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  1. Andrew

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    2006 v Rye House and it was Chris Neath,who was so annoyed by the slow moving Compton rolling roadblock that he chucked his bike down on the infield ! Andre and George Stancl wielding their bikes as weapons and trying to knock each other off. 1985 Golden Helmet match race,Shawn v Hans Nielsen who had set a new track record of 61.4 (it was 63.2 at the start of the meeting).Shawn just gets the drop into the first turn and for the next four laps Hans tries inside and outside to get by,only for Shawn to block (fairly as you would expect) his every move.
  2. Andrew

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Wieslaw Patynek had two races at Eastbourne,failing to score.He then crashed on the Sheffield training track breaking his back,so never got to appear at Owlerton. Zan Zabik was built like a tank,or so it seemed to a young me! Allan Fogg.Came on loan from Eastbourne,nice equipment,no idea how to use it. Rob Steman.He rode one meeting for the Tigers, v Reading in 1995,hopelessly out of his depth he trailed in a distance last in each of his three rides.However,Roman Matousek had bike problems,so he borrowed Steman's machine and somehow he managed to win the race on it,even though it was belching out smoke from various places !
  3. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Kelvin beat Shawn twice in one night in August 1987.Track must have been slick that night as Knudsen went through the card.He always moaned about Owlerton being too deep,unlike mega slick Brandon!
  4. Andrew

    1983 scorecards belle vue

    Belle Vue 42:36 Wimbledon Ht1:Ross,Hunter,Mogridge,Jessup (f):71.4 Ht2:Koponen,Smith,Tatum,Carr (ef):73.0 Ht3:Collins,Ravn,Johns,Simmons (ef):73.6 Ht4:Morton,Koponen,Niemi,Smith:72.6 Ht5:Jessup,Collins,Ravn,Mogridge:71.6 Ht6:Niemi,Ross,Tatum,Hunter:72.4 Ht7:Morton,Simmons,Carr,Johns:71.4 Ht8:Koponen,Carr,Niemi,Hunter:71.6 Ht9:Collins,Tatum,Ravn,Niemi:72.8 Ht10:Simmons,Ross,Jessup,Carr:71.2 Ht11:Morton,Koponen,Jessup,Carr:71.2 Ht12:Simmons,Ross,Niemi,Ravn:71.2 Ht13:Morton,Collins,Koponen,Jessup:71.2 Belle Vue 38:40 Coventry Ht1:Ravn,Olsen,Ross,L Carr:68.3 Ht2:Hawkins,McKinna,Miller,Smith (ef):69.6 Ht3:P.Carr,Collins,Bastable,Nikolajsen (ret):71.8 Ht4:Miller,Morton,Guglielmi,McKinna:69.9 Ht5:Collins,P Carr,Olsen,Ravn (f.ex):71.2 Ht6:Hawkins,Guglielmi,L Carr,Ross:70.7 Ht7:Morton,Smith,Nikolajsen,Bastable:70.7 Ht8:Ravn,Miller,Smith,L Carr:71.1 Ht9:P.Carr,Hawkins,Guglielmi,Collins:72.9 Ht10:Hawkins,Ross,Smith,Miller (f):72.4 Ht11:Morton,Ravn,Olsen,Smith:72.0 Ht12:Hawkins,Ross,Guglielmi,P Carr:73.8 Ht13:Collins,Morton,Olsen,Bastable:73.9
  5. Andrew

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Called off on the 18th,restaged November 1st. Belle Vue 37:41 Cradley Heath Ht1:Ravn,Gundersen,Jakobsen,Collier:68.6 Ht2:McKinna,Walsh,Hornby,Fry:69.8 Ht3:Knight,Moran,Grahame,Blackburn:69.4 Ht4:Morton,Pedersen,Walsh,Hornby:68.6 Ht5:Gundersen,Knight,Jakobsen,Blackburn:68.9 Ht6:Ravn,Pedersen,McKinna,Walsh:69.6 Ht7:Morton,Moran,Grahame,McKinna (fx):69.3 Ht8:McKinna,Jakobsen,Walsh,Collier:70.2 Ht9:Pedersen,Knight,Fry,Blackburn:69.7 Ht10:Ravn,Moran,Grahame,McKinna:70.4 Ht11:Gundersen,Morton,Jakobsen,Hornby:68.2 Ht12:Pedersen,Ravn,Moran,Knight:70.1 Ht13:Morton,Gundersen,Grahame,Blackburn:69.6 Aces 1.P.Ravn 3,3,3,2:(11) 2.B.Collier 0,-,0,-:(0) 3.C.Morton 3,3,2,3:(11) 4.R.Knight 3,3,2,0:(7) 5.D.Blackburn 0,0,0,0:(0) 6.G.Hornby 1,0,-,0 (1) 7.K.McKinna 3,1,fx,3,0,-,(7) Heathens 1.E.Gundersen 2,3,3,2:(10) 2.J.Jakobsen 1,1,2,1 (5+1) 3.J.O.Pedersen 2,2,3,3 (10) 4.A.Grahame 1,1,1,1:(4+4) 5.K.Moran 2,2,2,1:(7) 6.P.Fry 0,-,1(1) 7.D.Walsh 2,1,0,1:(4+2)
  6. Andrew

