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  1. Well done Tigers... came, saw, conquered As they say so often in politics, lessons have been learned...... let’s hope so (mind you - politicians never seem to learn)
  2. Great to see some more speedway after the crap weather and great to see a huge reduction in tractor racing at Worky Top marks for Ricky. Erik was superb but he cost us dearly with his 2 min X in ht 9. Rene was naughty in ht 13 leaving Erik nowhere to go on the final bends 3/4, Erik was lucky to stay aboard We can be happy with an away point. The 2 new guys scored 3 each and we have to give them time to settle. Josh seems to have some problems but will sort them out. Matt did well but was hard on BWD coming out of b2L1 ht 14 and a great effort from BWD to (1) stay aboard (2) get in front thereafter..... impressive Congrats to Worky - Jensen was very impressive and points from 1-7 Highlight for me has to be seeing baby Cook!!!!!!!!!!

    Call-offs ARE costly!!! The stadium rental alone is a killer. Stadium owners don’t just say, “have this one on us” they are business men too ALSO, ask another question, if no-one goes to speedway but stays at home to watch it on whatever you can..... will the tracks be kept open to film for your viewing pleasure?
  4. Morning all..... there’s a strange yellow thing in the sky over East Lothian and it’s a lovely day!!! I hope it extends to Workington as we’ll be on our way later..... via the chippy of course (think it’s called John’s Plaice) I’m keen to see our new guys in action but any speedway action will do. Hoping Joel has fully recovered Safe meeting for all
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Hearty congratulations to Craig and Charlotte on the birth of their daughter
  6. The air fence didn’t do much good...... it burst like a balloon on impact Best wishes to Stevie for a speedy recovery
  7. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I’d just like to wish Stevie all the best for a speedy recovery, great guy, sad news
  8. Glasgow 2018

    Wow...... All the best to Stewart, always said hello even tho’ I’m a “beast from the East”
  9. I enjoyed last night...... great to be back trackside The new track impressed but is the first time I have ever seen a speedway track with the grass at 90 degrees on the 1st bend..... good job the new track is wide enough to cope. Some really good racing and some learning curves achieved with much to look forward to for both teams....... roll on Friday!!!
  10. I’m more bothered about getting there!!! It took me 1.5 hours to get to the Cairn Hotel on Tuesday and tomorrow I will have to factor in the Glasgow traffic too...... the quicker Glasgow revert back Sunday afternoon, the better
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    I totally agree. The old saying, “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” certainly springs to mind
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Last night was the night of our 100 club Burns Supper and a good, profitable night was had by all who attended We had a superb guest in Alun Rossiter who arrived resplendent in full highland dress and will be welcome back anytime Many thanks to Alun and all who worked hard to make the night such a success
  13. Aussie U-21 Championships

    Anyone have results from qualifiers or competitors for the final plz
  14. Edinburgh 2018

    Well, that’s the Ausy Champs 4 rounds complete. Great battle between Tungate and B Kurtz throughout with J Holder taking the spoils today, the victor overall was Rohan and congratulations to him. Brady made a mess of the final again and finished 2nd with X Monarch, Max Fricke 3rd Josh can hold his head high in such company although he probably wanted more. Commiserations to our friend Sam who had to pull out of leading into ht 1 with an ankle injury. James Davies reared in practice and knocked himself out, Sam could not avoid his bike. Hope both are not seriously injured
  15. Wolves 2018

    Take care Sam, hope it isn’t too bad