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  1. Poole 2018

    Hope you are right hyderd i believe Dan can go along way in the sport what i like about him is his attitude quiet and unusumming.Also he has a real racing brain a thinking rider i hope he can cope in the top five and i believe he will be a powerful home rider for years to come.
  2. Poole 2018

    Look mate don't disrespect Fricke if he gets everything together he will do welll i like rate Kurtz but he is behind Fricke at the mo Fricke style wise is a notch ahead.ADAMS esq !!!!!
  3. Poole 2018

    Disagree mate as Fricke has a smooth style he could ride until at least his late thirties at the very least is a step ahead of Kurtz for now anyway.
  4. Poole 2018

    No in your head they are and ii do remember you saying you don't really rate Morris????? Anyway for me Fricke is the better.rider forget the rubbishey English league if Fricke gets his ass in gear he is better than Kurtz/Morris no doubt for me.!!!!!!
  5. Poole 2018

    No he is not Morris like Thorssell is a slow burner and he is on par with Kurtz easily Morris more hardened and Fricke as a motorcyclist. ( ie Adams style wise is a cut above defo.I don't think Fricke takes the UK seriously he should do and ability wise he has everything a good racing brain lovely style he is capable of averaging 8.60 in the UK no problems but i do like all three of the Aussies Morris also can take more responsibility and improve.
  6. I watch alot of the Polish racing and what a great product it is to. Outside of the top boys who are next in line to break through be interesting to get some predictions. Drabik - Smektala- Woryna- Kubera out of those four for me Drabik will definitely be a GP rider Smektala i really like has improved alot in my opinion Woryna to has real talent the strength in depth Poland have is frightening.
  7. Poole 2018

    That is a big ask mate of Chris for me he will be at least a point down on Doyley Doyle for me will hardly drop a point at home.Kurtz is a real talent he just needs to get more consistency i still have him behind Fricke and on par with Morris at the moment but he should improve again Shanes i believe could improve to 4.5 at the least.
  8. Poole 2018

    If you look at that scenario then Belle Vue to me have less ifs / buts Bewley, Fricke ( can crack on) Tungate, Cook all can improve and if Drozdz hits the ground running they will be a real force.Poole for me Webby are a team you would back more for the potential it has rather than being completely certain.Belle Vue are my favourites the Pole is the key he will love his home venue and Bewley and Fricke are both mega talented who can move up a level cant wait.
  9. Poole 2018

    I dont see that at all Webby, Holder will he ever get back to his best ? will he go to places like Wolves and Leicester and be relied on to score 11 plus like Doyle.Woryna a hell of a talent but can he score heavily away? Sundstrom is he any better than Hans? the Pole again will he get his set right for the away trips? alot of IFS. and but''s for me but i will say though if this side clicks it will be a force a really exciting team to watch but i dont fear them.
  10. Poole 2018

    You are totally Deluded play/offs a certainty but most Poole fans who have any nouse about them will know this year will be a long tough season.
  11. Poole 2018

    A very attractive team Steve yes but there are at least four riders in that team that have something to prove play/offs certainly i don't know about winning it though.
  12. Poole 2018

    Are you drunk Steve? how would you know Poole would win the league in a canter.?
  13. Poole 2018

    I do think Woryna has a real nice tidy and safe style his Grandad was the same i think if Poole get the track sorted that will suit him down to the ground.I am a big fan of Piotr Pawlicki and once he got dialled in he was a class act and i would consider Kacper to be not quite as a erratic on a bike as Piotr .Belle Vue and Poole for me both have attractive teams that should be a pleasure to watch my only negative with Poole is i think Linus will do very well to better Hans average from last year looking forward to the season now.
  14. Poole 2018

