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  1. steve roberts

    Tomasz Gollob

    Sad news indeed. A great rider who has left so many great memories. Sincerely hope that he gets better soon.
  2. steve roberts

    Model Kit Jawa Speedway Bike

    I've just sent you a PM thanks! Regards, Steve
  3. steve roberts

    Model Kit Jawa Speedway Bike

    My brother painted his model with union jack mudguards...I painted mine with a metalic finish!
  4. Does anyone have the kit model of a Jawa Speedway Bike (Italian product if I recall?) that they would be willing to sell? Preferably one that hasn't been completed or unused.
  5. steve roberts

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Something that Martin Rogers commented upon in the latest edition of 'Backtrack'. As regards articles telling us about the struggle to get "dialled in" or "set ups" it used to tire me when watching 'live' speedway on SKY when interviews were often based upon same. I no longer subscibe to 'The Star' but I did purchase the Ivan Mauger tribute editions and they were superb!
  6. Interesting article written by journalist, ex-promoter and regular Backtrack columist Martin Rogers. Spoke a lot of sense and although I never totally agreed with some of his tantrums (Oxford winning at King's Lynn in 1984 for example) how speedway could do with the likes of him now.
  7. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    ...best place for it!
  8. ...and mine! Interesting interview with ex-Cheetah Colin Ackroyd. Showed good potential and another who came thru' the Eastbourne Academy but found breaking into ' The Eagles' side difficult to say the least. Arlington's second halves had loads of good prospects and it was a natural way for youngsters to ply their trade competing against first team members. Always amuses me when people condemn the old second halves but how are riders able to develop without the valuable experience as was the want under the old system?
  9. steve roberts

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Fantastic image! Far better than bland kevlars!
  10. steve roberts

    WSRA Gala Dinner & Awards, 17.11.18

    Blimey there's lots of riders there I don't recognise...years have caught up with them. Picked out my Uncle Keith Lawson with Mike Patrick however!
  11. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    Superb post! Remember reading that George Hunter, when based in the midlands, would drive his lorry to Immingham Docks (Yorkshire) and drive back home to pick up his bike and then drive upto Edinburgh to ride that same night when he was a member of the 'Monarchs' during the latter part of his career.
  12. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    ...and dare I say a return of second halves (respected Businessman, ex-Promoter and National Team Manager James Easter has been quoted as saying same) . I recall Phil Crump saying during the twilight of his career that he was seriously thinking about finishing riding in the UK due to the demise of the old second halves (1984) because of potential lost earnings. However, as we all know, speedway has declined massively since those days and the number of people now attending wouldn't make it financially viable. Of course back then there were numerous open meeting and regional competitions but supporters gradually showed dis-interest in such events and therefore can't really complain about the apparent irregularities within today's market.
  13. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    Nothing new really. There was the Allied Presentations consortium back during the late sixties early seventies although each member did appear to run a track independantly. However I do recall Reg Fearman having 'thumbs' at different tracks. Tony Mole was another who bought up stadiums/promotions duting the nineties
  14. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    Assessed averages have always proved problematical and have been open to all sorts of abuse and manipulation down the years. You raise a very good observation however.
  15. steve roberts

    AGM November 2018

    That's the trouble with point limits...it's more about whose average fits rather than ability and it tends to squeeze out riders and to juggle the maths to come up with a team that fits within whatever the limit is set.

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