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  1. tiger tiger

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Just out of curiosity what would you consider substantial?
  2. tiger tiger

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Utter nonsense
  3. tiger tiger

    Lakeside/Kyle Newman

    They are not entitled to a guest - only r/r as he's 4th in the averages
  4. To be fair Ben was by no means first choice - several others were unwilling or unable to take the offer. We will see how Ben does tonight - fingers crossed he has one of his better nights round the Dale
  5. tiger tiger

    Glasgow 2018

    Worrall can't sign anywhere as he's still in the Glasgow 1-7 and remains there until approval is gained
  6. tiger tiger

    Glasgow 2018

    The rule about no GP riders in what is now the Championship was certainly written in black and white recently - in the 2018 regulations however it is nowhere to be seen! The move is still subject to approval and we will wait and see what they say.
  7. The annoying thing was that if the meeting was at glasgow it would have been on - 39 miles apart but clearly differing weather patterns!
  8. Can I ask - and I'm not having a go for not going - but why do you feel the need to tell everyone you are not going? Not saying it will affect anybody else's thinking but it just adds a negative to the minds of people reading this.
  9. tiger tiger

    Redcar Half Team V Glasgow Strong Team

    Ok - we will go along with that if you keep the English refs don't do any meetings with English clubs!!
  10. tiger tiger

    Edinburgh V Glasgow Pl - 21 Oct 2016

    S Worrall for Masters, rr for Fisher and Hopwood for Bewley
  11. Not quite what I said! I said there were rumours that Stead may still ride! They may turn out to be true or utter nonsense! I didn't say that a decision was still to be taken!

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