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  1. Discuss the data and i'll have a discussion, what i'm not interested in is petty personal attacks. Her personal beliefs have got nothing to do with the issue, it's just a pathetic attempt to deflect from the facts.
  2. It’s easier to take a pill than to make dietary lifestyle changes. Big Pharma banks on this misguided mentality.
  3. This needs to be investigated sooner, rather than later.
  4. Get your money out, and away from these thieves before they bail in.
  5. Predictably, here he is proving my point.
  6. Some people are like empty paper bags Dean. Make lots of noise, but no contents.
  7. Most of the adverse reactions came from specific batches, that is true.
  8. Does anyone really think that the future King of England was publicly given an experimental gene therapy, with no long term safety data. We also have the anomaly of vaccine production vastly outstripping worldwide manufacturing capability.
  9. I wonder how people are going to react when it’s confirmed that many batches of the covid vaccines were nothing more than saline solution.
  10. Anyone with any sense would have asked. You need to lose the anger, it’s not healthy.
  11. You clearly are not going to answer the question honestly. I said how, not where.
  12. I asked a simple question and you respond with uncivil childish remarks. So I ask again, how was she diagnosed?
  13. I think you have may have been duped. How was wife diagnosed?
  14. Classic denial. That’s never good.
  15. The only thing that compromises the immune system more than vaccines, is malnutrition and cellular dehydration. Most people are dehydrated on a cellular level to some degree, but it can be easily addressed.

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