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  1. James Wright for the Tigers,Thomas Jorgensen and Connor Mountain for Panthers as guests.
  2. Andrew

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    No,not really its quite a common mix up as both girls were very young presenters,but on different programs in the late 70s.
  3. Andrew

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    Melissa Wilks,who was in Grange Hill.People get her mixed up with Susan Tully who was also in GH, and went to Eastenders to play Michelle.
  4. Andrew

    Heat details 1986 British Open Pairs

    Oxford 29 Hans Nielsen 2',3,ef,2,1,2':10+2 Simon Wigg 3,2',3,1',3,3:15+2 Coventry 26 John Jorgensen 1,2,1',3,0,2':9+2 Kelvin Tatum 3,1',2,2',2,3:13+2 Sheffield 20 Shawn Moran 0,3,2',1,3,2:11+1 Neil Collins 1,1,3,0,1,1':7+1 Bradford 19 Neil Evitts 0,ef,2,2,2,1':7+1 Lance King 2,3,1',1'ef,2:9+2 Belle Vue 19 Chris Morton 2,3,3,3,3,3:17 Peter Collins 1',nf,-,-,-,-,:1+1 Cradley 16 Erik Gundersen 3,2,3,3,3,0:14 Jan O Pedersen 0,0,ef,1,0,1:2 Ipswich 13 Jeremy Doncaster 2,0,0,0,1',0:3+1 Kai Niemi 1',1,1,2,2,1:8+1 Reserves Sean Wilson 0,0 Peter McNamara 0 Derrol Keats 0 Ht1.Tatum,King,Jorgensen,Evitts:64.5 Ht2.Gundersen,Morton,Collins,Pedersen:64.1 Ht3.Wigg,Nielsen,Collins,Moran:63.9 Ht4.King,Doncaster,Niemi,Evitts (ef):64.1 Ht5.Morton,Jorgensen,Tatum,Collins (nf):64.0 Ht6.Moran,Gundersen,Collins,Pedersen:63.6 Ht7.Nielsen,Wigg,Niemi,Doncaster:64.1 Ht8.Morton,Evitts,King,Wilson:63.6 Ht9.Gundersen,Tatum,Jorgensen,Pedersen (ef):64.2 Ht10.Collins,Moran,Niemi,Doncaster:65.2 Ht11.Wigg,Evitts,King,Nielsen (ef):64.7 Ht12.Jorgensen,Tatum,Moran,Collins:65.0 Ht13.Morton,Nielsen,Wigg,McNamara:64.0 Ht14.Gundersen,Niemi,Pedersen,Doncaster:64.7 Ht15.Moran,Evitts,Collins,King (ef):64.7 Ht16.Wigg,Tatum,Nielsen,Jorgensen:65.2 Ht17.Morton,Niemi,Doncaster,Keats:65.3 Ht18.Gundersen,King,Evitts,Pedersen:65.9 Ht19.Tatum,Jorgensen,Niemi,Doncaster:65.5 Ht20.Morton,Moran,Collins,Wilson:66.0 Ht21.Wigg,Nielsen,Pedersen,Gundersen:(no time recorded)
  5. He did miss a few meetings due to injury.
  6. Zaine rode for Sheffield in 2019.
  7. Andrew

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Shawn & Kelly,Sam Ermolenko,Sean Wilson and Andre Compton.
  8. Andrew


    British Final on the 16th of August I think.
  9. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    8.00 was his given figure for Leicester back in 2018. To replace Troy,a riders average has to be equal or lower than his average if you want to keep the other four. So for example,you couldn't use Nicki in a straight swap,but you could use Jack's big brother Chris 7.16,or Tai 7.03.(If only!) Also there are Swedish fixtures on Thursdays that could impact a signing of a rider free of Polish meetings.
  10. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    Agree on James Shanes,odd that we haven't used him yet,Dan from Leicester looked promising last week against Kings Lynn aswell. As for Nicki for Troy (if it was possible),I think you could only do that by losing another of the top 4 (Kyle or Josh) and rebuilding to 35.50 as Nicki would come in on 8.50 +.
  11. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    Yes,that's pretty much the case,especially at Owlerton. Now he's not the number one it will be interesting to see where Steady places him in the team,assuming he stays a Tiger!
  12. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    Think you got the wrong thread!
  13. Andrew

    Sheffield 2020

    Maybe doubling up would see an increase in his scoring for the Tigers...
  14. Andrew

    'They Retired Too Soon'

    Greg Bartlett,made his debut at reserve for Sheffield in 1994,rode at number one for the Tigers in the one big league in '95 beating some of the big names of the day around Owlerton and was making progress on the away circuits.Took a full time job as a miner back in Australia and rarely rode again.I always compared him to fellow Perth based rider Steve Johnston,who after a slow start,went onto have a solid British career and Barty was equally as good,if not slighty better than Johnno in his two seasons.

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