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  1. craigACE

    Speedway collectors fair

    It was advertised in the Star. Wish i was going. I would have a field day with the programmes.
  2. I know. 2019 season = disaster for Belle Vue Aces. No need for anything daft to happen though.
  3. craigACE


    Leicester will get through quite easily. The other one will really be close. That will be as exciting as the final i think. Going to the one at BV. Cannot wait.
  4. I hope Ipswich win seeing as they are the underdogs. But they have absolutely NO CHANCE.
  5. craigACE

    1032 Error

    This forum works that well with me that if something else is failing, I come on here and check things are ok.
  6. I am the only confident BV fan i think. We will get edged out on the night. But win overall.
  7. craigACE

    Peterborough v Wolves 17.9.19

    Do not know too much about the meeting last night. But well done to Peterborough for the win.
  8. craigACE

    TV new deal?

    Has the Eurosport deal been confirmed ?.
  9. craigACE

    Peterborough v Wolves 17.9.19

    Win for the Wolves i think. Hopefully not too easy.
  10. craigACE

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Ipswich were testing themselves out. Did ok. No yeah, no in the interviews tonight. Good stuff.
  11. craigACE

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Close one tonight. I am looking forward to it. All your talk of the play-offs is making me jealous and bitter.
  12. craigACE

    TV new deal?

    If that is the way it goes i would just pay to see BV meetings. Could not afford anymore.
  13. I actually think we have done enough to win it. We will be edged out by 2 away. So that will do us. GET IN.

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