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  1. I half agree with you on the Scunny meeting. The more pivotal was getting beat at Leicester. We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. (SJ fell at the last turn) I am ruing the injury to Starke. The difference is you can cherry pick guests for a rider 3rd in your averages. We had to replace Paul or go R/R. Most people prefer to see 7 man teams. Them are the rules and the breaks. Leicester were more fortunate than us. That again is not bitter it is fact
  2. Do you know what Mr McGregor's nickname is? I am certainly not bitter. I have thoroughly enjoyed this season. My opinion is that if Glasgow had our full team we would of topped the league and won the playoffs. I do however appreciate that if,buts and maybes are part of sport, but If any Leicester fan seriously thinks they would of beaten Glasgow over two legs if Paul was fit they are delusional.
  3. Are you alluding to the way Glasgow didn't allow Leicester to loan Victor? Glasgow would of been happy for your to buy him. If your promotion had played ball with Sarj at the start of the season there wouldn't of been a problem.
  4. Oooft. You think McGregor helps Glasgow or has a Glasgow bias? Behave. We beat Leicester by 7 points that night. How would that point of been the difference? Glasgow's bad luck gifted the league to the Lions. If Paul Starke had been riding it would not even of been a fair contest.
  5. There was absolutely no joy on my part that you lot went bust. It was one of the first fixtures I looked for on the calendar. Very rarely missed a Glasgow meeting there. I don't feel for certain fans that they have lost there team though.
  6. It is extremely tedious and a sad reflection on society were people continually try to criticise people for trying to better the sport. The bitterness about Glasgow from people on here is crazy. Glasgow fans weren't putting the boot into Laura when she spent a fortune on Workington were they?
  7. Well done Leicester on their victory. I will disagree with the people saying they were clearly the best team over the year. Glasgow's bad luck was the factor they topped the league. Sam Jensen falling in ht 14 @ Leicester robbed us of a win there. As to the circus freaks of Workington laughing at the Tigers, it has been a pleasure giving you something to talk about over the season. There is nothing but jealousy coming from your direction towards Glasgow. The snide remarks about money etc. The Glasgow promotion are a credit to the sport, setting the benchmark for other teams to follow. Absolute professionalism. How did the Worky business model work??
  8. Poor Comets all that shale and an air fence in storage somewhere not a bike on track or a team to support.
  9. Fair point well made. Monday morning posting is never the best idea.
  10. nagy1

    Glasgow 2020

    I would be happy with that team. I doubt Rasmus will be back though.
  11. The gap only being 12 flatters Glasgow, we really struggled as a team. Thought it was going to be about 20 points by the way we started the meeting. Cook's engine failure was unfortunate. That was a six point swing in one race alone. It is all to play for tomorrow evening. Hopefully a big crowd and a 14 point win for the Tigers
  12. Gutted about the postponement. Hopefully get a Sunday meeting this weekend. Or maybe just push it out to next Saturday and the Lions fans could round up the numbers for a bus.
  13. The refresh button on the computer is now worn out. Great performance, never let them get too far away.
  14. As a sports fan I hope my teams win every year. Why would this period be so specific?
  15. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/more-sports/edinburgh-monarchs-pray-for-three-home-points-to-make-season-less-embarrassing-1-5003410 Praying for 3 points in a meaningless fixture. Scotland’s big club everybody hahaha

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