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  1. Yeah they're pretty competent bunch, track has really good drainage. 3rd bend can be an issue as doesn't get the sun
  2. Forecast in the news there for Thursday looks like Glasgow will miss the rain. Just depends if can get it raceable after the deluge of today and forecast for tomorrow
  3. Even best forecast I've seen has dry afternoon then rain from 5 onwards
  4. Jaizer

    Edinburgh 2022

    Wonder if with your German links could tempt blodorn? Seems to have done ok at individuals this week
  5. Depends if we get the 4 point Ricky of Thursday or the 14 point Ricky of Friday!!! Consistently inconsistent
  6. Jaizer

    2022 Teams & Points average

    "Sponsorship" opportunities
  7. Jaizer

    Edinburgh 2022

    Ndl should have guys like Lawson. Years gone by had guys like Tony Atkin, jon Armstrong, Wayne carter. Good yardstick if nothing else
  8. As a support we will always be indebted to yourself and those who managed to keep us afloat those years, without which be no club let alone a successful one. So as a Glasgow/ Poole fan... Who do you want to win
  9. 2014... The year of agent Wolbert. Sends shivers down the spine.
  10. Changing every hour. Just had a biblical flood where I am now it's blue skys. Joys of trying to get a meeting on in Scotland in October (he says sounding like a broken record)
  11. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gcuvyvef7#?date=2021-10-26 Not for possilpark it's not
  12. Forecast improved for Thursday. Think that's most likely to be Glasgow leg
  13. Would Poole have agreed to biggest meeting of the season without basso? Don't think so. Weather wise was best day but get why didn't with Marcin unavailable

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