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  1. TotallyHonestJohn

    REDCAR 2019

    Meant in the context of your correction in that he should up his average but its not always the case that all experinced riders who have been around a bit improve Simon Lambert been around a bit and never improved unfortunately... Poor grammar in it.... but no excuse... humble apologies... I knew what I meant when I rit it... pity no one else did... but never mind shouldnt post off my phone as small print makes proof reading difficult... especially when the eyesight is failing... Well that's my excuse an I'm sticking to it.. Regards THJ
  2. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Go on then am available.... Funnily enough I keep praying to the Good Lord for that very thing to happen and every night I say my prayers and end with "please God if you can let me win big on the lottery" and it hasn't happened yet.... however last night in a dream the Good Lord came to me and told me what he wanted me to do and when he finished I asked "Lord every night for the last 10 years I have ask for a big lottery win an still nothing? Whats wrong?" He said "John you are going to have to work with me here" "I said Lord what would you like me to do" and he said "well you could at least buy an effing ticket for a start" Doh!!! Regards THJ
  3. TotallyHonestJohn

    REDCAR 2019

    To easy a call to be honest made to measure and instantly available... and he will do a job plus it might be the change he needs to kick start his season and although he's been around a bit he still an experienced rider.. good luck to him... Regards THJ
  4. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Honestly Shafted is only a perception; a word that conveys the basic feelings most Comets fans feel with what has come to fruition throughout this whole sorry affair... The machinations that have gone on beggar belief. The unfortunate situation the former owner found herself in losing her business. Then the manoeuvring done by the previous council for all the reasons put forward previously and the manoeuvring done by Town in the first instance then by the Reds all to the detriment of the Comets... not including the bull squat spouted by Town's management team... Apart from the Comets going pop; to me the outgoing councillors hold the bulk of the blame with the two sporting clubs sharing what's left on the dismantling of DP... however all that Town and Reds have done to be fair is maximised there own positions due to the Speedway falling over and quite selfishly looked after their own interest to the detriment of the Comets... If either of those two went belly up I doubt if many Speedway fans would have lost any sleep (Well may be me old pal Singy) but if the shoe was on the other foot would we as Speedway fans feel any sympathy... possibly not... However we all feel shafted over losing the sport we love and enjoy and for the ground where we went to watch our sport of choice having the heart and soul being ripped out of it which means there is no chance of it coming back to that venue... and as stated there has been a certain amount of Jiggery Pokery going on what you will never get to the bottom of... I am now close to some of the newly elected Allerdale councillors and some of the story's I am hearing from them (if true) are shocking. However there is goodwill from many of these new council members and they would be open (I believe) to suppoting the sport at another venue if somewhere suitable could be found... However it's Catch 22 as you need someone to sink money into the sport to get the whole process with the council rolling as it won't start rolling until a promoter can be found... and all the pitfalls of that scenario have been well discussed... Sorry but I also feel that it's gone never to return... Sad times... Regards THJ
  5. TotallyHonestJohn

    REDCAR 2019

    Think you're right with this one and Ully is a stitched on certainty to grace the M P A... Regards THJ
  6. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle v Berwick KO Cup Sunday 2 June at 5.30pm

    Cancel my last Captain Pugwash has just been out on the dog track and explained the situation Re Bukhave Regards THJ
  7. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle v Berwick KO Cup Sunday 2 June at 5.30pm

    Honestly Genuine question Why is that the case? Regards THJ
  8. TotallyHonestJohn

