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  1. steve roberts

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    ...but I admired Mauger and his ability to get the best out of his team mates. Exeter were never favourites on paper to win the League in 1974 but with Ivan's influence on and off the track they managed to do so.
  2. steve roberts

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    I was never a fan of Rickardsson if I'm honest. Mauger would always top my list although beneath him the list would vary depending on the day of the week!
  3. steve roberts

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    One of my favourites was Mike!
  4. I was just a wee bit surprised Sid that he didn't mention his Eastbourne mis-adventure in his book (unless I missed it?)
  5. steve roberts

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    I would certainly agree with your choices except I would place Ivan at number one. Only saw Ove ride at one of Briggo's "Golden Greats" meetings but his record speaks for itself.
  6. That's a very enlightening post...never knew the background details of Michael's non-appearance at Arlington.
  7. steve roberts

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    What about Hans? Four wins, six seconds and two thirds by my reckoning?
  8. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    There was an interesting interview with Bernie in edition Number 14 of "Backtrack". His best mate in speedway was Dave Perks and he had nothing good to say about in-coming Promoter Dan McCormack "...That Scotsman came to Cradley with a big mouth and I felt bad about him from the the beginning. I couldn't forge a working relationship with him, not even from the start. After arguments over my bikes, we split up. But I tell you, I was not the only one in the team who didn't like him..."
  9. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    Hasse was declared in the Oxford line up at the commencement of the season but personal issues delayed his return until June where he turned out against Hull I recall. He rode in a couple of more matches (one was a challenge at Reading which the "Rebels" won...the first team to beat Reading at Smallmead) before he was unable to continue to commit to riding in the UK. Oxford used the facility on and off that season but were by means the only team to adopt that mandate...Ian Thomas at Newcastle was re-nowned for manipulating the rule book to suit and the Wolves team of 1976 was always short of a full house using very much a "horses for courses" policy winning at White City with a team consisting of guests who were Wood Lane track specialists and pulling off a win much to the home promoters annoyance. Eric Boocock very nearly signed for Oxford in 1975 but decided to carry out his threat of retirement and Dag Lovaas eventually joined the team of his choice...and what a season he had!
  10. Another great read...interesting interview with Ron Henderson who had shown much potential at Newcastle but decided he had had enough and returned home to Australia. Unfortunately he was involved in the race that ultimately cost the life of Christer Sjosten when Christer ran into the back of him.
  11. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    Yes R/R during 1975 and the bizarre thing that he was then allocated to Wolves for the 1976 season and they operated the facility also! Going back to Tommy things may have worked out differently for him had he ridden for King's Lynn in 1975 as was planned but the "Stars" management were gazumped by Thomas/Mawdsley and he ended up at Hull! He did indeed win the 1973 Swedish Final but that was after Michanek took Persson out in one race and Bernie either broke an arm or leg...can't remember which...an act that Anders regretted although they did eventually make up although Bernie's wife never forgave him!
  12. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    Recall that storming ride in the 1974 World Final when he passed Ivan as if he was stood still!
  13. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    Sweden had some great talent during that period Sid...what with the likes of Hasse, Tommy Johannson (who never really got going In the UK due to illness but a good rider) but they all seemed to disappear about the same time due to various reasons and Sweden remained in the doldrums until the likes of Andersson, Nilsen and Jonsson came on the scene.
  14. steve roberts

    Bernt Persson

    Nice to see you back Sid! I never sae much of Bernie 'live' but was no doubt one of the big Swedes from that era. Recall he and Anders having a massive fall-out during the 1973 Swedish Championsip Final much to Michanek's regret but thankfully they made up.
  15. steve roberts

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    I remember when SKY was covering League matches and a friend of mine would prefer to stay at home rather than watch the televised meeting from Cowley (just down the road from where he lived) whereas I would always go to the meeting much preferring the live atmosphere generated and meeting colleagues on the terraces having a good natter.

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