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  1. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Entertainment of course
  2. Trees

    SpeedwayGB website?

    I get that message for starters but after a few seconds the site comes up .....
  3. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    I'd like British Speedway to try live commentary, it would help with atmosphere imo.
  4. Trees

    Swindon Robins 2020

    The SKY millions really wasn't that much was it though?
  5. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Home riders 100% should do a victory lap!!!!
  6. Every promoter could offer fans lots of special experiences on a race night, not sure they all do though?
  7. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    I liked it though haha. If they played the interview over the tannoys in the stadium that would be OK?
  8. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Maybe go back to the days of talking to the riders 'in the studio' after each race?
  9. I don't suppose for one minute they can afford that?
  10. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    All the difference imo ....
  11. Trees

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Maybe black and yellow flares would be better? Cheap as chips on ebay lol. Might be a good idea for all promotions??
  12. Yes it affected 3 panels and the piping that feeds the airbags, a bloody nightmare!
  13. No not at all, not my team, not the team I have supported from 10 years old, mean nowt to me!

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