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  1. Broc Nicol has been invited to represent the US
  2. r77toy

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Any idea how to get it in the US?
  3. I got refunds for all of my flights, now I'm just waiting for the event to cancel, so I can get a refund.
  4. I spoke with Broc Nicol's mom Sunday morning, he was trying to get a flight back to the States, I haven't heard if he made it home yet
  5. Has there been any announcement if the event will be postponed or cancelled?
  6. Are Sunday events usually in the afternoon?
  7. I should have said where everyone from this forum meets.
  8. Is there one where everyone goes before the event?
  9. Are there any races in Poland on the days surrounding the GP in Warsaw? We will be in Warsaw from 14/5-18/5
  10. I'm really trying to stay away from organized tours, if possible. Is StubHub trusted in the UK?
  11. Are there any companies that are trusted?
  12. Is Viagogo a trusted company? I don't mind paying a premium for tickets, but I don't want to get ripped-off.

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