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  1. Trees

    Introducing yourself....

    Theresa Carman Not saying haha Cawston near Norwich, Norfolk Team Leader in Tesco Kings Lynn A family friend when I was 10 Stars KOC Cup and league wins in the Premier League, wonderful times X Rider deaths at Lynn over the years, hearing Ashley Jones had died and hearing that Darcy Ward was paralysed Simply too many to mention Nicki Pedersen - calculating barsteward! Family, music, craft Just my own name lol
  2. Trees

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    It should be completely factual and BV it's not so has to be dismissed as rubbish!?
  3. Trees

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Buster isn't on the SCB is he?
  4. Maybe Buster needs to organise a fans forum, is he available to talk to during meetings?
  5. Was this before the Glasgow team announcements? The crowd (as seen on a video) were booing the Glasgow riders very vocally so something must've been said before this .....
  6. Trees

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    He gave his reason, can you not read? It's only track reserve anyway ......
  7. Talk to the Supporters Club Committee about Buster .....
  8. Well keep supporting the club then, it's the only way it will survive!
  9. No rider from Poole can be trusted and Bjerre, nah ...... Guests are a disaster
  10. Guests invariably don't deliver, such a horrible position to be in The SCB must reconsider Cookie's ban!
  11. Trees

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    There was aggro before the parade over the track by all accounts so the action of the marshal and others just aggrievated the situation even more ....
  12. They tripped up in the hole didn't they it was so deep......
  13. Trees

    One League

    Surely it has? The majority of top boys want the big bucks of Poland and Sweden and that's what they are concentrating on .... I don't think we worry too much about them, who are they lol
  14. Trees

    Reshape existing tracks

    They opened up the back straight years ago for a World Team Cup (I think), I remember Lee Richardson having a great night!
  15. Trees

    Reshape existing tracks

    Years ago Trelawney had a great name as a race track, what was that like, I unfortunately never went to it??

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