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  1. Mike.Butler

    Celebration of Speedway 2019

    miserable sod. As ever i'm looking forward to the new season.
  2. hi neil, good to know you got to this meeting. we've just come back from seeing 5 rounds of the australian championship. (jan was the hottest ever month ever in south Australia!) mike
  3. Mike.Butler

    KENT 2019

    first they move the GP to a sat in the football season; and now they want to do the same with Kent speedway. Just trying to save me money I guess!
  4. Mike.Butler

    KENT 2019

    Mondays are much much better for me (and others I know)….my visits on saturdays would certainly be far less frequent.
  5. Mike.Butler

    Eastbourne 2019

    and hopefully we won't see races so strung out in the PL.
  6. Mike.Butler

    Mildenhall New Owner

    perhaps that may mean they will keep their costs lower than last season though...the points money paid out in 2018 must have been high..
  7. Mike.Butler


    maybe keep this one for the NL team someone suggested they might run.!
  8. Mike.Butler

    Lakeside and the BSPA

    a canal can also be called a 'cut' so this is quite a clever response well appreciated.
  9. Mike.Butler

    NL AGM 2018

    is it too much to ask that we have a standard set of rules re tactical switches/replacements etc during matches across all leagues?
  10. Mike.Butler

    Lakeside and the BSPA

    I have more than once banged my head on the sloping wooden ceiling whilst arising from eating my chips. The absence of a 'Please mind your head' sign is baffling......
  11. Mike.Butler


    big article on Eastbourne 2019 and Jon Cook in today's star...but still no official announcement....
  12. i'm coming up from sussex so I hope that hammers have their set ups better having now raced on the track...
  13. what comes around...Eastbourne should not have cancelled a league match in the height of summer due to a football match..
  14. Mike.Butler

    Fixture shambles - An annual event

    The play-offs and cup finals in NL and Champ seem to typically involve the same 2 or 3 sides. So some teams have to finish their competitive season before the play off cut off date; whilst a small number then run right up to end of October in a battle to get extra matches in. Seems to me this is totally out of balance and suits no teams (either the successful or the unsuccessful)! I would ditch the play-offs. Have a k.o. cup by all means as the finale to the season. All we get now is duplication of matches between the same sides. Far from helping the season reach a crescendo, it just flops like a runover cat.
  15. kent are already advertising saturday night meeting opener next season..would len run in opposition to lakeside?? there's not that many of us to go round..(ack: keith)
  16. so sorry for all there. ..so glad I chose eastie tonight....which incidentally was excellent....the moisture at this time of the year improves the arlington track no end.. could lakeside stage last meeting(s) there??
  17. Mike.Butler

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    it was right in front of me. there was no contact. Baseby fell and was rightly excluded IMV.
  18. Mike.Butler

    Fixture shambles - An annual event

    get rid of the play offs and have meaningful matches for all teams up to end of September. (Matches cannot be postponed on a whim!). October for challenges etc as required.
  19. since the bbc dropped the met office as their source their forecasts have become very unreliable. Quite where they get there info from now i'm not sure but I've given up looking at it.
  20. Mike.Butler

    Kent Laurels

    have you been there recently? 2nd half of this season has seen some fantastic racing!
  21. Mike.Butler

    Kent Laurels

    rob was my man of the meeting. the racing was pretty good and it was such an open field picking a likely winner at any stage wasn't easy. happy for Armstrong. crowd not at all bad. will have to check when I last saw Jon Armstrong ride against Robert Ledwith! nb programme tells us that Kent have applied for planning permission to run on Saturdays with a curfew until 21:10. it's not stated whether this is regularly, occasionally or what.
  22. Mike.Butler

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    One of the major cancers affecting british speedway is the farcical way in which the published league fixture list is ripped up by some clubs on a whim. Is it any wonder hardly any fans travel away now.? Booking an overnight stay even a week in advance has proven to be a very risky thing to do as some clubs treat potential visiting fans with potential long journeys with utter contempt. One wonders if any clubs will ever arrange any formal away travel ever again... I cannot imagine any credible sport allows individual clubs to cancel fixtures like we have to put up with. Totally unprofessional and the fact they are allowed to do it so regularly sums up the awful lack of governance of our sport. To be honest I don't think they deserve us fans they still have. This season has been so awful with so many fixtures still outstanding which was totally avoidable. The whole prevalence of self-interest by so many clubs is galling and a major reason why the sport is losing fans.
  23. Mike.Butler

    Play Off Run In

    So Buxton have manged to race against a mere 3 teams in one of the hottest summers on record. Along with Stoke there is no way either club should be considered in any professional/semi-professional set up going forwards. What a shambles.
  24. Mike.Butler

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    Tv companies do change football fixtures wit relatively short notice so there would be a reasonable expectation that the east Anglian derby would have been moved from its original date. If it hasn't this time i'd say is in itselfs unusual.
  25. Mike.Butler

    Kent v Brummies NL Mon 27th Aug

    One of the best meetings I've been to for a long time. The amount of passing and general excitement of the racing was brilliant. I'm guessing the posters above condemning the track weren't there!

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