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  1. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Well with the country being in a hole financially due to Covid and the government being strapped for cash... The HMRC will be looking for as much as they can get... Also did you know the HMRC can charge interest on monies owed... So I would suggest if NEWSPEED 2003 LTD are being investigated by the HMRC for anomalies going back to 2013 there could be a fair amount of interest to be added... You never know Garritty could be getting a cell mate for Easter whose also interested in Speedway... or will the Prison Warder be giving his ex promoting partner bed and breakfast for a few month? Now that woukd be funny... LOL what's that saying again... he who laughs last laughs longest... ho ho ho... only 60 days to Christmas... But genuinely Rob Grant is the guy I feel sorry for... bought the thing in good faith and told all the bills were settled and there was nothing else to pay out then all these things start coming out the woodwork like riders not paid and still owed wages from the previous season... BSPA bills not paid and potentially a whopping HMRC bill including an investigation and now he is having to buy back all the plant and assets off the liquidator so he can run the new business... the old promotion have alot of questions to answer and where we aa fans never got a straight reply to any question and looked down upon when they run the spot they will have to answer the HMRC questions... or it will be Go To Jail Go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect £200 Regards THJ
  2. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Honestly You couldn't make this up.... NEWSPEED 2003 LTD the company behind your beloved Speedway team Newcastle Diamonds are going into Liquidation Yep that's right liquidation; I bet when Rob Grant bought out the club from the old promotion he didn't reckon on this "Pan of Pony" As a sponsor I have had the heads up and I was asked what I wanted to do with regard to my sponsorship monies I have paid and I have (of course) just asked to "let it ride" for the next season we run as Rob has apparently started a new company called Newcastle Diamonds Limited... I would assume this offer will be the same for season ticket holders who will be offered either their cash back as a refund or given the opportunity to let them role over for the next full season we have; with not only the new promotion but a whole new company. More on this later... It is the Liquidators duty and role to look after creditors of the old business and a report will be going into the London Gazette (I think its called) which identifies the company and the reasons as to why they have been liquidated' and what happens next. Now I cant go into to much detail yet as everyone is being diplomatic and not giving much away when I have asked for further information and there are of course the "Libel Laws" to consider; however it would appear that in the operating and day to day running of the club it was brought to Rob's attention that there was a bit of an anomaly (so to speak) in the previous accounts and HMRC wanted a word. When this "anomaly" was explained to the new owner he had no other option but to fold the old business to protect himself and his good name; however I am expecting certain people to be interviewed from our friends at HMRC and possibly under caution... You can see the NEWSPEED 2003 LTD accounts on line on the Companies House web site... I am certainly not a happy chappie for various reasons but I bet Rob Grant is bouncing... So remember the old tag line and in "whom" we were asked to put our trust in... looks like they have left an absolute mess financially. But never mind I have the fullest confidence in Rob and his team to pull this around but after all the rhetoric from the previous promotion it certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth that's for sure... and especially after I was called worse than a pick-pocket by one or two of them and their cronies only for 1. to be not only proved right to what I was saying but 2. totally exonerated after pumping thousands into their pockets when I thought I was helping the club it looks like I have been funding other things not always speedway related. What a shower I for one am totally behind Grant and his new regime; its a breath of fresh air compared to the previous lot... Its maybe a good thing that swear words aren't allowed on here as the whole post would have been redacted... Once again it looks like I am the harbinger of doom and gloom however its isn't that bad for the club as a whole as Rob Grant is doing an awful lot of positive work behind the scenes.. "What for" I am not sure but fair play to the new promotion for sticking with it as they could have just pulled up sticks and walked away cutting their losses... Regards THJ
  3. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    With Jenga haunting everywhere else on the Forum...
  4. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

