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  1. greyhoundp

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Poole greyhounds had just one streamed meeting, they have switched that to Swindon (also operated by GI) so that they can keep Poole furloughed, here is the list of streamed greyhound meetings restarting on June 1st.. https://www.arenaracingcompany.co.uk/media-centre/news/greyhounds/arc-and-gmg-confirm-provisional-greyhound-fixture-schedule This is a copy of the communication sent to Poole greyhound trainers.
  2. greyhoundp

    Poole Pirates 2020

    From what i understand most of the Staff at the Stadium are on furlough at this time, I cant see the suspension of Greyhound racing affecting the Speedway at the moment, from the emails sent out to some trainers the situation will be reviewed when crowds are allowed, its then that the decision will potentially affect Poole speedway, right now with no crowds being allowed it does not affect Poole speedway. The long term affects for Greyhound racing could be that these Owners/Trainers of Greyhounds move elsewhere thereby the possibility of not having enough dogs to race should they wish to do so could impact long term.
  3. Iv just read this article on the Leicester website, Just a couple of issues is this legal without licences, and whats the situation with regards insurance ?, if its breaking government guidelines then any insurance will be invalid.. http://www.leicesterspeedway.com/news.php?extend.31633.1
  4. greyhoundp

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Bounce back to what and when ?.
  5. greyhoundp

    Mr Garrity

    Details: Plea and Trial Preparation - Case Started
  6. greyhoundp

    League to run over two seasons

    Maybe the refunding of season ticket money is behind the Kings Lynn thinking, personally i cant see any merit in running the season over 2 years, just a short 2020 season would create far less problems..
  7. greyhoundp

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    As far as Im aware all British racing licences have been withdrawn/suspended by the ACU due to Covid 19 situation, its the ACU that issue licences to riders not Teams, contacts are obviously between Team and rider.. https://www.acu.org.uk/
  8. Well according to the latest guidelines Step 2 No professional sport before June 1 at the earliest, and Step 3 from July 4 will include hospitality and leisure facilities. Their is as yet no indication when mass gatherings will be allowed the government document says "only the development of a vaccine or effective drugs can reliably control this epidemic and reduce mortality without some form of social distancing or contact tracing in place" so its begining to look bleak for any meaningful speedway this season..
  9. greyhoundp

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Well carry on as we are, I give it how many years 5/7 certainly not 10, look around on the terraces how many under 40,s are their and thats being generous.. a potential sponsor said they didnt like how speedway is presented but it seems the old diehards are perfectly satisfied.. Jeez how long are you going to keep the blinkers on, Speedway is on its knees in the Uk.. but carry on marching the riders out to their bikes, carry on taking 2+ hours to run a meeting that should take 1 hour at most, carry on having tractor racing, carry on having the same riders appearing for 2/3 teams, carry on playing 80,s music between heats, after all its been proven thats what the modern day spectator wants to see not!. Ohhh and i forgot its what major TV companies want to avoid, and Newspapers continue to ignore... but no lets not change anything because it aint broke..
  10. greyhoundp

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Yes and thats the issue, 1 lappers seen by diehard fans as boring but to the general public thats what speedway is first out of the tapes wins, so we simply have to give them what they want and make Speedway more sexy, Im just putting things out their, lets have some more ideas as to how to get fans to want to watch speedway, but it cant be the same old, same old as Cricket has found out... carry on as it is and its dead everyone knows that its when and not if.. so its change or else.. Note im not saying just 1 lap fast and furious, Im saying yes the same 4 lap procession as we usually see (according to the general public) for 1 home and away fixture, then when that League has finished another League combining Handicap racing and 1 lap fast and furious equivalent to the "Big Bash" yes its only words but 1 lap fast & furious sounds better than 1 lap dash. Yes im bored after all this lockdown, but lets start thinking outside the box.. before Speedway as we know it is finally put in its box..
  11. greyhoundp

    Future Format for British Speedway

    I think Speedway needs to look at Cricket, it was a Sport that was basically dying with county games watched by one man and his dog and thats still the case, International (5 Day) Test Cricket has always been popular, and had very little tweaks and its the income from these Internationals thats distributed down to the counties, and enables the counties to survive, but its the introduction of the shorter version of the game which has saved it and continues to bring in new spectators, with a new competition due to be introduced this season, there were/are no more stick in the muds than the MCC but they realised things had to change if the sport was to survive, Cricket is also weather dependant as is Speedway and their is very little that can be done about that, they run various competitions of the shorter variety but most of these run when people are able to watch them, they have jazzed the game up to make it more exciting but still rely on someone sending a ball down to either get the other guy out or get whacked as far as the other player can hit the ball, the essential part of the game remains, hit the ball or get out.. Speedway could do worse than run a competition alongside the normal League, rather than have A&B fixtures run the League as 1 home and away fixture, then have another competition and maybe use handicap racing, Im not suggesting this as a way forward but something different, Iv also suggested previously have some 1 lap races during a meeting, spectators want the instant excitement these days, if they see speedway as being the first out of the gate wins or all over after the first 2 bends then give them what they want.. fast and furious is what spectators want to see, with the 1 lappers have the next race ready to come out as soon as the other riders have completed the race.. just my thoughts on comparing our sport with another sport thats re-invented itself and continues to do so, we really need to do the same or something very similar.. Oh as an after thought, the TV companies love the shorter version of Cricket as well as Test matches, theirs no reason to believe the same should not apply to fast and furious Speedway.. never mind no brakes no fear .
  12. greyhoundp

    Future Format for British Speedway

    This is a big issue which Speedway has failed to overcome, how do we make Speedway more sexy to the general public ?, the rules and regs certainly dont help it, especially when a rider appears for 1 Team on Monday, another on Thursday and maybe guests for a 3rd Team on Friday, this is just one aspect the sports hierarchy have failed to grasp over many years.
  13. greyhoundp

