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  1. Only because it would've turned into a skating rink...
  2. It's worked for Ford over the years so he doesn't bother too much...
  3. They are so it's a chance the promoters take racing on a Friday ....
  4. Hardly chasing them, I thought we follow clubs/people on social media that we are interested in, but you're not anymore I guess so enjoy your new hobbies Haza ....
  5. There's not only twitter to get your news from, Facebook and Instagram now... https://m.facebook.com/klspeedway/ https://www.instagram.com/kingslynnstars/
  6. Yayyyy Tellboy It was a tight match (with all the emotion that goes with it) until heat 8 when we pulled away by 6 pts There was some exciting racing 100% and we got the win over the Witches, can't be bad. Then off to a room full of fans for the press conference, everyone was happy, apart from Kasper who bravely faced us but as expected EVERYONE voiced their support for him, it was so good to hear. Thomas was obviously voted Rider of the Night by the KLSSC member, who else! Onwards and upwards for our Stars
  7. Just thanking the Ipswich fans for attending, what's wrong with that?
  8. I'll put you on the list for the 29th then OK....
  9. Wow, any meeting against the old enemy has to be worth a look, Norfolk v Suffolk, our pride at stake!
  10. Of course you can do the track walk, this week if you like!! Gotta be there for 1810??
  11. If the fans don't think Middlo is deserving I guess they won't support it and he won't make any money. Has it only been granted because of the loss of revenue from the first one?
  12. So chuffed with this showing from the Stars, nobody expected that but hell they got themselves together and boom, another win at Poole, last one was inspired by CH in 2017 of course It's put the smile back on our faces and wiped it off the Poole fans, perfect, sorry people
  13. Peter Schroek (sp?) I believe

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