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  1. steve roberts

    Backtrack & Classic Magazines

    Having just received my latest edition of "Backtrack" I read with dismay that the next editions of both magazines may well be the last as the present team of Tony and Susie wish to move on. I sincerely hope that someone else picks up the mantel because I thoroughly enjoy reading both magazines and not having either to read will create a massive void in my retrospective insight into speedway's last "Golden Era". May I wish both Tony and Susie very best wishes and thank you most sincerely for producing two great magazines which I will cherish and continue to read the back numbers in an attempt to re-fresh diming memories.
  2. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    ...Paul Merton was of the same opinion on tonight's episode of "Have I Got News For You!"
  3. steve roberts

    Favourite Memorabilia

    My White City progamme board!
  4. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Having to "bodge" bodge jobs...can't believe the standard of workmanship of the previous owner of the house that I've just moved to! I'm forever having to make the best of a bad job. It's got to the stage that I always expect a job that needs doing I'm going to encounter issues due to the cretin that lived here previously.
  5. steve roberts

    Brandon Update

    ...and "Brown Envelopes!"
  6. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    I would have been no good attempting to crack the enigma code!
  7. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    No good quoting coded letters/words to someone who took ten years to understand the LOL means "Laugh out Loud!"
  8. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    Haven't the foggiest idea what you lot are talking about!
  9. steve roberts

    13.05.2022 - Scunny v Oxford League

    David Shields if I recall on his debut for Oxford at Milton Keynes?
  10. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    ..."As long as we know"
  11. steve roberts

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    Does anyone care? Got to be up there as one of the most boring story lines of the year so far!
  12. steve roberts

    Geoff Gammage

    Thanks Matt! I hope that you are okay and still got the SKOL Cheetahs coat that I gave you?
  13. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Stop the world I want to get off!
  14. steve roberts

    Geoff Gammage

    Does anyone know long time Oxford fan Geoff Gammage? I recently was in a cafe near where I live and I overhead someone talk about Horspath Cycle Speedway and I happen to remark whether Geoff is still involved? Apparently he still is and I recall many a converstion I use to have with him on the terraces at Cowley together with James Battle going back many years. Small world but here I am in Yorkshire and just by chance met someone who knows Geoff!
  15. steve roberts

    Engine Cases - Back in Black

    There is an image of Ken sat on his bike in a West Ham team photo. If you google "Ken McKinlay Images" (I don't know how to download images I'm afraid) You have to scroll a way down to find it.

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