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  1. what a brilliant meeting. Love the Glasgow track after recent changes, loved the way the meeting was run;, and as for heat 15 , that was one of the best races I've ever seen.. well done to all involved.
  2. Mike.Butler

    KOC Rye House - Swindon 23.5.18

    actually, looking at thursday's weather forecast I'm now coming to Rye House on wed insted of IOW......so cancel the taxi Tony.
  3. Mike.Butler

    Ben Fund

    like many others i have booked accommodation so later start not a big issue. however, yet again this is another kick in the teeth. i'd reckon crowd will be down 50%..
  4. Mike.Butler


    with| Leicester vacating Saturdays, Stoke becomes an even more likely venue for us on our weekend footy/speedway doubles. I sincerely hope they can run more regularly to avoid ridiculous end of season off night stagings and/or daft start times to get in double headers that short change the public. This promotion frustrates the hell out of me and has done for more years than i can remember... the track could be one of the best around....if only...
  5. Mike.Butler

    Dave Rattenberry Rip

    Over the last 10 years we really got to know each other (meeting regularly at both Speedway and non-league footy). Last time I saw him was merely 2 weeks ago and upon parting his handshake lasted longer than usual and i sensed it may be the last time... He's gone with me owing him 2 coffees.....Going to Monmore won't seem the same...Some people you just hit it off with and Dave was one of those...at least he was out and about till near the end...RIP mate.
  6. Anyone know what time this meeting was scheduled to start please? ta It's ok, found it - 7.30. Just had a feeling that with 25 heats in the middle of October they might have started earlier.....
  7. Hi, anyone able to help? Hull's 2nd meeting after opening at New Craven Park. In 2nd half v Belle Vue.. Anyone able to confirm which of the two was riding please? thanx in advance....
  8. hell of a lot of pressure on wolves now to keep the run going with the rest of the league rooting for them..
  9. Mike.Butler

    Kent V Lakeside Mon 14th Aug 6-30 Pm

    meanwhile..back at Kent..unless it was because i was sitting a lot lower in the stand tonight but i thought the groove at kent wasn't so apparent tonight..looked to me like track was better prepared. You'd have got good odds on a kent win before start of heat 15....jack thomas rode his heart out all night..deserved to be on winning side
  10. Mike.Butler

    Kent V Lakeside Mon 14th Aug 6-30 Pm

    i think you'll find he goes to almost every meeting.
  11. Mike.Butler

    Kent V Lakeside Mon 14th Aug 6-30 Pm

    i will be coming to this meeting. Haven't seen Paul Hurry for a while! I should get there early Tony to secure your seat..*and look out my progs whilst you're on holiday please...ta'
  12. Mike.Butler

    Holder Sacked

    harder and harder to see a difference between Prem and Champ isn't it..
  13. Mike.Butler

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    A friend stayed in the vacant uni student rooms whilst they are on hols. £21 per night including parking, 10 mins walk from stadium. No tele in room but a bed and a shower. what more do you want?
  14. Mike.Butler

    Capacity Of Uk Speedway Stadiums

    the (london) olympic stadium might hold a few more.

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