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  1. And that is exactly what will happen. And that narrow mindedness is eactly what has brought UK speedway to where it is ( or rather isn't). No-one within the BSPA has any idea of what the bigger picture really looks like ( nor any interest in clearing the mist from their windows to get a glimpse of it ). It is a version of Extinction Rebellion we need on the terraces from those who still do care about the continuation of domestic speedway. The only thing that will re-build crowds to a sustainable level is likely to be - regardless of what it takes - making racing closer and much more exciting on track. That is likely to be riders on similar lower powered machinery ( either current bikes restricted by mechanical means of something like F2 bikes ). No-one wants to watch the racing less track action that UK league racing has become and where the only entertainment is betting on the length of the procession in each heat.
  2. waytogo28

    TV new deal?

    Agree completely IF and it's a big if, the quality of racing can be greatly improved, Only that will take me ( and I supsect 1,000s of others ) back on the terraces on a regular basis. Now you get, on average 2 - 3 real races in a match and that needs to get up taround 50% of heats to be VFM and offer true racing.
  3. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    It would be nice if the appetite to turn out in less than perfect waether was whetted by knowing the lineup. ASAP not on Tuesdday next. It cannot now be becasue the riders are all riding elsewhere in Europe can it? That's all done and dusted. What we will get is riders who have not put their bikes away for the winter. We must hope that that they are truly Young Guns and eager to Go For It.
  4. waytogo28


    Yes. And when the circle gets tighter and smaller it becomes a dot and no-one can see it. UK speedway's destiny.
  5. Perfect example of the rider "disease" in the UK. When you miss the start give up after half a lap and just follow the leaders as they disappear in the distance. Another chanfe to make the gate will come along soon. Lawson & Heeps doing it to perfection - wait and hope that you fare better at the tapes next time around. King did at least have a go once or twice but his fighting spirit faded too easily. Sarjeant - a long way to go to become a speedway racer ( in the Premier League at least ) just not up to it.
  6. That is on the cards now. No sport can go on hiding behind a total crowd level of less than 20,000 across the whole UK. Speedway in the UK is no longer sustainable, as we have known it. If we are fortunate something like F2, on a semi-pro basis, will emerge from the death throes of domestic league racing.
  7. There was very, very little of that in the first leg - racing I mean. UK league racing on TV shows itself up as exactly what it is ( regardless of what is at stake ) all over in the first 15 seconds of almsot every race. It is never going to play a part in rebuilding speedway as a well supported sport on the terraces. More likely to be a turn off from finding out where you local track is!
  8. That remains the biggest challenge for the BSPA if the sport is ever to even partially be revived. Far too often the "lessons have been learned" chant from them goes out of the window, six weeks into a new season.
  9. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I could still do a donut on a bike and I am over 70. I bet Billy Bales could too! Riding at full racing speed in an international meeting ( even a challenge ) is a very different propostion. Back injuries are the kind of injury that you cannpt be too careful with.
  10. Ah Well, they do "manage" it for the gang of wanna be blazers on parade. But as for the fans Hmmm.
  11. waytogo28

    Rosco steps down as GB boss

    All such things are about personal opinion of course and in the light of his Premier League results they would get him a higher rating from me. But let down in his apparent inability to work with the media and his inabilty to accept any other point of view as valid plus his invariable need to whinge about supporter reaction. It's not all happened since social media took off and supporters are entitled to their own point of view. When you acceot the position you must expect some likes and dislikes. Rosco seems to be a Marmite kind of person. He was never going to get on with Tai Woffinden and if you can't do that with your best rider , what kind of "manager" are you? He should have resigned when Rob Painter took over. That was the start of the "modern era" and he never fited in with their aspirations - in my opinion.
  12. waytogo28

    Rosco steps down as GB boss

    Of his role as a team manager and more often his indecision on actions he took as a team manager. I have never criticised him as a rider. He seems to have been a middling rider from what I do rememebr about him. And a lower middling team manager ( in my opinion - of course others like to elevate him and that is their choice ). I have ridden long, long ago and was not as accomplished as Rosco at riding.
  13. waytogo28

    Rosco steps down as GB boss

    Another dinosaur swept away, a good thing really as he was always far from media savvy. Far too thin skinned.
  14. waytogo28

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Cook is not enough of a Yes Buster, No Buster, Three Bags Full Buster - kind of man to counter Buster as his friend.
  15. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If Buster says it does, then of course it does Mr Webb. He is totally confident and spends hours getting it that way for every match. And as he is only buying one more new club during the winter, he will have a bit of time to consider what is best for the Stars in 2020.

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