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  1. ...does that suggest that ticket prices reflect whoever the opponents may be? Seems rather arbitrary to me if that's the case. Gave up on football years ago with the over inflated salaries and transfer fees but if that's one's poison who am I to argue otherwise.
  2. steve roberts

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    Sad news indeed. Remember Kelvin first riding for Weymouth (1974) in a set of Oxford 'Rebels' team leathers. A real character on and off the track. May he RIP
  3. steve roberts


    ...wish that I hadn't got rid of all my programmes. Constant source of reference and jogging the memory cells.
  4. steve roberts

    Vic harding

    First saw Vic ride for Weymouth before moving on to Hackney. May he RIP
  5. steve roberts

    Dull Danes

    I witnessed Hans during his first season here (1977) and I think it that it was fair to say it was clear that he had potential registering a healthy first season average. Erik was a different rider with a style more akin to the Yanks in my opinion. Jan O was an exceptional talent although John Berry thought that John Jorgensen looked the better of the two at a training school spin at Mildenhall (?) and I believe that they were cousins? Jan O was unlucky with injuries both on and off the track but the middle late eighties were all about Nielsen and Gundersen with Nielsen shading it...but I would say that!
  6. steve roberts

    Dull Danes

    ...I'm assuming that this is a reference to Hans Nielsen? Having followed his career from day one and enjoying nine years watching him lead 'The Cheetahs' he was anything but dull. Okay he won most of his races from the gate which many may perceive as being 'dull' but many of the 'greats' had that same attribute considering that to be successful in speedway one of the main qualities is the ability to gate. However I've witnessed many great races involving Hans team-riding his partner and passing riders when required in sometimes spectacular moves...too many to remember but I instantly recall races involving him and John Cook, Erik Gundersen, Sam Ermolenko, Kelvin Tatum etc etc who were no slouches by any stretch of the imagination. Due to his ultimate professionalism on and off the track he lead 'The Cheetahs' to three League Championships as well as many other team honours too many to mention where his contribution could never have been under estimated...a true legend and one of the greats. Talking of Ncki Pedersen I witnessed first hand his time spent at Cowley and due to his unprofessional attitude off track (and re-nowned volatile nature on track where I witnessed two exclusions for pointless moves on opponents thereby undermining team ethic and/or contribution) he was sacked for an incident in the pits at Peterborough later turning up at Eastbourne. I have no knowledge of the current spate of Danish riders and therefore can not offer a comment regarding team selection and/or performance.
  7. steve roberts

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    ...literally just put the phone down I my brother who was once a keen fan (introduced me to the sport) and used to go to Rye House. Thought about going only to find that they run spasmodically so didn't bother!
  8. steve roberts

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    ...the late Ian Thomas always found a loop hole and manipulated rulings to suit!
  9. steve roberts

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    ...I draw a slight parallel with Cowley Stadium which I visited only last week and will require tens of thousands of pounds thrown at it to be bring back up to a decent standard. Although he local council are keen to retain it as a leisure/sports complex who would be willing under the present climate to promote speedway at the venue? Sadly despite all the good intentions I feel that the facility will eventually succumb and end up being re-developed as has happened at Plough Lane.
  10. steve roberts

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    ...funny, though, that fans have no problem singing inane chants at football matches.
  11. steve roberts

    Classic Speedway Issue 41

    Another superb edition with a continuing dedication to the great Ivan Mauger concentrating on his time during the sixties. Plus an interview with 'Joe' Gooddy which made for good reading especially when he was discussing his periods as a 'Cheetah'.
  12. ...yes that appears to be the perception of many contributors and/or commentators but it would be interesting to see a proper survey so as to be able to gauge an accurate indication of the age group attending speedway today. I guess that fans who regularly attend would confirm that to be the case based on personal experience but it would be interesting all the same in my humble opinion.
  13. steve roberts

    Characters of the sixties

    ...remember looking at 'Joe' Gooddy's bike at Poole once and it was literally tied together with bits of string and tape!
  14. Because football is indoctrinated in the mindset as our national game hence the coverage it receives within the media. Personally I gave up watching football years ago with the amount of money now talked about in transfer fees and salaries.
  15. steve roberts

    Characters of the sixties

    ... personally, Sid, that was one of the main attractions in my view watching a 'lesser' light beat a 'star'. Despite people groaning about the old T/S rule it did occasionally produce a heroic ride from a second string and/or reserve who managed to beat the tactical move and how it used to bring the house down!

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