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  1. daveallan81

    1991 Results Queries

    Can someone confirm these 4 results - I'm anticipating two of them to be incorrect: 09/08/1991 Peterborough 52 Milton Keynes 38 27/08/1991 Milton Keynes 51 Peterborough 39 31/08/1991 Arena Essex 62 Peterborough 28 04/10/1991 Peterborough 47 Arena Essex 43 And I need to cinfirm these final for/against race points totals for the Gold Cup South group: Arena Essex 441 - 454 Exeter 488 - 405 Hackney 416 - 477 Milton Keynes 445 - 455 Peterborough 488 - 406 Rye House 409 - 490
  2. daveallan81

    2002 Results Queries

    Can anyone confirm these For & Against points totals for the 2002 Conference Trophy: Buxton 497 - 399 Carmarthen 477 - 423 Mildenhall 525 - 375 Swindon 438 - 464 Wimbledon 410 - 483 Wolverhampton 345 - 548 I also require confirmation of these three fixtures, one abandoned and two postponed: 06/09/2002 Newport v Peterborough (Conference League) - Postponed 05/10/2002 King's Lynn Best Pairs - Abandoned (at what heat and reason if possible) 13/10/2002 Belle Vue v Wolverhampton (Craven Shield) - Postponed
  3. daveallan81

    London White City 1982

    Many thanks.
  4. daveallan81

    London White City 1982

    A couple of queries if anyone can help: 15th August World Team Cup Final - Victor Ludorum heat details 5th September Embassy British Open - meeting reserves
  5. daveallan81

    Anglia Junior League

    Unfortunately, no. I haven't done much work on the AJL so all I have are the basic results from the yearbooks and Speedway Star. 1982 is incomplete and I have nothing from the final season, 1985. If you PM your email address I'll happily pass on what I have.
  6. daveallan81

    1985 Junior Results Barrow/Birmingham

  7. Can anyone provide me with the outcome of the following junior challenge matches from 1985. none of which feature in the yearbook. 6th August Barrow v Birmingham 20th August Barrow v King's Lynn 5th September Sheffield v Wolverhampton v Cradley Heath v Halifax 27th September Birmingham Wheels Junior Championship
  8. daveallan81

    2011 Fixtures

    Thanks Arnie. Buxton had a U.S.A. Style Speedway event postponed on 9th October so you're recalling well. The Poole ghost fixture is listed here http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/may11 but doesn't feature in their results & scorers here http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.11043
  9. daveallan81

    2011 Fixtures

    I'm looking for information on a couple of fixtures: 11th May at Poole - shown on SGB site as Poole v Reserved and a result of 50-37. Who were the opponents? 16th October at Leicester - Junior Open Championship - was it run and if so who was the winner?
  10. daveallan81

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Sorry, can't help with these - my Speedway Stars stop at the end of 1984. I'm sure someone else will be able to give you the information you need.
  11. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

  12. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    Do you recall the source of that result? Star, programme, etc?
  13. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

  14. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    My results list records this result as 39-53. The SGB website records the same result and the final CL table appears to incorporate it. However the 2008 Yearbook records the result as 39-54 and the league table appears to concur. The Stoke scorers are recorded as follows: Branney 13, Dore 10, Evans 8, Isherwood 7, Legg 7, Priest 6 & Kendrew 3, = 54. Can anyone confirm the match result?
  15. daveallan81

    1983 junior league.

    No problem. Note that the Halifax v Birmingham match, shown as 9-9, should read 9-8.

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