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  1. yoda

    Glasgow 2020

    we could say that about most stadiums , Glasgow included
  2. yoda

    Glasgow 2020

    Uncertain future care to elaborate ?
  3. yoda

    Glasgow 2020

    its not for me to say.
  4. yoda

    Glasgow 2020

    Not really Glasgow's team must be the worst kept secret in speedway
  5. yoda

    Glasgow 2020

    heard that the points limit was only going to be 41, so that would rule that time out ? also thought you only get a 2.5% reduction if you rode in the national league within 3 seasons
  6. just like we all had to do on Wednesday. unfortunately that's part of speedway life
  7. yoda

    Edinburgh 2019

    he now has a secondary visa to ride in the championship,
  8. good point less than 2 weeks away and no mention of a line up.... not the best way to advertise your testimonial
  9. he has been "riding" for 10 years (buxton was included in those 10 years) must be great do be able to do a job and after 10 years get a testimonial
  10. yoda

    berwick bandits 2019

    must be true then if you have heard Edinburgh WILL run all nest season at armadale
  11. yoda

    berwick bandits 2019

    Certainly is the silly season
  12. yoda

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    independent of all tracks Jonathon chapman ?? don't make me laugh, a former promoter at Kings Lynn , father still owner ! how does that make him independent. ? there is no such thing as anyone who is independent of all tracks in the uk.
  13. what race were you watching ?? when erik fell Edinburgh were on a 3-3 so why would ruml go off 15 I spoke with his mechanic, erik didn't even know where he was (perhaps a good thing) lol he was knocked unconscious, after the meeting they went to Edinburgh a&e didn't get out till 3am.
  14. Friday 27th April Staggs Bar Monarchs v Berwick Bandits (Championship Shield) 7:30pm Children's Evening This Friday This Friday at Armadale Stadium we host our annual Children's Evening! An evening full of fun for all of the family. Staggs Bar Monarchs: 1. Ricky Wells, 2. Joel Andersson, 3. Mark Riss, 4. Max Ruml, 5. Thomas Jorgensen (guest), 6. Matt Williamson, 7. Josh Pickering. Berwick KLS Bandits: 1. Aaron Summers, 2. Kevin Doolan (captain), 3. John Lindman, 4. David Howe, 5. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, 6. Jye Etheridge, 7. Dany Gappmaier.
  15. yoda

    Edinburgh 2018

    the main reason I stopped going to Glasgow last season, why should I pay full when loads of people come in on FREE tickets ? ?

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