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  1. Confirmed taking place Monday at Belle Vue instead
  2. Haha, like Putin would care about that whatsoever.
  3. You wont be able to record it using sky. The only way you could record it, is by streaming it and then recording your device using some other software.
  4. Shooting themselves in the foot then though, i cant see how it would even bother Lambert or Woffinden.
  5. They did say the top placed rider not already in it, personally would rather Gilkes be in it than Crump but hey ho
  6. Michelsen 100 more vaculik 100 less
  7. Haha, representing himself more like.
  8. Woffinden 100 more Zagar 50 less Iversen 50 more
  9. No, im sorry but its a bit of a mockery that Crump is in it, i would have complained years ago too. Its the British final, i dont get why its so hard to understand? Call it the British open and I would be fine with it, but he is Australian, chooses to represent Australia, and therefore should not be in it. Hes taking a space of one of the youngsters that could do with the experience to be honest, some of the lads who are in the British U19 Final would have jumped at the chance to be in this.
  10. Will be streamed online, £12.95 seems a bit steep to me?
  11. Doyle 100 more laguta 100 less
  12. Zmarzlik 100 less fricke £100 more
  13. Michelsen £100 more Vaculik £50 less
  14. Lindgren £100 more Fricke £25 more
  15. therefused

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Not gonna lie i too think its a lot of money, I think £12 sounds like a fairer price.
  16. If you are unable to wear one i would just tell them, im sure they would be ok as long as the majority are wearing them.
  17. No idea to be honest, details can be found here http://www.kingslynn-speedway.com/news.php?extend.31005
  18. Round at kings lynn bank holiday sunday.
  19. therefused

    Poole Pirates 2020

    If people actually believe there will be speedway at Poole again then they are delusional, its over.
  20. therefused

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It is sad to see any club go, but I think I just have to look back and see the reaction of a select few poole fans when Coventry closed down and I have to admit I don’t feel at all sorry for them.
  21. therefused

    gp challenge 2020

    Nah, they will just pick Chris Harris.
  22. Would have done, but already re arranged another holiday to this weekend unfortunately.
  23. Yep i saw this this morning too. I put in my sort code and bank account number, so who knows! Like you say, not overly confident of receiving any money back at this point...

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