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  1. East End Fan

    2019 NL Season

    I fully agree.There are loads of fans who take a lot of pleasure from seeing new young riders progress. It is also more unpredictable. I watch nowadays ( not every week) at both Eastbourne and Kent and for the most part the racing at both tracks has been top drawer. I hope the promoters have learned their lesson and will vote fo a higher average. I think 39 was a disaster, and judging from comments on this forum, I am not alone in thinking that.
  2. East End Fan

    Kent Laurels

    I note that the Silly Season for rumours has started early this year !! Simply do not believe that Leicester will be able to sign every good looking youngster in the country, much as they might like to.
  3. East End Fan

    Mildenhall vs Kent Play Off semi final leg 1

    How many riders would be needed to run squad systems ? There is already a shortage of riders, so I don't see how squads could operate...unless you allowed a lot more foreign riders in. After Brexit, will that be permissable ? Mention of Poland and Sweden by Mikebv. Lots more riders in Poland and lots more money to pay for them. Sweden I don't know, but they run far less Speedway than we do and can call on the whole of Europe if need be Such expensive luxuries make it far more difficult for British clubs.
  4. East End Fan


    Track certainly left a lot to be desired and the vast majority of riders struggled to keep control in the 1st half of the meeting. Later on as it got slicker, the riding and racing improved and the final match race between Morley and Bowtell was a classic until Alfie turned it over in the heavy grip on bend 2. Do not understand why track curators get it wrong so often.
  5. East End Fan

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    You are undoubtedly right about the current views of the BSPA regarding the National League. But I do not think it was always like that. Admittedly, as a Lakeside supporter, I have watched National League racing as a neutral so have tended not to think about the politics. But now, with my team moving to Rye House, I will be unable to follow them very often so will probably watch more NL at Eastbourne and Kent ( both where I can sit down and get a good view) next year, that is, if they run in that league. Like others on this thread, I think the present set up in the NL has the balance of team strengths about right, so all this talk of a 30 point limit sets off alarm bells for me.
  6. East End Fan

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    I think all National League supporters would agree with your thoughts. 30 would kill the league off entirely. But the rumours as to the truth of it keep persisting. But entering comments on this thread will not change matters. Perhaps we should all write about our concerns directly to the BSPA ? Maybe someone with the technical know-how could start an e-mail petition ?
  7. East End Fan

    Mildenhall vs Kent Play Off semi final leg 1

    If only there was a decent answer to the need for guest riders. A greatly criticised system, but in a sport where serious injury is the norm ( unlike ANY other sport) I cannot fathom an alternative. The rules are designed, I think, to keep teams on an even keel if injuries hit, and the guest system more or less does that. It's a shame that now and again, as is the case of Morley/Woods on Friday night, it all looks a bit crazy. But it does not mean the system is wrong.
  8. East End Fan

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    Who decides whether the National League should be a development league and nothing else ? Clearly JCookie does not support or go to watch N.L. racing. At ANY level there will always be teams at the top and teams at the bottom. Every N.L. club is a business just like those at a higher level. Does Jcookie think that all the investment made and work done will be worth it to see very low standards ? He is deluded...in fact, the higher the standard of the 3rd tier, the better class of rider will be produced. THAT is a FACT and it is ignored by the BSPA who seem not to understand the sport they operate. Way back in history ( can't quite remember the actual date) the 2nd league broke away from the Control Board and ran, I think, very successfully. I can see the same thing happening again with the N.L. breaking away from the BSPA. And who could blame them ?
  9. East End Fan

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    The problem with using all meetings to be included in obtaining new averages is that all clubs do not enter all competitions, so this would favour those clubs that only do league ( or trophy) matches. That is why only league matches are counted. Of course there is an element of unfair competition when a team can field a talented kid at reserve and there are any number of examples. But in Speedway the luck of this kind of situation tends to move around the clubs, so the law of averages ( no pun intended) means that in the longer term it's the same for everyone. Got to say that Gilkes looked very impressive at Kent and Spooner seems to have had an injection of something !
  10. East End Fan

    Buxton vs Kent

    Well, Teaboy..I think you are over-optimistic. This match could surprise a lot of people. Anyway it looks vulnerable to the weather. Forecast as at this morning ( Weds) is for continuing rain all week including Sunday.
  11. East End Fan

    Buxton vs Kent

    Crikey "Sings", what a cynical view of life !
  12. East End Fan

    Buxton vs Kent

    Buxton may surprise a few people on Sunday with their double header. Kent in particular look vulnerable to me. Their record there is not that good anyway and would have to be on top of their game to win...doubtful IMO
  13. East End Fan

    Play Off Run In

    Well, GiveusaB, My experience over many years tells me that the reason that less important dates such as National Trophy are run early in the season is so that riders and tracks can get dialled in before the league matches come in. Not that I consider Trophy to be un-important, if you win it, you'd crow about it, I think.
  14. East End Fan

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    If only the crowds had been that good all along ! Drawn out evening, but a decent farewell and a good result. Bring on Rye !
  15. East End Fan

    Kent v Belle Vue 10/9/18

    Well, teaboy279, if YOU suffered a dislocated knee, broken wrist and ribs, I wonder if you'd consider those "life changing" ?

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