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  1. colin wood

    Belle Vue 2019

    To put things into perspective regarding the cost of the NSS it's been reported the cost to repair Manchester Town Hall will be upwards of 250 million.I think the stadium was built cheap for what was involved.Any new stadiums being built today will be costly no matter what sport it's for. The NSS is a world class racetrack , and for the sake of speedway in this country deserves to succeed.
  2. colin wood

    Belle Vue 2019

    He also finished with the seventh best average in the premiership he's no mug.
  3. She would probably think making rules up as you go along and for one match only is ridiculous too but it's only speedway.
  4. You asked where is the championship trophy not the premiership trophy.Your mistake.lol
  5. It should be in Sheffield they won it last year.
  6. Once you break the rules for whatever reason the sport loses all credibility.What will happen in future when a side wants to use a guest that is slightly over the limit?
  7. colin wood

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Swindon always the victims lol !
  8. What is annoying about the injuries to Dan ,Steve and Cookie is that they got hurt when not riding for Belle Vue.Despite the injury problems it's been a good season for BV.We would have needed all seven riders fully fit to have had any chance in the play offs.After topping the league Kings Lynn would be worthy winners imo.
  9. colin wood

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Standing in the South stand only now but it's a great view of the track.There is a large car park there also.I'm sure you will enjoy your visit.
  10. Starman i don't think think there are many that hate Poole.Lots of posts are in retaliation to some of Shovlars silly and childish posts.Mark Riss going back to Germany being a prime example.Cheats,he cried at BV as if we were behind Marks decision to end his season.Look what his replacement scored last night to see if we benefitted by this.Gavan rightly pulls him up over some of these daft posts and gets accused of hating Poole! Don't know why he's been banned but i bet there are no anti Poole posts while he's away.
  11. One of your better posts Starman and I totally agree with you.I didn't think it was great either and the track was very patchy.Poole rode it well and I think they will now go through to the final.
  12. colin wood

    Poole 2019

    I didn't expect you to understand the post.It was about which track produces the best racing ,BV or Poole. Most fans I'm sure would pick BV.No one is interested in your attempts to count the crowd at the NSS from the tap room of your local boozer.
  13. colin wood

    Poole 2019

    If you surveyed all the fans on where they would rather watch speedway either at BV or Poole i think most would pick BV.Says it all really.
  14. colin wood

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Every meeting I've seen at BV this year has been better than anything on BT. Another great nights racing and like others have said the score doesn't reflect the quality of the racing.We are so lucky to have the NSS as our home track.

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