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  1. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    I recall Rick Timmo giving Reg Wilson a 'thumping' on one occasion!
  2. steve roberts

    Team GB

    The old British Lions Tours of the seventies used to bring riders on...one such rider to benefit hugely was Gordon Kennett.
  3. Anders was a constant thorn at Cowley during "The Rebels" era and was a class act. If I recall the first rider to beat him in a team event was, ironically, Dag Lovaas in 1975?
  4. steve roberts

    England v USA @ Swindon 24 May 1980

    Good luck in your quest. I was at the meeting but unfortunately sold off my programmes (regrettably) when re-locating.
  5. If I recall Tony the R/R regulation during the years under discussion (it only lasted two years?) stipulated that the rider immediately above the missing rider's average could indeed take upto two of his rides as Gordon often did during the early part of the 1977 season. However if another team member's average rose sufficiently to then become the next rider immediately above the missing rider (Marek Cieslak in this case) then the number one (Gordon Kennett) was no longer able to take any rides whilst the Green Averages dictated same...something like that. It was mightingly confusing at the time and I'm sure somebody else may be able to claify the ruling better than me! Over to Rob to investigate further perhaps?
  6. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    I think that he rode for Birmingham in 1976 and Cradley, his last season, in 1977? Sure that Sid is right...he was injured hand gliding of all things! Again there was an interesting interview with him in "Backtrack" a few years back now.
  7. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    I always remember Sheffield fielding a strong 1-7 during the early middle seventies but not necessarily an out an out number one. I recall Doug Wyer at reserve! Arnold Haley proved a trump card at Ipswich in 1974 when "The Tigers" won the first leg of the Final of the Knock Out Cup...super competition in my view and left many memories to look back on!
  8. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    Remember Rick riding for Halifax in 1975 (his last season?) and he was still a class act averaging over eight points a meeting.
  9. Recall the complicated R/R scheme that operated during 1976 & 1977. There was always much made of White City's use of the facility during 1977 but what is often conveniently forgotten was that during the last two months of the season Gordon Kennett was unable to take any replacement rides and it was "The Rebels" strength in depth and team spirit that saw them emerge as champions.
  10. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    Owns a Country Club and Golf Course if I recall?
  11. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    Unlike today Sid when the makeup of teams often change from season to season. One reason my brother stopped attending.
  12. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    There was a great feature on Tony Lomas when he was interviewed in 'Backtrack' a couple of years ago. Apparently he lives in Reeth which is a lovely village I visit regularly in the Yorkshire Dales...yet to bump into him but I have enquired when in the area. Unfortunately my speedway memories of Tony are not particularly good. He was forced to join Oxford and the moved proved unsuccessful and he quickly joined Exeter in a swap involving Bob Kilby. Both riders benefitted from the move. Tony joining a track that he was more adapted for and for Bob to get away from Ivan Mauger! Great days!
  13. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    Yes, Sid, the 'Stars' are all very well but speedway wouldn't have exisited without the middle order men. Classic example at Cowley was Rick Timmo...a good servant to Oxford.
  14. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    I think it was in 1973 involving John Harrhy?
  15. steve roberts

    Les Owen

    Was always remembered at Cowley when involved in a crash with Arne Pander. However thta's part of speedway and a character lost tragically when stepping in front of a train if I recall? RIP

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