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  1. Andrew

    Four in a Row - or More

    No,just the 7.
  2. Andrew

    Four in a Row - or More

    Vaclav Verner did 4 row for Exeter in a home meeting against Sheffield in 1994,he rode in heats 11,12,13 and 14 (3,fx,3,3) and won heat 16 for good measure,aged 45!
  3. Andrew

    Your 'first world champion'!

    Peter Collins,heat 4 of the Yorkshire Bank Jubilee Trophy May 26th 1977.I didn't know who he was and didn't care,I just wanted to go home ! My first ever speedway meeting while we were staying in Sheffield at an Aunts house during half term.We didn't move back to Sheffield until mid September.
  4. Andrew

    Four in a Row - or More

    Zdenek Simota did four in a row for Plymouth at Owlerton in 2014,heats 7,8,9,10 as well as heats 2 and 4,scoring 9+1 The same meeting saw Ben Wilson ride in 7 of the completed 10 heats,twice doing three on the trot,hts1,2,3 and 8,9,10 plus ht 5 scoring 16+2. Sheffield were using R/R for Andre Compton when Leigh Lanham and Taylor Poole crashed out of the meeting in heat 3 (The crash ended Taylor's career sadly) so The Tiger's were down to four riders and due to the time it took to get Taylor to Hospital the meeting ended at the 10pm curfew,with a final score of 32-30 to Sheffield. There might be a few more 'four in a rows' in the 1976 season were a rider could take two R/Rs per meeting.Carl Glover rode in 8 of the 13 heats in one such meeting at Sheffield.
  5. Andrew

    Closest matches ever

    Wednesday 21st March 2001: Yorkshire Cup - 1st leg Hull Vikings 44 Sheffield 'STAR' Tigers 46 2. 74.3 (3-3) ( 6-6 ) Moore, J.Smith, Elkins, Hodgson(2mins) 3. 73.2 (4-2) (10-8 ) Dicken, S.Stead, Walsh, Allott 4. - (3-3) (13-11) G.Stead, Wilson, Moore, Elkins(Fx) 5. 73.3 (1-5) (14-16) Kessler, S.Smith, Walsh, Dicken 6. 72.1 (4-2) (18-18) Thorp, Wilson, M.Smith, Hodgson(F) 7. 71.9 (3-3) (21-21) G.Stead, Allott, S.Stead, J.Smith 8. 72.9 (2-4) (23-25) S.Smith, Elkins, Moore, M.Smith 9. 72.4 (3-3) (26-28) Dicken, Wilson, Hodgson, Walsh 10. 70.9 (4-2) (30-30) Thorp, S.Stead, M.Smith, Allott 11. 71.3 (3-3) (33-33) Kessler, G.Stead, J.Smith, S.Smith 12. 71.3 (2-4) (35-37) S.Stead, Walsh, Hodgson, Elkins(R) 13. 73.6 (4-2) (39-39) G.Stead, Wilson, Thorp, Kessler(X) 14. 74.7 (3-3) (42-42) Dicken, Moore, Allott, J.Smith 15. 72.7 (2-4) (44-46) Kessler, G.Stead, S.Stead, Thorp(15m)
  6. Andrew

    One Club Servants

    Karol did (Jan Zabik's son) Bruce Penhall and Gert Handberg only ever rode for Cradley in the UK. Bruce 1978/82 (well,most of it!) Gert 1988/93
  7. Andrew

    One Club Servants

    Bob Paulson.Sheffield 1965-1974.
  8. Andrew

    World Final consistency

    Kelly must be somewhere between 11th and 16th on your list (33/15=2.20)?
  9. Andrew

    Your best speedway year

    Was that re-staged as it was called off? Me and dad were going to watch the meeting,while my brother and mum went onto visit Stonehenge and Avebury. We'd got to Blundson after a wet drive from Bromsgrove where we were staying with family,only to find it was off.So we went on to visit the aforementioned plus we went up Silbury Hill and saw a couple of crop circles that were all the rage that summer!
  10. Andrew

    Could the season be extended.

    Sheffield staged the 2nd leg of the Junior BL KO cup final between the Tiger Cubs and Kings Lynn on November 6th 1986.Two weeks earlier we'd had the end of season fireworks etc!
  11. I think Frank Varey is in the middle and Dusty Haigh on the far right perhaps?
  12. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    Not mine!
  13. Luke Becker and James Sarjeant complete the 16 riders. Josh MacDonald is meeting reserve.
  14. ht3:Verner,Prinsloo,Hautamaki,Allen ht5:Morton,Verner,Prinsloo,LCarr ht9:P Collins,Prinsloo,Verner,P Carr ht12:P Collins,Prinsloo,White,Allen Ht13:Morton,Verner,N Collins,Bloxsome

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