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  1. Many a time we have had this much, especially over the last 4years when riding in the National League. Where riders don't question the track conditions like last night and just get on with their racing as they should do.
  2. You may not have a choice, can see a 28day ban from riding at least for Cook. Running into a marshal on the bike and then going to try headbutt him with his Helmut still on.
  3. Cook was a disgrace to his club and should have been kicked out of the meeting. The ref wasn't the best and Vissing even was stupid breaking the tapes for no reason after his bike went before race starting and not making 2minutes. In short Glasgow riders digraced the club tonight! Only good thing from Glasgow was the owner apologising for what happened.
  4. Moleman27

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

    Unfortunately even if the Mildenhall track was seen as being very good condition by the referee. Its always going to be such a dangerous track which always seems to give such bad injuries.
  5. Moleman27

    Eagles v Brummies 30th JUNE NL

    Not true at all, proved by Jake Knight last few seasons and many of riders prove it. Its all about throttling into the corner and throwing the bike in at same time. But have never seen anyone do it as good as Tom Brennan does in corners 1 & 2
  6. Moleman27

    Eagles v Brummies 30th JUNE NL

    Not sure, Georgie's been on fire recently and so has Tom and will be hard too beat around Arlington even with their riders. Flint will add an interesting factor too it but being in the main team of course cant score as much as he usual would do and having to go up against big riders and with Jason having far more main team experience will be ahead of Flint on that side. Otherwise the rest of their team wont do that good at all, I would predict 5 points maybe between their 3 lower order riders which wont be enough with other 4 to win against us.
  7. Moleman27

    British Under 21

    I would suggest Leicester as they can run any day. Or Wolves or IoW as both have run meetings on Tuesdays before.
  8. Moleman27

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    I with what the promotion provide at IOW. Any IOW fan would think they get their moneys worth wherever they finish.
  9. Moleman27

    Birmingham 2018

    But having Brad in was the reason for the British passport rule coming in!
  10. Moleman27

    Birmingham 2018

    You should find top young upcoming British riders like Eastbourne.
  11. Moleman27

    Birmingham 2018

    Yeah but you can supplement that with your premiership team. Thats why you get it that cheap to watch the colts team.
  12. Moleman27

    Eastbourne 2018

    Both companies are owned by Paul Goldsmith, just promoting his other company.
  13. Moleman27

    Eastbourne 2018

    The new website is still under construction, and it was link and announced when the new colours was announced.
  14. Moleman27

    Kent 2018

    Is the best arrangement with the Eastbourne management and I imagine too get as big a crowd in as possible.
  15. Moleman27


    Or the Eastbourne Team which shows just as much potential with the unknown of not knowing how good Brooks will prove too be and if Kelsey will turn out to show his best consistently. Were as their is a clear weak spot in the Mildenhall team which is Kinsley who has never scored well at Eastbourne and over two legs could see that being their big weak spot.

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