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  1. They assume every Brit is earning big money???? Nah .....
  2. They would never be able to afford that, our council tax goes on much more important things than professional sport, I can hardly believe Poland's councils can justify chucking money at such a rich sport in their country!!!
  3. Not jealous, I simply expect perfect speedway from Poland on perfect tracks, I certainly don't expect processional 'races'!! I'm obviously not emotionally attached to any Polish team so am watching it as a neutral ....
  4. It's ok when the other rider doesn't fall off I suppose, not keen on the move though, it's dirty in my eyes, seen it end in tears many times ....
  5. Don't bring my track into it, we're talking "perfect" Polish league speedway lol
  6. 1 decent race ok ..... just seen a couple of decent races in the 2nd match too ....
  7. Haha another who has learnt the Pedersen 'hang ya back wheel out at your opponent' move ..... Dudek
  8. Trees

    SEC 2020

    Shouldn't affect the slickness of it should it?
  9. Good win for Robert off the favoured 6/7! Gate 3, want to see him against Dudek and Lindback now .... Shame they don't have a British Speedway type number 8 so races have 4 riders!
  10. But it's Poland, I live in the UK, my team are the King's Lynn Stars, I couldn't give two hoots about any Polish team
  11. Speedway needs to improve the racing ie passing and team racing, imo Thais will be enough to bring back the crowds, 10/15 races need to be great to ....... handicaps?
  12. Trees

    Ask The Chairman

    I've asked 3/4 questions on Twitter, get on Twitter or Facebook people, you might enjoy them!
  13. Trees

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    I rest my case, I'm sure the Aussies would give him citizenship, go Tai ....... Even if the Brits won a title with him, it would mean nothing to him .... what's the point Tai??

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