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  1. Kent 2018

    If I were a Kings fan ( and I suppose I am a little that way inclined in spite of my "home" team being Lakeside) I would be pleased for Jack personally BUT a bit concerned about the heavy travelling with a home track in Scotland ( as far North as you can get !) plus all the other far Northern tracks he will have to visit alongside his Kent fixtures.COULD go either way IMO but HOPE it's all good.
  2. Glasgow 2018

    Glasgow can count themselves lucky to have lifted Jack Thomas. I watched him many times last year and saw the improvement week by week I think he changed his engines in mid-season and that seemed to spark him off. Would have liked the Hammers to have signed him. Much less travel for such a young man and this aspect of the move MAY prove to be unhelpful.
  3. Kent 2018

    Many thanks for the explanations from regular Kent fans. I suppose that the restrictions from Town Planning make Iwade a useful addition to the Kent scene. Might try to drive down the M2 on Sunday and have a look.
  4. Kent 2018

    Had a phone call this morning ( Monday) to tell me that Kent's official practice day will be at Iwade on Sunday. Why are they not using their home track in Sittingbourne ? Seems very strange to me. I'm also told that the SDL team from Kent will race their home matches at Iwade. Is that true ? Why not at their own stadium ?
  5. Birmingham 2018

    Since there is a chronic shortage of capable riders in UK ( and in fact World-wide), we should not try to stop ANY rider who has a legitimate British Passport from riding in the "Training area" of the National League. If he has lived in this country for many years, and has no intention of returning to Poland, we should regard him as British. That is the law of the land. I do not see a problem. Good Luck to Birmingham if they sign him.
  6. Lakeside 2018

    Not over enthusiastic about this meeting which appears to have been hung together without too much thought. Would have expected better from JOn Cook. If it's a bit chilly, my old bones will stay at home.
  7. Kent 2018

    Thanks for that info., Teaboy279. Must say that it seems to make sense for a club to stay where they are if they are making money.. I happen to like the National League although I am aware that it is not everyone's cup of tea (no pun intended 279). I visit both Kent and Eastbourne several times in a season and enjoy both places. I can sit in a decent grandstand with an excellent view at both. At my time of life, that is important. Standing on banking or terraces does not appeal. Must say that at both tracks, sitting among local supporters, I have never heard of any discontent at the level of racing. So I say "Good Luck" to both clubs for running at a profitable level.
  8. Birmingham 2018

    Can't speak for Continental clubs, but in UK, while there have been a number of girls that people suggested might come good, none of them ever did ( so far). So I still think that giving a girl rider a contract of any sort is largely for publicity
  9. Birmingham 2018

    I cannot recall any girl reaching the speeds necessary to hold down a team place in any team at any level. So I cannot help but think this signing is a good publicity gesture. I hope that Rachel proves me wrong.
  10. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Well said, Adonis. Seems to me that in many people's eyes, Horton can do nothing that they approve of. One question that should be asked at this Facebook session is " How much money do you expect to lose in the Leicester Bees project ?"
  11. Birmingham 2018

    I was at Rye House some years ago and it seems that the week before they had let all fans in for free ( I believe they had a very good attendance, but that's only hearsay ). I remember the announcer asking if there was anyone in the crowd who had decided to come after enjoying the Freebie of the previous week. Not a single hand went up ! So that seemed to prove that free admission does NOT add people to the weekly gate.....There is an old thought in business...If it's free, it ain't worth anything ! I am curious about the suggestion that the new Belle Vue management are working on a 3 year plan to increase numbers. But Belle Vue have been running almost un-interrupted since 1928. I would have thought that the people of Manchester are fully aware of Speedway. Having said that, the new track/stadium IS very special and MIGHT prove to be the magic ingredient.
  12. Birmingham 2018

    As Moleman said, the Belle Vue Colts are subsidised by the senior team and it seems that they do not need to show a profit in order to survive. That is not the case for most other clubs, so no fair comparison can be made. To be fair, the admission price at most tracks bears comparison to other forms of entertainment and is a lot cheaper than some.
  13. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Yes Martinmauger ( any relation to the great Ivan ???). Silver does write letters to the Speedway Star, they always make me grin because he gets hot under the collar at anyone who dares to criticise the sport. I'm told he also writes an e-mail column on a regular basis, but I don't know how to get on his mailing list. Can anyone advise me ?
  14. Team GB Franchise?!

    If the new World competition, which seems like a Pairs event, is the only thing on the World stage, who on earth would want to take a franchise on the British title. I certainly agree with those that do not like "Team GB" stupid IMO. Bring back "Great Britain" or, even better, "England". Didn't "England" win the World Team Cup ( or whatever it might have been called then) 3 times in succession ? Can anyone confirm that ? Would be nice to see some of the old Test Matches that used to be regular features a few years ago , England v Sweden, England v Australia. Hugely popular at the time...why not now ?
  15. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Must take issue with Richard Weston who thinks Len Silver is too old and past it.."LIving on past glories". On what does he base that allegation ? For the past 5 years he has been in charge at Kent, a track that I attend several times in a season alongside Arlington. So far as my eyes tell me, the attendances generally are very good, each meeting runs absolutely to the tight schedule that the Town Planners have imposed, the racing is as good as any in the league, youngsters are very well catered for, as are the disabled, and the team, after a shaky start, is always in the top section. What else would Richard Weston expect.? For a Octegenarian Silver seems to have his finger on the pulse. I wish him well though I don't always agree with his public utterances.