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  1. Good move but I hope the meeting goes past heat 10.
  2. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Play Offs Decided

    So that Poole can have the second leg of the final on their normal race night.
  3. Friday admission prices are as follows: Adults £22, Concessions £18, Under-16s £5, Under-11s Free. Entry for season ticket holders will be £5 to cover the Storm meeting. Programme £3. I see they can't even get their pricing to agree on the website. Advertising Poster on Website says £17.
  4. The club appreciates the concerns expressed by season ticket holders regarding the different pricing policies for the hectic schedule of home meetings over the last month, including double-headers. Season ticket holders who wish to discuss the issue further with the promotion are more than welcome, as always, to enter into correspondence via the usual channels and we will be pleased to respond. Where you will be told that they have to let you in to the Wolves match and then you will be escorted out.
  5. Can anyone tell me why Jason Doyle has been named in the line-up as surely the terms of his visa prohibit this.
  6. I would like to know how they are going to stop S/T holders from attending the Wolves meeting as it is already paid for.
  7. Were you watching this because the contact happened on the straight.
  8. We are still waiting for an answer as you seem to know some fact that the rest of us don't.
  9. As there is no information can only assume that it will be R/R and RTD.
  10. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Belle Vue V Coventry 1st September, 2014

    Steve Worrall will not be a draft rider next year.
  11. As this is a re-arranged fixture than a facility is available. See teams that were declared for Coventry v Eastbourne. Facilities for MJJ and Bjarne Pedersen were given.
  12. No Garrity and no Howarth.
  13. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V !leicester 25/8

    Are we going to race in boats?
  14. Neil, after all the Lakeside changes surely MJJ can be ill tonight as well then we can have r/r for MJJ and Stef as replacement for Kyle
  15. Silver Cheetah Snr, on 22 Aug 2014 - 11:53 AM, said: Silver Cheetah Snr, on 22 Aug 2014 - 1:45 PM, said: Yes, a very complimentary post about Tai NOT. Like i said hypocrite. No they were Tai's own words.
  16. If you read my post properly you will see that I never had a go at Tai or never have done, unlike your multitude of posts on MJJ
  17. No it is not a fun post, as usual you seem to have a hatred for MJJ but ignore any of your riders short comings.
  18. Can you work out a route and confirm ticket availability for him then please, as I am sure he will be very grateful to you. There again maybe he will just be too tired like the world champion always is.
  19. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Pirates 2014

    Both Chris Holder and Greg Hancock's averages above Darcys so Poole would have to re-declare and drop someone else as well.
  20. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Wolves V Leicester (18/8/14)

    Changed your mind yet Steve. This Hay Fever is a terrible thing you know!
  21. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Musical Chairs At Lakeside

    E/F probably reading the comments.
  22. Make sure He gets a ban if they have a facility for him.
  23. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Eastbourne 15th Aug

    Does the 7/8 day rule no longer exist ?

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