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  1. Speedway Music

    That was the New England Patriots. Always remember a snow game against the Dolphins in 2003 when Tedi Bruschi got a pick 6 and the crowd celebrated throwing snow in the air in time with Rock 'n' Roll.
  2. Free Entry 2018

    I found out about it at the Scunny v Ipswich meeting in August. Popped my entry in but not a winner
  3. Poole 2018

    Here you go http://poolepirates.proboards.com/
  4. Kings Lynn V Poole 31/8/17

    According to the Echo website Robert Lambert is only riding in the first meeting against Poole. Is this true and if so why??
  5. Swindon V Lynn

    And Doolan is Australian (unless he has done a Rory Schlein)
  6. News On Nicky Hayden

    Shocking news coming out of Italy that Nicky Hayden was seriously injured in a cycling accident yesterday. Stay strong Nicky http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/39959770
  7. Swindon 2017

    Have not seen it mentioned (apologies if it has!!) but according to the BSPA greensheets, effective 8th May, Swindon have dropped Grondal and brought in Danny Gappmaier. No mention on the Swindon website either.......not another BSPA c..k up surely!! If true a good move imho. http://www.speedwaygb.co/files/downloads/p17_issue_5.pdf
  8. I think Somerset might have something to say about Starke Does make you realise just how difficult team changes will be this season.
  9. It looks like he took to the NSS track last year for Kent scoring 16 points
  10. Rode at Monmore for Kent last season scoring 9 from 5
  11. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Surely no one shorter than Steve Schofield?
  12. Poole 2017

    No surprise that KK confirmed as no 1.
  13. Sheffield 2017

    Fact?? From the SGB Twitter Q&A this afternoon - User Actions Following SpeedwayGB‏@SpeedwayGB SpeedwayGB Retweeted Jez Lynch No it would be 3 - only those riders who have ridden in the league and failed to achieve a 3 - ie Josh Bailey will be 2.05 approx we think! SpeedwayGB added, @speedwayGB so a young NL rider like JPB or Jack Smith would come into #SGBChampionship on 2 point average if team spot available?
  14. Sheffield 2017

    He has a PL average so this will be used in both leagues (if he doubles up again). The conversion only comes in for those who rode EL only.