    Season Ticket Holders

    No matter what ways anyone loks at the situation the club are in the wrong, you can say whatever you like about clubs going out of business, this guy has paid around £500 and cant even get a reply, Peterboro speedway are treating their customer with contempt, I personally would request my money be returned, and then i would take my custom elsewhere..
  14. greyhoundp

    Future Format for British Speedway

    They dont appear to have been, because its very much as you were except for bringing in a Transfer window, and what we will end up with after the Covid situation is anyones guess..
  15. greyhoundp

    Main league sponsor

    Yes but this deal is being arranged by "Hatfits" who have been hired by the BSPL and as such until a deal has been signed sealed and delivered it would be somewhat jumping the gun to make any announcement.. https://www.hatfits.com/who-we-are
  16. Just came across this, well done mate for getting off your backside and earning a crust... https://twitter.com/nklindt?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author not been much on the social media lately as i started work last week. i’m working for @Tesco as a delivery driver and been flat put, but lots of fun and got great colleagues. a bit different to what i normally do! (haven’t got my uniform yet, so made this photo)
  17. greyhoundp

    Season Ticket Holders

    Their is absolutely no excuse for not responding, You have paid for a season ticket in good faith and the least they could do is respond to your enquiry, Its pretty poor PR by the club, because as you say £500 is no small amount, you always have recourse to Trading standards as a last resort if the club continues to ignore you..
  18. greyhoundp

    After this Lockdown and beyond

    Barry as always leading the way, well done..
  19. Jack Parkinson Blackburn is the guy your thinking of, but hey i know nothing.. these are the kind of guys the Sport should be helping, something similar to whats in Poland Under 21,s protected, but instead we just make it harder for them to come through..
  20. Well lets come back and revisit this in a season or two, the topic title is future stars of British Speedway, Iv seen Bewley, Flint, Kemp, Brennan. Im aware of the Thompson twins, McGurk, I have also seen almost every Under 15 champion since Josh Auty, how many went on to become Stars ?. So seeing as you aimed your comments at me, then i must return the compliment and say how many "Stars" have we produced since i saw the Under 15 final the year Auty won it ? answers on a post card please or may i suggest on a stamp..
  21. I think the number of replies just about sums up the dearth of talent coming through.
  22. greyhoundp

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Which brings us back to the fact the Sport as it is now can only support Semi professional riders, maybe the Premier should be for full time riders, with the Championship being for semi professional riders, with riders salaries to reflect that they are NOT professional, however its always difficult to police what promoters actually pay riders, even if books were verified by accountants, promoters can always pay cash or in kind..
  23. greyhoundp

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Then give the Domestic riders team places, Check out the riders that have disappeared totally from the sport these were half decent National League riders from 3/4 years ago; Lee Payne, Rob Shuttleworth, Matt Williamson, Jake Knight, Mark Baseby, Ben Hopwood, Dan Greenwood, George Hunter, Danny Halsey, Jon Armstrong, Lee Dicken, Mitchell Davey, Tony Aitkin, Luke Priest, Jack P Blackburn, Liam Carr, Taylor Hampshire, Darryl Ritchings, Richard Hall, Ben Wilson, James Cockle, Zak Wajnecht, Alfie Bowtell, Adam Roynon, Steve Boxhall, Benji Compton, Olly Greenwood, Joe Jacobs, Rob Branford, Kyle Hughes. Im not disputing the fact that some have retired after long careers, but most have given up because they got peed off trying to obtain a place in a higher League, granted none of them were ever going to be World Champions, but most of them were capable of winning races in a higher League, but promoters often decide to overlook them and go for a foreign rider that may prove to be the rider that is an 8 pointer on a 5 point average, whereas these mostly young British riders were only going to progress steadily.. Its down to the Promoters to give domestic riders Team places rather than filling the sport with often mediocre foreign riders..
  24. greyhoundp

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Excellent post mikebv.. I have to admit i didnt realise Speedway had any particular strategy except survival, i did attempt to take a look at its rule book some weeks ago, then i realised it has more than 100 rules, i think it was something like 130+ so even though it has no strategy it seems to have rules for everything else. The BSPL were asked in the ask the Chairman online session recently about having someone other than the BSPL oversee the Sport and his reply was, seeing as the promoters are the ones putting the money in, they are the ones who should say how things are run, that was Rob Godfreys opinion.. so it seems they are reasonably happy surviving rather than drawing up plans to move forward, Though they do seem to have made some progress by engaging Hatfits to find Commercial deals for the Sport, though they need to realise its not just a matter of finding sponsors, Sponsors need to be worked with in order to continue those Sponsorships/Partnerships in the years ahead..
  25. greyhoundp

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    I would have thought delivery driving would be one of the main opportunities for those that dont have a so called Trade, or money behind them, LGV/HGV driving is what i would classify as a Trade, and something most reasonable drivers can progress to, I should know b,cuz even i qualified as an LGV2 driver . I know Neil Evitts has his own Transport company now so thats something most riders could combine their racing with or the more technically gifted could do as Richard Andrews does as i believe he is a qualified mechanic, Window cleaning is another option its possible to earn £100+ per day at that, all that needs is to get some leaflets printed, canvass your local area, knock up a website, and build the window cleaning round up, Iv also done that in my time.. Jeff astle the former Baggies and England centre forward did window cleaning when he retired, Ron Flowers Wolves and England ran his own Sports shop, where their is a will their is a way if someone wants it badly enough.. Even Barry Bishop is a part time promoter, as he combines Promoting with his day job, and he makes a pretty decent fist of things down on the Island..

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