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  1. Don’t worry about it too much Sarah has the same feelings for Newcastle and especially Brough Park
  2. No wonder speedway is dying on its ar*e with rules like these.. I would rather see Newcastle get beat 35-55 with Bach and Klindt having cracking races with Ludvig and Robbo etc than us win 55-35 with the 2 National league guests tootling 1/4 of a lap behind.. They will have to look further afield than Josh Embleton though as he is riding for Birmingham at Coventry on Sunday
  3. Got to agree about length of time to run meetings. Seems to be getting longer each week....Yes I agree both teams were using rider replacement but even before the starting gate problems and the gentleman being attended to by first aiders on the terracing it was still nearly 20/25 minutes between end of heat 14 and original start of heat 15
  4. KEITH M

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    Schools are on holiday for 6 weeks
  5. It wasn’t even 3 weeks it was 10 days as up until last Tuesday( Newcastle were visiting Glasgow on Friday 3rd ) then they got told it was being postponed due to the Test match the following night
  6. I have been on this forum long enough to remember when you used to post on every Coventry thread when they were going for the title
  7. An official source .. Who has been at the stadium the last couple of hours
  8. I always like to celebrate a 69
  9. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    Could go back to Ipswich if Danny King out for rest of season with his arm injury
  10. Not disagreeing with you and others who have replied .. All I said was your win could of been more than 10 points
  11. Exactly what was said with the crowd I was standing with.... only the words pathetic and disgrace to the club were used
  12. Should of been more as couldn’t understand why your manager replaced Josh Embleton in heat 11 with Kyle Bickley when he could of used the then unbeaten Rasmus Jensen who ended up only having 6 rides
  13. Not sure if it’s true or not but I heard Nick Morris’s 2 programmed rides are Heat 1 and heat 22
  14. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    Why the big space between first two lines???? Did your finger get stuck ??

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