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  1. League match, away, means some average manipulation by the cheats on the cards.
  2. Thought this cup didn't matter????
  3. Trackrat

    Warsaw 2019

    Is the British GP held at Poole? Would like to go this year.
  4. Nice to see the cheats getting a spanking, well done Ipswich.
  5. Trackrat

    SoN Belle Vue

    Chris Holder is quality.
  6. Trackrat

    SoN Belle Vue

    Why isn't this event being held at Poole?
  7. Who said you did?????
  8. Shovlar, brain man, armchair, xrayc call everyone numpties never get banned, pathetic bias imo.
  9. I get banned for saying i don't like Poole, time for a non Poole biased mod?
  10. Name and shame.

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