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  1. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    I have not heard any excuses from him Harris have you ? last night KK was a disgrace yet he escapes hardly any flak he scored more than Harris but his attitude of oh well if i am behind let's give up and pull up was a real kick in the teeth certainly for Rye fans.
  2. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Ben forget about averages someone putting two on his average that will guarantee nothing. A team is like a jigsaw and team spirit means one hell of alot too you can have two riders who are popular with the fans always average six mixed in with some fresh blood youth that scenario can work to.Poole this year are a fine example at least four of there riders should of improved there averages it has not happened has it for some reason for me it it is a myth about having to have improving riders yes it helps but having a Balance is the answer.
  3. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Do you know how much he is on.? or is it pie in the sky.?? ok he is struggling at times but he puts 100 per cent in do you expect blood.
  4. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Maybe you need to try and understand the reasons why? you are more and likely not interested in them but surely you see he was trying last night and as a supporter in my eyes that is all you can ask.As a example at Swindon there has been some moans and groans about Bellego at times this year and look at him last night he was on fire.In speedway now there are fine lines between doing well and just falling short.
  5. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Chris Harris you had to feel for him last night the effort was there but he looked so slow.He must of made changes and give Musielak one hell of a scrap he tried everything then later on in the meeting he has two falls in one race.The first was bunching on the first bend then he was involved in a horrific crash with Nick Morris/Scott all got up god knows how.? The rerun then begun and Chris is first at the starting gate amazing last night showed why i am such an admirer of Bomber takes his knocks comes back for more for me a real racer i hope he gets his machine issues sorted out soon.
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I am really pleased for the Stars fans and a play/off position is a real possiblity now all to play for.I thought this side would struggle but they have been superb and it has to be good for the league as a whole.Swindon(my side) Wolves,BelleVue,Poole all have frailaties so it could go down to the wire who claims a top 4 spot.
  7. Witches v Bandits 24th May 2018

    I think the reserves should hold there own against Greaves hope so anyway be very interesting to see how Etheridge goes has had an impressive season so far.
  8. Tell him thanks for his time surely it is in his job description??? there are people on the forum who work fourty hours plus a week and often unsociable hours.
  9. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Monday night racing at the Abbey will not work unless it is on a bank holiday or against Poole i thought there was maybe 8/900 there tonight at best.The racing was ok Rye House were dismal they looked a tired old team riding against a Swindon team who still have riders on the way up special mention for Jack Smith worked his socks off for his points.
  10. It looks a lot healthier for the future than it has for quite a while which is great.
  11. Birmingham 2018

    How would those two do away from the big home advantage of Arlington though? Birmingham for me is a fairer track..Saying that i like both of those you named Wood had a good go at it at Sheffield and Brennan looks like he has a bright future.
  12. I have followed the youth scene for a while and thing's are looking pretty good for the future and for me Neil Vatcher is a unsung hero he has really pushed us on as a nation.He does a great job his enthusiasm is infectious and it would be great if a few Brits can crack it and actually go on and have good speedway career's.Lambert leading the way Bewley improving by the minute and the likes of Saunders,Kemp,Flint,Rowe,Atkins, (etc) doing great the future looks exciting just thought Neil deserves lots of credit.
  13. Birmingham 2018

    How is Danyon Hume going B ? he seems to be getting there seems to be a real decent gater but is gutsy to and a real racer.Just hope he stays injury free as he is a raw talent who will learn as he goes along he certainly has a future.
  14. Birmingham 2018

    Great to see the young lad back and Birmingham again have three terrific heat leaders.For me the main thing for Jack is not to put pressure on himself and start enjoying his racing again he has real talent and has years in front of him to make real progress technically style wise he has everything.
  15. KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    It should be a comfortable home win for the Robins tonight as long as complacency does not creep in.Rye House have riders who can go well at the Abbey so it should be a hard fought meeting.What i like about this Swindon side is even without knowing the averages for next year i would be more than happy with Nick,Batch,Tobi, Adam , Zach being the core of next years team.
  16. Swindon 2018

    Rosco said last Thursday the team will not be changed this season and i am 100 per cent behind him on that loyalty means a lot.Some of the names mentioned to come in if anything makes us look weaker.
  17. Characters of the sixties

    I dont know WK a great question maybe i am wrong but Briggs was pretty professional really fit as well physically. stronger than most.Mauger was good really top class he took the sport forward but Briggs like you have said endless times was very unlucky and I believe he would and should of won his fifth title in 72.
  18. Ipswich 2018

    Spot on.
  19. Characters of the sixties

    I think in those days WK when the riders went to the tapes most of them were on the same sort of aquipment a level playing field the skill element track craft then came into the equation.That is why IVAN was so special aquipment immaculate he ploughed money into his aquipment and got his rewards later on.
  20. Ipswich 2018

    I was thinking that myself Scotsman would you judge a rider on one performance? i actually first saw Brennan on the small track at Swindon and he impressed me.A couple of guys who who i know come on to the forum and both see loads of NL racing and I respect both there opinion's greatly actually felt he was not making that much progress and had to get away from Eastbourne to progress.Looking at the Championship Bacon, Mountain,Hume have the highest averages it just shows you how tough the jump is from NL racing for me out of the two pointers Hume barring injury will go on he has something.I would just give him time Brennan just think if he come in now and went to Berwick,Workington,Edinburgh,Scunny,Glasgow a totally different ball game a totally different level look at Bickley 0 again last night he can't buy a point,
  21. Characters of the sixties

    WK i can remember going to Eastbourne one afternoon ( hated there dam claxon!!) and seeing the Italian rider Nano Righetto ride. His bike god it looked like he had just picked it up from Steptoes junk yard what a heep.!!!
  22. Swindon v Wolves • 17/05/18 • Premiership

    Really enjoyed last night some proper racing Morris v Schlein was superb.Rory was majestic his track craft awesome a special mention for Zach a brilliant effort getting the better of Howarth shows he is getting there improving by the week.
  23. Swindon v Wolves • 17/05/18 • Premiership

    Whatever you say to be honest means nothing , were you at the same meeting as me tonight ??? Schlein outstanding very quick mega quick great track craft his race with Morris was terrific.some decent racing tonight.!
  24. Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    Winning is not the be all and end all there is a lot more about speedway than just that.
  25. Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    After all the changes in the last two years Ford had to get something right Nielsen when he is in the top five he will often only be getting three rides he will find it very hard in the top five.