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  1. daveallan81

    One Club Servants

    Martin McKinna, Glasgow 1982 - 1991.
  2. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    So I couldn't change "Premier League" to "National League" because there would be one character too many? Or is there room for manoeuvre somewhere?
  3. The information I'm really after pre-dates the Speedway Surveys yearbooks,. In most cases it's heat details I want and the yearbooks didn't publish them. Having had a look at what I've got earlier, it's really ony the 1982 Anglia & Central, the 1984 Scottish and the 1985 Anglia junior leagues I'm missing basic results for.
  4. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Thanks for that. Tell me more about editing the league names...just tried to edit the exe. using notepad and killed the thing completely
  5. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    I worked out how to change the team names years ago but never bothered tinkering with the riders list. How does the game generate new riders? Does it simply take a combination of first and last names from the rider list and produce a hybrid - Broc Crump for example? Or does it have another way of doing it?
  6. As far as 1987 is concerned, ten National League clubs are represented on Researcher. Only one, Glasgow/Workington, carries any junior details. Only five clubs have files for 1986, again only the Glasgow file carries any junior details. Good luck to anyone hunting down any junior results, I have files I've been working on for ten years plus that I'm still trying to locate results and heat details for.
  7. The Central section began with 6 teams - Boston, Long Eaton, Mildenhall, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Stoke. Boston withdrew from the league in August having raced 6 of their scheduled 10 matches. Matches were over 7 heats. I can't confim any dates but matches tended to be staged following the corresponding senior league fixture, the dates of which are in brackets: (31/05) Boston 19 - 23 Long Eaton (19/07) Boston 13 - 29 Mildenhall (25/05) Boston 24 - 18 Peterborough (21/06) Boston 19 - 22 Stoke (15/07) Long Eaton 23 - 19 Boston (16/09) Long Eaton 17 - 25 Mildenhall (08/07) Long Eaton 26 - 16 Milton Keynes (27/05) Long Eaton 23 - 19 Peterborough, (01/07) Long Eaton 22 - 19 Stoke (05/07) Mildenhall 35 - 07 Boston (20/09) Mildenhall 29 - 13 Long Eaton (18/10) Mildenhall 19 - 23 Milton Keynes (02/08) Mildenhall 28 - 14 Peterborough (20/05) Mildenhall 26 - 16 Stoke (07/07) Milton Keynes 22 - 20 Long Eaton (30/06) Milton Keynes 15 - 24 Mildenhall (06/10) Milton Keynes 30 -12 Peterborough (11/08) Milton Keynes 29 -12 Stoke (22/05) Peterborough 21 - 21 Long Eaton (28/08) Peterborough 15 - 21 Mildenhall (17/04) Peterborough 21 - 21 Milton Keynes (11/09) Peterborough 32 - 09 Stoke (22/08) Stoke 20 - 22 Long Eaton (04/07) Stoke 22 - 19 Mildenhall (10/10) Stoke 18 - 24 Milton Keynes (24/10) Stoke 28 - 13 Peterborough
  8. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    It was suggested to me a long time ago that I'd actually played the programme way beyond it's limit. Hence glitches should be expected. They still happen on completely new games so I'm not so sure that's the reason but hey-ho
  9. A wee update on this one. The 19th July 1985 Edinburgh v Berwick programme carries a match report from the 5th July match and mentions "Heavy rain in second half which was cancelled after two races." It doesn't mention the AJL fixture but it's clear that the match either didn't take place or achieve a result. Regarding the after 25th September notion, further investigation seems to have proved me wrong with this one. 20th September Peterborough v Berwick programme appears to include a visit of Mildenhall in the AJL in the second half. It is billed as Event 5 Peterborough v ????? (Anglia Junior League) but the away riders are all Mildenhall juniors.
  10. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Can't believe after all the times I played the game I couldn't remember to do that. Now fully up and running, same old 'glitches' still happening for example: Over-strength teams - you can't do it but the AI can Ghost 4-2's - usual scenario one home rider excluded, the other placed third, your riders second and last, 4-2 to home team. An opponent's rider only taking one ride. Your injured rider being forced to take a second ride leaving you with just one rider in one heat, usually the last one. Interested to know if anyone else experiences these or other 'glitches' and whether any of you PC whizz kids could sort them out?
  11. daveallan81

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    I've got everything running but I can't seem to sign any riders. I can see the transfer lists, and open each rider for history but that's all. Any ideas?
  12. daveallan81

    19th May 1979 Belle Vue v Hackney

    A real long shot... Belle Vue Colts met Glasgow in a Scottish Junior League match in the second half. I'm looking for the heat details, I won't bore you with the full query, if you can provide the details please do.
  13. Good afternoon Dave.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your recent help with obtaining details for the Anglia junior league.

    I'm almost complete now with my Peterborough results and match details.

    The ones i am missing are: 1982 Away to Ipswich and Long Eaton. 1985 Away to Stoke, possibly two separate meetings.

    the other question marks concern  1983 when Peterborough took over from Coventry in the central junior league, midway through the season. I know that Peterborough completed 12 fixtures, 6 home and away. i have the heat details for all their fixtures, but no dates for the away fixtures at Birmingham, Stoke and Swindon.

    If you are able to contribute to any of these then i would be very grateful.






  14. I have Mildenhall winning this fixture by 14-10 - can you confirm 10-14 is correct?
  15. If you have the full 2nd half details from that 26/07/1985 v Glasgow match I'd very much like to have them. 7th June v Mildenhall (NL) was rained off. Restaged 14th June which only lasted until heat 4 before weather intervened. I'd like to know if the A.J.L. match was rearranged but again rained off. 5th July went ahead v Edinburgh. however the A.J.L. match may not have been staged because... ...BSF member Nodlew produced a sheet of 1985 AJL dates & results which, when using all currently available info, indicate that the second Peterborough v Mildenhall match took place after 25th September. Speedboy, without wishing to hijack the thread, I wonder if you could post what you have for Mildenhall (home & away) as far as dates & scores go. I'd like to grab this chance to try and advance Nodlew's worksheet.

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