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  1. Always does. Nothing flash,loud or brash. Just gets on with it. One of the reasons I like him.
  2. I didnt go,so a little confused. Pooles official website report says Kurtz tried to go round Tungate when he fell in Ht13. On here, all have said it was Andersen! Which is correct?
  3. My own comment on Facebook. ''When in Glasgow for the Scottish derby, I asked Taylor what it was all about. To his extreme credit he didnt want to comment. I admire that. I suppose professionals can find a fault or two, even nit picking. But then again, who is at the top of their chosen profession at 17? Absolutely no one. Keep on snapping Taylor Lanning Photography. Let your camera do the talking'' I have been collecting speedway photos all of my life,from the late 50's right through to today. Obviously Poole in particular. I am not interested in the technical details. All I know is that if I like it, I will buy it,simple as that. However, this is making me think twice about buying others photos.
  4. If Poole were leading by the margin KL were and lost, this forum would be in melt down suggesting average manipulation! KL lose....nothing! Id still like to see 2 changes though. Covatti and Worrall being the prime targets.
  5. BobC

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    Same here. The GPs are a money making machine for the owners of the rights. Rips the heart out of everyday speedway and gives absolutely nothing back.
  6. BobC

    Plymouth 2019

    Plymouth management were very naive here. Should have got a sick note earlier in the week after the meeting at Kent. They said he came back there and clearly wasnt fit. Yes, it would have put Campos out for 7 days, but he could have been back in for the trip to Belle Vue on Thursday and at home to IOW of Friday. Definitely cost them a win last night. That was the difference
  7. I think its now Leon Flint
  8. BobC

    Warsaw 2019

    Why not? He has to earn a living. Would GB pay them in order for him to rest? Remember, his obligations are to Glasgow, first and foremost. Also, would a guest be as good as he is at Glasgow? He is unbeaten round there since he joined at the end of last season. I saw him this season v Edinburgh and he was on a different planet. He was awesome to watch when he didnt gate. Well worth the trip up from Torquay just to watch him alone. Ive never particularly liked him,tbh. My opinion rose dramatically after seeing the way he rode and helped his team mates.
  9. BobC

    Isle of wight vs Cradley Heath

    Using Black Country parlance Im hoping the Islanders 'ommer 'em'.
  10. BobC

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    Home win by 6pts
  11. BobC

    Rebels vs Pirates

    Ive known Anders since he could hardly sit on a bike,from his early days at Weymouth. Over the last 2 weeks, Ive watched him ride at Plymouth,Kent, Berwick and Somerset. Good performances everywhere except Berwick,where most struggled anyway. By far his best was at Somerset.Always in the mix doing a great job at reserve. Pleased for him and enjoyed chatting with his grandparents too. I agree that Rebels should stick with the reserves all season. They will only get better.
  12. I certainly did! First time there since the refurbishment. What an amazing transformation. Decent enough meeting if a little surprised that Glasgow didnt win by more.
  13. BobC

    Rebels vs Pirates

    Paul Starke in for Pirates.
  14. Largely disappointing to be honest. Only 3 or 4 passes in 22 races says it all. When the likes of Bewley, riding his socks off and faster than those in front, are unable to find a way past says it all. The early races dictated which way this meeting was going. Gate 2 only scored 3pts in the first 8 races! Those riding in white and yellow had a big advantage. Congratulations to Robert Lambert,fully deserved 3rd Title.

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