  5. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Honestly Just like Pavel "Ivan was a Geordie" Regards THJ
  6. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Honestly Funny that as it's the second time in 24 hours ave heard a holliday anecdote about the spot... last night in a pub in Maryport one of the locals said to his girlfriend soon as this Covid carry on was finished "we'll gan LA lass soon as lock down is owa" so I said "That's nice taking ya girlfriend to America for a holiday have ya been before" he said "America? A was talkin aboot tekin a Lang Allonby Marra not fekin Los Angeles do ya think am med of money" apparently it is a big deal to get a Twentymans Ice Cream... and that is a true story... Romance is alive and well in Cumbria like eh.... Regards THJ
  7. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Dunno about that Geoff I've been well looked after in Maryport... Regards THJ
  8. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Dave has got a big house in Titley Bay he could do a Gary Lineker and put a few up... Although I did here that he was coming back from a meeting at Kings Lynn a couple of years back and coming round the end of the M18 from Hull where it meets with the A1M Dave passed a refugee on the motorway and the guy was eating the grass just off the hard shoulder and up the banked side of the road... So Dave being a good Samaritan pulled over and asked the guy what he was doing and the guy said "I am a poor refugee from "Iraqistan" and I have nowhere to go" Dave said "that's awful if you have nowhere to stay you must come home with me" the fellow immediately ran up the bank and whistled and 35 other refugees came over the top of the banking and he said "my family" Dave said "whoa lad hold ya horse's how big do you think my lawn is?" True story that (cough cough) absolute gent Wor Dave... Regards THJ
  9. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Listen... Am sorry to break even more bad news... in fact a should have told everyone yesterday but a was busy... so this lock down thing has pipped me a bit on the news front but never mind... So here goes... ONLY 99 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS.... YEAH.... WHOOP WHOOP.... SANTA IS COMING.... GET IN... I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it I'm about to lose control and I think I like it... Yeah... as The Pointer Sisters once said... Get in eh!!! 99 days... bring it on... Regards THJ
  10. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Not sure Ruff!!! Sorry... but again its privately owned so there would be a lot of hoops to jump through if it was to go forward... however the council have said they wouldn't be to upset if that's were they went ultimately... so having the council on-side is a big plus... where as they wouldn't support an application for the Siemens site I don't think.... but this is just one of several sites I believe Rob has looked at... Regards THJ
  11. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    I am led to believe the site is the last patch of ground as you go through Seaton Burn on the B1318 to the A19 roundabout on the left hand side that picks up on the A1 southbound slip road; sort of between the two large roundabouts... however; and again this is one of the problems... this land does not belong to the council it belongs to a third party so there are a mountain of issues and I would suggest you are right in that the test drilling will have nothing to do with the Speedway... although it does give some idea as to the type of sites that Rob is looking at/for.... How very dare you... No I would go to Speedway again... just not in Snuderland... there isn't enough Dettol to wash in to get the stink off after a visit and to be fair there is always Northside... That's official... definitely unofficial... Regards THJ
  12. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Here goes.... av got a phone book down the back of me pants... Forget the Siemens site it won't happen... not as long as you have a hole in your posterior... you don't get a licence to create noise... when you apply for planning you tell people what you will be doing and they either put up with it or object... the council will consider whether the noise is acceptable or not and base it on the amount of objections they recieve... and may uphold the objections... it's complicated but again once you start the process there could be post objections then you run the risk of abatement orders that may be applied... Honestly forget Siemens... far to close to housing and difficult to suppress noise, smell and dirt... Rob Grant has been very open and honest as to what his options are and where he is at with various local authorities... he has always stated that he wants to run as a "training track"/"practice track" during the week to generate funds so the noise could be daily not just three hours on a Sunday... (Or Monday) What also needs to be noted is that it won't be a Stadium... you wouldn't call the Redcar or Scunthorpe venues Stadiums they are "Motor Parks" or "Raceways" not Stadiums like the NSS in Manchester... where ever the club ends up think Redcar and Scunthorpe... Not Brough Berwick Ashfield Sheffield NSS and the likes where there are fixed stands and a Stadium format... it won't be the new Brough Park to start with it will be the original New Rough Park... and possibly quite basic... however it will be a new home offering security and longevity for the club and the promotion has to start somewhere... he's called Grant not Abramovich... monies will be tight the first few years I would suggest... So where to... and the outskirts of the city are where we will end up without a doubt... and again Granty has been open with what his options currently are... on the outskirts of Newcastle a couple of sites have been mentioned and met with positivity from Newcastle Authority... these sites are located near Throckley and Seaton Burn... North Tyneside are looking at a couple of more sites with one on the A19 tunnel approach and one or two more out on the coast... although they are struggling with the site size requirement and a site in Gateshead towards Kibblesworth through a Farmer that Rob knows... again it needs to be remembered that the local authority may not own the land... it may be farmland or land owned by a third party but the whole process is a complicated one... this can't be stressed enough... You have to empathise with Rob Grant and his promotional team though surely in these wretched times with this poxy Covid coming along when it did... he bought the club and was late to the party but managed to pull a team together and then wham Covid kicked in... lock down.. and Granty and his team don't get to turn a wheel in anger for a whole season... then the Dogs through ARC start getting a bit bolshie after he has pumped money into the track... it has certainly been a tough start to his promotional career for sure.... If (when) we get to move and wherever it is I hope we draw in some new fans... I know it will be hard to move but we won't be the first side to find a new home and sure some folk will take the losing of Brough Park hard and as the last straw but if you want a viable club it could be the only option the promotion have and I'm sure these decisions won't be taken lightly but if you want to watch Speedway then a change could be imminent and the only answer... Good luck to the promotion and hopefully every one will see the issues with Brough and get behind what the promotion are having to do to ensure the future of the sport in the region... As long as we don't end up in Snuderland cos a couldn't bring me self to go there.... anywhere but Mackum land... Regards THJ
  13. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Fresh off Twitter... breaking news!!! Joe Appleton has posted the followng NEWCASTLE owner Rob Grant has provided a fresh update on the club’s search for a new stadium site. Meetings with local council next week. A long-term lease necessary. Plans to base structural ideas on tracks like Redcar and Scunthorpe. So there ya go.a bit of good news for a change... Regards THJ
  14. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2020

    Never say never as the guy running Northside has some great ideas and even more ambition (and all the shale off DP) it wouldn't take much to lay a another track at the back of the training track and run a National League team... Regards THJ
  15. TotallyHonestJohn

    Poole Pirates 2020

    His Grandad isn't Ozzie and mum Kelly by any chance? Av not seen the Osborne's for a while... Regards THJ

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