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  1. Probably because it sounds like Shielfield
  2. Noticed on the updates they are calling Danny ‘two tracks’ I’m very curious to why this is because I can only think of one
  3. Tellitasitis

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    PM is a fab job do very little and claim loads of benefits
  4. Tellitasitis

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    BJ Col for Pm
  5. Tellitasitis

    bandits 2020

    There is a complex Algorithm that leads col to that theory mmm+mmmmmm=mmmmmxmmmm
  6. Tellitasitis

    bandits 2020

    Oh dear god!
  7. Tellitasitis

    bandits 2020

    Never mind George at least he reads it even if he doesn’t like it
  8. Tellitasitis

    bandits 2020

    If Crescent girl has blocked you they won’t see your in depth intelligent reply
  9. Absolutely a bit of pantomime and booing the ‘villain’ gets everyone talking
  10. A bit of drama and needle is what we need makes for entertainment best atmosphere I’ve seen or experienced at Shielfield for a long time
  11. Without hope you have nothing a bit like being married You hope it will improve
  12. Couldn’t get last night but a very good win I genuinely thought Newcastle would push us close even sneak a point they have a few guys who go well at Berwick The push up the table continues but not helped by Scunthorpe winning at Glasgow
  13. Killing the sport with progress
  14. Slight whiff ?!!

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