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  1. Grachan

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Fake news. Everyone knows that Father Christmas is heterosexual and has a wife called Mary.
  2. It's not just white, caucasian countries. Japan to bar all foreign visitors over Omicron variant | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera
  3. Grachan

    Being called a 'bad name'

    I've had two Asian wives. Both have given birth. Neither died and both had the exact same care as anyone else. In fact, my first wife probably had more because she insisted on having a single room with a shower because that's what she would have had in her own country and she got exactly that. I also feel that there will never be racial equality as long as the term BAME is being bandied about, because it separates people from white people by it's very definition. I actually find the term BAME to be an (albeit unintentional) insult to anyone it refers to. Do you think that if a novice black kid turned up at, say, Belle Vue and went round the track like the new Michael Lee that nobody would want to sign him because of his skin colour? Personally, I reckon every team would want to snap him up straight away based on his ability .
  4. Grachan

    Supreme Stylist

    My memory of Ken McKinlay was always as a Compo-type figure in a bobble hat riding for Scunthope. I remember being very surprised when I found out how good he had been earlier in his career.
  5. Dr ANGELIQUE COETZEE, who discovered Omicron says we are over-reacting to the threat | Daily Mail Online I think Boris is trying to appease the media with a minimal response, but knows the reality by saying that pubs etc do not need restrictions. Shops and public transport are a small inconvenience but he cannot be accused of doing nothing if he makes masks mandatory. Daft really, but look at news outlets this morning. They are talking about this Omicron non stop, and he can't risk saying: "It's fine" because of the response it will get.
  6. Grachan

    Supreme Stylist

    The most stylish rider for me was Martin Ashby. His style was so neat and perfect. Every photo you see of him riding looks exactly the same.
  7. So clearly you're not aware that I had already posted about nobody who has tested positive for the new variant in Scotland needing hospital treatment before you did then. Pointing out that a lot of what you post is just nonsense does not mean someone is buying into the whole narrative. As I've said before, if you just stuck to posting credible stuff (sometimes you do, but I'm not convinced you know the difference) your posts would have a lot more credibility. Instead, genuine posts that you do post just get lost among the tripe such as the new variant being the vaccine.
  8. That's not all the cases. That's four cases. Why am I not surprised you don't know the difference?
  9. Thanks. South African doctor who raised alarm about omicron variant says symptoms are ‘unusual but mild’ (telegraph.co.uk)
  10. Where are you getting the information that they have all been vaccinated please? Can you post a link. I'm trying to find out myself if this is the case but can't find anything anywhere, so it's difficult to know if the variant is very mild or if the vaccine is resistant to it. (A source better that Right Said Fred would be helpful!)
  11. Maybe they were vaccinated?
  12. Nine cases of Omicron found in Scotland so far. None of those who tested positive needed hospital treatment. No information given about whether or not they were vaccinated, but it does continue with what we've heard so far about it having mild symptoms. UK Covid live: No 10 refuses to back health chief’s call for people to avoid unnecessary socialising (msn.com)
  13. Certainly more than I got for suggesting Greg Hancock might be a candidate for the sixth best rider of all time!
  14. Grachan

    Who is number six?

    I'm not saying that it's the be all and end all of it, but it certainly makes Hancock worth considering. Personally, I agree more with the opinion that he wasn't able to win a title when Rickardsson, Pedersen and Crump were at their peak, so they were probably better riders than him. The only other rider to win a title in that era was Loram. Hancock's longevity does, however, make him worthy. For me, Crump was better than Pedersen and Hancock. However, Hancock was winning World Titles at 46 years of age, which is about the same age that Jason Crump is now and Hancock was way above Jason at that age. Or are we just looking at riders at their peak regardless of how short it was? If that's the case, Michael Lee is also worth considering.
  15. No. They don't. She's never been tested at work. The only time there has been any work involvement was when she had a bad cough once and took a test off her own back, which was negative. She called in work to ask if she should come in as she was coughing and customers might not like it. They said that it was fine as she'd done a test and it was negative.
  16. My wife works in a supermarket. It was a bit terrifying when the Covid thing began. Not one person there has tested positive for Covid since this all began.
  17. I have some questions about Omicron. 1 - If the fear is that is it resistant to the vaccine, why are we being urged to get booster jabs before they can be adapted to suit it? 2 - If nobody has actually been seriously ill from this, why are we introducing new restrictions? 3 - If this is a variant that can take over from Delta but doesn't make people ill, isn't it better just to let it in the country and let it become dominant? 4 - If the doctor that discovered it says that Europe is over-reacting, should we listen and stop over-reacting? It just seems a ridiculous reaction, and I think it is being done to appease the media, who like to over-dramatise everything. Monitor it, yes. But surely that is all that is required. Surely we should be able to carry on as normal now that a vaccination for Covid is available.
  18. Where is that from? I searched the exact wording of the title but nothing showed up. It came up with this. https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/omicron-covid-variant/ But that doesn't mention anything about heart failure. So a proper link would be useful so we can see where it came from and whether or not it is genuine. They had thevSouth African doctor who discovered the new variant on tv this morning. She said all the people who had it had mild symptoms. When asked if she though Europe was over-reacting she said he beieved it was.
  19. Grachan

    Who is number six?

    The general rule of thumb to becoming an all-time great is probably 4 world titles. With that in mind, Hancock has to be considered, although the gap between his first and second titles does make it possible that he won 3 of them in a weaker period.
  20. Going to France, nothing at all happened with the Statement of honour. It wasn't checked in London and in Paris I just got off the train and walked out the station. Coming back, the people at the gate were stood around chatting and occasionally asked for Locator forms. I showed mine, very briefly, and was waved through. It wasn't checked. My wife wasn't checked at all. She just walked straight past. Why are passenger locator forms for the UK checked in France by French people? What do they care? In London, as in Paris, just straight off the train and out of the station.Nothing scanned either way.
  21. I know. I've just done one myself. But I'm sure many people don't do it. The ref number enables you to fill in a passenger locator form and even that isn't really checked. To go into France I had to fill in a Statement of honour and print it off. I still have it. Nobody collected it.
  22. As far as I can see, there's no way of making you take a day 2 test anyway. All you need to do is order it and get a reference number. I'm sure many people don't bother actually taking a test and nobody gets back to them.
  23. Full story. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-blood-clots-from-astrazeneca-jab-killed-mother-coroner-finds-12479406
  24. More information on Sweden here. This also seems like Covid vaccine passports to me. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/sweden-permits-restriction-free-entry-for-holders-of-vaccination-passports-from-7-third-countries/ Not that it's unusual. Just that Sweden seems to be pretty much on a par with other European countries with this.
  25. There is a site called thelocal.se, which is Sweden news in English. According to that site, Covid passports are being introduced in Sweden on December 1 for events attended by over 100 people. So, providing that site is correct and you live in Sweden then, if you want to attend such an event, I guess you do.

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