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  1. daveallan81

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Yes, I'm sure they used to do demo match-races against each other.
  2. daveallan81

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    I remember Blair riding at Linlithgow and in demo races at Powderhall when he was 14 and he looked like he was going to be a real good 'un. Sorry to hear how things panned out for him.
  3. daveallan81

    Scottish Junior League

    No worries. As I said above, no contribution is too small. The 1984 details have proved hard to get so I like to take the chance to ask when I can.
  4. daveallan81

    Scottish Junior League

    Fair enough. The official scores could be wrong of course. All part of the fun tracking this stuff down though! None are listed above, but do you have any heat details from the Kenning Vikings 1984 season? There were junior matches staged on 26/04, 17/05, 14/06, 05/07 (full scale), 26/07, 09/08, 16/08, 30/08, 20/09 and 04/10 (full scale).
  5. daveallan81

    Scottish Junior League

    Thanks. I'm not so sure of the second set of results though. By all accounts Belle Vue won 10-07 and Butt was unbeaten on 6, Collier on 3 and Heyes 1. Strangely though the Teesside scorers appear correct. Any ideas?
  6. They competed in 1978 and 1982.
  7. daveallan81

    Anglia Junior League

    1979: Cradley Heath, Crayford, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Mildenhall, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Reading, Rye House, Swindon & Wimbledon. 1983: Hackney, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Leicester, Long Eaton, Mildenhall, Milton Keynes & Rye House.
  8. daveallan81

    Scottish Junior League

    I've been researching the Scottish Junior League for longer than I care to remember. The main goal was to gather the heat details for every match, meaning access to marked programmes was paramount. Consolidating the averages was the second stage of the operation. With press coverage going from the sublime to the ridiculous, some seasons (and tracks) have proved harder to nail down than others. Despite some terrific help from several sources and the constant chasing of marked programmes, I'm still short on crucial information that would allow me to publish the files with any sort of credibility (i.e. less supposition and guess work) so I'm looking for anyone who can provide S.J.L. heat details (no senior details required) from any of the following list of matches. It's a substantial list (probably best NOT to quote it when replying!) presented in CLUB order, showing date, main event, competition and junior match. Thank you in advance for any information. Even just one match could help a season fall into place. 30/05/1981 Barrow: Berwick v Exeter (NL) Berwick v Workington 19/05/1979 Belle Vue v Hackney (BL) Belle Vue v Blantyre 18/08/1979 Belle Vue v Ipswich (BL) Belle Vue v Felton 21/04/1979 Berwick v Stoke (NL) Berwick v Workington 09/06/1979 Berwick v Scunthorpe (KOC) Berwick v Blantyre 23/06/1979 Berwick v Canterbury (NL) Berwick v Sheffield 14/07/1979 Berwick v Oxford (KOC) Berwick v Felton 01/05/1982 Berwick v Middlesbrough (NL) J.R.H. Borderers v N.B.S. Brigands 15/05/1982 Berwick v Boston (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Felton 22/05/1982 Berwick v Exeter (NL) J.R.H. Borderers v Longstone 29/05/1982 Berwick v Long Eaton (KOC) N.B.S. Brigands v J.R.H. Borderers 05/06/1982 Berwick v Mildenhall (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Darvel 03/07/1982 Berwick v Milton Keynes (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Glasgow 17/07/1982 Berwick v Peterborough (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Young Edinburgh 28/08/1982 Berwick v Weymouth (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Halifax 07/05/1983 Berwick v Crayford (NL) Pot Blacks v Felton 21/05/1983 Berwick v Mildenhall (NL) Pot Blacks v Darvel 05/06/1983 Berwick v Long Eaton (KOC) Pot Blacks v Young Edinburgh 02/07/1983 Berwick v Oxford (NL) Pot Blacks v Halifax 09/07/1983 Berwick v Milton Keynes (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Felton 06/08/1983 Berwick v Exeter (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Young Edinburgh 13/08/1983 Berwick v Stoke (NL) Pot Blacks v Glasgow 11/08/1984 Berwick v Mildenhall (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Felton 18/08/1984 Berwick v Peterborough (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Darvel 25/08/1984 Berwick v Milton Keynes (NL) N.B.S. Brigands v Glasgow 29/07/1983 Edinburgh v Canterbury (NL) Edinburgh 'B' v Glasgow 30/09/1983 Edinburgh v Newcastle (SN) Young Edinburgh v Felton 24/08/1984 Edinburgh v Milton Keynes (NL) Young Edinburgh v Glasgow 29/09/1978 Glasgow v Rye House (NL) Glasgow v Teesside 29/08/1981 Glasgow: Berwick v Weymouth (NL) Berwick v Glasgow & Darvel 07/06/1980 Halifax v Wimbledon (BL) Halifax v Felton 06/07/1980 Halifax v Halifax v Berwick v Hull v Sheffield (4TT) Halifax v Berwick 19/06/1982 Halifax v Leicester (BL) Halifax v J.R.H. Borderers 13/08/1983 Halifax v Eastbourne (BL) Halifax v Young Edinburgh 09/08/1984 Middlesbrough v Milton Keynes (NL) Kenning Vikings v Darvel 16/08/1984 Middlesbrough v Peterborough (NL) Kenning Vikings v N.B.S. Brigands 30/08/1984 Middlesbrough v Weymouth (NL) Kenning Vikings v Young Edinburgh 20/09/1984 Middlesbrough v Long Eaton (CH) Kenning Vikings v Glasgow 06/07/1981 Newcastle v Workington (NL) Felton v Workington 23/07/1984 Newcastle v Sheffield (BL) Felton v Darvel 06/08/1984 Newcastle v Cradley Heath (BL) Felton v Young Edinburgh 14/06/1979 Sheffield v Halifax (CH) Sheffield v Halifax 17/08/1978 Teesside v Peterborough (NL) Teesside v Berwick 31/08/1978 Teesside v Canterbury (NL) Teesside v Belle Vue 11/05/1979 Workington v Crayford (NL) Workington v Halifax 01/06/1979 Workington v Milton Keynes (NL) Workington v Belle Vue 06/07/1979 Workington v Newcastle (NL) Workington v Berwick 03/08/1979 Workington v Canterbury (NL) Workington v Sheffield 26/06/1981 Workington v Boston (NL) Workington v Glasgow 21/08/1981 Workington: Young England v Young Scotland (JCH) Workington v Halifax 28/08/1981 Workington v Weymouth (NL) Workington v Darvel
  9. Ashfield Juniors game is off so the infield certainly is.
  10. I'm nearing the end of my Coatbridge/Glasgow research for 74-87 but I'm still missing some non-riding #8's and reserves. Teams requiring the mystery man are in red. I also require a couple of forenames for riders with whom I'm not familiar. 28/04/1974 Workington v Coatbridge & forename of K. Stevens who rode in the 2nd half 04/08/1977 Oxford v Ellesmere Port 13/08/1977 Berwick v Glasgow v Teesside v Edinburgh 17/05/1981 Rye House v Workington 10/04/1983 Mildenhall v Glasgow 09/09/1984 Mildenhall v Glasgow 28/08/1986 Middlesbrough v Mildenhall & Middlesbrough v Glasgow 28/05/1987 Forename of R. Brown who rode for Glasgow in the NJL match.
  11. daveallan81

