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  1. Really looking forward to watching the young lads.
  2. My expectations were not high, but I'll take that. Well done!
  3. Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    Fair point, well made.
  4. Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    I agree but I don’t think it’s that simple when Nico is in the team. Both Nico and Cam generally struggle out of the gate and if they both miss it then they both head to the fence and want to ride the same line.
  5. Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    I have a black tie dinner in London, so also hoping that Sue finds someone as I will also be relying on the updates.
  6. Losing King and Schlein for 9 out 10 heats over the two legs just proved too much of a hurdle in the end.
  7. Just about in the realm of the possible.
  8. I didn't think that 10 points would be enough, but again great credit to the reserves. Newman and Campton also played their part. Great result.
  9. Is it a slow meeting or did it not start at the advertised time?
  10. It's a shame that we lost Covatti and Hume as I think that the original declared line up would have taken a lot of stopping.
  11. So, basically naff all from r/r and the guest and we still end within four points. Great credit to the 'Witches' particularly Mountain and Greaves.
  12. It's a shame we can't tempt you back.
  13. I agree. The amount of whinging on a number of threads is really starting to get on my nerves. On the Updates thread tonight, there seems to be a series of posts about people no longer attending speedway at Foxhall for various reasons. It seems to me that some individuals as is their prerogative have decided to no longer attend but as a general principle I would say that the average crowd this season is appreciably better than last. Personally, I appreciate the fact that I still have a speedway team I can watch and support and will continue to hand my money over as long as either it or I are still around. Anyway, back to tonight's meeting. Another solid performance and another great guest in Lewis Kerr. Not the best of meetings with a number of heats pretty strung out.
  14. Ipswich 2017

    I think Kevin is very good, he always manages to make me chuckle.