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  1. Great heat 15. All riders going for it. Top stuff. Falubaz in trouble though now.
  2. Can't replace a Junior unless it's with the other.
  3. Ratacjak is some prospect. So smooth on that bike.
  4. I appreciate that but unless you think he can actually win you lose half your stake. Hence my example.
  5. Trouble with that bet unless you think he can actually win it is, that you're looking for 3rd place. If you back EW 18/1 it's just 7/4 for 3rd place. £10ew = £20 bet and it returns £55. He was good today though.
  6. Lindgren is never great at Wroclaw. Wouldn't be backing him at fancy prices next weekend. He has had a poor season though in the league.
  7. What a race between Madsen and Woffinden. Brilliant stuff.
  8. Good morning, on behalf of Wrocławskie Towarzystwo Sportowe SA, we would like to inform you that you bought a ticket for 2020 Betard Wrocław FIM Speedway Grand The Polish Prix, which was originally supposed to take place on August 1, 2020. IN In July 2020, the date of the event was changed to July 31, 2021. All of them persons who have not decided to return or exchange the ticket for one of the last year's rounds or for the event on July 30, 2021 (tickets for PLN 1), have valid tickets for the Saturday round of this year's edition of Wrocław Speedway Grand Prix (31 lipca 2021). Due to the current epidemiological situation and applicable law please voluntarily declare who of you is vaccinated on COVID-19. Due to the fact that many people are buying tickets for league matches has already made such declarations, currently there is no fear that due to the lack of vaccination you will not be able to take part in 2021 Betard Wrocław FIM Speedway Grand Prix Polish Round 4. Nevertheless, we encourage you to making such a voluntary declaration, because it will allow more the number of people watching this event live. Due to numerous inquiries, we made it possible for you to change your data to tickets purchased for the Saturday party. To do this you must do so two things: - first, the person issuing the ticket must write an authorization for the new one ticket holder, which will contain the data of persons - name, surname, PESEL number, etc. This authorization will be required by the person accepting the ticket have at the entrance to the stadium, - secondly, on the website wts.pl/sgp2021-bilety, complete the form, in which the required data of the examining person and the receiving person should be provided ticket. Failure to do both may result in not letting you go stadium. The change of data is irreversible, the change of data can be made only once. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we currently do not offer refunds. Greetings WTS Sparta Wrocław
  9. If you know anyone in Poland. You can gift them to someone. I have done this. There is an online form to fill in. I got an email this morning from Wroclaw.
  10. Buy Madsen 14 £50 Buy Fricke 7 £50 Cheers
  11. Thought it was decent but gate advantage is a bit much. Charlie is miles better than she was. Pits reporters have to ask stupid questions though???
  12. She was the UK presenter until end of last season.
  13. Good races aren't they when Zmarzlik's behind.
  14. Great ride from Janowski. Zmarzlik won't take 3rd place in Ht4 lying down.
  15. https://vk.com/speedwayrussian?z=video452077671_456239028%2Fcae2010f5bd431afbb%2Fpl_wall_-53550004
  16. Bjerre was unlucky to be excluded in Heat 3 but scoring just 1 point has cost Grudziadz the match without doubt. They are relegated for sure.
  17. Found out on Twitter No 8 can have 5 rides and a Tactical making 6 rides as you say.
  18. He does, but thought he could take 7 rides, but maybe not.
  19. Anyone know why Torun not replacing Holder with Lambert. Surely that's what the No8 is for?
  20. He was least to blame IMO. Think it was a racing incident and could have gone all 4 back. Just hope no long term damage.
  21. Nicki was whiplashed into the fence. Be amazed if he rides again tonight.
  22. https://vk.com/speedwayrussian?z=video246397852_456239955%2F18e5471965a0080afd%2Fpl_wall_-53550004

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