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  1. waytogo28

    Odsal hopes

    The real "elephant in the rooom" must surely be that it would be more fun to burn your money in an old oil drum or maybe just have a giant firework display than throw it all away in setting up speedway racing at these iconic venues ( which I greatly enjoyed at, in the past ). No-one can make speedway pay any more without the bulk of the income to run it coming from major sponsors. Speedway has had it's day in the UK I feel.
  2. waytogo28

    League to run over two seasons

    You can be assured that with their past "form", the BSPA will choose the least positive option. Not that I beleive any matches will be run this season ( unless extended ).
  3. waytogo28

    Behind closed doors?

    They are indeed mostly in one of the very vulnerable groups but I ( as one of them ) know that a huge proportion of them could and likely will take and pay for streaming match services. I have been urging for it for three years at least. Bring it on - but please BSPA in an effective reasonable quality manner. And not just as a way out of Covid 19 problems. I would happily take a seaon from the NSS ( at a reasonable cost ). But I am never going to travel there now.
  4. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Very similar to my own long, winding down of interest and I will go to one or two matches locally when on track action begins once more. I just want to see if it re-ignites my passion once again - so I will give it a couple of chances. I cannot see the same old, same old lighting my fires again , for the reasons above mostly ( and sadly ). They could and should be doing more during this hiatus and Rob Godfrey has promised that the BSPA are not sitting on their backsides. I pray they are not!
  5. waytogo28

    Behind closed doors?

    Should we really be encouraging them? We have had riders throwing races and matches before. Match fixing is bad enough with doctoring tracks to suit home riders.
  6. waytogo28

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    I am 72 very shortly and have three conditions said to add firther complications to a Covid 19 infection. Diabetes, high blood pressure and PMR. I am not in the Very High Risk group ( shielded ) but sadly very much in the High Risk category.
  7. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    In a nutshell. And sadly we have no promoters prepared to collectively co-operate in that "refreshing of the UK sport ". Are they more frightened of losing the existing remnants of a great, well supported sport - than of working on How To change what the sport offers new supporters and how it is perceived in the outside world? That seems to be the case to me.
  8. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    I have to agree with you on that for sure. It is not a well kept secret, waiting to be unearthed and become overun with new supporters. You are also correct that for years it had a splendid platform that the promoters failed to build on. Many wasted opportunities were there. My love affiar wth it and the passion I for it had is coming to a close now - not becasue of my age but becuase it has become less and less "exciting " on track. No longer worthy of the title of "speedway racing". Just four blokes invariably following each other around in a circle. Yes, you can see it "all before your very eyes" - but there is so little of interest to see.
  9. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    That represnts a well reasoned argument for keeping things the same in UK speedway as it jas for the last 20 years. The problem is that fewer and fewer people bother to buy into it every season and it will soon vanish up it's own exhaust pipe. Not quite the same for Everton or Manchester United as their share of the TV billions, keeps them afloat regardless of the music they play or the pies they sell.
  10. King's Lynn the No. 1 infection hotspot in the East of England - thus "beating" Ipswich and Peterbotough and Mildenhall. Not really something to brag about really is it?
  11. waytogo28

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    Sadly I feel that is so. I am honestly fearful that there is more danger for those in the high risk groups ( which includes me ) in this next new phase. I see it already as many people have dropped their concern about social distancing in the park where I walk every day. Runners decide to stop next to you, puffing and wheezing after a strenuous burst of exercise, hopefully they are not infected and carrying the virus. Some people do not think about their actions at all.
  12. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    When I joined the Forum i chose the pen name Waytogo28 becasue I do not believe we will reach that Centenary. I still think it is unlikely because of blinkered thinking by people who just will not listen to feedack and who label all who offer it, as keyboard warriors of the negative kind. I have no hope that it will struggle on much longer, if nothing changes.
  13. You are right, I think that this would be the best we can hope for. But there are distinct possibilities that could mean we cannot run unti lthe summer of 2021 OR when a vaccine is widely available.
  14. I imagine the BSPA will announce it on September 1st.
  15. waytogo28

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Oh Yes, How fortunate we are - who still love speedway racing in the UK - to have a person leading the sport who is so multi faceted and equipped with a wide variety of much needed skills.

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