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  1. Mike.Butler

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    best i've ever seen sedgemen ride. the track stood up to the rain brilliantly. well done Jamie
  2. Mike.Butler

    Oxford vs Redcar KOC 27th April 22

    crowd over 1900. Really good meeting, wonderful to see what they've down with stadium. Some excellent racing. thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. Mike.Butler

    leicester lions already lost it ?

    you are entitled to your opinion of course but you seem super-crtitical. (I too disliked the actual track when it first opened). I have seen 3 meetings there so far this season (not Newcastle) and there has been a lot of passing and close racing. I find viewing is fine whether standing or sitting and you can park in Sainsbury's for 4 hours.
  4. Mike.Butler

    Leicester vs Glasgow 23/04 7pm

    heat 14 yesterday was the most exciting i've seen this season anywhwre.
  5. Mike.Butler


    A tent salesman turned up at the door the other day. I didn't buy one as I didn't like his pitch.
  6. Mike.Butler

    leicester lions already lost it ?

    You clearly haven''t been recently. 'he Leicester track is vastly improved.
  7. Peterborough operated IRR for Palm Toft on Monday and Nicholls took an IRR ride as well as a tac. sub. If he had ridden in heat 15 he would have had 7 rides. If P'boro had got a 5-1 in heat 15 to tie scores would Nicholls then have been able to ride in the super heat? (8th ride)
  8. Mike.Butler

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    yes, in the 10 mins we were watching the chaos we saw a number of queue jumpers. .. Strikes me the season ticket 'perk' is actually a disadvantage!
  9. Mike.Butler

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    The (very) slow entrance for those cars entering the car park through the gate near the track was baffling to us watching from the outside car park. If this contributed to the delayed start then they need more than 1 person on the gate. Plus they need the attendants further back towards the entrance to get cars into two separate lines. Basically i'm sure that with all that space at the showground entering the complex could have been much better managed. As for the track...very slick producing very close races but little actual overtaking. I personally enjoyed having 16 races for the rice of 15! .. and I'm so used to delays I hardly noticed them!
  10. Scunny's gating was a in the main a match for the home team. Hence there was quite a lot of passing by the home septet which meant it was more enjoyable than the score suggests. At this very early stage it looks like the usual suspects at the top of the league again. The cold weather probably hit the attendance as much as Scunny's previous recent scores here.
  11. I actually enjoyed this meeting throughout and thought the racing was pretty good! I really liked the meeting format too. I have a suspicion that a lot of those who left early may have been newbies (the pair next to us certainly were) who may have been enticed by local advertising...
  12. Anyone know the correct surname spelling of Darren Sarjent/Searjant/Sargent who rode in the 2nd half of the meeting vs Reading? ta
  13. Mike.Butler

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    speedway star have some new t-shirts for sale in this weeks mag.
  14. Mike.Butler

    Eastbourne 2020

    no refund per my bank a/c this morning. I will never get a season ticket again. Too much to expect the BSPA to be taking an active interest in this farce?
  15. Mike.Butler

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    perhaps they should decide the NDL by ppg (ppm in our case)

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