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  1. Hospitals being swamped with patients having blood clots and heart conditions. https://www.npr.org/2021/10/26/1046432435/ers-are-now-swamped-with-seriously-ill-patients-but-most-dont-even-have-covid?t=1635261155496
  2. This is utter madness.
  3. In Melbourne, they are now fining CHILDREN for not wearing a mask.
  4. A qualified NHS nurse with 3 years experience earns 20k a year. A Head of Diversity in the NHS earns 60k+ a year. The NHS is broken.
  5. Matt Hancock told us last year that it was 15 million jabs for freedom. He didn't tell us, it was per person.
  6. Crumpet88


    Not sure that's quite the statement they wanted to endorse.
  7. They can't sack Dr Hinton, so he can speak the truth.
  8. Correct Vince, plus of coarse that study is proof of absolutely nothing.
  9. The majority of mothers of all those children born had not been vaccinated. I'm failing to see the logic in your post, so maybe you could explain how the covid vaccine could have made any impact on birth rates amongst women who hadn't been jabbed ?
  10. When I pointed this out a year ago, people laughed. All apologies accepted.
  11. Are the Covid vaccines adversely affecting the immune systems of the double vaccinated ? Good question. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/double-jabbed-brits-suffering-worst-25179317
  12. Summed up nicely.
  13. Someone tell Mr Tsunami.
  14. If you can't see how evil this is, you deserve everything that is coming your way.
  15. Some truth for Mr Tsunami.

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