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  1. Looking forward to it. Hopefully my faves will do well.
  2. craigACE

    Introducing yourself....

    Craig 42 Wigan Cashier Belle Vue-Also looks out for Kent watched every Sport at some point. Liked what i saw. All Belle Vues glory moments Max Fricke. Normally our best rider No disliked rider. THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union. Playing Golf. Music. Fave Goldfrapp and loads of metal bands. Cannot contact me on owt else. Not up to date with all the technology. Never will be.
  3. craigACE


    Agree. Hopefully someone with money brings Coventry back. The person who does that will lose nothing. Speedway in Bradford-no.
  4. Qualifying is good for 1 thing. It gets covered by BT. That said, I will be watching.
  5. craigACE

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Hope the weather is ok. Seems ages ago that the Kent lads were last in action. Which was a good thing given all the injuries. Think they will be fine and get in the play-offs. If not they are the 1 team who have a reason. I have already stated it. GO KENT.
  6. craigACE


    Shame. Used to be described as the best ground in Rugby League. Now its gone a bit scruffy. Team will never get back into Super League. Seen them i think, 3 times this season. Course RL matches are always exciting. But they are nowhere near the SL. I think they are operating with half the squad full-time and the other half, Part-time. Speedway should be taking place in that City. Trouble is, I say that about a lot of places.
  7. Yeah try and get along. If not the qualifying is on tv tonight.
  8. 49-35 now. Well your boss Pete was targeting 2 away wins. So from that point of view you can still do it. Now i am ruling you out tbh. I thought this was a great chance for you tonight, Getting whacked.
  9. craigACE

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Being serious now- I did not have you down to win as easily tonight. Wolves 10 points down my last update.
  10. My updates are rubbish on this. I have KL winning by 10. Ages ago.
  11. craigACE

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Wolverhampton tbh. Anyway Ipswich v Swindon.....
  12. Probably. Why is Dave not completely certain that the meeting at Dackarna is the tv one on Thursday. Which other meeting could be taking place then ?. I am not as clued up about the SE League as our own.
  13. craigACE

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Not at all. He adds know how and fun to the programme.
  14. Was a interesting meeting tonight. Every heat i got wrong. Apart from when Laguta was involved. Same with the result. Vetlanda might have blown 2nd spot now. Heard Steve Shovlar get 2 mentions in the commentary.
  15. Looking forward to tonight. Vetlanda to win 50-40. Hope its not rained off like last week.

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