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  1. steve roberts

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    I'm sure that you are correct. He was a cousin of Ray?
  2. steve roberts

    University Challenge 2021/22

    Seven correct tonight.
  3. steve roberts

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    I had the programme from the last ever meeting at Custom House but together with my huge collection I sold them!
  4. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    If it was only true with this particular ar***ole I experienced yesterday on the A1 north of Peterborough. He was weaving inside and out of traffic at speed without a care to other car users using bullying tactics forcing others to brake hard. Yes middle lane hoggers annoy me but this wasn't the case yesterday. Even more stupid when many cars now have onboard cameras and their totally unacceptable driving behaviour may well have been caught on camera and hopefully reported!
  5. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Ar***oles who undertake on motorways at speed weaving in and out of the flowing traffic!
  6. steve roberts

    Why speedway is failing

    Personally I always enjoyed the variety that speedway offered...team, individual, pairs.
  7. steve roberts

    Heat details 1986 British Open Pairs

    Them were the days! Oxford on top of the world!
  8. Priti Patel in hot water again...what a walking disaster!
  9. steve roberts

    Great Days Out/Places To Visit In UK

    I used to enjoy my visits to the Sussex coastline...memories of summer holidays. Visited the 'Bluebell" back in the seventies!
  10. Yes it does seem somewhat high? I'm claiming Carer's Allowance as I have to look after my aging mother and the criteria demands that I can not earn more than £128 per week as I attempt to balance working two days a week and caring.
  11. Where do you draw the line? Should I be paying for child care/welfare when I have no children of my own when many parents have sufficient means to support their own children having made a choice to raise a family? There are many genuine examples of hardships but not all parents are short of a bob or two and one could argue that child welfare should be means tested?
  12. steve roberts

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I do wonder where all the money supposedly saved by leaving the EU has been re-directed especially in view of the latest Government initiative?
  13. steve roberts

    Ian Hoskins RIP

    Heard from my brother that Ian Hoskins has died. A true icon and legend. May he RIP
  14. That's a better analogy than your previous sweeping statement. Many of my colleagues where I work have degrees but are earning £10 an hour. One needs to keep it in some sort of perspective.

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