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  1. steve roberts

    Speedway's future IMO

    ...and it was a good system back then in my view. Certainly helped bring on British talent.
  2. steve roberts

    Speedway's future IMO

    ...or Gordon Kennett, Malcolm Ballard, Mike Sampson, John Davis and a host of others during the Oxford/White City and Eastbourne'Peterborough tie up.
  3. steve roberts

    Speedway's future IMO

    It was a rare occasion when Ole Olsen used to put in an appearance at Cowley.
  4. steve roberts

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    Must admit that I've never come across his name before.
  5. steve roberts

    New Cross track

    "Homes of British Speedway" quotes 262 yards (1934-53) & 278 yards ((1959-63).
  6. steve roberts

    TV new deal?

    When there was a live meeting televised at Cowley my mate preferred to watch from home although the track was only half a mile away.
  7. steve roberts

    TV new deal?

    I've always advocated same.
  8. steve roberts

    Ted Hubbard RIP

    Very sad news...saw Ted ride many times and I recall the time that he rode for "The Rebels" as a guest in 1972 and caused Ray Wilson to fall during the second half escaping exclusion and ultimately giving the final to Garry Middleton...much to the annoyance of one 'Soldier Boy'! May he RIP.
  9. steve roberts

    Split Waterman RIP

    Plus the fact that the media continually highlights the problem which in my opinion worsens the situation.
  10. Still offers good value in my view...I shall continue to support both "Retro" magazines.
  11. steve roberts

    Canterbury Crusaders

    ...and, of course, track conditions have changed and vary from track to track (although that was always and still is the case I would hazzard to guess?) I recall talking to Peter Collins on the third bend at Cowley (after he had retired) supporting his son Chris and I asked him how much speedway had changed? His view was that the bikes had become too fast and that tracks in Britain hadn't changed to reflect that. Obviously Polish tracks being naturally wide and spacious riders are better able to adapt but within the confines of many British tracks for varying reasons that concept is more difficult.
  12. steve roberts

    Canterbury Crusaders

    Some of those tracks you listed Sid produced some good racing as they would, of course, today if still operative and vice versa. The Boulevard at Hull was a very narrow track and I'm sure the standard of racing would be similar at that venue today if still operating due to the restrictions and lack of racing lines. I've never been one to suggest that the racing was better or worse depending on the era under discussion...more to do with the standard of tracks and restrictions imposed for whatever reason.
  13. steve roberts

    Canterbury Crusaders

    I visited Crayford the once Sid (to see Hasse Holmqvist one last time!!) and the meeting shouldn't have really taken place as it was pouring with rain. However the racing was pretty poor (understandably) but I have seen video footage and I wasn't impressed with the very tight bends catching many out. However I saw lots of speedway at Groveway and generally the racing was pretty good...helped by the fact that 'The Cheetahs' oftened produced a win there!
  14. steve roberts

    Canterbury Crusaders

    I've always believed that the standard of speedway reflected the relevent track. There were so many tracks back before and during "The Golden Age" and some were very questionable in shape and size. Just to quote one example Somerton Park, Newport (although there were many others during that period I could mention) It rarely produced good racing (although I'm prepared to be corrected) but I would dare to suggest that if it still existed as a a raceway the same would apply today despite the 'advancement' of bikes etc. I travelled around the UK and abroad and the racing was variable but that was very much down to the track in my opinion whereby some offered better fare than others.
  15. Yes I read it when I received my copy...interesting to say the least!

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