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  1. TotallyHonestJohn

    Kent Kings 2020?

    100% Correct...
  2. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Honestly It's nice to see that some people can rrecognise the effort that Rob and the promotion are putting in and the difficult position the previous promotion left him in... that's what makes the comments made in the Speedway Star even more crass and the ignoramus should be offering an apology to Rob as what he and others may not appreciate is Rob has not only paid out twice now for the club he lost all the money in the company account when Newspeed went into liquidation... he buys the club and starts investing... starts selling season tickets and bringing sponsorship into the club... then the VAT black hole is revealed... the club or Newspeed is folded and the liquidators freezes all accounts and seize all assets... so the promotion lose thousands in season ticket money and sponsorship cash because the bank account is frozen and not only this but there is the ignominy of having to buy back things like the tractor; water bowser; the grading blade; the air fence and everything else that was an asset of the club... everything the club owned... all goods and chattles... On top of this Rob has honoured all the previous season tickets at his cost... he was within his rights to say sorry Newspeed has gone bump so your season ticket has gone... not very good PR if he was to do that though so in essence no season ticket monies this year to start the club off... no additional sponsorship cash because of Covid and some sponsors got their cash back... which again he paid... this is an hounorable guy trying to do right by folk and you have a half wit going to press and saying what he did... from a club where cash now isn't an issue... not everyone has access to limitless resources and funds with the backing of a 250 million pound turnover company... Grants family butchers... turnover 2 ton of sausage and a wagon full of bacon... not exactly an international opperation... more greasy spoon than Google... Sorry but it's bad form... we have a guy in Rob Grant whose been nothing but straight with people and this guy goes to press and has a pop... How Rob Grant is maintaining his enthusiasm is beyond me because lesser folk would have thrown their hand in by now... Regards THJ
  3. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    To be fair how they operate doesn't really bother me because as many a Glasgow fan would rightly point out it's nothing any other club wouldn't do in the same situation... it's the comments made in this weeks Speedway Star that have narked me... Throwing stones in glass houses springs to mind... Regards THJ
  4. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Don't disagree to a certain extent but in footballing terms its like Man City saying they want to stay in the Championship rather than go up... well maybe not Man City cos they win things... think af a club owned by a billionaire who win nothing... oh aye Newcastle United doh... cos Ashley would be happy winning the Championsip every year rather than going up... but how fair is that on the rest of the teams in the league... where's Glasgows ambition because they wouldn't be paying anymore in wages as to what they are now as they pay top dollar... and the travel cost excuse doesn't wash now with the southern teams we have in the Championship... But that's not the argument Glasgow have short memories because before the Sugar Daddies took over they were in a perilous state year on year running hand to mouth then for the manager to go into press in the Star and have a pop at Newcastle for how they are operating and the Vissing situation... bad form... a few year back Glasgow tried to instigate a pay cap on riders to try and save on costs (And stop the poaching of riders by gazumping) but no one stuck to it... for me it was a good idea at the time but now they skew the field paying over the top wages for mediocre riders... the hypocracy of the whole thing just sticks in the craw a bit... because I'm not bothered how Glasgow conduct their business it's when clowns like their manager go into print having a pop at Newcastle is the issue after the crying match they played out in public over them keeping their team is the crux of the issue and every time they don't get their way they threaten to sue... The Glasgow Sugar Daddies can run thier club how they want no problem but the manager needs to realise some other clubs don't have the funds to run with big losses... he doesn't know what the state of the finaces are at Newcastle... Maybe time for a fair play league on teams an do every grand you are in the Red the following season you should be deducted a point... only thing is Glasgow would be starting on minus 230... Cami Knickers Brown... some boy... so nowt against Team Glasgow or their brilliant fans... however Shallow Hal syndrome from the manager IMHO... Regards THJ
  5. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Honestly The quotes from the Glasgow manager in the Star take some beating... should wind his neck in really because Glasgow don't like any comments on how they run their club... Vissing wanted the same deal he was getting at Glasgow as a third heat leader which was more than Newcastle were paying a No 1... they were busting the bank to bring him in yet he wouldn't commit to riding in the UK and started making excessive demands that couldnt be met... when you don't work to a budget and are rolling in dough it's easy.... however when cash is tight do you let one riders demands be the difference between breaking even or losing a fortune... and he was even offered a job in the UK and still wouldnt commit saying he still had to consider his Danish commitments... this promotion were more than fair however away from the Bank of Scotland he came back into the real world and was made a fantastic offer however at Glasgow "I got this" and at Glasgow "I hot that"; well sorry mate this ain't Glasgow and we aren't awash with cash... and yes you are a good Danish rider but you ain't a Nikki Pedersen a Kenni Larsen or even a Rene Bach... Think everyone knows my views about Glasgow and they won't change... it's about time they were made to run in the top league because they are ruining it for everyone else at this level... Regards THJ
