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  1. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Another armadale average manipulation on the cards? Allegedly...
  2. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Signing 2 HLs who have never, imo, impressed at ashfield was bonkers. I don't know if no one else was available or was a concerted effort to sign them. But you need the riders to improve averages to be successful, and a strong home average usually comes with that!
  3. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    What average would Jesse mustonen come in on? Scored same as Leon in GP qualifier and after success of vuolas at worky if was a 5 might be worth a gamble?
  4. Jaizer

    Poole 2024

    Good effort from Tom in gp qualifiers. 10 points and 5th place best of the rest. Could probably hand picked the qualifiers beforehand
  5. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Probably riding better than I've seen him, but he's still not much more than a reserve who'll struggle at most away tracks. I'd gladly see us bring in some new talent and prep them for next season/ attain real averages. There's no changes we can make that will make us challengers imo
  6. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Was going through some Aussie scores other day I saw another Killeen. Would that be a younger brother who'd also come in on a 2.00?
  7. He's never going to be champ standard, I don't understand why you're promotion persevering with him. Worrall, B cook, Nichols? Availability with Poland etc going to be an issue I'd have thought
  8. Apart from laughing, have to applaud young Dan T. What a transformation in a rider. Can't remember such a difference since worral load of rubbish went to Edinburgh on a 3 and doubled his average
  9. Facility expired can only use guest up to 75% of average
  10. Pmsl. Beat at home by a team with junior at no.1
  11. Hasn't wood had his licence suspended for 30 days?
  12. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Said it for years not sure he's really kicked on though. Scores well in the u24 league though. If was me I'd fancy the Norwegian pollestad, 19 plenty potential there.
  13. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    The shortsightedness is absolutely bonkers. There is a shortage of riders available to championship clubs (ask Redcar/ Workington when looking for their last signings) but essentially every rider of a reasonable standard in Poland is a write off. Unless you're prepared to bring a couple in and let them get new averages and have a write off of a season. Not many would do what Peter Waite did with the the 3 Czechs on 9 point averages!
  14. Jaizer

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Didn't they change the rule because of the tarasenko situation that new poles are on a 7 or something? But we could sign a dane who hasn't ridden here but has in the extraliga on a 5 still. Can't remember exact wording of it but how was explained to me was Marcin who ride 3rd division last season would be a 7 but mads Hansen would be a 5. Sure some of the rulebook experts know the exact change but essentially meant that particular route would be closed

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