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  1. KEITH M


    Will Coronavirus effect the publication as I can see sales figures dropping alarmingly
  2. KEITH M

    2020 Fixtures

    I notice the fixtures are in the Speedway Star which goes to press on Tuesday so fixtures could of been released to fans earlier than yesterday if they had wanted to
  3. KEITH M

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    He might of been an entertainer and box office but what he done to Glasgow’s Robert Nagy one night was a disgrace
  4. KEITH M


    Got my Speedway Star today and big build up about Max Fricke on cover but I might be wrong but I think the picture is of Jamain Lidsey
  5. KEITH M

    Poole 2020

    Makes no difference he used to tell us there used to be 4,000 when it was nearer 2,000
  6. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    Nothing gets past the quiz king
  7. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    We did .. Glasgow and Scunthorpe beat us at Brough and Ipswich got a draw
  8. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    Does anyone know how long “ the period of grace is ? “
  9. KEITH M

    Leicester Lions 2020

    So who will take his place? Steve Worrall?? , Ricky Wells??or A.N. Other
  10. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    Did Mike Bennett not do it for a season or two ??
  11. Is this the same Rough Park that around 3 years ago Redcar fans vowed NEVER to return to because of the state of the track? ... Quite a few hypocrites went back on their word when a 12 point lead opened up after the first leg !!
  12. Well done 10 out of 10 for your spelling .. Must be allowed to stay up late because it’s half term
  13. Would help if you could spell rubbish ....... pr*ck
  14. KEITH M

    Poole 2020

    Not a cat in hells chance it will be Newcastle... 1. Their race day clashes with Polish league if it is not the designated race days and 2 If it is designated race days Monday is known to be financial suicide for the promoters and Thursday is a greyhound night at Brough and has been for years and years

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