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  1. Last meeting of 2017 Cue,another time was against Plymouth in 2014,the night Taylor Poole had his British career ending crash. As long as I can remember, 10pm was the cut off.Very occasionally it has been exceeded but only by a few minutes,so to be still going at almost 10.15pm was unusual.
  2. Stefan Nielsen 2m 8r 5pts ave 2.50 Not likely to have scored any different than Justin Sedgman.Tigers problems lastnight were in the top 5.
  3. Liked to see how Eurosport would have coped with old Frank banging the two minutes on during the ad breaks!
  4. Damien Bates on lastnight's problem after Danny's crash, “But I can honestly, honestly tell you now it was such a rare, unique, freak incident, I’ve never seen it happen before and I’d be surprised if we see it again. “Where Danny and his bike hit the air fence on bend two, it burst a couple of bags. “But somehow, the angle everything has hit, it destroyed the inflatable tube which gets the air flowing between each bag. “Replacing an air bag is usually a ten minute job at most, but with this ‘air pathway’, if you like, damaged, it was a much more complicated job. “To add to the issue, it was the air bag that connects to the gate that opens and closes to let the tractors and ambulances out on bend two. “This is a slightly different type of air bag to the rest and has to be at a certain level to connect with the rest of the air fence. “Our track staff tried several things before having to come up with a makeshift solution on the spot – and had they not figured that out, the meeting would’ve had to be abandoned at that point, we wouldn’t have seen any more racing, we wouldn’t have got a result and everyone would’ve had to have left there and then and we’d have had to have all came back and do it all over again on another night."
  5. We at Sheffield miss out on all the fun with Poole,we haven't faced them since 1996!
  6. Been a bit damp,but nothing major,most of the rain seems to have missed s6.
  7. Andrew

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Batch with a match winning ride for the Tigers at last.
  8. Andrew

    62 Years+ Club

    My Dad's a lapsed member of the forum,but his first meeting was at Owlerton in April 1960,just a few weeks short of his 17th birthday.His next meeting is a couple of weeks before his 79th!
  9. Wolves at Monmore.
  10. Andrew

    Teams Represented By Most Nations/Countries?

    And Zenon Plech back in 1982,the last Polish rider for Sheffield. Also a Henry Long from South Africa,who rode 4 times for the Tigers in 1948 before moving over to Belle Vue.(Info from the Tigers A to Z.)
  11. New date announced,Thursday 24th March 2022 at 7.30pm.
  12. Andrew

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Only the last set published don't include the Sheffield/Kings Lynn meeting on Sunday 26th September,after the cut off point for October the previous Thursday.The Tigers site includes the riders averages after the meeting with Josh on 7.38 from his 12 meetings. 11 meetings 47 rides 83 points = 7.06 12 meetings 52 rides 96 points = 7.38 (he scored 13+2 from 5)
  13. No,Tuesday is dogs,could use Wednesday as we have done before.
  14. Andrew

    Panthers vs. Tigers 20/09 Live on EUROSPORT

    No country for old men!

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