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  1. alanf2

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    It is free, but you are supposed to select the parking option when you buy your ticket. I go every week and nobody has ever checked to see if I have a parking ticket or not. They just wave you in.
  2. alanf2

    Poole v Oxford 15/4/22

    I watched on the livestream and I don’t think there was anything wrong with the track. The problem is that financially, Poole, Glasgow and Leicester are literally in a different league to everybody else. Poole have three number 1’s. Outside of visits from Glasgow and Leicester, everybody else is going to get the same sort of thumping that Oxford got, and there probably won’t be much great racing. Not saying it is right or wrong, it is just reality.
  3. alanf2

    Championship Streaming Channel

    I lived in US for 22 years until last week, now back home in Oxford. I would have given my right arm for the BSPA to find a way of monetising my interest. Would happily have paid. I think there are a lot of interested expats like me who currently generate £0 revenue for speedway.
  4. alanf2

    Teams Represented By Most Nations/Countries?

    Denzil Kent from South Africa rode for Oxford back in the day.
  5. alanf2

    Fathers and Sons

    Bob Coles, Michael Coles and Connor Coles al rode for Mildenhall.
  6. Soccer? I must have imagined standing in those 70,000 crowds in Atlanta for MLS games.
  7. alanf2

    Football 2018-19

    As a season ticket holder for the last two years at Atlanta United, I can tell you that you are getting a great player. Incredibly fast especially with the ball at his feet, tremendous work rate and a good creator of chances. If he has a weakness it is his finishing. Could probably do with bulking up a bit as well. Even if he is having a bad game, he will try his heart out. He is used to playing his home games in front of 70,000 crowds, so won't be overwhelmed by it all. Came second in the MVP award to his Atlanta teammate. The top end of MLS is not nearly as bad as people would have you think.

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