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  1. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Cars don't run on Saturdays at Sheffield,it's a dog night.
  2. Andrew

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Hans 3,3. Sam 2,3. Kai N 2,3. Shawn 3,1. Jan O 3,1. Erik 1,3. Tommy K 2,2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_Individual_Speedway_World_Championship
  3. Andrew

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Erik in '85 certainly,he went 1,3,3,3,3 then won the three way run off.
  4. Former forum member Krissie,created the original Updates site to try to save the monthly bandwidth on this forum,as back in 2002/3 Phil sometimes ran out and the forum went down. Krissie ran it until sometime in 2005,then Sue picked up the reigns and to keep it going this long is quite the achievement. The first updates I remember were from a Swindon home meeting in 2000,when WAP phones started to appear.
  5. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    If you replace Charles (8.21) with Zaine (5.20) and keep the other six current Tigers it adds up to 35.96. Now there not the final averages,but its a guide to what a 36 point team could look like. 1.Kyle 7.49 2.James 4.88 3.Kasper 5.20 4.Zaine 5.20 5.Todd 5.76 6.Broc 4.00 7. Connor 3.43
  6. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Damien says Zaine will be on a 5.20 average in this article from a couple of weeks back,note he says 'current level', https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/speedway/sheffield-tigers/speedway-highly-rated-zaine-kennedy-zooms-in-to-join-sheffield-tigers-1-9317720 4.00 is whats given to a non Brit rider if their average drops below 4 during the season ie Broc started on 5.20,his actual average is 3.37 so thats rounded up to 4.00. Kasper on 5.20 is a must,currently returning 6.20 and as he won't do 4h/4a this year for us,his average won't change till next season. And Josh will get a reduction for missing this season through injury.
  7. You can get the number 8 bus from outside the Crown Pub,(just the other side of the Church at the top of the car park) at 20.10,it'll have you back in the bus interchange by 20.25 and then its a matter of a two minute walk across to the train station. Also,if we're done by 19.30,there's a number 7 at 19.40 from the same stop,again a 15 minute journey.
  8. You could get a Taxi from the Railway station which would be quicker.As for the length of the meeting,probably well over two hours which would still give you enough time to get back to the station.
  9. Andrew

    Sheffield 2019

    Cooper Riordan has been at Owlerton this summer,so it wouldn't be a surprise if it's him. Outside the box guess,Connor, on a full transfer from Ipswich.
  10. Andrew

    Sheffield 2018

    No one fancy rider replacement for Charles then? I agree with Spin,Jason would be my first choice,then Ty.
  11. Yeah we noticed you lot on the first turn were in the dark while the rest of the stadium was lit,are the lights still there or have they stripped them out ahead of the demolition thats about to happen?
  12. That was one of the bigger crowds this season.
  13. Bjerre and Wright were shocking for heatleaders. Kyle got going in his last three rides,Todd a decent performance,James had a quiet night ,Broc has next to no speed and Joe scored a couple of points,so did his job. Scunthorpe did what was needed from the start and around the first and second turns,well worth their victory.
  14. So it's our 2000th meeting at Owlerton.I did a rough estimation that I've seen just over 900 of them and my dad about 1400+. I could always sit down and count every home programme in the collection that goes back to 1960 for an exact number! Anyhow after last week I'll take any win so 47-43.
  15. Andrew

    Sheffield 2018

    Had a look at the planning permission on Sheffield Council site https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=P7A0P4NY0M900 https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/files/0820088FA51C393FAC6C93C7F89441CE/pdf/18_01458_FUL-EXISTING_PROPOSED_PLANS___ELEVATIONS-1216942.pdf Looks like there will be a new standing area around the first turn. The Promotion would have been made aware of the proposal when they signed the new lease earlier in the year so it wouldn't affect the Tigers running. Wish A&S would do something with the back straight terrace though,something like the stand on the back straight at Belle Vue would be a improvement.

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