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  1. steve roberts

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Steve McDermott?
  2. steve roberts

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    I know that Crewe was part of the Allied Presentations Group which Len Silver was one of the five so I guess a move to Len's track, Hackney, seemed the obvious one. When Dave suffered his broken leg and wanted away he became somewhat of a pawn and was involved in a deal with Wolves which took Finn Thomsen in the opposite direction. Dave was never totally happy at Monmore Green and when the chance came to join Sheffield arose he jumped at it as it was one of his favourite tracks. I can't recall reading anything in Mort's book about not riding for Belle Vue as it would have been the obvious track considering his background and boyhood friendship with many that did.
  3. steve roberts

    Swindon 1957

    ...and the "Rebels" claimed 1977!
  4. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    Great thread this Sid...beats all that pontificating on the Covid-19 thread!
  5. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    If I remember he suffered continual bike problems in 1977 (?) and 'retired' for a short while before returning?
  6. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    Yes I'm not sure why Malc never returned to Cowley in 1978? Perhaps with Milton Keynes coming on board it was felt that they needed some encouragement? We lost both Phil Bass and Harry MacLean to the "Knights" that year. Perhaps it was Oxford being 'taken over' by Cradley being a factor?
  7. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    I thought that Pete Smith was vastly underrated...always a class act around Cowley. Remember Briggo saying that at Poole there was always a bump going into the third bend and somehow Pete was able to ride thru'/over it without any problems. A well deserved testimonial in 1977 (?)
  8. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    Swindon always had decent second halves (as did Oxford) in those days with an abundant of talent on show. Personally I used to enjoy the old second halves and thought it a good system bringing on riders and enabling them to 'mix it' with established team members.
  9. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    Remember that Robert rode a number of times during Swindon second halves? Kym Mauger was another who struggled in Britain (apparently he had a trial at Oxford behind closed doors) but went on to win the NZ Longtrack title if I recall?
  10. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    Yes, Sid, the 1972 Final was full of drama and incident. I remember watching Dennis on numerous occasions...showed some promise, I thought, but drifted away from the British scene all too soon.
  11. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    I always remember that he was possibly one ride away from winning the 1972 World Final at Wembley when he scored 11 points from four rides but failed to score a point in one of his heats and eventually finishing equal fourth overal with fellow debutant John Louis.
  12. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    I didn't get to see much of Christer Lofqvist however I did witness him put in probably his best display during his short stay at Hackney (1975) against Oxford at Waterden Road when he scored 13 points.
  13. steve roberts

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Brian Woodward rode for Newport I recall.
  14. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    I thought that Graeme Stapleton may well have made that jump but, if I recall, didn't compete in Britain in 1975 & 76 helping to establish Ronnie Moore's Motor Cycle Business in NZ (after Ronnie's serious injury) He returned in 1977 but was a pale shadow before departing to Newcastle and doubling up with Hull on a couple of occasions including the all important 1979 Championship decider at Coventry...the title that Hull lost themselves due to non appearances of riders at certain tracks earlier in the season!
  15. steve roberts

    One Club Servants

    One of my favourites was John Dews. He had difficulty adjusting to Cowley in 1973 (I believe Bob Dugard gave John and Tony Lomas special on track tuition and promptly broke an ankel?) but he became a dependable team member but never got on with White City when the "Rebels" moved in 1976 and retired.

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