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  1. SharpenRake

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Don't see the Tigers winning this one. Too many rumours of changes doesn't help particularly if you are the rider (s) being targeted by fans.
  2. SharpenRake

    Belle Vue -V- Wolves (Eurosport)

    You're spoiled by the racing at Glasgow
  3. That's a pity, I'm sure you would rather have been at the speedway
  4. Buy a ticket for the live stream, that way you don't have to read biased updates from a Glasgow fan
  5. SharpenRake

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    It's really nice to read so many positive posts on here, I can understand why the sport is doing so well in East Anglia.
  6. SharpenRake

    Eastbourne v Glasgow CL 4/7/21

    old bob try this heat from Glasgow v Eastbourne, it's no bad https://fb.watch/v/1KNnJ3HcC/
  7. SharpenRake

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    He had two options, bikes remain in the yard and locked away for the rest of the day or left in the street whilst he waited for his 'friend' to arrive. He chose the street. But go ahead and believe what you like, you'll be saying next that Armadale has a Speedway Track.
  8. Spot on. After a glorious week of warm weather in Glasgow it starts to rain at Ashfield not long before tapes-up and kept on going until it was called off. Other parts of the central belt had little or no rain apparently, just our luck. Feel sorry for those that travelled up from England.
  9. Hope you have a nice break. Just in case, remember to purchase online tickets to ensure entry.
  10. So another 'fan' that thinks live speedway should be free. You can keep up to date with what's going on by visiting the speedway GB official site later on in the evening or the following morning. And you think because something might not work people won't buy it.
  11. At a time when speedway teams need every penny they can get do you not think it is morally wrong to ask for an updater when the match is being streamed for a very reasonable price.
  12. SharpenRake

    Connor Bailey

    We had hoped to have had more Brits in the team and thought about Adam Ellis but he was born in France. We wondered if Mark Loram could be persuaded to make a comeback but he was born in Malta. Meanwhile we were keen to welcome back Connor Bailey as he was not only an up and coming rider but also a decent personable young man. He was signed for last year and was on the BSPL rising star list for 2021. Unfortunately he was prevented initially from returning to the UK due to the Covid pandemic. So alls well that ends well. Welcome back Connor.
  13. Another good entertaining match on Friday. When Kennett won heat 5 followed home by Tom Brennan I thought here we go and then when Jake Knight and Brennan did the same in heat 8 for the Eagles to take a 2 point lead I thought this is going to be tougher than I even thought. In the end the result looked comfortable but it was a lot closer than the score looks helped by a sublime ride by Cook in heat 15 - see https://fb.watch/6o4VUQd9rr/
  14. Good. It was apparently a bit slick for the GP qualifier and the racing was brilliant.
  15. Mixed fortunes last night in the Premier league last night for Craig, Broc, Justin and Ricky. Hopefully they will be all a bit more race fit after these matches and haven't knackered themselves or their bikes.

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