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  1. Fridays 3 team tournament is being talked about as being the last at Plymouth. Post is from Promoter,Mark Phillips. Copied and paste from the Plymouth Devils forum. Hi all, I hope you will turn up in your droves next week as it is a possibility that it may be the last ever meeting at the raceway, The roumers are that the National league is to be scheduled with an even lower points limit for team building for 2019...as a promoter trying to get supporters in through the turnstiles I feel that having another 1 or 2 Wobblies in the team will be detrimental to the operation and give us an unsalable product. The step up to the championship league incurs the extra costs as listed below bond to the BSPARider loan fees in the region of £10K to £14kestimated rider signing on fees of £15krider weekly wage costs of £7.5kstandard meeting costs of £2kso in reality, unless major sponsorships are obtained there cannot be a future in the championship leagueunless some forward thinking policy’s are put into place at the AGM, National league racing will also have no future.i am in the position of not knowing what is happening in 2019 and it is a great concern, not only for myself , for the supporters and the sport in general.for your knowledge, we have generally reached 400 to 450 spectators weekly and last night reached an all time low of 230. If there are any businesses / supporters who are able to contribute tax deductible funds please let me know.Mark Phillips (stuck between a rock and a hard place yet again ) Read more: http://plymouthdevils.proboards.com/thread/9729/friday-28th-last?page=1#ixzz5S847H8dm
  2. I dont post here very often now. Always degenerates into utter claptrap. Its just plain stupid for anyone to think this tie is all but over. The 2nd leg will be just as close and hard fought. There wasnt a single Poole fan I spoke to before the meeting who thought we would get to within 10 pts of Somerset! In the end, Richies puncture cost us a well deserved draw. SS was stood behind me and between racing Tatum came out of the commentary hut and was freely chatting and enjoying the banter with him. As for Middlo and the fist pump, I agree with him. Before Ht15 started, all of those around me settled for stopping Somerset getting a 5-1. To only lose by 2 pts in the end was an excellent result. Would have bitten your arm off for that result before the meeting, yet, was a tad disappointing to actually lose. Its half time and I am sure both sets of Managements will be geeing their riders up for the 2nd leg. Very very slight advantage to Poole.
  3. If like last time, there are any on the track!
  4. What stream are you watching this from, Dean?
  5. A far better meeting despite the score. Of course the result was predictable given the Devils injury list. The pre meeting parade was lead by ex servicemen. Before it got under way, Danny Ayres stood and chatted with them and shook their hands. You could see their pride as he did so. Before the meeting, it was good to meet up and chat with long standing friends Halifaxtiger and Phil Kirk. Easy to see why the Tigers are on course for a NL whitewash of Trophies. Some excellent speedway throughout, but the two major talking points were Hts 13 and 15. Heat 13 was absolutely top drawer. Whatever level you enjoy our sport, this race was right up there with the very best. Pearson and Tatum would have exploded with compliments. Three riders side by side for two and a half laps, with all combinations of results happening on every turn. 3-3 to 2-4 to 1-5 to 2-4 to 3-3 and back again. It is probably the best ever race at the SBA. Extraordinary stuff. Ayres angry that he came 2nd! Full credit to PhilK who waited at the pit gate to congratulate Morley on his win, with a BIG smile on his face too! It was that good. Ht15 was a strange one. Going into bend tree, Atkins was leading, as Morley dive bombed him, forcing a small error.This in turn took him out into the path of Ayres who was blasting round the outside. Ayres fell. Now for me, stood just in front of the tapes, it was one of two exclusions. Either Ayres for hitting the fence and falling or Morley for causing Atkins into an unnecessary error causing Ayres to fall. Bizarrely, the referee excluded the only totally blameless rider, Atkins! Even Kevin Jolly was surprised as he shouted to Ayres 'you are back in'! The following copied from the Plymouth Forum, where I tink the referee contradicts himself! Interesting stat.....heats 1-8 we were 16 points down. Heats 9-15 only 2 points down.Heat 13 special. How about heat 15 where Morley tore into bend 3 like a bowling ball.I asked the referee about his decision. "From my point of view Ben nudged Henry who then nudged Danny causing him to fall. I had to exclude a rider which was a very difficult decision hence the reason for the wait. I felt Henry was the main cause of the stoppage although unluckily"Fair enough ref. Thank you for the explanation Read more: http://plymouthdevils.proboards.com/thread/9690/devils-mildenhall-fri-aug-2018?page=5#ixzz5OVhlxEpw