  6. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Honestly Come on guys... Harshing the Buzz before things even start... Don't think we can compare this season to the 1984 season when we were in the top league with the big boys and after topping the second division and winning the Supernational and the fours in 1983 and then moved up and struggled; but we still managed 9 wins that season out of 30 fixtures ending up with the same points as Exeter Falcons and just above them were Halifax Dukes and then we closed down the following year coming back in 1986 as the Newcastle Specials and to be fair they weren't anything special just finishing above the Long Eaton ‘Invaders’ who were in last spot that year.... So out of the four teams mentioned we still have a team and in 1984 we achieved a 30% win rate... it was 2001 before we done anything of merit in the league... Only time will tell if this team are worse than the one that started in 2004 (bit disrespectful but never mind). However in the 2004 season (after we had won the league in 2001 and were runners up in 2002) we only won 8 meetings out of 28; however again from that league Hull 'Vikings' Workington 'Comets' Reading 'Racers' Stoke 'Potters' Isle of Wight 'Islanders' Rye House 'Rockets' Exeter 'Falcons' Somerset 'Rebels' and Newport 'Wasps' are for one reason or another no longer racing in UK leagues (hopefully in the case of Somerset and the IOW its only temporary) however what needs to be considered is; if the actions taken now by this promotion save and secure the team for future years then it has to be worth it (doesn't it?) and in that year of 2004 we achieved a 28.58% win rate... it was 2010 before we done anything of merit in the league again... So this season (2021) we have a team to support even if we are the underdogs (everyone likes a good loser) (don't they?) and to be fair the 2021 guys will be going out and busting a gut to score points... added to this Rob Grant has said he is looking to secure the future of the club and has added a junior team structure so we have a structure to bring on local talent and a commitment to try and get the club on an even keel and in a position to move forward and if we can achieve 7 wins this year (and even if we do finish bottom) the win rate would be 31.82% so still not as bad as the two years previously mentioned... This will be a challenging season that is for sure but after the year we have just had its something to get out the house for and watch (and yes probably moan about) and a team to support which is more than can be said for some of the previously mentioned clubs no longer here whose fans would be happy (IMHO) to watch some sort (any sort) of Speedway... for me its a case of use it or lose it; we need to get in the stadium and back the promotion to try and help them achieve what they are looking to do; retain speedway in the area; build from this season going forward and get on trying to build a team that can go on and if not win things at least be in the mix... and I honestly think that the promotion are on the same page as the fans with their ambitions in providing a competitive and successful team and club... Everything tends to run in cycles so roll on 2031... and maybe H18tory for the Diamonds and we can win everything... Regards THJ
  7. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Claus will have to get the bus from Denmark to Sweden then for them flights? But ya right... if Denmark ends up on the Boris green list Claus could get a flight from his home in Denmark to the UK... but the Danes prefer to fly into Stansted first which is still a costly exercise and the flights aren't cheap... Again you are correct but I think that's why the promotion have done what they have done to mitigate against this... Claus doesn't come cheap... and with his points rate... sign on fee... travel costs and a visa payment of £1992 before the season starts it was potentially a bridge to far... plus if we now run those 3 meetings at home which is now looking likely on reduced crowds... who finances these meetings which will cost the thick end of 18k to put on and recovering something like 12k against that cost... however the home meeting needs to cover the cost of the away meeting and with that return obviously it will leave a void of around 24k (Very rough figures) over the 6 meetings... and its a big void to fill...also if we don't run these meetings there are several away meetings to pay for without any income coming in from the home meetings to cover the cost early in the season... it's a hell of a juggling act and no matter what they do they get burnt.... So I think the action taken by cutting Claus now was to ensure we are here next season and as hard as it is to take... it has been done for the right reasons... suffer this season with all its impacts then let's see what 2022 brings... Our last little Dane had 10 (I think) flights paid for by the club which caused a few problems with rain offs at the end of the season then 2 rearrangements