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  1. Well, I really am a technophobe, it’s official. I tried to add a picture about the great shave-off ..... failed. So just to let you know that Mitchell Davey was also involved in shaving his barnet - well done to Mitchell too
  2. Folks, I apologise if a thread already exists..... Lee Kilby has said he will shave off his hair to raise funds for The Ben Fund with an initial target of £500. This was quickly exceeded and raised to £1000 which has also been surpassed. Can we keep up the good work since The Ben Fund still has people depending on it and the dreaded virus has stopped other normal methods of fundraising. Well done to Lee. Sorry I don’t know how to do links but the details are as follows https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/leekilbyheadshave?utm_term=4MKAr3Xb5
  3. Gr8scot

    Blair Scott RIP

    I have so many happy memories of Blair, especially on Southern tours in the good old days when tours lasted all week and Blair and Ally provided much of the humour. I have always had a soft spot for our likeable lad and it is with great sadness that I now say, RIP Bongo Sincere condolences to Margaret and Ally
  4. Good luck to Cookie and our neighbours from the West. Fly the flag for Scotland
  5. I’d certainly like to think so after the superb 5 years Cookie gave us There are a small few who haven’t gone to Glasgow since “that letter” and a small few who don’t like that Craig “defected to the enemy” but, I for one, will never forget Craig’s contribution to Monarchs and the joy it was to watch him then and now. The lad has to earn a living and always wears his team colours with pride
  6. I dragged myself along, choked with the cold, to support my pal Cookie and I’m glad I did. As testimonials go, this rates well. Great to see Craig giving meaningful track time to the youngsters who were very entertaining. The main event had lots of old and existing Edinburgh riders battling it out in a decent line-up. Such a shame the meeting was sandwiched between Edinburgh home and Newcastle away or I’m sure there would’ve been more Monarchs fans there. Everything appeared to go as planned and it looked like Craig enjoyed his well deserved day
  7. Me too, wishing you the best of luck
  8. Gr8scot

    MCN vote now live. Vote for Woofy?

    Me too, thank you for the link
  9. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2019

    Gutted to lose big Victor - 100% trier and a really nice lad. Good luck to him and I hope the crazy points limit allows us to have him back some time Really good to have Joel back tho’
  10. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2019

    Merry Xmas Josh...... best Xmas pressy for us...... Happy days Joel next please
  11. Gr8scot

    Edinburgh 2019

    Welcome back Sedgy, we’ll get the tables reinforced Josh next please!!!
  12. Gr8scot

    2nd leg play off final

    Doh, I’ve put my congrats on the wrong thread (tomorrows double) Absolutely stoked for Laura and all at Workington Speedway. Following a year of rain offs and injuries makes becoming League Champions even more awesome. Let the celebrations begin...... and Good Luck for the treble tomorrow
  13. That’s the way to do it!!! Hearty congratulations...... let the League Champions celebrations begin and Good Luck tomorrow for the treble
  14. Good luck to Laura and her Workington team & supporters tonight
  15. Gr8scot

    Torun 2018

    Hearty congratulations to TAI ...... superb

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