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  1. iainb


    Of course we don't know for sure what actually was on his laptop screen
  2. iainb


    Sam Ermolenko always used to plug Kandysoft when he was on Sky with Keith Heuwen with his laptop open... So that blows part of that theory out of the water
  3. iainb

    Brandon Update

    God forbid, if anybody was killed in the fire, firefighters, emergency services, I wonder who would be liable? Brandon Estates or Rugby Council?
  4. Sport is passion though (or should be) and that's what some so called promoters should realise!
  5. That's why the Leicester track was such a good education for him... put some fear into him... and now he's in the GP's lol FWIW, I think you were right in your initial posts about Ellisgate 2, the promotion were dishonest with the fans, they may want to be dishonest in dealings between themselves and riders but when you start being dishonest with the fans you're on a slippery slope to ruin
  6. Przedpelski dipped his toe in the Leicester track and broke his ankle on debut... was never seen again, now he's in the GP's showing just what an education the Leicester track is
  7. iainb


    I think it might be short for erection
  8. iainb

    Premiership Pairs

    I think you'll find that in half of Bomber's guest bookings he's actually guesting for Rory Schlein
  9. We've had a remarkably dry spring though, was bound to break sooner or later
  10. This is more exciting than any Speedway meeting Will it, won't it? Did it, didn't it? Should it, shouldn't it?
  11. November at Poole! You could also go on what it's actually doing It MIGHT do lots of things...
  12. That's OK though, not everybody can be world beaters... those "failures" are the lifeblood of the leagues
  13. That has been the attraction to riders in the past in getting them to the UK, the sheer number of pay days, it seems that the younger riders with ambition are taking their chances in the PU24 league at the moment and who can blame them as they may well hit the jackpot, a la Jaimon Lidesy. Of course the majority of them won't make it, so hopefully once they've realised that they'll adjust their goals and start coming back over here.
  14. They come from abroad, like they used to before Covid. I don't know why they've not come back Brexit? or maybe the Polish U24 league, maybe a bit of both. Looking at some of the riders riding in the PU24 they were exactly the type of riders that would have plied their trade over here, there's a number of stand out young Aussies that are riding in that league but not over here. They need tempting back some how.

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