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  1. Are you actually serious? You don't believe Covid even exists, and demand proof from anyone who claims it does, but you then, apparently, readily believe that this is a video of someone who has tracked down the doctor who administered a vaccine and then attacks him? You're just on a wind-up, right?
  2. Grachan

    Cardiff 2022

    Why would you not get a ticket next year if you had problems sussing out the App this year? Next year it will be a doddle because you'll know how to do it.
  3. It happened to Martin Hewlett in 1982.
  4. Grachan

    Cardiff 2022

    If you close the open App on your phone rather than minimise it, then re-open it, the tickets will show. It's like a little bug in the App but easy to work around once you've sorted out how.
  5. Grachan

    Cardiff 2022

    I get that sometimes. Restart the phone. (or, if you can do it, find the open part of the app and fully close it by clicking the "X", then re-open it) It happens if you close the tickets link but leave the actual app open. They are still there. You can also get them back by clicking the two bars next to the "X", which will re-open the wallet. You can't fail with the trusty turning it off and turning it on again method though!
  6. Grachan

    British final

    Whilst I don't think the decision to give the WC to Adam was the wrong one in the light of the meeting being abandoned and, presumably, due to be rescheduled, I do agree that they could have called the qualifiers after heat 12 and gone straight into either a 3 or 4 man final to decide the title. I think they had time for that.
  7. In my own head, yes, although I did say it was contentious. It's based purely on my own gut. If you look through the football way of deciding equal positions, however, you would probably have to go down to the rule which says it would be decided on ranking, so that would probably be Bewley, Harris, Brennen, which puts none of the three in the same position that I did! Anyway, congratulations on now having heard everything. It must be quite a big day for you.
  8. It would just be countback between the 3. Anyone else is irrelevant. For me, in terms of hierarchy, it would go Brennen over Bewley, with Harris third having not raced either (through no fault of his own), but I admit it would be contentious. That just seems the logical order in my mind.
  9. Having not raced Harris does blur the issue, it's true. The way I saw it was Harris didn't beat either Bewley or Brennen so Brennen takes it, but it is not totally clear cut. Personally, I reckon they had time to make a quick decision to have a 3 man run off with Bewley, Brennen and Harris to decide the winner. The track still seemed raceable for a short while.
  10. What you're missing is the rule that is in place that says that a result can be declared if the meeting is called off after 12 or more heats.. If that was done, then Brennen would probably have been the logical winner based on who had beaten whom at that point. The decision, presumably, was taken not to declare a winner and go for a re-staging, in which case a result isn't declared. So, there was no winner making Ellis the logical choice. But it wouldn't have been a farce (speedway fans' favourite word) had Brennen been declared the winner. Nicholls, Kerr, King or Worrall don't even enter the equation. It would have been between Brennen, Bewley and Harris, who were tied on 8, if a result was declared after 12 heats.
  11. When the meeting reached heat 12 it was raining but the track was still ok. They knew they couldn't complete it, so I do think they could have a final right after heat 12. Instead they faffed about for too long and that opportunity was lost. Failing that, I don't think it is too difficult to call the meeting with Brennen as champion considering he had beaten Bewley, whilst Harris had beaten neither of them. Once there was no result called, then I have no problem with Adam getting the Wild Card as he is still British Champion, but apparently the rules say a result can be called if 12 heats are completed, and, considering there was a ride at Cardiff at stake, I think there could have been a result.
  12. Why are people coming out with the usual nonsense about farce and so on by Ellis getting the wild card. He is still the reigning British champion. It's a perfectly reasonable decision even if it's not what I would have preferred. For me they should have known after heat 12 that the meeting was doomed and gone straight to either a 3 or 4 man final immediately. Failing that, I think Brennen should have been declared the winner as he had beaten Bewley. As Harris hadn't raced either it gave him a possible advantage points wise.
  13. Put the top 4 in the final and race it. Job done.
  14. I didn't know either until I booked the ticket. So I cancelled the hotel I had already booked and then booked the same one cheaper.
  15. When you buy a ticket, you are sent a link which enables you to book a hotel for about half the price that they are on the normal hotel booking sites.
  16. What does that have to do with Covid and flu being the same thing? They're not. As for the government and msm being the enemy - you're probably right.
  17. I don't actually believe that even you think that really.
  18. It stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019.
  19. That's a point. How can Invermectin have been a cure for Covid if Covid never existed.
  20. I think I've had it twice too. (Once near the start before testing was available). I, too, have doubts about how serious it is - although it clearly is to some people. I, too, don't know anyone personally who had had serious effect from it. My issue is a small group of peeple who refuse to believe it exists and has just been a fake disease made up to control people.
  21. You clearly don't have the intelligence to digest and understand what Kelvin Tatum actually said. He's been suffering with long Covid. Freddie Lindgren struck down by long Covid | Express & Star (expressandstar.com)
  22. It just seems cruel not to try, you know.
  23. Explain to me how I might have been groomed online by having caught Covid so knowing it exists?
  24. Why don't you just admit that you refuse to believe that Covid exists so it doesn't matter who has it you're simply not going to take any notice. The funniest thing of all is that people who have been groomed online to think this way have also been told that they are "free thinkers".
  25. Grachan

    Bernard Cribbins RIP

    That's weird. For some reason I looked him up a few days ago to see if he was still alive.

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