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  1. Just a small amount of buffering near the end of the match where l was, but missed nothing important. Agree results, or graphics, would be appreciated by folk not so familiar with the riders. George Rothery and Kieran Douglas the two who exceeded expectation and impressed most, l thought. Useful league point for Berwick.
  2. crescent girl

    BERWICK v ARMADALE (May 1st, 7pm) NDL

    Working fine now! Roll up, roll up........
  3. crescent girl

    BERWICK v ARMADALE (May 1st, 7pm) NDL

    £6.99 is a good "early bird" deal for the first official speedway match in the UK for 18 months. Weather forecast for Saturday looks good, the teams are competitive and l would suspect there will be a healthy crop of interested neutrals logging on in addition to fans of both clubs.
  4. crescent girl

    BERWICK v ARMADALE (May 1st, 7pm) NDL

    With regard to the last remark above, I should clarify that I have no specific knowledge on live streaming of either match. I have been presuming there would be streams, but...................
  5. At last! An official speedway match to preview: Bullets: 1. Leon Flint (captain), 2. Ryan Macdonald, 3. Greg Blair, 4. Ben Rathbone, 5. Kyle Bickley, 6. Kieran Douglas, 7. Mason Watson. Stellar Devils: 1. Nathan Greaves (captain, 2. Sheldon Davies, 3. Tom Woolley, 4. Lewis Millar, 5. Danny Phillips, 6. George Rothery, 7. Gregor Millar. There will be a great many 'maybes' about this, and other early-season NDL matches, but we have to be happy that the season is actually going to be up and running. The teams will clash again in West Lothian on Friday 7th. Both meetings are behind closed doors because of soon-to-be-eased Covid restrictions, but will be live-streamed by the respective clubs.
  6. crescent girl

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    It is most certainly being streamed, right around the planet. As to a programme, l don't know about that, l'm afraid. Fuller details to follow, you can be sure...
  7. crescent girl

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Seven days to go!
  8. crescent girl

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Does it matter? The Bullets' 1-7 has been approved, so his (and the other six riders') averages will accumulate to less than the infamous 35 points.
  9. I sincerely hope not. The NHS meeting is certainly a worthwhile exercise, but for speedway the BenFund is ultra-important. Just ask Ricky Ashworth, Garry Stead or Neil Hewitt, among so many, many others.......
  10. crescent girl

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Two weeks tonight!
  11. crescent girl

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Berwick is a football/speedway stadium
  12. crescent girl

    Isle of Wight 'Wightlink Warriors' Historic Footage

    Will there be French subtitles?
  13. crescent girl

    Redcar 2020

    And what's your point? That they shouldn't be allowed to pay their way and have a good skid?
  14. crescent girl

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Expect some wildly differing levels of co-operation from the various councils, counties, cities, even countries.......
  15. crescent girl

    Edinburgh 2021

    Very interesting and encouraging announcement today about Monarchs' plans for an Academy conduit -- leading from tiny toddlers' bikes right up to the Championship team.

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