    My take on it was Gavan maybe found it easier to tell people he didnt know and if that released a bit of stress and anxiety that has to be good for him. Does it matter what thread it was on Nah and people did support him which was very nice.Back to Poole 7/2 for the play/offs i thought they would be a shorter price on Woryna do people think he will average 7 points this year ? i believe he will and will average nearly 9 at home.???
  15. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    I think Briggs's longevity was his real success 18 world finals. - Fundin ( 15). ( Mauger ) (14) that tells you something. With 4 title wins, 3 runner up spots, and 3. third place finishes also he finished fourth place twice a hell of a record.You would say Fundin just outdid him no disgrace in that as Ove was a GREAT maybe the best ? be great to get a head to head record of Ove v Barry Fundin wins but as you say Briggs was unlucky not to win title number 5.
  16. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    Being out of season i have just finished filling out most of Belle Vue's 1972 fixtures. Ivan Mauger his stats are unreal the programmes i have ( maybe a few missing..?) In home and away and individual meeting's he posted 19 - full maximums and plus 4 - paid maximums. In that 23 he won the Northern riders Championship, The Derek Warbuton trophy scored a 15 max in the Australia v New Zealand. International and - A 15 max in a WC round. : N.Boocock 2). - E.Boocock 1) - Olsen2). - Persson 1) - Moore 1) - T. Johansson2) - Kilby 1) - Humphrey's 1) - B.Jansson 2) - Nordin 1 ) Thomas 1 ) they were the only riders to beat him on merit in amongst my programmes. Also he had 21 other rides scoring 45 points out of a possible 63 having lost 18 points through engine failures a brilliant season.What astounds me was i always thought 1968/71 was by far his real peak years but how wrong i was a total legend. The greatest.!!!
  17. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    I often thought Barry had slipped a bit in 72 his figures were still good but the odd slip up here and there and i know he had a couple of years with niggly aquipment issues which did not help.But the final in 72 if Olsen was unbeaten before meeting him who knows if Briggs had beat Persson and after Olsen had fell i am convinced Briggo could of won on 14 pts all hyphathetical i know still wrangles me even now.
  18. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    To think Addio he had a six year lay off from Britain from 1963 ( only aged 30 maybe entering his peak? ) to 1969 .Could he have won more titles who knows he was in two tough eras the 50s and the 60s i think the likes of Ronnie and Bjorn Knutsson often go unheralded both GREAT riders people like Norbold ( etc) will back that up.Perssonally i only see Ronnie ride five times but I remember him as a rider who rode great racing lines the Wimbledon DVD shows that showing Ronnie beating Ivan at Plough lane poetry in motion.
  19. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    What i thought was amazing was that the three great Kiwi's all got on well together and all have total respect for each other great stuff.
  20. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I think the riders who move constantly will punish themselves over a whole season anyway. The referee 's job is to make sure the riders do not hit the tapes and get the tapes up in a smooth manor it should be better it cannot be any worse than last year restarts galore and it might add a bit to the entertainment side of thing's.
  21. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I am sure there are plenty of Lynn fans who will give them a chance Bagpuss i really hope so.Myself personally at times in the last twenty years or so i have sometimes felt i was going to speedway just on habit rather than wanting to go then a great race or meeting comes along and the old excitement comes back.As you say be nice if some of the supporters wipe the slate clean and judge from there on in.
  22. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I think the opposite Bagpuss with what happened last season and nothing really changing since if the Stars start off poorly the gates could tail off.That is why for me producing a good product and providing a decent night out can camouflage over having a struggling side.If the entertainment element is not there and the team is also struggling then i think you will have real problems i hope things go well as Kings Lynn are a large part of British speedway great history and good supporters.
  23. Poole 2018

    Good luck all the best you still have two kids to focus on for the future.
  24. Kings Lynn 2018..

    What i cant understand is that a few King's Lynn fans have ridiculed some for voicing there opinion they insinuate they are moaning for the sake of it.Some of these are long serving supporters who only want what is best for King's Lynn speedway.Every supporter is important whether you have been going for 50 years or 5 years but if you think about it if clubs lose there diehard supporters the clubs will be knackered not anough of the new blood supporter is coming in to replace these Oldies.
  25. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I don't who you are i don't care either to be honest, but King's Lynn need to win support back from supporters who have been let down Haza is he that wrong in what he says.?