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  1. Jason.C

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Not saying it's been bad racing, Somerset have been far better. I'd say the track has broken up far worse than Poole did last week though. Obviously it's not just Poole and Swindon who struggle with preparing a smooth surface.
  2. Jason.C

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Track like an mx surface now!
  3. Jason.C

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Track is very bumpy tonight.. Good racing though. Shame about the inconsistent refereeing.
  4. Yes it is a shame. He has been brilliant for us otherwise.
  5. Poole win whilst carrying 2 riders and go top of the league. Happy day's. The track was better during the last few weeks but unfortunately the amount of rain we've had looks like it has affected it somewhat.
  6. Jakobsen, kurtz & to an extent woryna letting Poole down tonight. How can kurtz go from being so good to this?!
  7. Hope summer is OK but that was a dirty move. Lucky klindt didn't get collected also
  8. I managed to grab a hot dog from there around the time gates opened. You aren't missing much.
  9. That would sort of wash Steve if we saw the riders having a good look at the track. The only one I saw was Worrall kicking around the pit gate.
  10. I have been going for many years and recall the track being in worse condition, and then being salvaged with a few grades and some saw dust thrown in too. Tonight smacks of Leicester throwing in the towel at a whiff of rain and the rest just going along with it. The track wasn't watered since before Ht1 obviously in anticipation we were going to potentially receive a heavy shower. As you can see, if anything the short heavy shower probably would have helped the track along a bit. As I was leaving the stadium, I heard a comment from one man with his family "well I'm never coming back here again" which makes me assume it was their first time. Shame.
  11. Track pic https://ibb.co/iEEuLp
  12. Jason.C

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    I think his comments could have been worded better. The " thanks Poole" at the end is what probably baited the back lash.
  13. Any excuse to have a dig at Poole over a bit of oil. Even the Americans wouldn't be fussed about invading for that amount.
  14. Very disappointing comments from two "professional" top riders.

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