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  1. waytogo28

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    It will stagger on until there are too few tracks to operate the rider circus they have at present and too few fans to make it worth opening at each venue. Five tracks in the top league in 2022 - and 4 to make the run offs?
  2. waytogo28

    Is Emil Right In What He Says?

    Can't argue with that J. Except that you can be sure that they won,t come up with anything that will improve the quality of racing and pull in new fans. It's always a Time to Tinker event until , as you say they see how few sit at the table.
  3. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    I certainly would watch any such structure if the action was good!
  4. waytogo28

    Electric Speedway

    Briggo has reported on Japanese "speedway" once or twice and a few of us have seen it. I loved it vastly more passing as very handiapped among 20 or so riders in a race. 600 cc singles on a much bigger concrete oval ( Brooklands-ish ). Can't see the Uk rider putting up with the necessary rule structure. Admission less than 50p as all income is from betting! Cracking racing but 30 mins between races put me off going regularly ( not a betting man ). But it can be done. Google - Autojo or watch on You Tube. Fast forward between the betting pauses.
  5. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    A Nero job then? Many were fiddling ( around ) while Rome burned! We have only only the above to look forward to - before the possiblity of better might arise from the cinders ( and ashes ). Can we put together 10 teams with NO doubling up for next year? Because that is very likely Step 1.
  6. waytogo28

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    You are always so angry with and bitter about anyone who sees UK speedway in different light to you. That is sad. There was me thinking that a forum could look at all aspects of the sport that we enjoy, from all points of view. I still absolutely love GP speedway on TV and watch domestic matches with some pleasure too. It's not free and I pay to still have that choice via BT. I just feel domestic UK speedway has lost it's way so much and at the heart of that are people who believe that it is all right as it is and little needs to change. But the facts are that support for the sport in the UK are diminishing, less and less people attend for hatever reasons. We have met and I cannot believe that you really want this Forum to be all made up of Happy Clappers? Even you have expressed to me that Mr Chapman - some years back was not getting it all right at King's Lynn! That lind "adoration" is for the Facebook pages, is it not?
  7. waytogo28

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    When I came onto the forum I chose a name to reflect my opinion that the UK domestic sport was failing and would not make it ( in a form we would recognise as Speedway Racing circa (let's say 1999 ) and still don't think it will.
  8. When I was a much more enthusiastic fan I collected good ideas from a group of fans. Got no reply.
  9. It certainly stopped being 15 mins of entertainment for me about five to ten years ago - possibly 5 mins on a good night. That is what drove me away from attending regularly ( pre-Covid ). Drab is a kind word for what it has dissolved into being nowadays. I don't think it will ever recover to be a viable sport in the UK. One or two more stadiums will be lost to housing or industrial estates and that will be it. There is no place for it in the UK after the promoters inability to "do a Poland" became apparent.
  10. Well I'll be damned - pigs can fly. I just can't see that as you do need to be able to turn the bike and coming out of turns 3 & 4 at Saddlebow Rd has - so far not been Kasper'scup of tea. Not that Hans -at the moment is really on top of it either.
  11. waytogo28


    Sadly it is attitudes like this in UK domestic speedway that have helped it to be on the brink of extinction. Same thing at / in the stadium feedback never encouraged or wanted.
  12. waytogo28

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    This can be easily achieved by buying out all of those "it's great as it is now, don't change anything" promoters and club owners because while they remain in it - for whatever reasons they do - you can be sure that nowt will change and speedway will run itself into the ground before long. Yes it can and needs to reinvent itself and standard equipement is one of the cornerstones. So that rider skills come to the fore, providing a racing surface is laid down to encourage real racing on those more basic bikes. Meaning that it is NOT all over after the first two turns! I will just dream on unless my Euromillions ticket comes up with the necesaary £100 million to ensure the re-invention truly happens.
  13. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    Without this, coming in sooner rather than later UK domestic speedway is all over.
  14. waytogo28

    British Speedway Official Website

    Like everything else done by, whatever they like to be called now, abysmal. It says everything about why it is too late to save domestic league speedway while these are the custodians. Have very little about them of worth.
  15. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Can't be worse, can it?

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