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  1. iainb

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Makes me laugh that they mention that they came through the NDL, CL & PL then stops short of going on to say and then out of Britain, for 2 of them at least and surely it's inevitable that Dan will go the same way
  2. iainb

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    Ask Jaybea to produce you a Peterborough t-shirt with Stupid Boy written on the back! You'd wear it well
  3. Either way, not really viable with riders riding for multiple clubs around Europe
  4. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/11342192.speedway-poole-pirates-to-contest-inaugural-european-club-championship-in-august/ https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/11544713.world-speedway-league-poole-pirates-earn-silver-in-poland/
  5. I thought it actually did run but just not in this country... as I seem to remember there being issues with riders that raced for more than one club
  6. Yeah, I get that... over the last few years it's been especially difficult for some Aussies to get work permits etc. Yet some riders who don't actually "work" in this country are allowed to "reside" in this country, I just wondered what they were doing that some of the others aren't, have they got British ancestry?
  7. That's disappointing. I don't know why British Speedway stuggles with fan engagement so much... surely would have been an obvious thing to do.
  8. I don't understand how some (foreign) riders are allowed to live here when they don't actually work here, doesn't (or didn't) Chris Holder do the same?
  9. We usually stuff the Poles... it's the Ruskies we can't stuff. For me it was just good to see big time Speedway back in this country after a break of nearly 2 and a half years. To see the worlds best riders racing for a competition they are actually invested in winning, compared to the general dross that is league racing in this country (play offs exempted) was a refreshing change.
  10. Did the GB Speedway team parade the SoN trophy around to the fans?
  11. There was one a few years back, seems to have fizzles out into nothing, whether that was to do with Covid or not I don't know. Weren't Poole and/or Eastbourne involved?
  12. Anybody know if this is being covered on live updates? And if so where
  13. And I thought it was the Scots who had supposed to be canny I wonder if there will be many Scots there cheering on "Great Britain"
  14. If they're in the country and wanted to have some fun, while getting paid for it... why not?
  15. You'd think they'd try and entice one or two of the big name Poles that are currently in the country to do this meeting, would put a few on the gate I would have thought, especially on a Saturday night.

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