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  1. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    Why the big space between first two lines???? Did your finger get stuck ??
  2. Looking forward to seeing Josh Pickering again. Hope he is as entertaining as when he guested for Ipswich. My favourite performance by an away rider so far this season
  3. I remember Newcastle’s first meeting of 2016 and Bewley was Workingtons number 8 and he had 1 ride and scored a point when Steve Worrall ret. He wasn’t far off the pace then and I said to mates he looks a great prospect even though he only looked about 10 years old. He then had a bad crash at Newcastle on 28th August when riding for Edinburgh and never rode again that season
  4. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    And mine was just tongue in cheek
  5. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    So if it’s a Sunday and I have to dash off for an emergency before the meeting starts the announcer could say to me “See you in 8 days” and if I stay until the end of a meeting and it’s still a Sunday the announcer will say to me “ see you in 7 days “
  6. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    I have been to many meetings over the years and at the end the announcer has said “ Hope to see you all back here again in 7 days” and not once to my knowledge has anybody said “no it’s actually 8
  7. KEITH M

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    And before this thread gets into a slanging match with the usual suspects I just want to say well done to Steve Shovlar and Lisa Colette for giving honest opinions and actually not sticking up for Poole in this instance .. Well done
  8. KEITH M


    Nobody has done anything wrong.. I totally agree both teams have looked to improve by strengthening their sides... It was more a tongue in cheek post with Bandit 4 Eva saying Pijper would be sticking 2 fingers up etc
  9. KEITH M


    Think Karma has already struck as Jorgensen gone down with a chest infection and misses Kings Lynn tonight so is suspended for 7 days so Redcar got to use a national league guest in place of him against Sheffield in K.O Cup tomorrow and Friday.
  10. Well if listening to some Redcar fans last night is to believed it is Thomas Jorgensen
  11. And if you were on your way back from say Benidorm and due at work in a few hours after you landed and your flight was delayed them few hours .. What would you do???
  12. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2018

    Who was the kangaroo?? I know Christian Henry was the boomerang
  13. Totally agree with you DWP and as for geoff58 what would you of said if Lambert had booked on to the Manchester flight with Masters and THAT one was the one delayed 7 hours but the East Midlands one departed on time without Lambert
  14. And your point is??? I was off work Monday not feeling well but was okay to go back on Wednesday!!!
  15. KEITH M

    Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    Not a lot of choice either as Newcastle are the only team from the championship not riding tonight

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