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  1. poole keith

    Somerset 2019

    wow thats a depressing list harry!! never realised,can it possibly go any lower than 14? promoters might argue theyve reduced costs,but theyve also greatly reduced their opportunitys to make money
  2. poole keith

    Speedway Star in the winter

    thought its the staff with a virus??
  3. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    quite agree, i think it is essential that when a speedway club holds a public meeting for supporters that everything is kept secret,we dont want every tom,dick or harry in the area hearing about poole speedway
  4. poole keith

    Swindon Stadium

    ah "the peckham spring" appears again in wiltshire
  5. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    people get older and lifes priorities change
  6. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    i suppose im more interested in poole speedway than weymouth speedway but after the main meeting i will be more interested in watching the weymouth development team than listening to the poole press conference
  7. poole keith

    Swindon 2019

    cant see honda training up new staff,dilemma for existing workers they have to have one eye on the job market but if to many of them leave, honda will probably close the plant early
  8. poole keith

    Ricky Ashworth on BBC breakfast this morning.

    just fantastic,be great to see him at poole this summer,all the best ricky,a truly courageous and determined young man in a sport which is full of them
  9. poole keith

    Swindon Stadium

    at least his company is not" Amazon" or "Iceland",that really would be to much travelling!!
  10. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    at the moment matt is boxed in a corner with no purchaser and this addition of two co-promoters is" plan b" Should a buyer or buyers emerge i doubt very much they would want these two inexperienced chaps onboard(probably want guidance from matt though)Matt ford has given us poole supporters so much success and great riders to watch i hope he gets something out of it now to move on,easy in retrospect but timing is everything and should have sold 2/3yrs ago
  11. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    attendance figures are a closely guarded secret in speedway so theres no proof of this "increase" and promoters can pretty much say anything,didnt think poole were regarded as particularly generous with youth admissions
  12. poole keith

    Swindon Stadium

    would think demolition of the site,main grandstand,restuarant,bars kennel blocks,pits etc is a major project and the whole site would be no entry for the public under health and safety. Even tho the new buildings are pre built for assembly on site its still not a two minute job,plus services and groundworks The immediate problem i see is if they go ahead and move the speedway track in the lighting cant be moved until the dogtrack is moved in,which would mean cancelling the dog racing,as far as i know there are no plans for this,can they fit headlamps on the bikes??
  13. poole keith

    Swindon Stadium

    or even oxford !!
  14. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    well skids i spoke to member of the family a few years ago and that was most certainly not the way of things.
  15. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    everybodys talking about team changes in the summer and how you immediately become championship winners but if the numbers dont fit your stuffed nothing to do with money,would imagine swindon and wolves would have loved to have made mid season changes this yr but had no chance.also wouldnt want to win a title again through benifiting from the closure of another club.anyway looking forward to another season with a team im happy with and will 100% support

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