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  1. waytogo28

    May 17th

    That must be correct if quoted by the Promotion, mustn't it?. Mind you a more likely estimate of attendances in recent years is between 800 - 1,500 so seemingly no problem.
  2. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    At the Firs since I was 7 years old and Ove Fundin arrived. Echo nearly all of your sentiments, about faling our of love with the sport. My happiest memoroes of speedway this century were with the arrival of Robert Lambert in the NL. Now that's what I call speedway! Buster cares nothing about wether you go or not and has nver made any effort to intereact positively with the older fans who want better racing and more variety ( myself included ). As for paying to watch Lewis Bridger! Well I would want to see that he turned up for 4 or 6 matches AND made a visible on track effort to race, before I paid my money,
  3. It's safest said those with common sense.
  4. By about 12 months I suspect!
  5. waytogo28

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    We are going to get a lower standard anyway - perhaps even a much lower standar. But with no lower admission and hence almsot certainly even lower crowds. One league with a much lower overall level is preferable for the variety ( to me at least ), rather than doubling up to the extent it had reached.
  6. waytogo28

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Falling crowds won't change. No chance.
  7. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Simply perfect ideas - sincerely. But if we ever dream that they might be picked up and utilised by the BSPA you need to find some way to allow one of the Promoters to say " I;ve come up with a couple of good ideas,. How about this"! Coming from a fan or any kind of anoutsider - has in the past, been a definte NO NO.
  8. waytogo28

    Happy Christmas messages

    Well that is the BSF Forum all over! Even something as pleasant and simple as wishing friends and "adversaries" online a Happy Christmas, goes down the plughole into acrimony. Sayonara! P.S. Keep Christ at the heart of your Christmas.
  9. waytogo28

    Rye House

    Once they are gone, in terms of speedway, they are gone - we must assume. The best you can hope for is a speedway related street name.
  10. Indeed and all so that Boris & Matt can proudly say " We ARE the first We ARE the Best. Stick with Me England Boris Churchill ( or is it Winston Johnson ) You've never had it so good Under Me Carrie! Vote for Us , You know it makes Sense - No need to even Think.
  11. Official National Sport now - whining. So many people whining about missing out on their Christmas family banquets and Boris & Co are far too scared to be labelled as the Govt Who Stole Christmas - cue waterfalls of tears by 31st January from those who killed their elderly relatives by insiting on their human rights to get together for Christmas..
  12. My money is on, he wont be P.M. on Sept. 1st 2021 Is it going to be Priti Patel as the next Iron Lady ( with a cane in each hand )?
  13. waytogo28

    'the Donald' Trump

    Reminds me of when Mao Zedong "lived" on in China for at least three years after he was dead. President elect Biden after pauses - not for dramatic effect but because he has forgotten what he intended to say.
  14. waytogo28

    2021 speedway season !

    3 to 6 months after a safe vaccine is found ( to allow for it's distribution ) and that could mean - maybe August / Sept, but could also mean Easter 2022. I am not joking.
  15. Yes. We can't go on blaming China for everything. By 2050 they will be the largest economy in the world.

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