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  1. Rider Lists

    I was sent lists but they required some work and I'm only about a third of the way through them. I think they'll do the trick once I'm finished but if they don't I'll get back to you. Thanks for the offer.
  2. 1987 Malcolm Simmons testimonial

    No worries. The programme (not mine) is marked up to some degree, do you want any of that info?
  3. 1987 Malcolm Simmons testimonial

    Bulldogs: Kelvin Tatum, Paul Thorp, Richard Knight, Neil Evitts, Malcolm Simmons, Andy Galvin and Jamie White at reserve.
  4. 1987 Malcolm Simmons testimonial

  5. Jimmy Beaton.

    This sad news concerns Jimmy Beaton Senior, father of Bobby, Jim and the late George Beaton. A true legend. RIP Jimmy.
  6. Rider Lists

    Aye I've already seen those. The year-by-year lists only run until 1972. I could extract them from the team lists but I wanted to see if anyone had ready-made lists to save me several hours of work.
  7. Rider Lists

    Does anyone have prepared season-by-season lists of riders from 1965 onwards? I don't need any other details (averages, clubs, etc) just the riders, year-by-year.
  8. Ice Speedway Meetings 2017/2018

    That was the only possible reason I could come up with but it was hard to tell from the footage. Thanks.
  9. Ice Speedway Meetings 2017/2018

    In heat 8, when the rider caught the bales on the back straight, why was the rider in red (Makarov) also excluded from the rerun?
  10. 28/06/1980 & 06/07/1980 at Halifax

    I'm trying to pin down a date for a Scottish Junior League fixture between Halifax and Berwick. By all accounts it should have been 21st June 1980 but having got the programme it was Halifax v Stoke that night. I've eliminated two other possible dates 5th & 12th July so that just leaves the 28th June Dews Superstar Trophy and 6th July Inter-League 4TT Halifax v Berwick v Hull v Sheffield. The latter is obviously a prime target. Can anyone confirm the date and, if possible, furnish me with the heat details of the junior match?
  11. Geoff or Jeff Ratcliffe or Radcliffe

    Indeed they did. However, according to the yearbook, in the return match at Barrow it was Jeff Ratcliffe who rode!
  12. Geoff or Jeff Ratcliffe or Radcliffe

    Yeh I've got him confirmed. The rider I'm looking for also 2nd halved at Ellesmere Port, in fact I have a record of them both in the one race.
  13. Can anyone confirm this riders' correct name? He rode around Northern circuits in the 80's at junior level and I've seen various combinations of his fore- and surname.
  14. 'speedway Riders - History, Results'

  15. 16th July 1981 Stoke V Canterbury

    Thank you very much.