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  1. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    what they will get out of the stadium ray is their "cut" out of the development of the stadium car park,probably as r&rsays they will then be gone,hopefully the stadium itself(not available for development) will by then be viable and someone will jump in
  2. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    the greyhound track cant be changed into a stocks track skids unless the cars went around in single file! any stock car track at the stadium (if you could get the fixtures) would have to incorporate the dog track and speedway track,needs an established stocks promoter to take it on and finance it,they of course would need a decent lease from stadia uk.i know there can be problems with speedway and stocks working together, but personally id be very happy with stocks and speedway at the stadium,and it should make it viable for the landlords
  3. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    actually skids i thought the statement from mr osborne was as good a news that poole speedway could have hoped for (ie"continue the other businesses") I think its pretty clear they intend to fullfill the legal obligations of their lease,so consequently no room for matts "consortium" but that wouldnt be necessary if the stadium is available for speedway anyway.An interesting point (initially raised by ts as r&r ) is what are these "alternative activities" ??
  4. poole keith

    Plymouth speedway

    such a shame that what appears to be such a progressive and innovative promotion cant receive the full rewards for their efforts because of the dam virus(hope other promotions pick up a few tips!)
  5. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    like i said skids nobody knows whats happening to the stadium,though i actually heard this afternoon from someone who was privy to tuesdays meeting held by stadia uk that they are happy to continue paying the rent to the council due under the lease,and will retain car park staff,in present climate council will probably be content with that.also skids like ive said before both partys want partial development of the site but neither can do it on their own but they(stadia uk and council) can certainly do it if they work together,so there, job done,simples.ps nobody has ever said "every greyhound/stadium operator is shutting up shop"
  6. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    thats the problem,matt ford has said if his "consortium" could take over they would look to hold other events at the stadium but not dogs but didnt say what they might be,cant believe stadia uk would be interested in running anything to be honest,probably now focusing on partial development of the car park! The only thing i can think of is stock car/bangers but would you get the official fixtures with matchams just up the rd? Do believe council faviour the return of poole town but of course they dont have to finance the move and theres no money to be made in non league football.To sum up dont think anyone knows whats happening, all us fans can do is hope for the best
  7. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    they are good points H,of course poole now has no income streams from dogs as there is now no racing,ive not spoken to anyone whos even heard a rumour as to what the future of the stadium is(has to be more than 20 speedway meets per yr though) Did notice that an existing sponsor of poole town fc has this wk apparently injected large amount into the club,that sponsor is???a well known and successful local development company !!!
  8. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    pretty sure it was stated at the time to be 99yrs?? Pretty sure also FA rules would not allow poole town fc to share stadium with speedway,wish matt ford and his partners allthe success however they musnt underestimate the cunning of their opponents especially as said opponents appear to be in bed with the council !!!
  9. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    still hoping for an individual meeting in oct ray,perhaps a national league 4-team tournament or challenge ?? get a few quid in for the winter
  10. poole keith

    Eastbourne 2020

    with a favourable weather forecast i would certainly make the trip up
  11. poole keith

    Speedway on Netflix

    shes no angie dickinson then,now that was the way a policewoman should look
  12. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    been to several functions and receptions and known quite a few that have stayed there "the cumberland hotel on the eastcliff" is very good,easy to take dinner at the hotel but no shortage of restaurants in the area
  13. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    just dont think its that simple skids ,if you havnt read and studied the lease you cant make assumptions about what the council can do, or try and guess what they might want to do.Regarding sport at the stadium i do know that the lease specifies that the leaseholder must provide any two of the three sports speedway,greyhounds or football (always assumed to be pooletown) but the leaseholder alone to decide which two,they obviously picked speedway and dogs being the most profitable two.(no money in non league football as they might now be discovering at torquay lol)so speedway wasnt guaranteed tho would have been pretty stupid not to stage it.
  14. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    i do hope the council have a policy to cover potential different eventualities at the stadium and are quite firm,but as you would know skids commercial leases can be very complex and i would imagine the stadium lease would be many pages of legal "stuff". I just somehow cant believe mr osborne and co would put themselves in a position whereby they would forfeit the lease unless they actually wanted "out" and im pretty sure they dont want away as they still see potential in the site (for potential read profit)
  15. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2020

    definetly not as simple as that skids(ruckeroos point about dogs never returning might well be true)as you know the key to a greyhound tracks profitability is streaming revenues,poole have lost their sunday stream to a northern track which only left two and they have been moved to sister track swindon who already had 3 streams to betting shops daytime mon,wed,andfri so they now have income from 5 streams,problem at poole was that of their two streams the tues eve was only on rptv and what they pay is only just above the break even figure for the meeting,so the only profit for the week would be sat evening but theyre aleady receiving that money via swindon so why take it from swindon back to poole?logical to have all5 streams from one track and mothball the other.Other problems are that quite a few poole trainers have now given up and retired their hounds and the poole trainers that moved to swindon have been told they are not poole trainers anymore but swindon trainers so there might not be enough dogs to reopen poole.Also skids to be profitable on a sat night the restaurant needs to be full (usually was) any sort of social distancing would prevent this ,so no dog racing! I first had dealings with stadia uk 40 yrs ago forget what they called themselves then based at the old eastville stadium before they developed it ,and theyhave always kept all their cards very close to themselves so anything could happen,another rumour last wk was that in a few yrs swindon would close for housing and the whole operation would move to poole so who knows!!! one thing for certain skids poole will not have any dog racing this august,which brings me back to my original point, young ford needs to establish if they will reopen the stadium for a few speedway meetings only ??

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