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    . I have a comprehensive collection of race bibs, signed by every living World Champion except 5, and some notable runners up, including today (5.1.08) Split Watermans!<br /> I look after a collection of speedway bikes, namely a 1952 JAP, displayed in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas from 2001 for 18 months. a 1972 2-valve Jawa, 1975 Weslake, 1992 Craig Boyce Godden, 2003 Leigh Adams Jawa, Rickardsson GM, 2004 Lindback GM and another Rickardsson GM, 2006 Lindback works Jawa, a hard fairing Poole promotional Jawa (New), and a Jason Crump 2007 GM. I try to display them wherever asked, to let the grass roots supporters get close. Tim. tim@poolepirates.net

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  1. It's been the same for ages. That's why I stopped going two years ago after years of supporting the team and promotion. They have just never address the problems.They only have themselves to blame. Such a crying shame.
  2. Tim Templeton

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    I have Leigh Adams 1993 Owen Bros/Jawa kevlars hanging in the garage. They are one of my favourites. I did have one of his 1993 Jawas bikes (engine named "Vinnie"), but since sold. I still have a spare set of covers for this machine. I think the most impressive I've seen for a long time, are the Glasgow team kevlars illustrated in this weeks Speedway Star. Just about the perfect team image, not like my local team (Poole).
  3. Tim Templeton

    Bert Harkins' Book

    This is one of the best I've read. Most entertaining.
  4. Tim Templeton

    Poole v Somerset 27 June 2018

    It's free all the time now. Asda say stay is limited to 3 hours. But when they did charge a couple of years ago, it was free after 6pm. I've never witnessed anyone checking for ages, I'm sure you'll have no issues whenever you park. You can walk under the subway from there to the Stadium.
  5. Tim Templeton

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    I've been a Poole supporter since the Sixties. I read this forum quite often, and get cheesed off at some attacking the poster. Gavan always comes in for a lot of criticism, as he chooses to make his opinions known about Poole. That is his choice, and I respect that. A "forum" means discussion. He raises many valid points, the majority of which have merit. If he gets his facts wrong, he admits it. I value his contributions, although it is apparent that many don't. As for Matt Ford Fan, I don't care who he is. I am interested in his contributions. Similarly, he raises many valuable points that I find worthy of discussion. gav
  6. Tim Templeton

    Ivan Mauger - Desert Island Discs (Radio 4) 1970

  7. Tim Templeton

    Poole 2018

    I did this for Poole Speedway every Tuesday Bike Night for seven years. I would take my van, logo-ed for Poole Speedway, sponsored by Rias & Castle Cover. I would take four bikes, such as 1952 JAP, and current ones of Adams, Lindback & Rickardsson (or others that may have been of interest). I showed action DVD's on a flat screen, (powered by a Honda generator), under a gazebo. I had leaflets with map and other relevant details, again sponsored, plus an "A" board with the following nights fixture, and admission charges. It was great, because there were always holiday makers there, looking to spend money, and I saw many the following evening at the Stadium over the years. I also used to visit many schools in the area, as well as various fetes etc, not only locally, but further afield at times. I also had many displays in the Dolphin Centre over the years. I'm sure it helped speedway in general, and Poole Speedway in particular. C:\Users\Tim\Pictures\2007_07_10\IMG_1562.JPG
  8. Tim Templeton

    Split Waterman 94 Years Young Today

    I seem to remember it was quoted as "a split watermain" as a newsflash on Wogan, which prompted Wogan to refer "a well known speedway rider".
  9. Tim Templeton

    Woffy Vs Rosco

    Rosco is right to select those who wish to represent Team GB, and no one else If Woffinden does not wish to be part of the SWC, for whatever reason, so be it. I'm amazed that he then expects to get the nod for the World Games. The choice Alun has made is the only one that any reasonable person would make. You cannot have any rider calling the shots. Any other decision would be a betrayal of those who wished to represent Team GB.
  10. Tim Templeton

    Poole 2017

    I was told 115 in total.
  11. Tim Templeton

    2016 Celebration Of Speedway

    Just to confirm at the Celebration of Speedway this Sunday, I will be displaying race jackets signed by every living World Champion, and additionally showing Darcy Ward's machine, plus one of Chris Holder's, and one other modern laydown yet to be decided. Hope to see you there. Tim.
  12. Tim Templeton

    Speedway On Tv 2016

    I have a fairly basic Sky package + Knowledge which costs £39 (inc £10 for HD). I previously had Sky Sports, but was not bothered about the Elite League after a time with multiple guests, double pointers etc, so got rid of Sky Sports. Eurosport was included, so I had Sweden plus GP's. As the World Championship is my main interest, I rang BT Sport yesterday, explaining that I had no BT phone line, or broadband, and asked how much for BT Sport covering the GP's. I was told £24.99 monthly on top of anything else I was already paying!!
  13. I think it is unfair to suggest that Rosco has a conflict of interests between his roles as GB and Swindon. As the GB boss he has pretty much a free hand, and I think his choices have been well thought out with his limited options. The job was a poisoned chalice from the outset, with a lack of strength in depth, but he took it on regardless. Huge credit to him for that. With his Swindon hat on, he does not have a free hand. He has to be part of a group that has a different agenda, namely to put out a competitive team, within financial constraints, availability within the system, and perhaps differing opinions within as to the proposed make up of the team. How can anyone suggest that the thing Alun wants is not total success for Swindon. If the bulk are all Aussies to achieve that, then so be it. He has made the correct decisions for Swindon speedway.
  14. Tim Templeton

    2016 Celebration Of Speedway

    It's on Sunday 21st February, 1100 - 1600. Entry is a minimum donation of £5, but as usual, includes entry to the Wildlife Park. Fingers crossed for a sunny day!
  15. Tim Templeton

    Gerhard Engine

    As a guide to the date of upright and laydown engines, in the last one off World Final at Vojens in 1994, Jason Crump was on an upright, and Tony Rickardsson, winner, was on a laydown. Hope this helps.

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