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  1. Sidney the robin

    Swindon 2019

    How will the new track look? similar to Somerset maybe.
  2. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Total rubbish from someone who probably did not see him ride and that comment is insulting to Ashby honestly to TRY to win a debate you don't half scrape the barrel.By the way another one for you to try to talk down Penhall,Gundersen, Grahame,Collins CRADLEY did those four have inflated averages ???? ( only 2 future champs in there) why don't you ask Peter Adams how good those four were.!!!!
  3. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    All i know is most teams in the BL had an in/out number 1 and usually two good heat leaders as well put averages to one side for a moment..Belle Vue ( 1972 )Mauger Collins Sjosten Pusey we saw them our own eye told us that they were good riders.Also go back to the British Finals with the Aussies/ New Zealander's in mega line ups your instinct told you they were good riders the level was high.Chunky is SPOT on though and he could well be right nobody can prove it my take on it is go on your own instinct and experience and decide that way.
  4. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    I would say though Witcher forget averages formats (ect) those riders rode in a era that was a far higher standard that Tai has ever rode in over here.As Ove pointed out Tai has never really been pushed in the Uk what i would say is Tai has rode in a mega tough Polish league for years My point is the old British league was of a high standard everyweek tough different tracks different challenges at one time it was the BEST.
  5. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Think you are spot on OVE i bet you feel privalaged that you have seen so many great riders in your lifetime!!!!.Every rider can only beat what is put in front of him also now the bikes have changed one hell of alot.My few regrets that i have in speedway are that i never saw Craven/ Knutsson ride and that i never saw Fundin and Briggs at there peak.
  6. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Just felt the pressure was different Bruno you have a poor Gp you know you can regroup and win the next two to make up.In the old format if you needed 8 to qualify and you had two efs you were in trouble.Hand on heart i believe Tai,Bartosz, Doyley, Magic are the only riders at the moment who can win over a longer format that could change.But as you pointed out generally in the 70s did you ever look farther than Mauger, Olsen, Michanek,Lee,Collins ?
  7. Sidney the robin

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    I have just dug out the Malc Simmons DVD and watched it again and what a enjoyable watch that was.He is a guy i could listen to time and time again Michael Lee/ Eric Boocock likewise.What are people's opinion of Malc? personally i thought he was a great rider and he was a real stylist and in his Poole years he was majestic.His reputation is mixed but i just didn't realise how good a rider he was like all Backtrack dvds worth every penny great memories.
  8. Sidney the robin

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    I dont really worry to much about his tarnished reputation for me as an all round rider of all disiplines he was a class act over a long period of time.Very similar to Leigh Adams always in control a very measured rider.
  9. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    If he wins seven Bruno that would be great but does that tell you the overall level might not be as tough as some of the other era's.Also with the way the series is now the scoring system (etc) i believe Ivan winning 6 one off finals was alot harder than winning the series as it is now both of course take different qualities to do so.
  10. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Spot on Colin you have to take into consideration the era and this era was a very very strong one god you were doing very well just to get near a WTC squad.
  11. Is this years AGM the most important meeting ever are we at the stage of a s... or bust scenario.The sport has been limping along from year to year for a long long time now can the promoters pull together and try to address the endless problems or is it a lost cause.?
  12. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Pretty much how i feel you cannot forget that Craven was about in a very good era Fundin awesome Briggs a force for a long time he won two titles before his death at 29.Who is to say he would not of won more titles Collins and Lee are in the mix and i am in agreement with you the best of Lee was as good as anybody i have ever seen ride.Back to Tai brilliant he deserves every accolade he gets a great rider and i hope he goes on and wins more titles.
  13. Sidney the robin


    Brennan was very impressive in that tough championship Ipswich round early in the season and impressed at Swindon beating Woryna/ Jackobsen he showed great nerve in heat 2 there.
  14. Sidney the robin

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    Totally agree with everything you said and as Norbold said all the greats had quality in a different way.Price,Farndon,Craven,Lee, Collins,Williams ( Welsh) Tai you can only beat what is in front of you at the time.I was never a fan of Tai never ever wanted him to be mentioned in the same breath as Lee but you have to.He has grown on me and i have great respect for what he has achieved and I hope it continues with Lambert soon joining him.
  15. Sidney the robin

    Leon Madsen

    I think Madsen deserves to be in it, the series needs to allow fresh blood in and on current form he is certainly a top 16 rider.He also has a good chance of doing well because he is such a good gater will he get in? i have my doubts.I think with Puk and Pedersen( wildcard) he will miss out 3 Danes???
  16. We host our last home fixture of the 2018 campaign against the Belle Vue Aces a fixture that has no significance at all riding on it.I fear what the attendance will be but fingers crossed the crowd holds up better than we all expect.It will be very interesting to see who Belle Vue pick to replace Riss for the play/off semi maybe Josh Pickering ( a guess)???.Also it would be nice to see either Rowe or Brennan get another spin at reserve.
  17. Drew Kemp is the big stand out in 2018 but others have done well and these are the riders that i have kept an eye on.It will be interesting to hear your views on how you feel they are doing. Kemp- Mountain- Thomas- Rowe- Atkins- Hume- Spooner- Marston- Kinsley - Lawlor- Brennan- Brooks-Edwards-Jenkins any thoughts.?
  18. Sidney the robin

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Really interesting what you say for most ask Bickley moving to Championship level how difficult it i s a big ask.Brennan i have seen only once this year see him as a youth rider but he has real ability a nice style.Jenkins is the same he has had a difficult year this year but he will be fine out of the others i like Rowe and Edwards both can move forward.
  19. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    He' will not come on this forum again in my opinion I.e.) because he is arrogant and he will stick out like a sore thumb.I never liked him ever but there were others on this forum who licked his ass Shawn this Shawn that if I had my way i would feed him to the pigs.
  20. Sidney the robin

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Yes sorry JJ up there with Kemp and has a great future ahead of him.
  21. Did i ever say put in CHARGE by the way it cannot be run any worse than it is at the moment.
  22. Lee Kilby along with Neil Vatcher are the future Kilby has done a great job at Swindon is great with the kids and is very approachable.Vatcher what more can you say he has done a great job with the young guns and he has helped put us on the road to a bright future.Boocock/ Adams what more can you say about those two as far as i know both have had no real influence on the major decisions of the last 30 years they cannot be associated with failure..Machin well he kept Sheffield afloat in very difficult times and it is down to him that Sheffield speedway is still operating.Forget the five i named i am sure everybody could name there own five but my main point is with five people they can be made accountable transparency put in place and with five heads you are more and likely agoing to get the right decisions made on the important issues.Speedway is not a sport in my opinion to come into if you have no idea of how it works and how it operates and what breed of people actually go I would say it is one of the most difficult sports to turn around and prosper i think the first thing is to try and get stability back in the sport.
  23. Does old stadia for most clubs all over the country hold the sport back for me this is the biggest problem.
  24. No i know none of them personally Kilby ( jnr) i know to say hello great guy just like his dad.!!'
  25. Did you not realise Hearn turned his nose up at speedway old stadia (ect) .If you think some guy who has run a successful pizza joint is going to be able to come in and turn British speedway around good luck with that.

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