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  1. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    agreat friend sorry to hear the news
  2. bjcol

    bandits 2020

    thank you
  3. bjcol

    bandits 2020

    thanks very much not nice as always
  4. bjcol

    bandits 2020

    better get your facts right
  5. bjcol

    bandits 2020

    very nice mmmmmmmm lots don't like my comment
  6. bjcol

    bandits 2020

    yes well saves you doing it mmmmmmm
  7. thing s need to be done now to save next season
  8. need spud to there fit if not should use areplacement
  9. gets realy bad when fans are no longer be hind the lads something must be done a win the night would go long way to this mmmmmmm
  10. I must agree with this
  11. have to get behind the lads Berwick fans mmmmmm
  12. I agree but not in some fans eyes mmmmmm
  13. think this warm weather has got to you take a drink of cold water to cool you down mmmmmmm
  14. with Berwick the top team in Scotland there should no problem
  15. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    so wot new fans arefleeced every at Berwick at £17 mmmmmm

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