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  1. It is flipping extreme, can you imagine doing it, not me!!
  2. I thought the Championship promoters voted against Thursdays and as they have more members?
  3. Or maybe Robin Brundle has just added his ideas and enthusiasm to the show? I thought last night that the hot laps are a double whammy as they bring in a lot of the crowd earlier than normal so there shouldn't be any holdups to get a big crowd in....
  4. Not according to Kasper who had notched up faster laps than NKI the day before on a slick track.... he was expecting something similar but it was gripper, deceiving obviously....
  5. Hot laps were a good addition to the night, knew away teams wouldn't be too chuffed about them. Added to the VFM of the evening, what do you say moaners and groaners aka MAGS
  6. That's cos when u get older you're worried about waking up at all
  7. Leicester Lions 2018

    Of course they will, they don't want any of their riders racing elsewhere, they want exclusivity for their zlotys (if they pay up!). It's sods law that Vaculik got injured first lap..... couldn't make it up eh! Let's hope Freddie fancies a few weeks or more racing for Leicester..
  8. Maybe he already has ....
  9. Wolves 2018

    They must fit Freddie in at some point .....
  10. No doubt Mark Lemon has him on his radar .....
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Speedway is dangerous enough for the guys who take part, the 2017 World Champ almost lost his life in 2016. I think we forget this potential danger? Bloody bangers etc bring spectators in but they aren't every week and it's a hobby not a pro sport. Stocks are the same aren't they? Yeah people go to see the crashes but the drivers are protected by their cars.
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    British and World.... all hypothetical anyways...
  13. Kings Lynn 2018..

    He wouldn't have had the option not being in charge of world speedway?