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  1. Trees

    No change next year?

    Here we bloody go again, there are loads of riders who have ridden for the same club for years. SOME Lynn fans complained this year cos the promoter was "too" loyal, calling it jobs for the boys!
  2. Trees

    No change next year?

    Yeah cos most fans have season tickets .....
  3. Will someone plz make Scunny a winners podium! Do they normally have a mic man or always rely on the bloke in the box?
  4. Trees

    Ipswich 2022

    But why, what do they do? Tiddly winks league?
  5. Trees

    Ipswich 2022

    But why, what do they do? Tiddly winks league?
  6. Trees

    Ipswich 2022

    We've moved all over the place, what's up with other nights in the Poole area??
  7. Trees

    Ipswich 2022

    They've been Weds night for forever ....
  8. Trees

    Why speedway is failing

    I'm pretty sure the riders (with their lives on the line every race) see it as a serious, pro team sport!
  9. Trees

    No change next year?

    Haha, if we could get a singer to include some speedway footage in a music video that might help, come on Sheeran, get it sorted
  10. Trees

    No change next year?

    Going back to the Poles, they're very lucky that their "councils" and people have always supported the sport, if they had things against them that we do it might be a different story. Our promotions have had to fight for themselves to keep their clubs going to a certain extent. As crowds have fallen, riders have chosen not to race in the UK etc so their job has gotten even more difficult. They have always tried to keep teams even, unlike Poland! hence the need for the complicated rules, Poland have never needed such rules, it's a free for all over there apart from the Polish Under 21 rider rules? Their clubs have often done the dirty on the riders by not paying them of course, so it hasn't always been professional!
  11. Trees

    No change next year?

    Teams over the years I've been attending have always been highly thought of locally, particularly if successful! Certainly in Lynn's case anyway. Remember our successful Premier league days when the majority of the team lived with a local sponsor? When I first went in the 70s the team then had 3/4 local guys. I dunno where you're coming from in my experience. Of course if injuries hit or your team doesn't perform of course riders change. I don't know the history of Polish speedway but I can see the mentality of Polish townsfolk now and I truly think it's their passion and pride in their town that keeps them attending, similar to football fans of many cities and towns here. These clubs are lucky, open the doors and in they flood. Going back to British speedway, yes there has been in fighting etc with our BSPL but I personally think it's because we have been struggling for fans, clubs, riders and sponsors overall for years. Had everything been hunky dory they wouldn't have had to try so hard to get an upper hand etc .....
  12. Trees

    No change next year?

    Polish clubs have attracted big crowds, because their townsfolk, in fact the whole of Poland, are so passionate about their towns' and their country which is how it should be. No doubt they all suffered together like this country did during the wars, unfortunately for British speedway people have lost the passion and pride for their clubs and for many their country, their clubs have subsequently closed, sold off for big bucks by the owners. Are Polish stadiums owned by companies/individuals?
  13. Trees

    No change next year?

    But a few people seem to think it's the way forward, it is fun stuff, not serious league racing, no pressure on any rider, I just think it's not the way to go, maybe it's something that club promoters could add to their year tis true but not in replacement to league racing .....
  14. Trees

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    It's interesting watching riders race Wolves on TV to see who takes the best lines etc
  15. Trees

    No change next year?

    Let's have some serious suggestions, forget "fun" speedway ala IOW, we can't have leagues of fun speedway. People say do what Poland do, they do nothing different to us but their towns' folk absolutely adore their clubs and the riders that race for them and they absolutely hate other clubs. Their supporters absolutely make it known with shouting, clapping and drumming what their riders mean to them! Hands up who shouts and claps their team on parade and after each race and between!! In my experience many British fans continue to chat amongst themselves when the parade is happening ffs!! Polish promoters don't have to try very hard to "promote", fans, riders and sponsors queue up to support the clubs, they don't even have to pay any rent as the stadiums are state owned!! For Polish promoters speedway is a piece of cake!! I've been to a Polish league meeting, I know what happens. Yes of course our promoters can do more, they can offer fans to do the track walk, to do the coin toss, to watch from the centre, kids to walk out as mascots, to have press conferences after their meetings, allow fans access to the pits before and after meetings, offer VIP packages, meals in their restaurants if they're lucky enough to have them, to entertain the kids with club mascots, to let the kids ride bikes and/or have running races round the track, to have a junior meeting after the main meeting, to have the mic man commentate on the meeting, to have the mic man engage with the fans etc etc! Are we using young people's social media outlets enough, tick tock, Instagram etc? My son thinks that the fact that motorbikes are taboo to parents these days they actively keep their children away from the sport, which is a problem football, cricket, tennis etc etc doesn't have! All we can hope is that councils might help our clubs survive by way of cheap hoarding advertising maybe, advertising in town centres, in schools etc. Of course we need more youngsters interested in racing in the sport but we 100% need more people supporting our teams

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