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  1. Looking at the economic statement yesterday, just confirming what we all knew, surely the time is right for standardised equipment, it'll never happen of course so almost not worth discussing alas
  2. iainb

    No Government Support?

    No surprise to see the money going to the "toffs" sports of RU and horse racing, they always look after their own despite the propaganda of "levelling up"
  3. iainb

    Corona virus

    So Speedway "Elite" to not allow crowds in but not "Elite" enough to be given any money... can't say I'm surprised, as a sole director employee running my own company I've also been totally stitched up by the government!
  4. Good response Najjer! Apologies, I stand corrected on some of your points, I remember some of Dan's 3rd places being in 3 rider only races, so lasts, a lot of this is just semantics though. Surely you can't deny that Dan was a "mile" off the pace in the early stages of the season, whether you accept that he was "dropped" or not he didn't get a ride between the 29th of June and the 14th of September. Moving the debate on a bit, Dan is currently the hottest young prospect we've got and he was completely outclassed except when he was riding on Woffy's kit with Woffy's mechanics, take off those 20 points and replace them with what his rolling CMA was and it tells a completely different story. The only way Dan will get rides next season is if he's scoring points, if not he'll get the same treatment he did this year If you translate Dan's story to that being suggested as being the route to "success" for British youth, then realistically they'll have to muster up thousands of pounds to get their kit up to scratch and risk only having 7 rides in 2 and a half months, I know you'll say that Dan was injured during this time, but realistically he'd already been dropped. Imo British youth should steer clear of Polish clubs until they are of a sufficient standard to maintain a team place and concentrate on getting as many guaranteed rides as they can where ever that may be.
  5. iainb

    Corona virus

    Depends if Rob Godfrey is married to a Tory MP
  6. Come on Najjer, I think your memory may be failing you, let's look at the facts, he started the season with Wroclaw rode in 3 matches scored 1 point from 7 rides, then he was dropped when they signed Chris Holder, came back for 2 matches at No 8 and didn't ride once. Dan then came back after his injury when Wroclaw were struggling for riders and scored 7 points from 5 rides. Then riding Woffy's machinery with Woffy's mechanics scored 20 points from 10 rides in the play offs, then I assume he went back to his own kit in the 3rd/4th play off where he didn't score from 2 rides. He may well be signed by Wroclaw for next season but I can't see him getting a ride unless he dramatically improves, he had 26 races in total, trailing in at the back a mile off the pace in most of them, he'd be better off in Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and taking in as many open meetings as possible anywhere he can at this stage in his career and that goes for the rest of young British talent imo rather than concentrating on Poland
  7. Unless you are showing the kind of talent that Woffy & Lambert showed then the only way young British talent will make any progress in Poland is if they take out Polish citizenship imo
  8. Bewley was dropped after the signing of Chris Holder. https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/8375/bewley-breaks-shoulder-blade-in He was also effectively dropped in every match after one ride!
  9. Looks like Robert got a fair crack of the whip then, but obviously he was scoring the points. Compare that to Dan Bewley in the season just gone, straight into the top league, totally out of his depth, dropped brought back due to injuries on loaned equipment... I wonder if Wroclaw will have him back next season
  10. Thanks Fromafar, yeah, I know that but I think the discussion is about British youth signing up to Polish clubs. I know Lambert shone in a pretty p155 poor Rybnik team last year, I genuinely don't know what he's done in Poland before this though
  11. Which Polish club did Robert ride for and from what age? Genuine question
  12. We have training facilities in this country, I can always hear the bikes going round Leicester... even this summer. The point that has been raised here is that Poland will be good for the development our "youngest and best talent". The reality is they'll need to outlay thousands in equipment, totally commit themselves to putting Poland first and then not be given the opportunity to ride if they run a last place, they'd be far better off in the UK getting track time imo. It's only when they are nearing the top of the UK averages that they should even be thinking about Poland
  13. This is exactly the point though, unless you are regularly scoring the points or Polish you won't regularly be in the team
  14. iainb

    Eurosport 2020

    Yes there is... don't call me Shirley
  15. Lee Richardson would never have made it if he'd been Polish, he was absolutely rubbish in his first couple of years riding Speedway, could hardly score a point, was persevered with in this country and went on to become an exceptional rider

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