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  1. I'm nearing the end of my Coatbridge/Glasgow research for 74-87 but I'm still missing some non-riding #8's and reserves. Teams requiring the mystery man are in red. I also require a couple of forenames for riders with whom I'm not familiar. 28/04/1974 Workington v Coatbridge & forename of K. Stevens who rode in the 2nd half 04/08/1977 Oxford v Ellesmere Port 13/08/1977 Berwick v Glasgow v Teesside v Edinburgh 17/05/1981 Rye House v Workington 10/04/1983 Mildenhall v Glasgow 09/09/1984 Mildenhall v Glasgow 28/08/1986 Middlesbrough v Mildenhall & Middlesbrough v Glasgow 28/05/1987 Forename of R. Brown who rode for Glasgow in the NJL match.
  2. daveallan81

    14/06/1986 Cradley Heath v Swindon (LC)

    That's what I was hoping to hear. The results sheet I have lists it as a 41-37 win for Cradley so I couldn't get the figures to tally with the final table. Many thanks.
  3. daveallan81

    14/06/1986 Cradley Heath v Swindon (LC)

    Thanks. What result does it give for 26th May Swindon v Cradley, again in the League Cup?
  4. Can someone confirm the result of this match for me please?
  5. Listed in the Speedway Star fixtures but no subsequent mention of the outcome. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. daveallan81

    1987 Results Queries

    I'm looking for the results of the following matches: 24/07 at Oxford: Andy's Skolars v Jan's Stars v Tatum's Terrors (3TT) 05/08 at Peterborough: Wimbledon v Eastbourne v Middlesbrough v Peterborough (NL 4TT SF 2) Score when abandoned after heat 7. If I recall they staged the outstanding final race at Milton Keynes - on what date and what was the result? 12/10 at Exeter: S W Junior Championship (IND) S W = South West or South Western? 13/10 at Poole: Poole v Ipswich v Cradley Heath v Hackney (4TT) 25/10 at Ipswich: 16 Lapper (IND) 30/10 at Peterborough: Hexagon Trophy (IND) 01/11 at Rye House: Rye House v Arena Essex v Hackney (Autumn Triangle L2) 06/11 at Hackney: Hackney v Arena Essex v Rye House (Autumn Triangle L3) 07/11 at King's Lynn: Simmo Spectacular I'm also looking for the reason each of these matches were abandoned: 03/06 Cradley Heath v Wolverhampton (BLC) 01/08 Stoke v Peterborough (NL KOC QF L2) 16/09 Cradley Heath v Oxford (BL KOC SF L1) Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone confirm the Glasgow riding order in this meeting? It's impossible to work out from the Star report and a blank programme. If you were at the match and have a marked programme, I'd also be greatful for a note of the second half results. Thanks in advance.
  8. daveallan81

    Ivan Mauger's 1969 season

    Hopefully you can access the file, a scan of the Glasgow programme https://app.box.com/s/s6bpe7s5xnwjm2bz1ukjxfpbfbj85bw5
  9. daveallan81

    Ivan Mauger's 1969 season

    I have a completed programme from the Glasgow match. Heat 9, Mauger replaced Broadbelt, broke the tapes, and Broadbelt came back in.
  10. daveallan81

    Rider I.D. Barrow 1978 D. Appleton

    I've actually got a second scan of the programme and what is written in could pass for Stansfield. Unfortunately the writing is so bad I can't be 100%. As you say Alan Stansfield was definitely around so there is a good chance it was him. Just need this D. Appleton now.
  11. daveallan81

    Rider I.D. Barrow 1978 D. Appleton

    I'm trying to confirm the names of 2 second-halfers who featured in the Barrow v Glasgow meeting, 18th April 1978. One is D. or possibly G. Appleton, the other A. Stanforth (Stansfield?). Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. daveallan81

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Mauger and Collins met at Peterborough on Friday 1st October 1976. Evidence here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ivan-mauger-peter-collins-autographed-540170401
  13. daveallan81

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Mauger rode for Hull in an Inter-League 4TT at Shielfield on 15th June 1980, scoring 6 from 4.
  14. daveallan81

    S.C.B. Track Licences

    Yes I've checked the 1978 yearbook but no dice.
  15. daveallan81

    Coatbridge 1976

    Thanks Steve. Templeton only rode in 8 meetings but I'm two rides short. I'm convinced one of them is in the KOC tie at Workington but I've run out of options for the others. Highly frustrating. I'm also one ride too many for Collins (which looks like that Ellesmere Port match where he is only afforded (exc) with no reason in the report), Richardson is two rides too many - one looks like heat 2 at Berwick, and the other I was convinced was going to be with McKeon (1 ride short) at Workington but not according to what you posted. Rourke and Gallagher resolved each other at Mildenhall. The averages in the Coatbridge programmes track all of these errors so they must be traceable.

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