  6. Pretty much agree with all that. The meeting got off to a very awkward start and got progressively worse. Presenter Nij started with REF presentations, then introduced the Leicester riders, BEFORE remembering a tribute to the Late Bob Dugard. Embarrassing to say the least. At least everyone in the stadium showed total respect to guy who has had such a major impact on our sport. An impeccable minutes silence, followed by a spontaneous standing ovation. As SS says, a very ordinary meeting, with one or two decent paases etc. Nothing out of the oridinary. Track was a little dusty and NEEDED a watering. I genuinely thought the track looked perfect after the rain, only needing a little grading. NO riders inspecting the track in detail. No track walk. Then the call off. Unreal. The crowd unsurprisingly aggrieved. I am sorry I dont accept the riders view about the slick inside being dangerous. Give it 5 or 10 minutes, with dirt levelled over it, I am sure it would have been ok. After all, our track has been in a far worse condition for most of the season anyway! Send 2 riders out from each team to test it, maybe Kurtz/Harris and Andersen/Nicholls. At least then the fans can see and perhaps understand a little more. Not doing anyone any favours with what happened and the way it happened. If this had been on TV or a Play off, I feel sure it would have continued. A very disgruntled and disillusioned fan, even today. I have to ask myself, why do I bother making a 200 mile round trip, then end up with this? Could have some serious repercussions, crowd wise.
  7. Long before oil catchers on bikes, the oil was dripping from the engines into the track surface. This always helped the shale bind and keep moisture in the surface. Thats where we used to get the infamous 'Castrol R' smell from. Not the engines, but with the shale being moved around. Its nothing new. A few points from last night. Best wishes to Bomber, Ty, and Thomas,hope they are all ok this morning. Proctor gets pulled back for a flyer, quite right, yet Kurtz gets an even bigger flyer, nothing! Really felt for Newman in Ht8. Rode very well indeed, yet some how the referee gives 3rd to MPT on the line.
  8. Here is a link to the Echo, where there a load of photos (99) from last nights meeting, including the Harris crash. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/16392293.chris-harris-walks-away-from-horror-crash-as-in-form-pirates-thrash-kings-lynn/ Very disappointed with NKI and Roberts comments. They were beaten fair and square on a superbly prepared race surface. Some excellent racing, despite the score. Certainly more entertaining than last week! Nothing wrong with the oil, just maybe could have been more subtle about it. There is not a single track in the country that hasnt or still does it. Most tracks pour some oil into the water bowser and then it gets spread more evenly. Nothing to see here.
  9. BobC

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    Firstly, best wishes to William and Nathan following their unfortunate accidents. Kelsey Dugard has posted footage of the incident on Facebook. It is from someone in the crowd. Make your own mind up. (I wasnt there but have been reading comments on here)
  10. BobC

    Poole 2018

    Poole Council.
  11. BobC

    2019 One big league will it happen.?

    Ive had that said to me by a current Promoter! Hes not amused at the thought of 6 man teams either.
  12. Shouldnt be a problem for any of the riders. GB have the rights to Monday meetings, surely?
  13. Very poor for a No.1. Currently running an average of around 6.97. When new Greensheets come out for 1st Aug, he will be running at 7.2-ish. At least we will have Kacper at reserve. Not been to Poole for a while, so looking forward to this one. It cant be as bad as Swindon last night, can it?
  14. BobC

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Folk then wonder why Matt Ford and others dont bother with Team suits The only ones making money out of this would be the manufacturers! Its all completely bonkers. Anyone with any doubts about where speedway is going, need only look at the number of changes this season as a whole. Its bloody madness. Time the SRA stood up to the Promoters. Riders pay out an absolute fortune to honour contracts. Then get dumped at the click of a finger, without any compensation. A very disillusioned Poole fan of 63 years.

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