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  1. iainb

    Corona virus

    See you next Tuesday
  2. Followed by a trip to the toilet during the next break?
  3. iainb

    Corona virus

    Not to mention most of the BBC turning the lights out and going home... while introducing the licence fee for over 75's and producing much reduced output
  4. Time will tell on that front, but he's certainly well capable of scoring points in the Polish league
  5. You should try watching it on delay and FF all the delays... it's unwatchable live for me, life's too short to watch endless replays while waiting for the next race. Also, on another point, I hope Sheffield fans enjoyed watching "3 Lap Nicki", he's completely uninterested in anything other than winning in team matches, been like this for years
  6. At the risk of offending Belle Vue fans, from what I've seen of Dan Bewley so far, he's nothing special (yet!). Yes he can be amazing around Belle Vue, but I've seen him at many other tracks and he's never stood out as being anything special to me. He's been found out in Poland, compare him to Jaimon Lidsey, I think Dan needs to move away from Belle Vue to further his career, somewhere between Manchester and Poland.
  7. iainb

    Corona virus

    You're probably at more risk of being hit in the face with shale than getting Covid19, so perhaps those full face visors should be mandatory... 2 birds, 1 stone
  8. Don't Panicz! Don't Panicz! I assume Chris Holder is otherwise engaged? And with the inclusion of Panicz (whoever he is) it looks like Dan Bewley's Polish adventure is over unless he's named as No 16. Fricke's days must also be numbered unless he pulls his finger out this weekend.
  9. iainb

    Corona virus

    It pains me to say it, but with the noises coming from the government about team sport "bubbles", I now can't see a British Speedway league starting this year
  10. iainb

    Polish Speedway on TV

    It doesn't matter what rules you put in place if you don't enforce them. Personally I would like to see a line across the track 1m to 2m from the tapes where riders can't enter until under starters orders, green light, approach the tapes.... GO!
  11. ... And David (Citreon) Berlingo
  12. Smashlick was a new one last night
  13. I find it great entertainment... I suggest you make yourself a bingo card and sit down with your dobber in your hand and mark off all the different ways to mangle up Woryna's name... Verona, Veroyni, Veroni I always wonder how he introduces himself... probably just Sam, to be safe
  14. That's good to hear... crowds have never really been that good though for SEC in Poland
  15. Any idea what the crowd attendance was last night? It looked pretty sparse to me, well short of the 25% capacity, especially surprising on a public that have been starved of live sport for so long. The Poles seem to give the SEC the thumbs down for some reason, not sure why? I wonder what the attendance would be like should a round ever be held in the UK? I think I'd go along to view a few riders I'd never seen before.

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