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  1. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    He may have to wait out the 28 days granted for the facility. Which only started last night (the first effective meeting) after so many rain-offs.
  2. Richard Lawson booked in to cover for Lewi Kerr.
  3. crescent girl

    Berwick 2024

    No 1 race-jacket at Berwick, over the years, has been a poisoned chalice....
  4. Eeeek! Duly edited. Apologies to Sedgy
  5. Following two popular home wins (and one away victory) Berwick's Jewson Bandits have made the best-possible start to their season, and will be optimistic that news of their early-season successes will help bring even more local spectators along this Saturday -- although their first two attendances have looked to be more than just OK. Things are looking up! Edinburgh are in town again, bringing their own supporters of course -- the Monarchs are now the closest club to Shielfield -- and, having squeezed a last heat victory out of their last visit, may be in an optimistic frame of mind. Probable teams (not officially confirmed): Jewson Bandits: 1 Lewi Kerr, 2 Danyon Hume, 3 Jye Etheridge, 4 Drew Kemp, 5 Rory Schlein (capt), 6 Freddy Hodder, 7 Bastian Borke Stellar Omada Monarchs: 1 Josh Pickering, 2 Lasse Fredriksen, 3 KyeThomson, 4 Paco Castanga (capt), 5 Justin Sedgmen, 6 Connor Coles, 7 Max James Usual details -- tapes up at 7pm, 10% discount if you buy tickets online before midnight on Friday, cash only at turnstiles on Saturday. Tickets from: www.berwickspeedway.com/tickets
  6. The difference this time is that it was a reserve rider who returned the non-negative result. Last year (and the year before, when Ben Barker was snagged) it was riders in their team proper who had their licences temporarily suspended (rightly and properly, rules is rules) on the night, in which case the programmed races could be covered by the team's reserves. Eliminating the problem of a three-rider race, which seems to be the main factor in getting people's knickers twisted. So, if it happens again -- and it will, sure as God made little apples -- if it's a rider in the team's 1-5, no problem, no 3-man races. If it's a reserve, Heat 2 has to go with three riders -- hardly "cheating the public" and certainly a fair price to pay to keep the sport free of banned substances, no?
  7. Looks like it'll be dry, maybe sunny, but breezy! Wrap up well, folks!
  8. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    First meeting
  9. crescent girl

    Berwick VS Workington - Border Trophy - 30/03

    Website is pretty up to date, and the link to Bandits TV is there, on the drop-down menu?
  10. crescent girl

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    But you also thought Cookie was a good captain, didn't you?
  11. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Well, l disagree, but that's what a forum's for.....
  12. The advantage of buying online, in addition to a discount at some tracks, is that your refund goes straight back to you automatically. No queueing, no fiddling with tickets, no riots.....
  13. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Everybody's got a great plan, a superb solution. Until they get punched in the nose. What happens when you have two six-man teams, each using r/r, and there's a four-man pile-up in Heats 1 or 2?
  14. crescent girl

    Berwick VS Workington - Border Trophy - 30/03

    It surely is! Bandits TV (see club website) from 6.50pm....
  15. crescent girl

    Berwick VS Workington - Border Trophy - 30/03

    With their match at Scunthorpe rained off, the Border Trophy leg at Shielfield will be a debut night in British team racing for Workington's three newbies.... Adding interest to what was already an intriguing encounter.... Tapes up 7pm. Free parking.

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