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Belle Vue 49:Bradford 29 Ht1:Evitts,McKinna,Courtney,Ross:69.4 Ht2:Eccles,Ayres,Whitaker,Graves:72.1 Ht3:Collins,Morton,Havelock,Willmott:70.0 Ht4:Blackbird,King,Ayres,Whitaker:69.0 Ht5:Morton,Evitts,Collins,Ross:68.5 Ht6:McKinna,King,Courtney,Graves:70.8 Ht7:Havelock,Blackbird,Willmott,Ayres:69.5 Ht8:Evitts,Courtney,Ross,Eccles:71.4 Ht9:Morton,Collins,King,Graves:71.5 Ht10:McKinna,Courtney,Willmott,Havelock (f):71.8 Ht11:Blackbird,Evitts,Havelock,Eccles:70.9 Ht12:Morton,McKinna,King,Whitaker:70.5 Ht13:Evitts,Blackbird,Havelock,Collins (f):71.3 Golden Sash:Morton,McKinna,Willmott,Graves (ef):72.2 According to the Star,Belle Vue v Swindon was the meeting planned for the 18th of October ,but it was rained off and never restaged.The Cradley meeting was on the 9th August. Belle Vue 35 Cradley Heath 43 Ht1:Gundersen,McKinna,Bastable,Courtney (ef):68.3 Ht2:Eccles,Fry,Leaver,Ayres (ef):70.1 Ht3:Pt Collins,Blackbird,Cross,Ph Collins:68.8 Ht4:Gundersen,Morton,Leaver,Ayres (ef):67.5 Ht5:Cross,Pt Collins,Blackbird,Bastable:69.0 Ht6:Gundersen,McKinna,Fry,Courtney (f):68.2 Ht7:Morton,Ph Collins,Cross,Ayres:68.0 Ht8:Bastable,Courtney,Leaver,Eccles:70.0 Ht9:Blackbird,Gundersen,Fry,Pt Collins (ef):68.4 Ht10:Ph Collins,Cross,McKinna,Eccles:69.4 Ht11:Blackbird,Morton,Ph Collins,Bastable:68.6 Ht12:Gundersen,Cross,McKinna,Blackbird:68.9 Ht13:Bastable,Pt Collins,Eccles,Ph Collins (ef):70.6 Golden Sash:Blackbird,Morton,Cross,Gundersen (f) :No time.
  7. Andrew

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Belle Vue 33:Oxford 45 Ht1:Nielsen,McKinna,Courtney,Sorensen:68.8 Ht2:Eccles,De'Ath,Ayres,Surman:70.4 Ht3:Cox,Morton,Grahame,Collins:69.0 Ht4:Wigg,Blackbird,Ayres,Surman:69.3 Ht5:Nielsen,Morton,Sorensen,Collins:68.3 Ht6:Wigg,McKinna,Courtney,De'Ath:69.1 Ht7:Blackbird,Cox,Grahame,Ayres:69.4 Ht8:Courtney,Sorensen,De'Ath,Eccles (ef):70.2 Ht9:Wigg,Morton,Collins,Surman:68.8 Ht10:Cox,Grahame,McKinna,Courtney:69.3 Ht11:Nielsen,Blackbird,Sorensen,Eccles:68.6 Ht12:Wigg,Morton,Grahame,McKinna:69.0 Ht13:Nielsen,Collins,Cox,Blackbird:68.9 Golden Helmet:Cox,Morton:69.7 Golden Sash:Wigg,Blackbird,Morton,Nielsen (ef):69.2 Belle Vue 39:Sheffield 39 Ht1:Moran,Courtney,McKinna,Hagon:69.2 Ht2:Walsh,Eccles,Wilson,Ayres (f):72.3 Ht3:Morton,P Collins,Davis,L Collins:71.9 Ht4:Blackbird,N Collins,Wilson,Ayres:71.7 Ht5:P Collins,Moran,Morton,Hagon:70.2 Ht6:N Collins,McKinna,Walsh,Courtney:72.6 Ht7:Davis,Blackbird,L Collins,Ayres:73.1 Ht8:Hagon,Eccles,Wilson,Courtney:73.7 Ht9:P Collins,Morton,N Collins,Walsh:70.9 Ht10:Davis,Mckinna,L Collins,Courtney:71.9 Ht11:Moran,Blackbird,Eccles,Hagon:72.5 Ht12:Davis,Morton,McKinna,N Collins (f):72.8 Ht13:P Collins,L Collins,Moran,Blackbird:71.2 Golden Sash:McKinna,P Collins,Hagon,Moran (ef):76.9
  8. Andrew

