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  1. Trees

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Ditto m8!!
  2. So the Belle Vue fans aren't gonna give Stevie Worrall any more time to get over his horrific injury, NICE!
  3. No worries T, understandable, yes we should be out in force, off to get some material to make some polishesque blue n yellow flags tomorrow haha
  4. They are, they have been great together and hopefully will come up with the goods as they have done so all season. But tbh everyone is key woooooooooo
  5. You sure you don’t wanna travel with us on the coach m8?
  6. Instead of cheering and celebrating with our team they were shouting abuse at Batchelor, that's what annoyed me the most!
  7. Trees

    Belle Vue 2018

    Makes a change then from Poole
  8. Trees

    Poole 2019

    Chris’ll be happier with his brother at Somerset IF he races over here next year ..... Matt has shown that he doesn’t value Chris' involvement at Poole anymore .... That’s a funny face Shovlar, he didn’t sign him when Chris needed to be at Poole big time!
  9. C’mon Somerset!! I really don’t want Poole to reach the final ....
  10. I'd like that tried to, choice of gate positions used as tactical changes.
  11. The promoters are THE only ones who know financially how many fans and how much sponsorship they need to run their clubs, fans don't have a clue. I think between them all promoters have got all the right ingredients to run their clubs. But they need to do more. They need to get out on the terraces during meetings with the fans, see what show/racing/promotion they are dishing up, hear what the fans have to say. I'd love to think that they could then put things right? Combined they have lots of the right skills. How bloody ridiculous is it that the fans have been complaining year after year about riders not celebrating with them after a race, a simple thing that means so much that promoters and riders cannot get their heads round ffs! There are 101 little things like that that would improve fans' race night experiences which cost nothing!
  12. Trees

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    All the riders are relieved to get through that tonight, difficult conditions ......

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