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  1. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2018

    So, now we have a better report on our website and a complete rendition of the facts that Ritchie is a done-deal and we sadly sacrifice Mark & Max I am sorry to lose both of them but I don’t think either one could say they were riding to their full potential. The decision to change came on the back of 4 x 37/53 scores. Had we waited another week it might have been different but with Ritchie becoming available, the promotion pounced. They are running a business and are focused on winning I have already spoken about Mark so I add my best wishes to Max. A really nice guy and I hope he can get fixed up too. Such a pity the rules don’t allow his average to drop to his real average! Welcome to the Monarchs Ritchie..... Scunny last year was when my opinion changed and I hope you will be very happy at “the dark side”
  2. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2018

    I guess that’s what the promotion is aiming for and let’s face it, they aren’t very often wrong
  3. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2018

    Feel really sorry for Mark, good luck lad and I hope you can come back to us sometime. Thanks for your contribution to Monarchs, you are a much better rider than you have been lately. I’m sure someone will snap you up
  4. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2018

    Sorry messed up and won’t let me delete
  5. Good luck to Dan & Co tonight. After being at Scunny, Redcar & Armadale..... I wasn’t allowed out
  6. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2018

    Our club in pretty unique in so much as, our fans actually like to be involved and will do anything we can to keep our club afloat. We do so willingly because we want to, not because anyone begs us. The promotion keep us involved by asking for help with things like this. It might be a problem to you, but it isn’t to us
  7. Gr8scot

    Redcar v Edinburgh 12/7/18

    Obviously, I enjoyed our trip to sunny Redcar again last night. Lovely company from the Redcar folks (even tho’ they told us not to come back with this team) The boys were amazing and made all the better when they walked all the way round the stadium to great applause from the Redcar supporters to meet us fans and have their photo taken with us...... as Ricky & Max would say..... Awesome!!! If the track photographer is reading this, where can I buy a copy of last night & the 4’s photos please
  8. Gr8scot

    Craig Cook

    I am one of these sponsors and I will still support Craig no matter what colour he is wearing or whether my name is here, there or wherever. This move is a no brainer financially for Craig and I hope he can kick on from here His true supporters will get behind, and stay behind him
  9. Gr8scot

    Glasgow 2018

    Well, from an Edinburgh fan..... unlike some from the East..... I wish Craig good luck at Glasgow. He needs to be able to earn a living and he’s not going to do that and compete in the GP (and support a new baby) with a few meetings for BelleVue. It was a no brainer financially. It will be tough to see him in Tiggers kevlars but heyho, life goes on
  10. Once again our favourite away score!?! Plaudits to Scunny who had that extra oomph that we couldn’t find. Josh Auty and Rory were sublime, backed by a team effort. For us, Joel & Josh gave their all for not much reward, Ricky seemed to have bike issues. The rest pitched in but were swallowed up by the determination of a fired up, patched up Scunny side Still enjoyed my trip on a lovely hot day and well done to the track staff. I expected a dust bowl but they did really well
  11. Looking forward to this one. Good choice of guests. Soon be en’route....... clear the A1 please
  12. Jings, just noticed this...... bit of urgent planning required......
  13. Gr8scot

    Glasgow 2018

    Really bad news for Lewis, a spiral fracture is a nasty one, best wishes to the lad
  14. Gr8scot

    Glasgow 2018

    One word...........maybe two...... Nae chance!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Just my 2p worth...... I have been a supporter since I was a child and am now a pensioner I attend every Berwick v Edinburgh meeting to support my team and I love the stadium and being so close to the track The track tho'.......... in almost every race you can mark your programme after bend 2...... that is not Speedway! Rip the track up this winter and start again from the bottom with different material that gives the riders the grip to pass.... just a thought.......

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