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  1. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Drainage is as good as any track in the country now but depends which forecast is most accurate!!
  2. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    My forecast for possilpark now saying pretty constant rain between 3 and 10
  3. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    This might be a late addition to the SEC calendar I'm not sure. Issue I have is Glasgow (and to lesser extent Poole) are trying to find guests for riders who are scoring above their average. A reverse Eddie Kennet if you will. Seen it said somewhere earlier, but why under our r/r rules are riders below Tom's average only allowed 1 ride? Why couldn't we use basso for 3 of them and ulle get the 1 as he's higher?
  4. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    I mean I'm all for releasing them for important fixtures to better themselves etc. But the U23 European cup? Does anyone really care?
  5. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    Don't mention penalties, still traumatised from Wednesday night
  6. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    I think the rule about declaring sides was to do with riding order rather than specifics of guests etc. Teams were changing order at last minute home sides couldn't retaliate you were getting no. 2s in averages riding at no.2 against home sides weakest member of top 5. I think where sport not shone in best light this week is that if for example Scott Nichols was stuck in traffic then it would've been reserves until showed up, but because it was a guest can bring Harris in to replace him
  7. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    To think I was joking Yesterday about Harris taking Morris's place at Oxford!! It's obviously just being accentuated this season with 2/3 riders who it's pretty clear not returning and one rider showing up at the majority of the tracks in their place. I don't see an alternative, don't think be able to limit number of bookings and r/r for no.1 never going to cut it. Squad systems maybe but we've hardly enough riders to go around as it is so pretty much a non starter as things stand
  8. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    I know I've no complaints we've all used them to our advantage in past. Think we used Leon in place of jack Smith couple times last season with the RS flawed rules.
  9. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    I guess technically you could have 6 guests and r/r in operation plus a number 8?
  10. Jaizer

    Guest riders

    There words. Bradley Wilson Dean
  11. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Forecast for fair bit of the wet stuff between about 12 and 6. Just depends how much and if enough time to dry out before tapes up. Given journey time of opposition and Tom missing have a feeling early call off maybe on the cards
  12. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Given Glasgow have sponsored his visa for Birmingham I don't think there's an issue. Sedgy actually was in the pits most of season even after was dropped
  13. Has Chris Harris told nick Morris to go home he's guesting for batch at Birmingham now?
  14. Jaizer

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    Well done sedgy, no doubt outscored what Ellis would've. Just need to prove it wasn't a one off now Oxford I was way out with my seasons predictions. Middle order should be doing more imo, if were riders available assume they'd be changed coming
  15. Jaizer

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    And now Scott Nichols. I hope works out for him, he's better than what been showing

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