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  1. One of your better posts Starman and I totally agree with you.I didn't think it was great either and the track was very patchy.Poole rode it well and I think they will now go through to the final.
  2. colin wood

    Poole 2019

    I didn't expect you to understand the post.It was about which track produces the best racing ,BV or Poole. Most fans I'm sure would pick BV.No one is interested in your attempts to count the crowd at the NSS from the tap room of your local boozer.
  3. colin wood

    Poole 2019

    If you surveyed all the fans on where they would rather watch speedway either at BV or Poole i think most would pick BV.Says it all really.
  4. colin wood

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Every meeting I've seen at BV this year has been better than anything on BT. Another great nights racing and like others have said the score doesn't reflect the quality of the racing.We are so lucky to have the NSS as our home track.
  5. Fans are sick of being mugged off.This isn't a proper Aces side.It's bad enough being a seven team league but riders missing due to riding for another team is taking the mick.
  6. He seemed 100 per cent at BV on a better race track.
  7. colin wood

    more investment for NSS

    Plans like yours would have been scrutinized by the council and thrown in the nearest waste paper basket as too risky.
  8. colin wood

    more investment for NSS

    The Liberal councillor was just trying to get some brownie points saying the money should be spent on refugees and homeless etc. Surprised the MEN ran the story if it is factually incorrect.
  9. colin wood

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    Was the racing ok last night? I thought we could have nicked a point but reading the updates it seemed to be ftg a lot.Cook did well so no excuses and they probably kept the dust down.Looking forward to the return at the NSS and a similar result for the home team imo.
  10. colin wood

    Poole 2018

    It's quite sad to see Poole resort to sacking riders left ,right and centre .There is no loyalty in speedway now.Desperate measures to try and win a seven team league.The sport really is struggling.Harris will be cheaper as Ford won't be paying out air fares etc.
  11. Speedway can't complain about the amount of TV money off BT when that sort of racing is served up.It was embarrassing to watch at times.We are lucky that a major tv company still shows speedway if that the norm.Expect much better next week on a proper track at BV.
  12. colin wood

    Wolves 2018

    Very good post and I think this is the way speedway will have to go.
  13. colin wood

    Poole 2018

    Your very touchy Lisa i wasn't making fun of his spelling it's just that Nicholas made me laugh.Anyway I only got an e wrong.lol
  14. colin wood

    Poole 2018

    Nicholas who? Pederson lol.

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