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  1. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2019

    Merry Xmas Josh...... best Xmas pressy for us...... Happy days Joel next please
  2. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2019

    Welcome back Sedgy, we’ll get the tables reinforced Josh next please!!!
  3. Gr8scot

    2nd leg play off final

    Doh, I’ve put my congrats on the wrong thread (tomorrows double) Absolutely stoked for Laura and all at Workington Speedway. Following a year of rain offs and injuries makes becoming League Champions even more awesome. Let the celebrations begin...... and Good Luck for the treble tomorrow
  4. That’s the way to do it!!! Hearty congratulations...... let the League Champions celebrations begin and Good Luck tomorrow for the treble
  5. Good luck to Laura and her Workington team & supporters tonight
  6. Gr8scot

    Torun 2018

    Hearty congratulations to TAI ...... superb
  7. Gr8scot

    Torun 2018

    A’ra’best TAI - go get ‘em lad
  8. Good meeting with the tension kept turned up all night. Great effort from both teams on a flippin cold night Good luck to all in the play-offs..... I’ll be sitting in my cosy house with my feet up watching the updates May the best team win
  9. Funny old game Speedway..... my hubby looked at Friday’s prog on Sat am and declared us the winners BUT I reminded him this was Speedway where anything can and does happen and that Worky could do to us what we did to them...... hmmm All I can say now is well done the Comets and good luck as you progress
  10. Congratulations to Berwick, their riders attacked the track from ht 1 and got the result they deserved. Theo was the trump card Plaudits to the track staff (I would never have believed it would go ahead having been there from 5pm) and to Willie Dishington for rattling the meeting through in an amazing time I’m not having a go at our riders as, although they took too long to get going, they never gave up. Early bath for us but hey ho, that’s Speedway. KO cup time ........
  11. Jings, ever wish you’d never made a comment? There is no team management as it is an individual event. I get the second bit but I like Ricky and didn’t want to say that so I simply said Erik was unlucky with the last gate pick
  12. Picky, hardly relevant post....... so my turn...... 3rd loser actually as Cookie won it
  13. Congrats to Glasgow, by far the best team on the night, well deserved win. Cookie was worth the trip thro and the admission money - I’ve missed watching him riding flat out like that. Coming back to the Championship League has brought the smile back. I said Bomber would benefit from having Craig around so I’ll pat myself on the back now Have to say I was unimpressed and embarrassed by the boos from a small section of “Monarchs fans” towards Craig. Bl@@dy short memories some people have. 5 years of sheer joy and that’s what he gets for trying to earn a living......... Impressive nights for Broc Nicol (thanks lad) and Jordan Stewart
  14. Better late than never..... WELL DONE COOKIE and a great effort from Erik, unlucky last pick of gate lad
  15. Pre Friday, I would’ve agreed with you but losing Joel and Victor not fully fit (thumb & knee damage) could be a game changer Happy Birthday Paulco...... but we will be out to spoil your party

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