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  1. colin wood

    Poole v Ipswich 8th August 2019. Prem.

    If the Aces get to the play offs i would think they would be everyones pick.The best track that most riders enjoy riding on plus their poor away from and it's a no brainer.Steve Worrall has struggled like Dan coming back from serious injuries this year and we would need both to hit top form to have any chance.
  2. colin wood

    One League

    mikebv is spot on with his post.The racing at the NSS in the National league is superb value for money .And no the racing isn't good because of riders mistakes,far from it.You get lots of young riders of similar ability producing great close racing.Regarding race times Jack Smith clocked 61.53 in heat 1 recently which is on a par with many races in the Premier league.You hardly notice slower race times.Doyle v Fricke or Kemp v Flint etc would be exactly the same entertainment.
  3. colin wood

    Belle Vue 2019

    Crump would have been fantastic at the NSS,he's Australia's best ever rider.Think he was being very modest with his comments.
  4. They could all get four riders but not as good as the Poles ..so let's scrap it seems to be the reasoning.
  5. The recent WorldU21 team cup at the NSS was way better than what was served up in Russia.Surely teams can get four riders and revert back to a proper World Cup.Nobody is interested in pairs events there is no team riding nowadays anyway.The daft idea of 2nd and 3rd being better than 1st is just rewarding failure.Finals imo should be winner take all.Both teams had two chances each of winning the grand final.
  6. I recorded and started watching the recent Peterborough v Aces match and because of the crashes and hold ups new it wouldn't finish in the allocated time slot.So I recorded the following boxing show and watched the end of the speedway at the beginning of this!
  7. colin wood

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    Great advert for National League speedway and makes the recent comments about this standard of speedway by John Cook look very foolish.Racing wise it was much better than the recent televised match at Poole.Credit to both teams with some very good young riders on show.
  8. Great racing and after the shambles at Poole and Swindon today shows what can be done with a track that is prepared properly.
  9. No surprise then that no BV fans bothered going.It won't be like this at the NSS on Monday that's for sure.
  10. colin wood

    Belle Vue 2019

    To put things into perspective regarding the cost of the NSS it's been reported the cost to repair Manchester Town Hall will be upwards of 250 million.I think the stadium was built cheap for what was involved.Any new stadiums being built today will be costly no matter what sport it's for. The NSS is a world class racetrack , and for the sake of speedway in this country deserves to succeed.
  11. colin wood

    Belle Vue 2019

    He also finished with the seventh best average in the premiership he's no mug.
  12. She would probably think making rules up as you go along and for one match only is ridiculous too but it's only speedway.
  13. You asked where is the championship trophy not the premiership trophy.Your mistake.lol
  14. It should be in Sheffield they won it last year.
  15. Once you break the rules for whatever reason the sport loses all credibility.What will happen in future when a side wants to use a guest that is slightly over the limit?

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