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  1. OAP concessions, why?

    A woman might be reading a book but I bet the blokes are working out the next race, the ins and outs of the last etc, tactical possibilities etc ......
  2. I'd like this to happen again, it was just another little thing that was part of the show imo, there is no reason not to either. It's all part of the build up to a race tbh.
  3. If only a piece of land there or thereabouts could've been made into a new Norwich Speedway.... start small etc
  4. Bt Sport Coverage

    Yes, loved Floppy when he was on, so funny. Equally Steady and Chris Louis...
  5. OAP concessions, why?

    Bit of a generalisation SCB, there's plenty of pensioners on basic pension and maybe a small personal pension .....
  6. Should Speedway ditch the family sport tag and go for the dirty, dangerous, raw sport tag? I think probably so!
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    THJ was all over the place ........ not my sort of interesting
  8. Poole 2018

    Josh imo is a very determined rider, let's see where he ends up...
  9. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Sincerely hope not! Jeez!
  10. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Is that on the Lynn News website?
  11. Poole 2018

    It's all good locally imo, if it gets more punters into the cafe and in turn into the club why not... Poole already have a fish n chip shop which offers a "speedway special" on race nights so this idea just adds to the club's presence in town...
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Of course I do, I'm only human lol BUT I try to always remain as positive as I can. I have loved speedway racing for 40 years, I admire the guys who race, who put their life and limb on the line for their job! Only love, sex and rock n roll is better than a great speedway race If only riders were admired, loved and revered as they used to be in the UK, as they currently are in Poland. Instead some of us tend to take them and their talent for speedway for granted, moan and groan, expect more, question and swear about them. There must be some middle ground. Of course we want VFM but we must go to speedway looking forward to the racing, looking forward to cheering our team onto a win, the Polish people do, there is no extra entertainment, no interviews even, it's all about supporting their team, chanting, cheering, flag waving, all the simple things that some of us have forgotten it seems to me. It's odd how our personal change when we take the trip over to Cardiff or the SWC comes to town, we're totally up for supporting our riders and team at these comps. I'm positive about the new season, let's see what's in store, let's start off positive, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  13. Poole 2018

    Why not some sort of relationship with an existing coffee shop in Poole, with free sponsorship in the stadium in return, there's already a restaurant I've been into in Poole that has pics of riders in it..
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I don't have tunnel vision, that's why I helped start the Supporters Club, I had my ideas about giving the supporters more on race nights and I think we have delivered with pit walks, watching from the centre, having photos with riders and presenting Rider of the Night. We have an extra experience for 2018 which I hope our members will enjoy