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  1. Well, I for one won't be there after he single handedly got a meeting abandoned at Peterborough a few years back. Not the only time he's done this. In fact he should probably allow free entry as a payback to the many fans he's cost over the years
  2. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Just call it the LHH Supporters Stand with LHH banners up either side of the plaque. Seems simple to me, a true supporter surely wouldn't want to be seen to stand in the way of sponsorship income to the club
  3. iainb

    Norden Stadium

    Didn't Les Collins ride a GM to 2nd Place in 1982 LA?
  4. I am Roberto Martinelli I am Mark Twain I am Isaac Hunt, oh no hang on I am Spartacus Who's Spartacus... didn't he used to ride for Long Eaton? Nigel Spartacus
  5. Signed! I hope the worst that happens to you in life is that you get rained on! Nobody knows what the future holds for us. I fly solo now but up until recently went to Speedway up and down the country with my Father, he died from IPF (his lungs packed up), last meeting was ironically at Peterborough in 2017, although he never did, there would have been a point where he would have needed to use the disabled facilities had he made it through the winter. I helped a blind man across the road the other day, if it were down to you he'd still be on the other side... or worse. Have some thought for others and just sign the bloody petition!
  6. iainb


    I use NordVPN, got it for about £80 for 3 years (search around for a voucher code or cashback etc.). It's dead easy to use, you just install the software on your device (up to 5 devices) and when you want to connect via a different country you just open the software and select the country you want, click connect, job done just continue to use the internet as you normally do. You may see a speed reduction depending on what country you connect to but should still be good enough to stream HD video (depending on what your actual UK connection speed is)
  7. iainb

    2020 Fixtures

    probably should be
  8. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    It's often an excuse used, the times I've heard "it's totally beyond our control" at a Speedway meeting for the state of the facilities. If I was living in a rented house and there was a leak in the ceiling and it kept dripping on my invited guests head and my guests stopped visiting me I'd have to think about doing something about it
  9. iainb

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    You can watch it on YouTube but the scrap he had with Sean Wilson at Sheffield is one of my most memorable nights at Speedway, taking his protective gear off while pointing at Sean as he made his way back to the pits... pure theatre or box office as they say these days. I don't think we ever really saw the best of him in this country, seemed to come and go... but when he was on a fast bike was a match for the best
  10. All generally by 1 rider though... Scott Nicholls
  11. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    They couldn't even run a double header in 4 hours last year, there's no way they'll be able to do a triple header! also when you consider a 15 minute walk each way to and from the car park and as Gemini says probably a lengthy queue to get in with their 2 "turnstiles". Another example of how out of touch the promoters are on what it's actually like to attend a Speedway meeting these days
  12. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Also will they be able to get it done in under 3.5-4 hours as there is a 4 hour limit on the shopping centre car park
  13. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2020

    They should get the big holes in the track sorted out first
  14. Wouldn't they need to use the infield for recovery etc. unlikely
  15. iainb

    BSI lose GPs

    While I agree with the general sentiment of what you're saying, GP's are no longer held in Stockholm and Copenhagen, so I suggest rather than stagnation more recently there has been a regression add to this the continued on/off relationship with Aus/NZ

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