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  1. Anyone believe that a whole £1 (c. 6%) off admission is likely to have any effect on the attendance? I recall Eastbourne being hauled up for knocking 50% off the admission price for a previous visit of Scunny when the visitors complained ! Not sure how I spent that 50p! Great that I'll have double that this time to invest elewhere, but will Will Rob G take this as another insult re his teams likely performance? Surely their score won't be lower than Berwick's…
  2. it was a bloody good spot by the ref!!. Howarth had already been excluded for 2 mins so was attempting to start off 15m when the he was excluded for 'no gloves'. I believe this will count as 'ride' for Howarth in the averages as he was under starters orders... m
  3. Mike.Butler

    Kent touch Tec Kings vs Wightlink Warriors

    ...and that John Terry was waiting outside in his isle of wight bib should the islanders have won....
  4. Mike.Butler

    Kent touch Tec Kings vs Wightlink Warriors

    I heard talk of an open top bus tour through Sittingbourne....
  5. Mike.Butler

    KENT 2019

    I enjoyed it. Not a bad crowd and some interesting races (albeit often 2 in the same heat!), I was half expecting a run-off for the trophy but then again where would Wimbledon put it!
  6. Mike.Butler

    Eastbourne 2019

    glad to see you've perked up a bit Tony.... 1. .
  7. well it was over by 8.00...don't think 2 hours is excessive..
  8. Mike.Butler

    Celebration of Speedway 2019

    miserable sod. As ever i'm looking forward to the new season.
  9. hi neil, good to know you got to this meeting. we've just come back from seeing 5 rounds of the australian championship. (jan was the hottest ever month ever in south Australia!) mike
  10. Mike.Butler

    KENT 2019

    first they move the GP to a sat in the football season; and now they want to do the same with Kent speedway. Just trying to save me money I guess!
  11. Mike.Butler

    KENT 2019

    Mondays are much much better for me (and others I know)….my visits on saturdays would certainly be far less frequent.
  12. Mike.Butler

    Eastbourne 2019

    and hopefully we won't see races so strung out in the PL.
  13. Mike.Butler

    Mildenhall New Owner

    perhaps that may mean they will keep their costs lower than last season though...the points money paid out in 2018 must have been high..
  14. Mike.Butler


    maybe keep this one for the NL team someone suggested they might run.!
  15. Mike.Butler

    Lakeside and the BSPA

    a canal can also be called a 'cut' so this is quite a clever response well appreciated.

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