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  1. BobC

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    This is a Plymouth speedway thread. I come here to read about the Gladiators. All this other nonsense doesnt belong here. As it happens, I prefer racing on smaller tracks..
  2. BobC

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Obviously youve never been there have you? The Arena is rented from a local school. Speedway share the pitch side dressing rooms and allow for them to keep a rugby pitch behind the back straight. There is little scope to widen the track as there is only about a 15ft walkway between the stand and rugby pitch. No point in lengthening the straights as that would create problems for riders with the extra speed going into the tight turns. I have been a heavy critic of the state of the track preparation over recent few seasons. To the point of Mark Phillips saying he would ban me.! I say what I see and that doesnt sit easy with some people. We had several meetings called off because of the state of the track, not the weather. That said, Mark has worked his socks off in remedying the situation. I cant possibly argue with that. The last couple of meetings of 2019 you could see the effort paying off. The track did improve a fair bit. In 2020, Plymouth ran 2 meetings under very strict Covid regulations. Their organisation was absolutely top notch. Clear instructions from volunteers at every pinch point throughout the meeting. The track itself stood up very well indeed. How much of that was due to constant preparation ,lack of weekly action, I dont know. But, in my opinion, it was a good as its ever been, if not the best ever. Before the start of the 2nd meeting. I bumped into Mark and congratulated him personally on his fore thought and arrangements. I felt 100% safe. Add in the superb stand along the start finish straight, they made for a a good atmosphere with everyone that I know going home with a big smile. Indeed it was very disappointing when they cancelled the next fixture because the Covid situation had changed, I totally accept that. For Mark and his team to go out and gain promotion and deliver two excellent signings shows his intent. He IS listening to fans on just about everything. I applaud him and his team on their efforts so far. I wish them well for 2021, except of course against Poole!
  3. BobC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I would be very pleased if it is.
  4. BobC

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    If Pitgate52 says its Tuesdays, thats what it will be. She is very much involved with the Management.
  5. I have nothing but huge regards for Geoff. He became Captain at Poole in 1963 and served us brilliantly until his move to Reading in 1971. In fact, I still think of him as our BEST EVER Captain
  6. BobC

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    Loved watching Pogo. I was only 10 when Rybnik turned up at Poole in 1965, three riders shone like a beacon. Woryna scored a paid max,behind Pogo, Wyglenda only lost his paid max because of a failing motor. Pogo was majestic scoring a full 12pt max in their 52-26 win over the Pirates. Followed them all for the rest of their careers. RIP Pogo.
  7. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    Plymouth have called time on the 2020 season See link here. https://plymouth-speedway.com/chequered-flag-comes-down-on-gladiators-2020-season/ While sad that there wont be anymore action this season, I have to agree with their reasoning. Mark and his team have quite rightly received a lot of compliments of how everything has been handled at this testing time. Their communication has been exceptional. It goes a long way to keeping fans happy. I, for one, cant wait for next season, whatever League they run in. I hope the locals get right behind them.Their efforts this season deserve support. Well done to all involved. See you in 2021.
  8. BobC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I couldnt agree more. I dont trust them any further than the end of my nose. Money is all they are interested in.
  9. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    Actually, 3 are planned! Obviously awaiting the Covid clarification. Tuesday 29th Sept v Leicester Lion Cubs Saturday 10th October Colin Hill Memorial Saturday 17th October Plymouth v IoW I sincerely hope Mark gets the go ahead to run all of these.
  10. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    1. 52.21 2.No time Awarded 3.52.75 4.53.06 5.54.59 6.53.78 7.52.28 8.52.00 9.52.44 10. No time Awarded 11.52.00 12.52.28 13.52.91 14.53.53 15.52.71 There were 4 x 500cc sidecar races afterwards, but didnt record any details myself.
  11. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    I said last time that I would happily congratulate Mark Phillips in person on a meeting well controlled. I did exactly that last night. This meeting was just as efficiently organised as last week. The new lighting for the fans is superb.Makes a huge difference. The only time I left my seat was for the loo and get a tea from the track shop on bend 4. Once at ground level, looking up at the lights really sets the arena off. Quite impressive. My only complaint about the evening is that, apart from referee Christina Turnbulls howler in heat 10, theres nothing to complain about! Everything so far is right on the money. Christina got ht10 completely wrong. She excluded Joe Thompson for foul riding on Alfie Bowtell. It wasnt, it was his brother Dan! Going into bend 3,Dan tried an inside lunge on Alfie. It didnt work and they touched, with Alfie falling. Incredibly, her decision was to exclude the innocent Joe who was minding his own business in 3rd place! Baffled everyone around us. Good to hear the dulcet tones of Rob Dyer acting as Master of ceremonies. That said, he did get the Thompson boys the wrong way round in ht3 and 7. Thats why clarification of the lads points were called for. Another very enjoyable meeting from start to finish. Well done Mark and his team.
  12. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    Of course Dave, no problem. Very unlucky to fall while leading HT2,coming off bend 4 on the 3rd lap.Race awarded. A comfortable 3rd in Ht4, easily seeing off Butcher. Ht8 comfortable 3rd, before Davies retired.Ht14,once again a comfortable 3rd. His scores were FX,1+1,1+1, 1= 3+2. Could so easily have been 6+2. Loved his compact,neat and tidy style, he gives the impression of someone more experienced. Thoroughly enjoyed his efforts. You can see hes been tutored well.
  13. BobC

    Plymouth speedway

    Really looking forward to this meeting. PLYMOUTH: Alfie Bowtell, Chad Wirtzfeld, Jason Edwards, Richard Andrews, Henry Atkins, Arran Butcher, Sheldon Davies. GB YOUNG LIONS SELECT: Jordan Palin, Alex Spooner, Dan Thompson, Joe Thompson, Tom Brennan, Harry McGurk, Archie Freeman. First chance to see McGurk and Freeman in action. Fingers crossed that todays Covid announcements wont affect next weeks meeting v Leicester Lion Cubs. Will the October meetings go ahead, even if behind closed doors? If minimal crowds are allowed in, I will be there!
  14. BobC

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Wimbledon 54 v Coventry 24, 9th May 1968. Nigel Boocock scored 16 out of 18. Other than Nigels rides, it was a 5-1 to Wimbledon every time!

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