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  1. iainb

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2021

    This offer is back on... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/eurosport-player-back-at-ps1999-for-a-year-3680261 I dunno if it's worth a punt? I wonder if Eurosport will live broadcast Speedway on the Player during events like the Tennis and Olympics etc. Expires 21/03/21
  2. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    He can't even stay on a sledge
  3. iainb


    We, in Leicester, have been under restrictions since March of last year and even when the rest of the country "re-opened" we didn't, with reports of higher levels of vaccine hesitancy in the city I think we'll be one of the last city's to have restrictions lifted. I hope that is by the 1st of May but judging by what's happened over the last year I can't see it.
  4. iainb


    Agreed, I think it'd be more prudent for clubs to run their own regional competitions and open meetings this season, much like what happens in Australia and the USA. They don't have TV contracts to fulfil though.
  5. iainb


    I agree, makes you wonder whether British Speedway will start something they possibly can't finish then... I wonder if there's a plan?
  6. iainb


    Just heard on the radio, the government are briefing the media that fans will be allowed back to sporting events from June. I wonder if the sport will push the season back by 1 month or try and run behind closed doors for a month?
  7. Listened to them all so far... most enjoyable, thanks!
  8. iainb


    It seems that most people on here don't have the vision of what an app could be. One should be developed and aimed at kids, not as a replacement programme for the adults. How many times have you been at a Speedway meeting and the kids (fans of tomorrow) are just disinterested in what's going on, mainly during the long gaps between races and they just charge around annoying everybody else around them. You only have to look at the success of apps like Pokemon Go and the possibilities of augmented reality. These apps can be highly addictive and what's better than having the fans of tomorrow addicted to a night at the Speedway, for whatever reason. Obviously these things don't come cheap, so it'll probably never happen unless Poland do it and it can be translated into English.
  9. iainb


    Good point... Well made, 85 then. I was at both... Distant fading memory now
  10. iainb


    1990 I think by the look of the sponsors on the boards
  11. iainb

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    Steve Worral?
  12. iainb

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I think it's in the same storage unit as the roof for the Odsal superdome
  13. Other than the thread having the word random in it I would disagree "Post a heat of speedway off YouTube etc! Doesn't have to be a clasic. Don't give away the result of that race! If we want to know, we'll have to watch it (unless obvious)."
  14. iainb

    Connor Bailey - Suspension

    Who's he being replaced by? David East?
  15. iainb

    2021 speedway season !

    Hmm... Remains to be seen if they stand up in court if challenged

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