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  1. Don't worry Steve, he's got amnesia and he's looking for a vaccine to cure it
  2. For goodness sake, don't tell me Blu has got a new job. . Not bad eh, from maggot farmer to Premier of Victoria, if that's his correct title !
  3. What a shame, was hoping Robert might just make the final
  4. You'll need a five year warranty not three to survive until 2026 , for the car that is, to hopefully save you money !
  5. Interesting to read that the Tories receive twenty five percent of their funds from the house builders and construction industry. Is it any coincidence that Sunak brought in a stamp duty holiday that boosted house prices by up to thirty percent in many areas, nice sales and nice work for Persimmon and co, a good investment. Bigger mortgages, tying more people into bigger debt for a longer time, and boosting the banking industry profits. So who are the losers from this stupid government policy ? The people who bought property paying no stamp duty, as the inflated prices mean they have paid up to fifteen percent more for the property than they would have done previously at pre stamp duty holiday prices. Big loser is the government who have received no stamp duty income for those exempt properties. How many millions did that last revenue cost you and me to line the coffers of the mates of this slimeball government. Even bigger losers are the younger generation who have had property pushed even further out of their reach.
  6. jrs

    The Olympic Games

    The above makes it all the more admirable that Bethany Shriever, who after BMX lost their Olympic funding from UKSport had to raise £50K funding herself for her Olympic training and today had the pleasure of bringing home a gold medal. A brilliant performance. I assume that Kye White who won silver in the men's BMX final was also deprived of funding. It was a pleasure to see their obvious joy and emotions after their races. Maybe in hindsight UKSport may belatedly restore their funding .
  7. Good to see the government reviewing covid travel restrictions just in time for Ministers and MP's holidays.
  8. jrs

    The Olympic Games

    I'm looking forward to the end of Blu's extensive training preparation for the forthcoming Olympic heats of the synchronised tweeting marathon. I think he and the lone wolf have a good chance of taking a medal . Not to mention the fact that their reserve/substitute at eighty five, is the oldest competitor at this years games
  9. Go on tell us the answer Blu !!
  10. jrs

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Sad to compare those figures with many staff and supervisors with thirty odd years service made redundant at British Airways last year who ended up with just five months pay as their redundancy package and no enhanced retirement deals either. ! After the brexit vote the CEO of Honda UK clearly stated on BBC news that Brexit would impose too many extra costs on the company to survive here unless special arrangements were made with the EU. Sad to lose them from the UK industry. What has Johnson had to say or done about it ?? Sweet FA
  11. jrs

    The Olympic Games

    I thought that was today, not yesterday . But then some may say that Ipswich is a day ahead of the rest of country
  12. Thats a bit rich Blu , liking your own post
  13. jrs

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Very sad to read that fourteen year old Hugo Millan has died after an accident at Aragon today. He was riding in the European Talent Cup, one of the breeding grounds for Moto3 rookies. By the sound of it he was having a successful season. RIP Hugo, taken far too young.
  14. jrs

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Did my usual Sunday morning shop in Sainsburys, loads of empty spaces on the shelves, especially in fresh veg salad and fruit, Indian and oriental ready meals. Hardly any olive oil, no mineral water whatsoever, very low stocks in the paper products section, spoke to a manager who said its a combination shortage of hgv drivers and logistics staff plus suppliers sufferingg from sourcing products in the EU, plus shortage of staff in the store. Went over the road to Food Hall and everything was in plentiful supply. Load of staff, loads of food !

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