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  1. how can you comment you have never been for 5 years mmmmmmmmm
  2. great to be back to see the lads mmmmmmmmmmmtasty
  3. be there to watch the fans who get in for nowt mmmmmmmmm
  4. well you will not no as your not going again mmmmmmmm
  5. and penchev as well lol lol lol mmmmmmmmmm
  6. hope to see you there on Saturday night for the first time in 4 seasons mmmmmmmmmm
  7. right Berwick fans lets get behind the lads a cheer them to a big win mmmmmmmmm
  8. reel them in and wind them up easy done mmmmmmm lollollol
  9. mmmmmm very nice should be banned lollollol
  10. still people get in for nowt this must stop now before it is to late due to the lack of funds mmmmmmmmmm
  11. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    lets get behind the lads mmmmmm

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