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    All from the Speedway Star. Belle Vue 32:Ipswich 46 Ht1:Doncaster,McKinna,Farmer,Collier:70.0 Ht2:Eccles,Carr,Ayres,Fuller:71.1 Ht3:Rasmussen,Morton,Blackbird,Woods:70.1 Ht4:Knight,Collins,Fuller,Ayres:69.7 Ht5:Morton,Doncaster,Blackbird,Farmer:70.0 Ht6:Knight,McKinna,Carr,Collier:68.8 Ht7:Collins,Woods,Rasmussen,Eccles:69.4 Ht8:Carr,Farmer,Ayres,Eccles (ret):71.5 Ht9:Knight,Morton,Blackbird,Carr:69.2 Ht10:Rasmussen,McKinna,Woods,Collier:69.9 Ht11:Doncaster,Collins,Morton,Farmer:68.9 Ht12:Knight,Morton,Woods,Collins:69.8 Ht13:Doncaster,Rasmussen,Collins,Blackbird:70.2 Golden Sash:Doncaster,Morton,Knight,Collins:69.4 Belle Vue 45:Wolverhampton 33 Ht1:McKinna,Ravn,Staechmann,Blackbird:71.5 Ht2:Eccles,Nikolajsen,Phillips,Ayres (exe tapes):72.3 Ht3:Morton,Courtney,Ravn,Eskildsen (ef):70.1 Ht4:Collins,Ermolenko,Nikolajsen,Ayres:67.2 Ht5:Morton,Courtney,Ravn,Staechmann:70.1 Ht6:Ermolenko,McKinna,Blackbird,Phillips:69.9 Ht7:Collins,Ermolenko,Eskildsen,Ayres:69.4 Ht8:Blackbird,Staechmann,Eccles,Nikolajsen:70.2 Ht9:Morton,Ermolenko,Courtney,Phillips:68.5 Ht10:Ermolenko,Blackbird,Eskildsen,McKinna:69.7 Ht11:Collins,Staechmann,Ravn,Eccles (ef):70.2 Ht12:Ermolenko,McKinna,Eskildsen,Courtney:69.9 Ht13:Collins,Morton,Eskildsen,Ravn:69.5 Golden Sash:Morton,Ermolenko,McKinna,Staechmann:68.6
  9. Actually,it was just Shawn,Kelly wasn't with us then.From what I read,Shawn did some excellent team riding that night ! Sheffield's American's in this time period were, Tommy Morley several meetings in mid 1979 Shawn late 1980/88 Kelly 86/88 Randy Green mid 1988 Dougie Wyer recommended the then Sheffield Management in the late 70's to give a young unknown American called Bruce Penhall a go,they didn't... Another rider linked for 1982 or 1983 was Keith Crisco,I think he was with Birmingham?
  10. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Cars don't run on Saturdays at Sheffield,it's a dog night.
  11. Andrew

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Hans 3,3. Sam 2,3. Kai N 2,3. Shawn 3,1. Jan O 3,1. Erik 1,3. Tommy K 2,2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_Individual_Speedway_World_Championship
  12. Andrew

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Erik in '85 certainly,he went 1,3,3,3,3 then won the three way run off.
  13. Former forum member Krissie,created the original Updates site to try to save the monthly bandwidth on this forum,as back in 2002/3 Phil sometimes ran out and the forum went down. Krissie ran it until sometime in 2005,then Sue picked up the reigns and to keep it going this long is quite the achievement. The first updates I remember were from a Swindon home meeting in 2000,when WAP phones started to appear.
  14. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    If you replace Charles (8.21) with Zaine (5.20) and keep the other six current Tigers it adds up to 35.96. Now there not the final averages,but its a guide to what a 36 point team could look like. 1.Kyle 7.49 2.James 4.88 3.Kasper 5.20 4.Zaine 5.20 5.Todd 5.76 6.Broc 4.00 7. Connor 3.43
  15. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Damien says Zaine will be on a 5.20 average in this article from a couple of weeks back,note he says 'current level', https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/speedway/sheffield-tigers/speedway-highly-rated-zaine-kennedy-zooms-in-to-join-sheffield-tigers-1-9317720 4.00 is whats given to a non Brit rider if their average drops below 4 during the season ie Broc started on 5.20,his actual average is 3.37 so thats rounded up to 4.00. Kasper on 5.20 is a must,currently returning 6.20 and as he won't do 4h/4a this year for us,his average won't change till next season. And Josh will get a reduction for missing this season through injury.

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