and him having to pay 580 quid to get to Edinburgh then picked up from Edinburgh and brought to Brough at some cost only to be rained off again... but even if they dont pay for flights they pay for the travel to and from the airport... although most clubs set up their own deals which can differ greatly... However I remember Luddes last season at Newcastle (2018) and he came in from Sweden to Edinburgh at short notice which cost him over 500 quid for the 2nd last meeting of the season (instead of the usual prebooked 60 quidish flight) and after a wrangle about who was going to pay for the flight he ended up a no show at Workington for the last meeting of the season... oops... This season is a write off for lots of reasons mainly Covid (+ VAT) (sorry couldnt help me self)... and this promotion are doing their utmost to ensure continuity of the sport in the region... we need to hang in there with them and look forward to early announcements at the end of this season for next... then you can judge them on their own efforts and merits... It has to be remembered this promotion are investing for the future with the kids development and National League teams and the other thing is that if you are sucessfull in this sport it costs the promotion money but if they provide a poor team they lose fans which also costs them money... Nuts eh... For me give them the benefit of the doubt this year... get along and support the club then let's see what next year brings... Regards THJ
  8. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Wow... even Vera would have a job sorting that mystery out... Regards THJ
  9. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    A think Kenny is secretly giving her one and she just gives him a hard time to throw everyone off the scent... That accent reminds me of an old school teacher we had who used to try and speak posh Geordie... alreet love... Best thing is I had never seen Vera til lock down and came across it quite by accident and I now enjoy looking at some of the local sites and naming them... also I have seen a lad I used to go to school with in one show and a lass whose brother was in my class at school in another show but she was more famous for being Sandra in Brush Strokes and you should hear her accent in that when she's trying to make herself understood the other way toning things down... Regards THJ
  10. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    The first couple of shots of the dogs racing under the lights were... then everything else was shot at Snuderland... even the subsequent dog racing shots... an a bet ya never thought it was the wife's AA councillor who was the bad guy.... Regards THJ
  11. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It was Snuderland though... and Stoke Potters a question on the Chase and also on the Chase in which city would ya find the Byker Wall... Well Geordie-fied on ITV the neet... Regards THJ
  12. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Think you could be spot on with this and as Tsunami rightly pointed out in an earlier post the club did use to have some good friends on the council and politics aside maybe they have had words in certain places to see if there is any help that can be given to the club... There are various government sporting grants and loans that may be obtained which may offset the loss of crowd numbers if that remains the issue however personally I wouldn't be going down he loan route as I doubt the club would ever make the money back against a loan to pay it off... so grant yes loan no... if feasible... However there may be some better news on the horizon... but if not we have waited this long what's another 5 weeks in the grand scheme of things... Regards THJ
  13. TotallyHonestJohn

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    The way things are panning out at Newcastle Ben Barker fits... Regards THJ
  14. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    No Mac the rate isn't that high... it's purely down to the Council and I don't think anyone knows what their criteria is... the statement was segregation of fans... lack of multiple entrances and exits... not enough toilets and stewardship or policing of the crowd... We are outside which is supposed to be good... we can wear masks... the average age of the crowd is about 95 so we will have all had our first jabs at least and some their second so I can't see what the problem is... 500 in the stands and 50 a side it the top bars could be doable for me and allow 2 meters of space but thats just my opinion and the council rule the roost... To be fair to the promotion it won't be worth the upset and hassle to run those first few meeting if it keeps the council onside and doesn't lose the promotion money... I think there are only 2 league meetings to fit in and obviously the loss of the U21 meeting and the 90th Anniversary Meeting which is getting a bit daft now as we are in the 92nd year so it's not a total disaster... Regards THJ
  15. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It's a fact and some councils may be more sympathetic and others less so... but I would hate to think that our Labour council are taking a cheap shot and saying it's down to conservative government rules that they are making this decision... also Speedway stadia vary greatly some getting on a bit like Brough and others much more modern and maybe mire suited to crowd control. Might be Monday the 21st if we can get a facility to run on that night... Delete that man... you can't make statements like that you will get yourself in bother... or at least the contentious bit... Regards THJ

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