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  1. It was the way he did it what annoyed me .....
  2. Just don't name the guest, call him Stars/Pirates/Robins etc etc Guest Rider, in fact maybe it's the way forward not naming any rider, just referring to them as Stars 1-7 etc etc. Main thing is to make sure the racing is exciting, imo it's the one major factor for the survival of our sport .... better than it ever has been, how, god knows ....... it's down to the riders and promoters .....
  3. Trees

    Poole 2019

    Doesn't anyone like my idea above about not naming a guest rider, maybe no rider should be named, let's just call them 1-7 for whatever team is racing then no worries haha. That's how I watch football if I ever watch it, don't know the players names just the colours they are wearing .....
  4. Maybe nobody will be interested in buying ......
  5. Trees

    Poole 2019

    Maybe guests shouldn't be named, just call them guest rider ....
  6. They're getting too old, old and grouchy
  7. Trees

    Chapman Trinity

    But SGP and the European leagues could often provide better racing too. I keep being told that crowds are going down everywhere so it could all be improved eh ....
  8. Trees

    Chapman Trinity

    If the racing was great then I think we would be reeling from the excitement of it, talking about what we just saw etc, nothing else required! IF the promoters and riders could attract more fans/more money then it would open up more opportunity to provide more razzmatazz if that's what you are after, etc etc Hopefully more young people with oodles of enthusiasm would be attracted too because that makes a difference ....
  9. Trees

    Chapman Trinity

    More exciting racing might save the sport imo (real or contrived). Every fan loves close racing/passing/team riding, it's what gets fans excited and talking about the sport away from the track. It's also something no fan can make happen, it's down to the promoters and riders ....
  10. Trees

    Poole 2019

    Maybe every promoter could promote a meeting monthly with solos, sidecars, juniors etc but would that keep our speedways going, I'd hate it, I want team speedway myself ....
  11. Trees

    Chapman Trinity

    Remind me what you think would work Baggy and Speedtiger?
  12. Trees

    Poole 2019

    Made plenty of money in the past hasn't he? Spent all that I guess ....
  13. And some fans think guests should not be allowed, just draft in your nos 8, 9, 10 in this case ....
  14. Trees

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Judging by your name, thought it was quite funny, mwahhhh I wonder who you are .......

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