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  1. With you there Steve. Where I live in the country it happens everyday. Either joggers, cyclists, tourists wandering along the lanes or even just hikers and amblers put themselves and you and I in danger all the bleeding time. It should be compulsory to wear high viz clothing. They can buy a high viz vest for a couple of quid if high viz clothing isn't their fashion. Be seen rather than be dead ! Thinking of high viz, it's time the government introduced high viz clothing for vax refusniks
  2. jrs

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Congratulations to Jack Miller with another brilliant victory in horrible greasy conditions. Makes you wonder how Jack would have faired had he continued with speedway. He certainly wouldn't be earning the sort of money that he's paid now as a factory Ducati man. Well done Jack, that's was well deserved and it looks like it's going to be another interesting year in MotoGP.
  3. I know about PCR tests DC. What I am trying to establish is, from where and when Wolfies chart comes from. What exactly is he trying to say about Iqvias figures ? From that chart it is quite obvious that one set of figures differ substantially from the others. For all we know the tests could have been carried out on the maggots of Blu or the chart could have been fabricated.
  4. Come on wolfie lets have some details. The source and dates of this chart. Who commissioned and produced the figures. What are Iqvias figures relating to exactly ? explain what you mean by cranking up the cycles ? Or is this just another nonsense copy and paste job ?
  5. jrs

    Football 2020/21

    Agree that injuries have had a major effect on their form, but for the champions to be losing matches to the worst teams in the league exposed many of their weaknesses. They had a miracle escape from a second defeat to West Brom today thanks to Allison and his super goal. Even though the lads playing in the centre of defence lack the class of the injured guys they've done well. What has let Liverpool down is that they have become predictable in their movement and passing. You can sit and watch them and you can predict exactly where the next pass is going, and that's how other teams have managed to disrupt their rythmn and beat them.
  6. jrs

    Football 2020/21

    In a way it proves that it's been more of an even playing field this season with in reality the loss of home advantage, and those teams that adapted better to empty stadiums have flourished. It seems that teams found a way to destabilise and disrupt Liverpool's style of play and Klopp frankly hasn't appeared to have a backup plan to change their style and game plan to counteract it. And perhaps it just proves what many think that home crowds can be the equivalent of an extra man and extra points. But full marks to Man City they've been a pleasure to watch all season and justly deserve the plaudits they receive. The race for the last two top four spots will be interesting over the next couple of weeks.
  7. jrs

    Football 2020/21

    Hazzman will be well chuffed with the win, well done mate they deserved it. Bet he'll have a toast to VAR this evening.
  8. jrs

    'the Donald' Trump

    Don't you fret Blu, we'll soon have that law here so that you know where you stand
  9. jrs

    Football 2020/21

    That was an entertaining battle last night, thought it could have gone either way until that final goal, but good to see Liverpool playing with more effective intensity again. Still think Tiago has been the worst Premiership signing of the winter of all the top teams. Next three games are last chance European survival matches.
  10. jrs


    Well Howard Beckett came up with an excellent practical solution to the Home Office problem yesterday, by saying the Priti Useless Patel should be deported I could easily add some other names to his list.
  11. You're doing an addio dimwit impersonation I think. I do believe it was made a green country before this current dispute started. Should imagine if you check FCO you'll find out there is now a travel advisory.
  12. How's your mate Tommy these days ? Has he abandoned you and Blu, or are you looking for another " Colin Jordan" to come along ?
  13. jrs

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    Think I read that he's still around after being given some cushy job. Adviser to Hutchinson Ports £100K pa (how to get a government contract for your port without any ships ever docking there). Also believe he is surprisingly supposed to be an MP maybe for Rigsby's constituency , Surprisingly , nay , shockingly he used to be a social democrat member..
  14. Surely you know by now that under the Tories the BBC is now the BJBC As we know many journalists have very high opinions of themselves and they'll do anything to improve their numbers and ratings The way you're going you'll be with Icke soon
  15. Hartley-Brewer is just an attention seeking gob rubbishe I am afraid to say. She just epitomises how low some in the media can sink. A cheap version of Morgan and Littlejohn ! I don't like Morrison, but even he has I'm sure got a lot more nous than she'll ever have.

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