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  1. KEITH M

    Wild Cards 2019

    Yes and No!! As he only finished 4th when only the top 3 went through from the qualifier. Was only when Dudek finished in last years top 8 did Cook gain his place
  2. No wonder your a fan and not a team manager!!! I can see Neil Middleditch in the pits geeing his riders up in the pits saying “ Come on lads 12 heats to go lets do this for Brady” You would be “That’s it lads the tie is over you have started off sh*t and now it’s only going to get worse Have a great winter might see you next year”
  3. KEITH M

    Poole 2019

    Totally agree as she would of been embarrassed and would of had to put up with a lot when people found out she was now called Mrs Shovlar ..... (only joking )
  4. I bet if we had to win tonight to win the league or it had of been the cup final where we had a 10 point lead he would of been there or am I being a cynic
  5. Totally agree I have been on this forum for about 14 years and the amount of sh*t he has put on here is unbelievable.. Though my biggest problem has always been when he posts something and I have put a genuine reply and ask him for a sensible answer to his post and nearly 100% of the time he ignores the post and spouts more crap to get a bite ..
  6. Now you are making yourself look stupid as if you only knew how much I have travelled to watch speedway over the last 10 years... Quite a few fans on here (Berwick, Redcar, Glasgow and Plymouth to name a few teams) who do know me will vouch for that
  7. Just been reading the Newcastle v Workington K.O.Cup thread from July 8th ... All 6 pages of it ( including 3 posts from yourself) and guess what? there is NOT ONE complaint about the state of the track that night ... I wondered why that was, then I remembered your lot won!!! Strange that!! Then again anything your lot say about speedway I take with a pinch of salt as your lot also think Robert Lambert is not a very good speedway rider
  8. Newcastle fans should be used to paying for double headers one last week at Workington, one tomorrow at Rye House and again another one next week at Workington .... Expensive hobby watching Newcastle these days
  9. KEITH M

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    No broken bones for Tero which is great news
  10. KEITH M

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    Never seen George’s comments of a few seasons ago so can’t comment on that but you have just said in your own words the Barker/Aarnio incident was “similar” to Richie’s so you must agree it was Barkers fault as you must also know some Redcar fans were that enraged about it they were saying they wished “Richie had been killed”
  11. Spooky coincidence!!! It was August bank holiday weekend in 2016 when Dan got a season ending injury with a bad crash at Newcastle
  12. Not that it showed during his 4 programmes rides but maybe he was still feeling the effects of his fall at Berwick on Saturday
  13. Don’t worry about it too much Sarah has the same feelings for Newcastle and especially Brough Park
  14. No wonder speedway is dying on its ar*e with rules like these.. I would rather see Newcastle get beat 35-55 with Bach and Klindt having cracking races with Ludvig and Robbo etc than us win 55-35 with the 2 National league guests tootling 1/4 of a lap behind.. They will have to look further afield than Josh Embleton though as he is riding for Birmingham at Coventry on Sunday
  15. Got to agree about length of time to run meetings. Seems to be getting longer each week....Yes I agree both teams were using rider replacement but even before the starting gate problems and the gentleman being attended to by first aiders on the terracing it was still nearly 20/25 minutes between end of heat 14 and original start of heat 15

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