snappen..
  14. Fast Forward.....blast from the past! I think he was based Northampton way?
  15. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    BERGE Could be he went out & got every deal he could get, then with everything on the table realised he had more than he could coupe with? easiest solution drop the rebels! Certainly messed up Gazza's master plan big time..........

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