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  1. And to be honest it's got nothing to do with "Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020"
  2. How many ambulances do they have at Birmingham?
  3. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    I also go to Peterborough quite often, for a fix of proper Speedway, and this year their meetings have always run at the same pace and from a 7:30 start, I've usually been away by 9pm. Has that just been co-incidence that all the different refs have kept to the same time scheduling, putting the 2 minute warning on as soon as the riders from the previous race have cleared the track... or maybe it's just been the same ref at all of the meetings? ... And it was a different ref for the 2nd meeting at Leicester on Saturday evening
  4. To get back on topic, I thought it was interesting that on the BT GP coverage Rosco never really mentioned Woffy... it seemed to be a bit of a Jason Doyle love in with him. I don't know if he said anything after the meeting as I stopped watching after the final. I always thought that Rosco was a bit of a happy go lucky kind of character, from reports of him during his riding days but the more and more I see of him on the TV now he's managing he seems to always be very defensive of criticism, always turning a conversation around to defend his position on what he thinks people might be saying
  5. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    flagrag- Thanks for the info, you're a lot more informative than the club sometimes. If that is the case about clearing the pits and warming the bikes up, why did it still take nigh on 45 minutes? There should have only been 8 riders in the pits by heat 15 anyway, the 4 that were in it and 2 reserves for each team. This means that for Leicester to run a double header, at the pace they run meetings, it's going to take around 4 and a quarter hours, as I've already said a lot of fans only have a 3 and a half hour window with the parking. At least I now know that a double header is not feasible for me to attend. As for the inadequate medical cover, again, treatment for a fallen rider on the track is of course acceptable and expected, what is not acceptable is for there to be inadequate medical cover once the rider has been removed from the track for the meeting to continue. Anyway, do we know how the lad is? I can't find any news on him anywhere
  6. iainb

    Medical Cover

    Well, it's certainly going to be a consideration, i.e. if the weather looks dodgy or there's loads of juniors in a team. I'll allow a track 1 fiasco a year... this is Leicester's 3rd. Honestly there's been 2 stand out, memorable, for the right reasons, matches this year, Eastbourne and Glasgow... the rest have been instantly forgettable
  7. iainb

    Medical Cover

    Yes, at least 1... me
  8. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    I've seen a number of promoters at various tracks and a lot of the time they don't even seem to be interested in the actual racing. I've seen Bates and DH wandering around the terraces at Leicester and not even stop to watch the racing... you've got to wonder why they do it
  9. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    why on earth it took them nearly 45 minutes to get the 2nd match on is beyond belief
  10. iainb

    Medical Cover

    Nope, do you have any idea how many more people won't return to Speedway while this continues to happen?
  11. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    I wonder why they need to be in the pit bays to warm the bikes up and this couldn't have been done outside in the paddock area. But like you say 2 matches (30 minutes racing, 90 mins with 2 minute warnings) can't be done in 4 hours, it's been attempted twice, failed both times... at least I'll know in future
  12. iainb

    Medical Cover

    I don't know, you tell me, how ever many it takes to keep the meeting running... keeps happening at Leicester doesn't it. I've never run a Speedway track, I'm just the bloody mug that keeps turning up every week expecting things to be better!
  13. iainb

    Medical Cover

    it doesn't matter if it's serious (back, head etc) or not (wrist, collarbone etc), any trip to hospital at Leicester, even for a member of the (dwindling) crowd is going to hold a meeting up for an hour, and at the pace Leicester run their meetings, possibly force an abandonment because of the curfew. Like you say, Speedway is a dangerous sport, bikes no brakes at high speed, it's not rugby, football or other sports, it's barely a sport at all. If you're expecting punters to turn up at £20 a pop on the pretence of putting on a professionally run event this can't be allowed to continue.
  14. iainb

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    yes £4 more, £20
  15. iainb

    Medical Cover

    I think it was nearer 9pm

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