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  1. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    The Kent web site is saying that a new sponsor is to be announced during a Dog Racing meeting at the stadium next Sunday. Seems a very strange way to introduce a new Speedway sponsor at a Dog meeting.
  2. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    In the past I have been to Kent for about 6 meetings a season on Mondays. Always liked the comfort and view as well as the racing. On Saturdays, with easier motorway driving down the M2, I will quite likely, with no Lakeside to follow, go to Sittingbourne every week. Eastbourne is a step too far for me on a regular basis though I have visited several times in the past few seasons. So I hope the council make the right decision.
  3. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    Thanks, Greyhoundp. Got into the site by clicking on to the web code you printed. Sadly, after that, I could get no further as my e-mail address would not be accepted...I'll just have to write a letter !
  4. East End Fan

    Stoke 2019

    The only problem is that those riders who will ride for nothing are worth exactly THAT.. NOTHING.
  5. East End Fan

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    It is hard to disagree with Teaboy...BUT, I can see that if the BSPA treat Buxton as a special case, waving fees and so on, which will be the next club to claim that they too are a special case ? Personally I see the National League as the MOST ESSENTIAL part of the sport in the UK. Producing new young British riders year on year. Yet, if all we hear is true, many of them struggle to survive...indeed Buxton did NOT survive and their input into the training scene is lost, to the detriment of the sport. IMO the BSAP should make more effort to support the N .L. The reward is less expensive foreign talent.
  6. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    I tried to get onto the Swale Council site to add my bit in support of the Saturday thing, but, sadly, my lack of knowledge about how this blessed internet works, I did not succeed. So I think all those who ARE able to press the right buttons should add their support. For the long term, I am sure this move is essential to Kent. I am not the only one who would find Saturdays easier than Mondays. Has the club said anything about the opening date yet ?
  7. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    Does anyone know when the new hearing will be for Kent's application to run on Saturdays ? Far more important to me than worrying about how much the riders get paid. Also can anyone tell me how I can write to the Council...address etc to support the application. Would be a good idea for us all to do it especially if we can do it by e-mail which is so easy.
  8. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    Funnily enough, I can remember some few years ago that I was told by one of his riders that the whole team at Rye House were on the same points money. So maybe that is one of Len's strategies ? Anyhow, as I've said before, where riders' pay is concerned, so long as I feel that they are being treated fairly, I'm happy. Would not like to think that they are being taken advantage of ( I'm sure that happens sometimes).
  9. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    If Cradley and Kent pay the most, then presumably all the rest pay less than the figures you quoted. But, from the conversations I hear and some stuff I've read about somewhere, these pay rates are still far below the Championship levels, so those critics on this forum who loudly proclaim that no riders should expect to be paid more than £10 a point are WAY OFF the mark are'nt they ? There must be a connection between the pay rates of the 3 divisions, relating to the abilities of the riders. If a top heat leader in National League rode for £10 a point and scored a maximum of 15 points he would only get £150. Out of that he has to maintain an engine and bike plus travel up and down the country late at night to get home. For such a dangerous occupation, would hardly seem worthwhile. And he would not always score 15.
  10. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    TurnTwo..you seem pretty well informed. Are you one of Kent's promoters ? Tried to do the arithmetic but ran out of sensible answers half way through. But it added up to a lot of money. No wonder Buxton dropped out.
  11. East End Fan

    Mildenhall 2019

    The comments about Ledwith are getting better and better.
  12. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    Do you know what the 3 riders you mention are being paid ? What would you consider "not signing cheap?" Personally I don't really care what the riders are paid providing I get the feeling that they are being treated fairly....never really know about that, of course. Just a gut feeling.
  13. East End Fan

    Mildenhall 2019

    Very interested to hear from a fan who actually knows something about Robert Ledwith. I know little about him so I found your comments interesting. Lots of criticism has been expounded because he is in his 40's ( I have NO problem with that) and now I know a little about what sort of rider he is/was, I am keen to see him in action.
  14. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    I'm sure I either read it, or heard it somewhere that your comments are similar to some coming from the Kent management. I did not realise how young some of the Kings team is, apart from Ledwith. So it is not unrealistic to think that as they progress many of them COULD reach Championship level. And don't Kent also own Danny Ayres ? But I would assume it all depends on getting Saturdays.
  15. East End Fan

    Mildenhall 2019

    You're just a baby, my childhood was Eric Chitty, Aub Lawson, Cliff Watson, Jack Parker et al

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