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  1. Atleast Charles can have up to 7 rides,same with James so that might get us to 20,the rest might scrape a few points between them,64-26!
  2. Andrew

    Sheffield 2018

    Dimi's average is too high (6.91) whoever it is needs to be under Josh's 6.54. BWD 5.61 Jan G 5.27
  3. Andrew

    Sheffield 2018

    https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/speedway/sheffield-tigers/sheffield-tigers-on-hunt-for-new-addition-as-bates-return-delayed-1-9130329 Jan G perhaps?
  4. Andrew

    Tv Times 27/7/63

    £1000 in 1973 would be hefty sum I think?
  5. Andrew

    Tv Times 27/7/63

  6. Andrew

    Sheffield 2018

    http://www.sheffieldspeedway.co/news.php?extend.2460 Id forgot about that !
  7. Andrew

    Picture ID

  8. Andrew

    Picture ID

  9. Andrew

    Picture ID

    Can anyone name the riders and the stadium?
  10. Andrew

    Tv Times 27/7/63

  11. Andrew

    Tv Times 27/7/63

  12. Andrew

    Tv Times 27/7/63

  13. Andrew

    Kelly Moran How Good.?

    Practice day 1987,a Thursday afternoon during a school day.Two double social studies classes all afternoon,or Owlerton,six miles across the city.Only one winner there! So I nip into school (we live close by and I went home for lunch) for afternoon registration then a quick detour through the woods and back home and into my brothers car and off we went.The class was easy to skip as it was made up of pupils from several classes and was on a different site from the main school and they never checked upon you. Anyhow,after being dazzled by Sean the Prawns latest luminous pink leathers,Shawn and Kelly finally took to the track,this being the first time Kelly had been back on a bike at Owlerton since the serious wrist injury the previous summer.Riding side by side,with Shawn on the inside,they took the first lap slowly at first then opened up the throttle for the second lap.As they came into the 3rd turn (I'm stood on the 3rd/4th terrace,so I'm looking right at them) Kelly sweeps out to the fence,makes a tight turn to square of the fourth bend and then pulls the most vertical wheelie I've ever seen the whole length of the home straight,finally putting the front wheel down on the first turn with Shawn still by his side ! Kelly was more of a showman than Shawn.I don't recall Shawn doing wheelies during races for example and Shawn was the better gater of the two by a long distance.Having said that the best gate I ever saw Kelly make was the one he made to win the ten rider ten lap race around Owlerton in 1988,probably the thought of the seven riders behind him focused the mind! Maurice Ducker and Eric Boocock pulled of a masterstroke when they found a loophole that allowed Kelly to sign on a 7.50 average in '86 after missing two years when his final Eastbourne average had been around 9.Just imagine the outcry if some promoter tried to do that nowadays...
  14. Andrew

    One League - Build A Team

    Josh Grajczonek 7.34 Michael Palm Toft 5.20 Lasse Bjerre 6.10 Josh Bates 5.52 Kyle Howarth 6.64 James Sarjeant 2.20 Georgie Wood 2.00 35.00

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