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  1. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    is this the 1st and only time there is no speedway at Berwick on easter Saturday night can any body tell me please
  2. think its time to get the cash out Glasgow mmmmmmmm very nice
  3. well Berwick fans get behind the ladsand sort out flash the cash tigers with a easy win mmmmmmmmmmm very nice
  4. hope they don't flash the cash mmmmmmmmmmmlollol
  5. hope we get all the heats this time around mmmmmmmm
  6. good lad col right again mmmmmm lollol
  7. nowt to do with you mmmmmmm lollol
  8. hope we get 15 heats this time around mmmmmmmm
  9. lets get behind the lads bandits fans
  10. away double for bandits
  11. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    well a fine double over Newcastle easy now to sort out flash the cash tigers get behind the lads for another double mmmmmmmmmm
  12. well donelads another easy win on a cold night
  13. mmmmmmmmm don't think so

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