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  1. Drew's lack of speed is very apparent around Owlerton .He's not the first to join the Tigers and then struggle with lack of engine power. 52-38 or 38-52 given how up and down the Tigers can be!
  2. When I copied out a score chart and heat details from a 1986 meeting at Belle Vue from the Speedway Star,the time given for heat two was printed as 62.3.Nobody ever went that fast around Hyde Road,so logically the time must have been 72.3.A honest mistake and no doubt there are many other misprints etc.It still happens nowadays,on Somerset's match report on their recent meeting at Sheffield,it mentions that Todd Kurtz won a race in 50.38! (actually 60.38)
  3. Yes,me and dad were discussing the same subject on the way home yesterday,very similar to the Lakeside collapse last year. The Tigers heatleaders got slower as the meeting went on and the Redcar lads looked like the home team! Didn't think we'd make the play offs anyhow,as the Tigers have three inconsistent heatleaders and four reserves who struggle to win races at home,let alone away.Just 12 between them in 103 heats.
  4. Andrew

    Speedway on the BBC

    Yes,DSF ,Eurosport was 1992 my mistake lol
  5. Andrew

    Speedway on the BBC

    That was 1994,live on Eurosport.Tony Rickardsson won after a run off with Hans Nielsen and Craig Boyce.
  6. Andrew

    Speedway on the BBC

    Yes,it was on Sunday Grandstand,I'd set the video to record it while dad and me attended it live.I wore a white ski jacket (all the rage in 1988 and rather expensive!) so I could pick myself out when we watched it back,which I did lol. Mum was not happy that the aforementioned jacket got hit by wet Danish Shale which wouldn't washout!
  7. How about Eastbourne on the 14th July? First time the Eagles have visited Owlerton since 2003.
  8. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    I do wonder whether a mix of Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings would have been worth trying,rather than the whole scale switch to Sunday. Wednesday isn't a dog day so you would have no problem getting the track ready etc.
  9. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Mr Machin won far more,or are we air brushing his ownership of the Tigers? Mr Machin and various co Promotors.(19) 2x League Championships (1999,2002) 2xFours (1999,2000) 2x Young Shields (1999,2002) 1 KO Cup (2002) 1 Premier Trophy (2001) 1 Pairs Title (2010) 1 Premiership Trophy (2000) 6 Plrc Winners (Sean Wilson (3) Sam Ermolenko,Andre Compton,Ricky Ashworth) 3 U21 Winners (Simon Stead (2) Ben Wilson) Plus the Prowlers Titles in the CL The Bates/Mr Mole Promotion.(8) 1X League Title (2017) 2x Pairs (2017,2018) 2 Plrc (Simon Stead) 2 U21 (Josh Bates) 1 U19 (Josh Bates) Still time to add to the list,starting on Sunday,hopefully!
  10. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Wonder if Buster will add us to his little collection?
  11. Yes,your right TB,originally set for the 8th September but rained off.The restaging date was 7th October by that that we'd signed John Davis as you said and Shawn was back from his broken leg.Poole changed their entire riding order apart from Michael Lee at number one (looks like they brought Sudden Sam in for Erik Stenlund) causing no fewer than 38 changes to the race card during the meeting!
  12. Sheffield 45 1.John Davis 1',3,2',3:9+2 2.David Bargh 2,2',2',3:9+2 3.Shawn Moran 3,3,2,1:9+1 4.Phil White 3,1',2,2':8+2 5.Dave Morton 0,2,1',2:5+1 6.Gerald Short 0,1,0:1 7.Reg Wilson 1,3,0 :4 Poole 33 1.Michael Lee 3,3,3,3,3:15 2.Sam Ermolenko 0,0,0,-:0 3.Kevin Smith -,-,0,1:1 4.Vaclav Verner 2,2,-,0:4 5.Neil Middleditch 1',1',0,0:2+2 6.Brian Jacobson 3,0,0,-,1:4 7.Andy Campbell 2',2,1,1,1:7 ht1.Lee,Bargh,Davis,Ermolenko:67.9 ht2.Jacobson,Campbell,Wilson,Short:69.2 ht3.White,Verner,Middleditch,Morton:67.5 ht4.Moran,Campbell,Short,Jacobson:67.2 ht5.Lee,Morton,White,Ermolenko:66.7 ht6.Davis,Bargh,Campbell,Jacobson:68.1 ht7.Moran,Verner,Middleditch,Short:67.6 ht8.Wilson,Bargh,Campbell,Ermolenko:67.8 ht9.Lee,White,Morton,Smith:66.5 ht10.Bargh,Davis,Jacobson,Middleditch:67.6 ht11.Lee,Moran,Campbell,Wilson:66.9 ht12.Davis,White,Smith,Middleditch:67.7 Ht13.Lee,Morton,Moran,Verner:66.4
  13. Andrew


    Back in the early months of Mr Machin's time at Owlerton,Tiger to be Lee Redmond's father was over from Australia (where he did live commentary on races) and he did a couple of races.While it was ok as a novelty ,I don't think it would have lasted long before people got annoyed by it!
  14. Andrew

    Sheffield v Redcar 7/4/19

    The plans do show a smaller concourse area in front of the new suite. And your looking at a crowd of say 2000+ which Owlerton can hold comfortably enough in its present configuration.
  15. Andrew

    Sheffield v Redcar 7/4/19

    I enjoyed the meeting,I won the £500!

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