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  1. Comets should realise that Plymouth rocked up at Armadale this year, had to get Mason Watson to ride at #1 - - and won!
  2. Vissing will be missing. As they are already using r/r, Comets will require a guest...
  3. While dipping a toe into a Poole thread is risky, given that some of the worst of forum fannies lurk therein (no names, no pack drill) I bear news. Redcar will have Jordan Jenkins back, doing his best Connor Bailey impersonation. Also, Poole are listing their regular team (including Tom Brennan, Tobias Thomsen and Vinnie Foord) for Friday.
  4. crescent girl

    Speedway of Nations 2024

    All these free links can't be helping WB/discovery+ income stream? Unlike BSN, they don't seem to make much effort to block 'em?
  5. Weather looking good enough, dry and little wind. Worky promotion putting on the style with fairground attractions. The line-up has an interesting look about it, and to watch Dan Bewley and Jan Kvech setting about the local heroes such as Cookie will make the trip more than worthwhile.
  6. crescent girl

    Workington 2024

    Might be better if they came on Sunday......... But yes, a vital need for funding in the sport, assisting fallen riders.
  7. crescent girl

    SON Weather

    The organisers are in parts Warner Brothers and the FIM. What's their history?
  8. Mike Hunter's media briefing on Sunday's event.... Young Czech Jan Kvech has made a major impression both in the Grand Prix series and his outings in the UK for King's Lynn, and the organisers of the Ben Fund Bonanza are very happy to have secured his participation in the restaging of the event at Workington on 14th July. SRBF Chairman Paul Ackroyd comments "I went to Birmingham last week to check whether Freddie Lindgren was still available for the restaging, but unfortunately he can't do it. However Jan Kvech quickly offered to take up the position! I've seen his early meetings in the UK at King's Lynn and Birmingham and also last weekend's Grand Prix where he did well. I've been impressed each time. He's a lovely lad to talk to also." There's more good news because two further top class performers have joined the field, namely Charles Wright and Adam Ellis, both former British Champions (bringing the number of ex-British Champions to four!) We thank Charles and Adam for coming in at short notice. Craig Cook and Danny King of course are also former double Bonanza winners, with Ben Barker also a Bonanza Champion. Ackroyd commented "We are very happy with the field we have, including two flamboyant members of Team USA as well, I'm sure there will be plenty of eyes on them." A sad reminder of the importance of the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund arrived on Monday night with the injuries sustained by Tate Zische at Belle Vue. The young Aussie has taken the UK by storm this year and had also agreed to ride in the Bonanza prior to his accident. Everyone associated with the SRBF sends him every good wish for a speedy recovery.
  9. crescent girl

    5.7.2024 - Scunthorpe vs Glasgow

    Slater Lightcap is in UK, will be at SoN meetings for USAand hopes to get a call for Benfund next Sunday....
  10. crescent girl

    Redcar 2024

    And the Pairs!
  11. crescent girl

    Workington 2024

  12. crescent girl

    5.7.2024 - Scunthorpe vs Glasgow

    When will Tigers reach the 75% point, after which they can't make changes?
  13. crescent girl

    Workington 2024

    The lad you should be looking is Alex Martin, the other Yank in the BenFund meeting. Much younger, huge potential...
  14. crescent girl

    My Top 20 Riders

    Where's Nico Covatti?
  15. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Aw c'mon, you surely went to Derwent Park?

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