    Play off contenders

    Why did this contenders thread go cold? However I still stand by what I said on the 27th March 2019 "The two Stand out teams for me are Glasgow and Leicester and both should be a shoe in for a top four spot" Regards THJ
  9. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Honestly I have asked the same question without getting a reasonable answer back and I am guessing that the Rugby Club will have had a tenancy contract with the Speedway that basically gave them as landlords the right to do what ever they wanted... I was aware that the Speedway negotiated on an annual basis the use of DP and obviously the option wasn't taken up this year... This is the danger when you don't own the venue you use... Regards THJ
  10. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    More chance with Sheikh Ya-leg than Sheikh Khaled. Unless the Comets can get a Promoter with the available funds and the vision; who can stir up a bit of passion and engage with the council then unfortunately it will never happen. Or the other option is you get someone to run an operation on a shoe string but then you do not attract the fans and it is a total "Catch 22" situation because the standards drop so low and the product is just something that no one wants to watch thus not attracting fans to fund your operation. Money talks; But it don't sing and dance; And it don't walk " (that song will be in ya head all day now) but you need people in Jeans for that (blue ones apparently) and fans through the doors are a critical factor and I agree Keith Denham is the entrepreneurial type who could make a success of something like this but again its a big ask of someone who has been there and done it; but struggled with it; then ultimately walked away from it at the end of the day and for what thanks? Oh for Mr Denham now eh! all those Grumbletonians who slagged him off remorselessly!!! bitched about him at every opportunity even down to having a go at his family!!! Oh for KD back now eh!!! come home to roost that one like eh? Again the Thomas Armstrong Motor Park and Xtreme Entertainment Speedway Stadium definitely has a ring to it, although may be not when you look at the acronym. The TAMPAXESS Arena doesn't sound a very nice place to be!!! Sorry!!! So we will go back to your suggestion eh? The Thomas Armstrong Speedway Stadium sounds good to me now!!! Doh!!! Going down the TASS to watch some Speedway!!! yep we will stick with that... Joking apart what is there in it for a business like Thomas Armstrong, the first thing they will look at is "what's the return for our shareholders", also it isn't really one of their core business footprints either, they would be happy to build it but I think running it would be alien to them. Now the Malhotra Group PLC or a company of that ilk taking over the Northside Site and sticking on a Motor Park with a Hotel and putting on car showrooms and may be a care home utilising a multi occupancy and multi use site could do something like this however it has to get out there and the vision has to be sold to companies like this... So Mr SS a small 4000 all seat covered in stadium costs about £6 million; regeneration of site; Hotel (Casino maybe) Several Car Show Rooms to Rent out Older Persons Village with Care Homes and Support another £4 Million; so you win somewhere round that on the Lottery and I will come in Develop; Build and Manage the whole set up for you and the combined returns will be colossal... and more importantly fund your hobby of having a Speedway team... However there is an Aerosmith song that fits the bill here; bit depressing but the lyrics ring true Every time when I look in the mirror All these lines on my face getting clearer The past is gone It went by, like dusk to dawn Isn't that the way Everybody's got the dues in life to pay I know nobody knows Where it comes and where it goes I know it's everybody sin You got to lose to know how to win Half my life Is books, written pages Live and learn from fools and From sages You know it's true, oh All these feelings come back to you Sing with me, sing for the years Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears Sing with me, just for today Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear Sing with me, just for today Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away Dream on Dream on Dream on Dream on until your dream come true DREAM ON big boy because if we didn't have dreams then what would we have. (now I must get some work done; tea break is over and I must get back on my head) Regards THJ
  11. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2019

    So just being your usual self "you didn't" and from my edit above will you be the 1st fan of the Jacob Bukhave Fan Club as there is a vacancy below the ruffdiamond name "to be confirmed"? Got to now really after saying he was Poop then doing the suck up post following... Regards THJ
  12. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2019

    So I take it you told him what your thoughts were on his ability and that you posted such on the 24/05/2019 Or will you be the 1st fan of the Jacob Bukhave Fan Club as there is a vacancy Regards THJ
  13. TotallyHonestJohn

