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  1. waytogo28

    AGM November 2018

    How can One Big League result in a much higher outlay than the Championship currently costs to run? One "top " star per team ( if that is possible with the number of "top" stars about! ) I can only see One Big league as about the same as being at Championship level. If you take out Doyle, Lambert, Fricke, Cook and don't use them unless they ride for a reasonable amount then you have no other World Class riders ( Kurtz & J Holder are of course Up & Coming. Nicholls and Harris are no longer where they were ( except in their odd best moments ). UK speedway for at least five years - while it TRIES to rebuild and attract new fans - does not need world class riders. All riders are heroes for racing but are worth only what the sport can afford in terms of paying customers. If sponsors will meet the additional financial needs of "top" riders, that is market factors coming in to play. If we go for more of the same ( of the last ten years ) further decline in terms of average crowds is the only outcome.
  2. waytogo28

    whats going on with Chris Holder this year?

    We have been told of the broad sweep of his off-track problems that seem to be affecting him so often on-track. It's personal stuff hitting him so hard it appears.
  3. I think that is a very likely possibility as some promoters don't think much of the BT deal.
  4. Something else I can only agree with 100% Unless someone bought out Buster no change is possible at the AFA. Regardless of who else is Team manager or Co-promoter they have no real say in what goes. A tragedy really because Buster did a great job of building up the KL stadium, in fact, I salute him but sadly now he is a despot and I really can't see fans returning in any number to watch the Stars at home while it is run by him. Nor to UK speedway while the Chapman / Godfrey control continues. they have no idea on what is required to attract new fans. And it's not rocket science.
  5. Says it all for me. Thank You Mr Webb.
  6. waytogo28

    AGM November 2018

    Spot on! Until the dwindling crowd levels do finally make it unsustainable and UK speedway is extinguished in the form we have known it until now. Onwards & Downwards seems the BSPA motto.
  7. waytogo28

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Quite how you would fund this list of riders I do not understand? They would hugely improve the league - yes. But the money is not there to pay them what they would likely demand to ride in the UK. Unless we can double the average crowd level across the UK ( at least ). ten or twenty Big Pocket Sponsors?
  8. Pity, it's not so easy to remove Buster as it would be to oust Allit and "full of promise" Brundle. Need a decent sized Lottery win and that would be a waste of the money in buying the stadium unless you could creatively bring it into better multi-use post-UK speedway.
  9. The most important thing is - not how long but Hooray! & Huge Thanks that it has kept going.
  10. Decisions made by Mr Godfrey and/or Mr Chapman should not be confused with whims.
  11. I am sure this has already happened! In speedway, anything goes and anything is possible. I am confident that the 'we'll lend you our No. 7 for the rest of the match' has been heard before.
  12. waytogo28

    AGM November 2018

    No-one who want to change anything in UK speedway will be invited to the AGM, you can sure of that. It seems to be moving towards "more of the same" for 2019. That will be sure to pull in the missings thousands if the marketing remains the same as it was in 2018.
  13. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    In your dreams I suspect. There is unlikely to even be a Swindon to join next year.
  14. Clueless King's Lynn once again. Poor thinking or 'cheap" thinking? Agree entirely that MPT has been a key ingredient this season, along with Eric Riss. But the promotion let it all fall to bits, showing that as Master Tacticians they score 2/10. Not to worry there will be a "New Dawn" coming along soon with the 2019 BSPA New Era. Perhaps even a new Stars Anthem? If they pull back these 16 points I'll eat my shorts!
  15. waytogo28

    All Clubs are For Sale

    Zilch. It has no commercial value at all. the back straight toilets might have made £15 for kindling/rubble.

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