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  1. Poole 2018

    Chris Holder is back.......shocker that!
  2. Odd Fossengen R.I.P

    Susan, his wife contacted me earlier today with the news. In 2018, he would have been 50 years a Pirate. Still struggling to take the news in. A true Pirate legend.
  3. Plymouth 2018

    To be honest, I am not happy looking at that line up. I only see improvement from Henry Atkins. To win in speedway, you need at least half of the team to put points on their starting averages. I cant see where thats coming from, sorry. Bottom end of the table for sure. That said, the team needed to be built within a strict budget.So for that, I am simply pleased that the sport continues here in Devon.
  4. Workington 2018 .

    Looks like I will be a Comets fan in 2018! Big fan of Kyle. Huge step, but one he not only has to take, but will take in his stride. It will be tough, but, there is only one way to find out. Best of luck young man.
  5. Plymouth 2018

    Tbh, a bit non-plussed with this team right now.
  6. Poole 2018

    Well Jack needs to take a reality check himself. Looking at life through a bottle is the major cause of his problems. Just like his elder brother.
  7. A larger than life character. Genuinely nice chap. Bit loud and brash, but a heart of gold. RIP Noddy.
  8. Poole 2018

    Dont wish any illness on anyone, especially this time of year. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.
  9. What a great advert for NL racing. The scoreline doesnt reflect the effort put in by Eastbourne. It was a lot tighter all the way through. I was there cheering on the Colts, but especially Kyle Bickley. What a time to get your 1st ever maximum! He was absolutely superb all night, although his HT10 crash was very scary. He even considered riding in Ht15! Currently off to hospital for a check over. One of the first people to check on Kyle, other than paramedics, was Mildenhalls Jon Armstrong, who was helping Drew Kemp Introduced to Phil the Ace and Rob B.Good to put faces to names. Next time Im up there, the drinks are on me! Sat with HalifaxTiger and also got some opinions from Kelly Armstrong! Well done to the Eastbourne fans, who despite their obvious disappointment were very sporting throughout. Bailey in particular rode so hard for little reward. Deserved more points. Same goes for Luke Woodhull. Even Paul Bowen got stuck in. A thoroughly enjoyable nights racing.
  10. Overcast, but dry. Lets have a hard fought but fair battle. C'mon you Colts!
  11. As Perton Wolf says, I am referring to Club fixtures, be that Pairs,4tt Cup and League, plus Riders Championship Finals too. I would never want to hold a rider back in his quest to better himself, but not at his Club/sponsors expense. World Champs, Internationals, U21 team or individual are fine.
  12. Well, a 54-36 wins looks convincing enough for the Devils. They looked good on the night and did their jobs, but have come away thinking its a strange scoreline. In Heat one, Roynon leading by the proverbial mile, crashes just before the finish line, but goes over line for the win.Bates in 2nd laid it down. From my angle opposite the start, I didnt think he had, but referee Reeve awarded him the win.A tad lucky in one respect, but very unlucky in another. Its been reported that he has broken his collarbone,although he did continue on the night to secure 2 more race wins before suffering a tapes exclusion in Ht13. Roynon: See above Andrews: Looked very fast and worked hard. R/R (Compton) 9+3 Paid Max, which is probably more than he would have scored Atkins: Superb. Probably his best night of the season. Carr: Excellent guest. O'Keefe: Steady and picked up points when others made errors. Walker: Good solid reserve score. Bates: Solid Ht1, but 2 x exc for 2mins not helping. R/R;(Halsey) 4+1 easily less than he would have scored. Jenkins: 2 falls in first 2 rides cost him dearly. Got his act together in the end with some excellent riding. Talented for sure. Spooner: Out of his depth in the 1-5. Armstrong: Only came to the party once the track slickened off Verge: Not on the pace at all,but understand it was his return from injury. Kemp: Excellent. Apart from one race when he and Andrews seemingly pulled up only to get going again. Red light in crowd apparently. On an difficult track, a sunny day, not watered enough, although understanable,slickened off by Ht10. The next five races were all gate n go. Had either any of Compton,Mountain or Halsey ridden, the result would have been totally different. All if buts and maybes of course. I'll take the 18 point lead, but Devils needed more points,they just didnt kill things off in the later races. With all 3 heat leaders out of the return on Sunday, 2 of them Boxall and Roynon are track specialists, will make things very hard. I understand that Ben Morley guests for Roynon. Good luck to the Devils on Sunday. They are going to need it.
  13. Please note: The local paper in Plymouth is advertising this meeting as taking place on Saturday. Please note it is taking place TODAY FRIDAY 6th October.
  14. Not read the whole thread, but surely there is one very simple solution. Anyone who needs a visa, MUST sign to say that the British club that sponsors them, will be their priority over any other fixtures, worldwide. Dont sign, no visa. Before anyone says about restrictive trade, etc, Poland do it, so why cant we?
  15. Bv Vs Lakeside Play-off Semi Leg 2

    Best of luck to the Colts tonight. Hope they go on to win and complete a League and Cup double.