    Newcastle 2019

    Question answered he now has a UK team (oh and its 4.00) Oh dear!!! Has Dandelion got a "Wizards Cuff" Grumbling along the right lines... definitely a proper rider he's Danish No!!! What like she sorted the Shipyards The Mines and heavy engineering? Again No!!! We all do but will he struggle as much as Simon did at Brough? Diamond@hardheart possibly? Honestly!!! Not that he reads this forum (well not if he has any sense anyway) but good luck to the kid, Newcastle have taken on many Scandinavians over the years and good; bad or indifferent they have always been triers; hard working and professional; furthermore the Newcastle faithful have always given them a fair crack of the whip and made them feel welcome... If he hits the ground running and puts a point or two on his average everyone will be claiming him for their own, so don't be so fickle and give the guy a chance; we have with many others and been delighted; frustrated and disappointed in equal measure so lets see where he gets and how long it takes for the usual suspects to ask for him to be replaced (or sacked) if hes not scoring double figures after his first couple of meetings Good Luck to Jacob and "if not 1st; may all your places come with a bonus point".... Regards THJ
  14. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    SS you're not wrong and everyone who is/was passionate about the Comets is hurting, however I am not sure any of the former promotion who quite rightly should be applauded for their success in 2018 will want to disclose their role in the demise of the club and its ultimate failure to come to the tapes in 2019 or to give any details on what has actually gone on with the track or stadium. I would also add to that (non-disclosure) list any discussions that went on with third parties; the council; or the other sporting clubs involved. What I can add is; that there was a genuine intention to run this year however finances dictated otherwise before the track/ground issues were even considered. For me and as close as I was to the promotion they did try their best but the path they ultimately chose (or were led down) was not sustainable and unless you have a vibrant club (support wise) and in the Comets case that would have been around 750 adults paying around an average of £15:00 each per meeting the whole thing financially was not viable; then of course you could always look to a benefactor who has cash to spare and loves Speedway however KD a very competent businessman sank thousands into the spot before seeing the light and bailing out and of course we all know what has happened to LM and the position she now finds herself in with regards to losing her businesses and the club she loved dearly. Also this isn't a new phenomena to the Comets as previous owners of the club Eddie Thornborrow and Ron Bagley went through similar pain in the early 80's though not dissimilar it was finances that were the main influence in folding the club. However this is all water under the bridge and everyone (including Jenga) has a view on what the real reason was then as to why the spot folded. So you may only have some of the truth as to what has gone on and some sensible suggestions on here that are very near to the truth (and some a mile off) but I doubt you will get all of the real reasons, however it is hurting everyone who is/was passionate about their speedway in West Cumbria and those loyal fans who followed the team through thick and thin up and down the country let alone home meetings. The Supporters Trust and the Friends of Workington Speedway who in two seasons sank over £20k into the club setting up direct debits and paying in additional cash all to no avail; these people need answers for sure and no doubt if it ever came back these supporters again would be at the forefront of supporting the club. However I doubt it will ever come back now and I am normally a "pot half full" type of guy but in this case the pot is definitely half empty. Regards THJ Oh!!! got called away from me desk and see you have been at it again so I will stick this one on here as well to respond to. (have you retired; are you on holiday or do you just have time on your hands?) It would be nice to hear the "Clarion Call" and have something positive to look forward to but where will that come from? who will put up the cash or take the risk to run a business that has seen off Keith Denham and Laura Morgan in recent times and has (as pointed out above) a history of being a major financial risk and a gamble business wise over the years. As you state "Something along the lines of this would be nice and something we could all get behind": 'Due to the fact that the Workington Comets have had to be displaced from their home at Derwent Park in order to facilitate construction of the new Community Stadium the Council is giving the club its full backing in developing a new home on the site of the training track at Northside. (They weren't displaced? the club run out of money and folded before the ground issues started? if they came back they would now not have a viable home granted; so I would suggest this request is made to the council as you have directed it toward them and see what they say as it is not in any promotions gift to give to the fans) Such a move would reduce the costs of running the sport whilst allowing the club to directly benefit from income generated through food and drink sales. (Why should/would the council be concerned with this (making a private individual money?) and I would suggest it would be a hard sell as the speedway in general does not generate a vast amount of jobs in the community or support any cause that the council can get behind for them (the council) to garner any kudos from the process) There will be great opportunity for local businesses to get involved in the creation of this exciting new facility which see the continuation of what is a great family sport that has been embedded in local sporting heritage and culture over the last 50 years'. (what benefit is there at present to any local business, we (my company) have supported Speedway for the last 10 years and not one job has been earned from this advertising, not one new client has banged on our door saying here is a contract mate as you support the Speedway; and we are not alone in this as speaking to Alan Hedley of Sapphire Engineering a few years back with regards to business opportunity and speedway advertising he said that even as a main sponsor of a club he had not reaped one benefit business wise in all the years he sponsored the Diamonds; not one return for all that investment; again another sensible businessman with no axe to grind being honest) What the Comets needs first is a Promoter before there is any shouting about where a track can go, then the promoter will need to know what support the council will give him/her. Then a rational business decision will be made as to whether it is viable for the club to run, but again the big issue is support as 450 fans paying on average £15;00 per meeting does not pay for a championship team without secondary income, so where is all this money coming from? sponsorship? because again and what seems only prevalent in speedway is businesses would rather give money to the riders than the club! its crazy as surely no club; no riders! or am I missing something here? maybe the sponsors should pay the riders and save the clubs money that way! Look at what is successful in the Championship; Glasgow Model: Joking apart we know how they survive; they are losing money hand over fist however they have the support of a very successful company (and family) who back (financially) the Tigers along with some very generous sponsorship, it isn't a problem and it is working for them at present and long may it last, however if this support was racked back then things could be different. Scunthorpe Model: Rob Godfrey has a great set up at Scunny but he will be the first to tell you Speedway costs him money but it is what he loves, Rob owns and runs his venue and has other revenue streams which subsidise the Speedway and Rob runs a tight ship financially and I believe this is the way to go but it is difficult; Redcar and the motor park set up would fit at Northside however Redcar have not been without their own financial problems; and not looking for an argument from any of the clubs mentioned but the woes of speedway in general have been well debated on here with some very pragmatic and sensible arguments (by the likes of mikebv; halifaxtiger; bruv and others) and have been well put and debated to the "nth degree" but will they ever influence the "Powers that be"? I very much doubt it I hope I am wrong but I think it will be difficult for the sport to return to West Cumbria not withstanding the following 1. A Promoter willing to invest and run it as a business (a hobby or a charity) 2. A Promoter with the financial clout to front up all the costs required to join the BSPA 3. Support from the Council (land; infrastructure and financially) 4. A venue to run the sport from! as the DP option now I feel is dead 5. Other revenue streams (Scunny Model at a Motor Park type venue) 6. A fan base that at least exceeds 750 people paying on average £15:00 7. A viable business plan 8. BSPA support (or 9. A mug like me to win the Euro Lottery) I have just scratched the surface here and look forward to being picked apart by all and sundry but I think you had your response from the council with regard to the stadium some time back pre local elections; however what they have said and what they have done have been a total contradiction. As Private James Frazer said on many an occasion "we're doomed! SS "we're doomed! Apologies in advance Regards THJ
  15. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Honestly I'm sorted but still absolutely gutted at what's happened and the demise of the Speedway.... Saturday's are quite honestly just not the same anymore... Also I know for a fact that many people I speak to when on the tramp in Cumbria feel exactly the same... Devastated Regards THJ

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