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  1. I am sure that after paying over your cash all of the riders riding tonight will be announced before they take to the track. Or announced at the end of each race they take part in. Not knowing really heightens the tension AND reduces unrealistic expectations.
  2. Mine was not an answer. it was my unpopular opinion. I linked it to yours to offer some balance. Now that popular opinion is being swayed ( by some ) towards Buster Chapman being a "saviour" of top league UK speedway in 2019, my firmly held opinion is much less popular than it was.
  3. waytogo28

    Craig Cook: what next?

    The rumour going around Saddlebow Road last night was that Craig Cook is about to pop up at another of Buster's tracks! Seems most unlikely but given all the funny handshakes going on in UK speedway, who knows? It would make a mess of the supposed reason that CC left Pboro.
  4. The tractor racing light show was a highlight for me. Quite dramatic Le Man style. Only two real speedway races and one other with a pass in it ( exiting from the 2nd bend first lap ). Poor value for money in my mind.
  5. I think they are mostly to blame for bringing UK speedway to it's knees. It was stumbling badly when they took over with their loud-mouthed ( poorly thought through "tactics" ) One dead end thought after another - each of those has made the situation worse. They should hold their heads in shame but they are typical "I know I am right" kind of people and "damn you and what you think". They are "My way or the highway" men, sadly. neither of them is interested in sincere feedback from supporters. They are both likely to "go down with the ship".
  6. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Because they believe that the miracle - bring everyone to our door is - social media. It's nearly free so very appealing to promoters. Ha Ha, nothing could be further from the truth at least for speedway. Pearl & Dean and regional TV is a much better bet ( but you have to pay for it ).
  7. Chauffeur No. 2 ( KL based ) likes to arrive around 7 pm. However, chauffeur No. 1 ( based near Kettering ) will be coming on 29th ( weather permitting ) and he likes to arrive before the gates open ( to secure "his" car park space ). When chauffeur No. 2 is on duty I will be up for the track walk. No wheels of my own you see. Life was so much easier in the early 1970's for me at least!
  8. Of course I mean that. Early season matches have an odd feel and an odd result about them all too often. If you mean do I still love the Stars - of course I do! I will have my money ready to renew my Supporters Club membership. Now I have recovered from my over the winter triple heart bypass I hope I am going to get a track walk in 2019? It's other aspects of how things are done at KLS that do not appeal to me. Go Lambo Go! I remember in the long and distant past that those Witches came, raced and conquered.
  9. Just a Stars win on the night is all I hope for!
  10. waytogo28

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    They do have the most superstars, would be superstars and riders giving the impression that they long to be superstars.
  11. I will put in for my testimonial meeting now then, August 1949 and never missed a season ( or part of one ) of The Stars since then. Man and boy ( and now dinosaur ) at Norwich and King's Lynn. Is there a form I need to fill in? Please let them decide quickly or the older of us who might be eligible may pass away.
  12. waytogo28

    How much to get in?

    We all know how wealthy the people of London are - as what goes to Kent! And all those wealthy landowners too. Len is just charging what the market can bear. Maybe they are not "proper" old school supporters? They could be flash types to whom 20 or 30 quid at the door is nothing. Don't we need another 250, 000 of them across the country?
  13. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    With a strong owner and a vastly experienced promotional team, you can expect such skilful tactical planning. You can't expect them to be thoughtful and considerate of their supporters as well.
  14. That's how it's always been done. Why change something just because it's broken? ( That is not a typing error ).
  15. waytogo28

    Poole 2019

    What matters more is the VFM people take away from a match and last night it was pointed out that there were only two races worthy of the name ( V Stars ) and that means watching a race costs around £9. That is what is killing speedway - not enough racing, passing, thrills and on track excitement. 8 out of 10 races nowadays are boring tapes to flag jobs. Race over in less than half a lap.

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