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  1. Trees


    But to the fans, riders and management it "could be" a once in a lifetime/career happening, something that will be remembered forever. For me a league win is a total club "thing". Of course everyone involved would hope for adulation from the media but at the end of the day it's special for the club and all involved!! This year, if we go racing, there will be winners and losers as always. Our leagues are all about starting relatively equal and that's a positive we have over ALL the rest ..... don't fret!
  2. In the 70s jobs were two a penny so yes riders could be part time as such, it's not so easy these days I suspect hence they like to be 'pro' riders and why not? Plus years ago I suspect there were many more Friday/Saturday clubs in the British/Elite/Premiership so again it was easier to hold down a job and race speedway?
  3. As long as the sport here is in such a precarious position there will be no independent person imo. It's a committee, everyone has their say (if they've been on it long enough), everyone can put ideas forward .....
  4. Not his responsibility but as they are team mates and fellow Brits just thought he might give him a few tips along the way, simple as that!
  5. At least we know, given fast equipment, Dan can do it, he's a natural, he just needs the money to sort his equipment, let's hope old Wuffy helps him along the way eh ....
  6. Hope they have lots and lots of rain in 2021 teehee ..... karma
  7. Trees

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    My point is I don't care about any other club however good or bad their stadium/track is ....
  8. Trees

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Oh read it again Haza, I don't think I suggested we should bloody walk from Tuesday Market Place to Lynn on a Monday night!! We all know you aren't a fan of Lynn anymore, god knows why you even post on here, you couldn't be more down on Lynn if you tried!!
  9. Trees

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I have actually been to Torun and Gdansk ...... Gdansk was not so concrete, they still had the old grandstand. My club is King's Lynn, my passion is King's Lynn, no other team comes close. It's the Polish fans that make their clubs, I've walked with hundreds of Gorzow fans to their stadium for a league meeting. It would be like fans from all over King's Lynn gathering in the Tuesday Market Place then making their way en masse to Saddlebow Road, would be awesome if King's Lynn people cared enough!
  10. Trees

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I hate Polish stadiums, just cold and concrete, the racing feels so far away, no close contact with the riders, no hanging over the pit area or chatting with those standing in the riders stand for Polish fans, nah not for me. Can't bloody wait to get back supporting King's Lynn Stars, absence has made the heart grow fonder. Yes the racing needs to be great at every stadium, no fan wants to watch follow the leader, equally I don't want to watch riders just making mistakes for the passes to happen, lots of racing lines is the way to go for our sport .........
  11. Trees

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    It's many years since British Speedway had crowds like Poland, can you remember the last 5k-10k crowd at your club? The seventies for King's Lynn ..... IMO the novelty of speedway started to wear off with our population in those years to where it is now, Poland will probs be the same as their country grows ...... the only thing that may keep the Polish people supporting their clubs longer is their obvious patriotism .......
  12. Hardly got the chance to race here this year!!
  13. Trees

    SON 2020

    Going/gone home?
  14. Trees

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    My thoughts too ......

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