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  1. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    didnt each home rider throw one t-shirt into the crowd so only seven,easily missed,or were there more thrown which i missed?? thought it was instead of the 300 free easter eggs given to kids in the past!!
  2. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    but surely the poole promoters should look after their supporters and provide the information they require and not send them to another site ??
  3. poole keith

    Poole v Ipswich Supporters cup Thursday May 9th

    exactly ray, the ipswich managements priority is to learn how to use their excellent reserves and try and understand the voting in ht14s
  4. poole keith

    Poole v Ipswich Supporters cup Thursday May 9th

    all our table voted for harris to keep him out of ht 15,such a lucky win in front of a small crowd
  5. have no stats to support it,but always felt that teams built in such a way as to always have one strong reserve throughout the season would "do better"
  6. cant believe peterborough or indeed any speedway club could possibly do a worse job than the the poole management and promotion did 3 days ago
  7. skidder youve got to stop trying to defend the indefensible, youve got to be honest and admit it was disgusting,the people that will presumably look for credit when things go well must have the nuts to take and admit responsibilty for the "cock up"Spoke to two significant sponsors in the last 48 hrs both totally disgusted,one says he went into the pits to ask middlo who won heat 13 cause he couldnt see!!them and me will all be at the next meeting,thats what we do! but if certain people put their hands up and were honest it would have helped
  8. didnt know the riders had taken that position skids,did notice some of the poole riders having a "hissy fit" should have been announced that the riders were taking that stance.Think some of the riders that are brought over here to race from distant lands are not worth the trouble anymore!!
  9. has there been an apology from the promotion to their customers who had to endure such horrible conditions??
  10. but arthur what will his face look like when he staggers into the bank on tues??
  11. poole keith

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    no superstars this yr wtg, probably a couple who think theyre better than they actually are!
  12. have a feeling it will be very well supported not necessarily because everyone is a middlo fan but think it will be a high class field with some of our favourite riders returning for a one off spin,eg love to see magic again,even nikki p would be agreat draw! (hope they dont go silly and charge 20 quid or more,perhaps under 16s free!!)
  13. bought two pints of draught cider on weds for daughter and her friend cost £9.20!! however the shock was a pint of draught coke for myself cost £4.40,so skids the bars could stay open all night but wont get another penny from me(know its not speedways fault)
  14. poole keith

    Poole 2019

    i agree it seems to be the case that greatly reduced admissions or free entry for all hasnt resulted in increased attendances at future meetings,however i disagree regarding deals or free admissions for children,that policy must help so many families and surely is one of the ways to actually "build long term attendance" Of course if its too expensive for the whole family to attend mum decides that none of them are going! now that does affect the "financial bottom line"
  15. poole keith

    Wolves 2019

    wolves surely have to go with thorsell if hes fit,be amazed if they dont

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