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  1. Aussie U-21 Championships

    Anyone have results from qualifiers or competitors for the final plz
  2. Edinburgh 2018

    Well, that’s the Ausy Champs 4 rounds complete. Great battle between Tungate and B Kurtz throughout with J Holder taking the spoils today, the victor overall was Rohan and congratulations to him. Brady made a mess of the final again and finished 2nd with X Monarch, Max Fricke 3rd Josh can hold his head high in such company although he probably wanted more. Commiserations to our friend Sam who had to pull out of leading into ht 1 with an ankle injury. James Davies reared in practice and knocked himself out, Sam could not avoid his bike. Hope both are not seriously injured
  3. Wolves 2018

    Take care Sam, hope it isn’t too bad
  4. Bt Sport Coverage

    Good job for them, I was getting ready to cancel my subscription like I did with Sky Sport last year...... hmmmm please don’t tell me we’re going back to Sky
  5. Edinburgh 2018

    Quite right, shame on us..... I followed the result on Speedway updates and was delighted for Sam finishing 2nd, a big improvement from Saturday. Unfortunately, Josh went the other way from Saturday and had a couple of costly mistakes (maybe heatstroke after getting too used to the Scottish weather ) The show, so far, belongs to Mr Tungate and well done to him
  6. Jimmy Beaton.

    Great idea Paulco. Condolences to the Beaton family. RIP Jimmy
  7. Edinburgh 2018

    Happy Birthday tomorrow to 6AP aka Sadam - looking forward to the party on Friday but we’re not allowed to say the magic number
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    Firstly, Well done Josh Sadly stalwart Bertie (Farmer) Barr has passed away this morning. Well known from his days driving the tractor and a good friend to all. Bertie was well into his 90’s and ever faithful at Edinburgh Speedway until last year Condolences to his family. RIP Bert
  9. Craig Cook Support Group

    Maybe you could ask the organisers at the email address in the first post
  10. Edinburgh 2018

    Happy New Year to one and all and here’s to a great (injury free) 2018
  11. A support group has been established to assist Cookie in 2018 as he steps up into the GP’s I’m not posting this to attract any negative comments but to inform the folks who do support Craig - so if you don’t like him (your prerogative) please just move on to another thread I think it is a great idea and have encouraged a fair few Monarchs fans to join For just £50 a fan can have their name on Cookie’s GP race suit, monthly prize draw for GP passes, merchandise, race worn kit, signed photos, birthday card and members only communications on WhatsApp and Twitter For more information on how to join the CC111 Support Squad contact 111CraigCook@gmail.com
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Hope everyone had a good Xmas
  13. Edinburgh 2018

    I’m very happy to see Matt in the team. What I’ve seen of him is that he is a 100% trier and I like that. Welcome Matt
  14. Australian State Titles 2017

    Best I’ve got is 1st Rohan Tungate, 2nd Josh Pickering, 3rd Jack Holder
  15. Australian State Titles 2017

    Ahah.... found out..... 1st Rohan Tungate, 2nd Josh Pickering and 3rd Jack Holder Well done all (especially Josh)