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  1. S.C.B. Track Licences

    Yes I've checked the 1978 yearbook but no dice.
  2. Coatbridge 1976

    Thanks Steve. Templeton only rode in 8 meetings but I'm two rides short. I'm convinced one of them is in the KOC tie at Workington but I've run out of options for the others. Highly frustrating. I'm also one ride too many for Collins (which looks like that Ellesmere Port match where he is only afforded (exc) with no reason in the report), Richardson is two rides too many - one looks like heat 2 at Berwick, and the other I was convinced was going to be with McKeon (1 ride short) at Workington but not according to what you posted. Rourke and Gallagher resolved each other at Mildenhall. The averages in the Coatbridge programmes track all of these errors so they must be traceable.
  3. Coatbridge 1976

    Thanks Steve. How does the Mail report stack up against the Star results below? Also updated above queries, can you confirm rides/heats taken by Doug Templeton at Berwick? Rourke replacing Gallacher in heat 11 at Mildenhall consolidates both averages so you may need to update your season file.
  4. You think that's bad? Poland v Rest of the World at Warsaw in 1994 starring Steve Lawsonowski...
  5. S.C.B. Track Licences

    Taking speedway geekdom to a whole new level here! I'm trying to find the track licence numbers for Coatbridge and Blantyre in 1977. Ordinarily it would be published in the match programme but, like many of the tracks from that year, it isn't. Does anyone have records of such a thing?
  6. Coatbridge 1976

    I'm attempting to consolidate the Tigers' averages with those published in the Speedway Star review. Can anyone provide definitive answers to any of the following queries? I've exhausted all available online sources. All fixtures are Coatbridge aways: 17th April at Berwick - Heat 2: reason for Derek Richardson exclusion plus confirm number of rides taken by Doug Templeton 16th May at Workington - Heat 3: reason for Mick McKeon replacing Doug Templeton (tapes, 2 mins or other) 27th May at Oxford - Heat 6: reason for Mick McKeon replacing Doug Templeton (tapes, 2 mins or other) 30th May at Workington: Confirm number of rides taken by Derek Richardson and Mick McKeon 7th September at Ellesmere Port - Heat 11: reason for Brian Collins exclusion (tapes or 2 mins)
  7. Andy Buck

    He moved from Scunthorpe to Eastbourne after the Stags shut down in mid-May.
  8. If anyone can assist: 28th April at Workington: checking for Grahame Dawson tapes exclusion in heat 7. Also require Coatbridge non-riding #8. 28th August at Bradford: checking for Brian Collins tapes exclusion in either heat 6 or heat 12.
  9. 7th April 1975 Crewe V Coatbridge

    Thanks Steve. That would tie up Collins' & Heller's averages.
  10. 7th April 1975 Crewe V Coatbridge

    A shameless bump back up the order for this one. Anyone?
  11. Rider I.D. - Bradford 1975 T. Meredith

    It was Colin & Terry's relationship I was wondering about. I've found Terry riding in Wolverhampton training school matches in 1972/73 so it seems highly likely he is the rider in question. Thanks for your help.
  12. Rider I.D. - Bradford 1975 T. Meredith

    Duncan Meredith was established in the Ellesmere Port side in 1975 so I ruled him out. Terry Meredith would seem like a good bet. Was he related to Colin who was riding for Bradford at that time?
  13. Can anyone provide the forename of this rider, who I have riding in a 'Challengers Chance' race at Odsal in 1975.
  14. Rule Changes for 2018

    I wonder what happens if the rider is already off a 15m handicap. I like this one: 15.16 HANDICAP HEAT RULES (for offences shown in Art 15.3, or permitted by an SR c) as per Art. 15.15.7 only the Handicap option is available. In an Individual event that permits the use of the 15-metre “Handicap” option for a Starting Offence (Art 15.3, then the ruling allows for multiple use, providing gate (d) is used, then gate (e) for any subsequent offending riders. Yeh, start 'em on the dog track...
  15. I'm looking to confirm if Glasgow used R/R for Bobby Beaton at #3 with Colin Caffrey at #8 or if Caffrey replaced Beaton at #3. There's no obvious reason why R/R would not have been in operation but Caffrey took all 4 rides and Lawson & McKinna only took additional rides as tactical substitutes, so it warrants checking. I also require the 2nd half details if anyone has them.