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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... If you're going to cancel meetings based on a weather forecast you may as well give up speedway promotion now! Tbf though they do say the track is currently in no fit state for racing, but having attended a couple of fiascos at Peterborough last season I wonder if it ever is
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I thought they were just dotting the i's and crossing the t's... that's the last I heard on the Long Eaton return... was about 15 years ago though
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Am I cynical for thinking that the promoter is only doing the cheapest speedway option available so he can get his promoters licence back, his assets unfrozen and then sell everything off and cash his chips in?
  4. Speedway Music

    A song called "The Distance" by a band called "Cake"
  5. 2018 Fixtures

    Do people still watch England playing Football?
  6. SCB... it should be 45
  7. The whole "Sport" is geared up to home wins, it's what the punters want, it's what gets the crowds in, the less chance of an away team using tacticals and snatching a win the better... in the self interested promoters eyes
  8. Scb And The Bspa

    it takes 2 to tango
  9. Went to this one as a neutral expecting to see a cup final cracker... instead start was delayed, not because of the crowd but due to lack of ambulance, then both teams running R/R and Ippo losing Schlein meant that more or less every race was 2 rides on the trot, meeting held up for around 20 mins because there was only 1 ambulance in attendance, ref seemed to not know where the 2 minute button was and when there wasn't 2 on the trot and the meeting could have been pushed along a bit the tractor came out for track grading!!! Well done Ippo on not collapsing and keeping it close but from a neutral point of view it was hard to keep any interest going in what was a very tedious meeting. My first visit to the EoES since the shambles that was the Newcastle match... at least Schlein wasn't able to throw his toys out the pram this time because he couldn't ride the track. Nigh on 3 hours for 15mins of action is a total joke
  10. Is there any team strength limitation or doubling up in RL though?
  11. In My View By Phil Rising

    A lot (most?) promotions don't care about who they send away from home... it's all about the home attendances. What they fail to realise is that it takes 2 to tango
  12. Poll

    most definitely down... Cov fan!
  13. All the fans want is a bit of transparency, it's not too much to ask when being encouraged to go along to a Speedway meeting by a co-promoter nobody has ever heard of before being told that potentially your best rider is "unavailable" and that 2 of your team are riding for the opposition! The trouble is a lot of fans are soooooo frustrated by the "Sport" in its current state and it was all so easily avoidable and is easy to start to put right but nobody seems to have the willingness to do it
  14. It's quite funny following him on Twitter, his posts seem to rotate between apology to fans for poor performance, time at BT studios and time off. Quite funny that is unless he's been riding for your team
  15. 2018

    Well, it won't be Sheffield as it looks like they're going to miss their chance to get promotion