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  1. Eastbourne 2018

    The new website is still under construction, and it was link and announced when the new colours was announced.
  2. Kent 2018

    Is the best arrangement with the Eastbourne management and I imagine too get as big a crowd in as possible.
  3. Predictions

    Or the Eastbourne Team which shows just as much potential with the unknown of not knowing how good Brooks will prove too be and if Kelsey will turn out to show his best consistently. Were as their is a clear weak spot in the Mildenhall team which is Kinsley who has never scored well at Eastbourne and over two legs could see that being their big weak spot.
  4. Stoke

    Yes possibly, but reducing riders who can double up in both the CL and PL will help as anyone above a 6pt PL average cannot ride in the CL.
  5. No job

    In Jake's case it was also down too sponsorship as otherwise would have had a premiership place this season.
  6. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Still a team expected too win most/all meetings at home and some away which will keep you in or around the play-offs still.
  7. Kent 2018

    Yeah from info picked up before Silver knows the Rowe family well from Rye House days. Rowe was always going to come in aswell once he turned 15 so Spooner was only ever likely too be a temporary member of the starting Kent team last year.
  8. Predictions

    I would say currently I would expect Mildenhall and Eastbourne top 2 with Kent, Birmingham and likely Belle Vue too be fighting it out for last two play off places the couldn't guess the rest of the league as all so close.
  9. Eastbourne 2018

    I thought this would be why when I originally saw the race days first announced as we had first leg but was always to late for return at Kent as wouldnt be able to start intill too late.
  10. Cradley 2018?

    Yep is making a joke of it, yes will be a very young side but takes any point out of the competition as wont be a realistic side you could normally put together.
  11. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Exactly, I would agree its good competition between the two. Bickley will get championship experience this season which Brennan wont do but think it wont be a bad thing Tom not doing Championship yet.
  12. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Actually I would say Tom was ahead at the the end of the season. And is a much more natural racer than Kyle from my opinion but obvious would be biased as watched tom all season. Bur yes Jordan was disappointing anywere but at Mildenhall.
  13. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Considering Kyle looked clearly like the one who may have been the best last season. He disappointed slightly on expectation in the end with Brennan and Jenkins proving far more impressive in the end.
  14. Eastbourne 2018

    No its not, Forman IT team for this season will wreck that team.
  15. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Plus his Nl average is too high, expected too come back will be Smith, Payne, Bickley and possibly Mellish and Woodhull