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  1. The close scoreline kept things interesting tonight, there were a handful of good races, I've got to say though I thought the track was borderline dangerous!
  2. Well... This track everybody is raving about is turning out to be a bit of a joke so far after 2 heats and 1 lap... Now for a bit of unscheduled tractor racing
  3. Thanks, hopefully it'll be low enough by 19:30 not to cause a problem then
  4. No way! I'm going to BP to look at this track they're all raving about!
  5. What time does the sun set tonight Shale Searcher? Will there be any kind of sun delay do you think? Lions promotion have really been pushing this one with "an amazing war of words" breaking out between the clubs with "Dicko" saying "Don’t get me wrong, I think Sheffield are a very good side" wow! harsh! They've also been patting themselves on the back for the last couple of weeks about the track... So I'm expecting a close hard fought tussle tonight with great racing on the great track run at a good pace... just how Speedway used to be! Can't wait!
  6. you don't have to justify it... maybe just expand on it a bit?
  7. I think I could have passed MPT that night Michael Palm Toft - R, 1', R, T/(NG - 0) = 1+1 Heard it all before about many riders... Jason Garrity being the last, where is he now?
  8. I hope Buster is not trying to make the track more like KL, he's destroyed that track racing wise compared to how it used to be back in the 80's/early 90's. Best I've seen the Peterborough track was back in the early 90's I think when they had red shale and the track used to start off more or less waterlogged and dried out as the night went on... always remember the riders returning to the pits after heat 1 and they were all red
  9. how about: - This thread is a bit silly?
  10. I thought Luke Becker was quite impressive for his 4 points last night, always on the pace and mixing it with other riders on a track I assume he's never ridden before
  11. Is there a match on tonight? it's barely got a mention on the website, great promotion!
  12. I much prefer Peterborough, as a neutral though. It's a trek across town and then another 30 odd miles but generally worth the effort and expense. BP is about a mile up the road from where I live... just can't get enthused though well unless they cut away at the inside line each week the track ain't never going to get any better
  13. That's a question I do keep asking myself... habit I suppose. I haven't been to 2 of the 4 so far this season, perhaps I should stop going, what do you think? Yes the track record did go, but then if I remember correctly the tractor had to come out for an unplanned track grade. If you're into watching fast times I suppose it's great
  14. They were the 2 matches I did see and except for Bomber there wasn't much to write home about

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