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  1. craigACE


    Back to getting mine from Cannings in Leigh. Its reopened. Been swapping which supermarket i got from during lockdown. Never missed.
  2. craigACE

    Mr Garrity

    NOBODY should sign him EVER.
  3. craigACE

    Gordon Day has died

    RIP Gordon
  4. Catch up with that tomorrow. Will be good. He is on the cover of the Star too. I have got it. Just had to do loads around the house today so i have not had time to read it yet. At least i have 2 Speedway related things to do tomorrow. Well make that 3. I will watch somebodys old meeting too.
  5. craigACE

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Phew. Glad that is sorted out. My expectations are quite low going into the season whenever it starts. That would have nailed it. The only thing making me think, No. We will do ok is simply because i cannot get my head around us carrying the dodgy spell on for so long after last season. I do think Charles will be the main man. He is home.
  6. craigACE

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Was always said Geoff that we would suffer the most. We cannot afford another dodgy season. Or would we have to lower our expectations ?. Think we would have to. At least it would drag Swindon down.
  7. Good thread actually. I have seen my team, Belle Vue do a hour recording with a couple of riders.My 2nd lot, Kent did a name the new mascot competition. What i prefer doing is watching full old meetings. Isle of Wight have been the best for that. Seen a few Edinburgh, Redcar, Somerset, Poole and your lot, Eastbourne. One v Oxford. Clubs must do as much as they can to satisfy their supporters and keep themselves in peoples minds. The basics are easy, The Clubs who are doing the regular, Season delay programmes. A GREAT IDEA. Them that are doing the merch launch. Yeah some good stuff on your clubs site there Richard. How about getting yourself that NHS top ?. All i can say is i am thankful for this forum, the re-run vids and the Star every week.
  8. craigACE


    Good idea that. My way is to read it twice. Then i bag a big bundle every few months. Whilst doing that i have another flick through. Suppose i get my moneys worth.
  9. craigACE

    1985 Reading programme quiz

    Nah. Im waiting for the answer
  10. craigACE

    1985 Reading programme quiz

    Touch before my time but very interesting. I will watch out for the big reveal.
  11. craigACE


    Yeah try and be patient. Mail is very hit and miss. Had some things the next day. Had ages with others. And worse than that, A cd did not come at all. Replacement was sent out.
  12. craigACE


    No need to be bashing Poole. They have been a real elite Club. Maybe that is why they are getting stick. Top ones always seem to get that. i am sad they have dropped down. Had to though. Belle Vue fan saying this.
  13. craigACE

    Season Ticket Holders

    Agree they are entitled to it. If event does not take place at advertised time the customer is entitled to a refund. If they can afford to let the club keep it they should. It would help.
  14. Spotted a couple of Redcar meetings. On Speedway GB a classic between Coventry and Belle Vue has been on for a week or so. I miss Coventry probably the most out of all the defunct clubs. I have a feeling they will be back. HOPE SO.
  15. craigACE

    Main league sponsor

    Hope the money was handed over. Might have 2nd thoughts or no choice to go back on it now.

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