    14/06/1986 Cradley Heath v Swindon (LC)

    That's what I was hoping to hear. The results sheet I have lists it as a 41-37 win for Cradley so I couldn't get the figures to tally with the final table. Many thanks.
  12. daveallan81

    14/06/1986 Cradley Heath v Swindon (LC)

    Thanks. What result does it give for 26th May Swindon v Cradley, again in the League Cup?
  13. Can someone confirm the result of this match for me please?
  14. Listed in the Speedway Star fixtures but no subsequent mention of the outcome. Can anyone enlighten me?
  15. daveallan81

    1987 Results Queries

    I'm looking for the results of the following matches: 24/07 at Oxford: Andy's Skolars v Jan's Stars v Tatum's Terrors (3TT) 05/08 at Peterborough: Wimbledon v Eastbourne v Middlesbrough v Peterborough (NL 4TT SF 2) Score when abandoned after heat 7. If I recall they staged the outstanding final race at Milton Keynes - on what date and what was the result? 12/10 at Exeter: S W Junior Championship (IND) S W = South West or South Western? 13/10 at Poole: Poole v Ipswich v Cradley Heath v Hackney (4TT) 25/10 at Ipswich: 16 Lapper (IND) 30/10 at Peterborough: Hexagon Trophy (IND) 01/11 at Rye House: Rye House v Arena Essex v Hackney (Autumn Triangle L2) 06/11 at Hackney: Hackney v Arena Essex v Rye House (Autumn Triangle L3) 07/11 at King's Lynn: Simmo Spectacular I'm also looking for the reason each of these matches were abandoned: 03/06 Cradley Heath v Wolverhampton (BLC) 01/08 Stoke v Peterborough (NL KOC QF L2) 16/09 Cradley Heath v Oxford (BL KOC SF L1) Thanks in advance.

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