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  1. Two more riders added to the line up tonight!
  2. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    I guess because the pieces written by the team managers and promoters are so out of date a few weeks down the line?
  3. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    No!!!! I want my paperwork to fill in lol
  4. Takes place on Sunday 20th March, tapes up 4pm. Riders announced so far: 1) Niels Kristian Iversen 2) Peter Kildemand 3) Bomber Harris 4) Danny King 5) Charles Wright 6) Adam Ellis 7) Sam Masters 8) Nicolai Klindt British Youth demonstration races announced. Sponsorship packages available!
  5. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    But every promotion is surely striving for more than hard-core? We all know r/r works well most of the time if you have a balanced side, it's when you have more than one rider injured that it's more difficult ....
  6. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    So they were very lucky for 3 seasons and maybe a fourth ..... that's about right
  7. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    Were they just lucky? How often did they win the league in that time?
  8. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    It all depends how many of your riders get injured at any one time doesn't it ..... of course if you can cover with r/r and your own riders it can work well but you need luck ie the rider you lose can be covered by strong team members, you have a strong number 6 etc .....
  9. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    I have known many times teams missing more than one rider. If speedway remains relatively poor and we want to keep teams reasonably level in strength I cannot think of another answer. Take Lynn in the 2018 playoff final against Poole, lose NKI to injury before the first leg and in that meeting MPT gets injured
  10. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    So you have 3 injuries, your number one, 3 and 4, you have a number 8 to use, is that it then, no guests? Or could each team nominate 2 unattached riders from a lower league and you have to use them against a top of the table team with no injuries. Foregone conclusion, fan turnout halved? The way to go?
  11. Trees


    It definitely hasn't, I used to work at the Marsham Arms in front of it and go past it on each trip to Norwich.
  12. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    What is the alternative if your number one or more riders are injured which often happens, go into a meeting with 4 team members and a number 8?
  13. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    Because the BV rider is injured (it's a dangerous sport and to give fans value for money team strength is all important) and this guy is guesting ..... perfectly understandable! Then the spiel goes speedway is nothing like any other team sport, it's not got the money to have 'reserves' of all qualities akin to football so guest riders for top men is the way it has to be organised otherwise the team with am injured rider would 100% lose, the fans wouldn't turn up for an uncompetitive meeting, it can't survive without fans, the club would shutdown!
  14. Trees

    Belle Vue 2022

    He ought to have his average raised to be fair to the rest of the league, 12 . It's peed me off for years that he's not thought racing in the UK important, I'm surprised he's lowering himself now, sounds like it's at huge cost though!
  15. Trees

    Ipswich 2022

    To use the riders you want and not just someone who fits? There's always options during the season anyway, as u know ...

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